InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 2-13-08

An under ordered pre Secret Invasion comic equals $$$$$$









Nova # 3 (Vol 5)

Nova Makes his InvestComics debut! This week Marvel has 2 great releases that could have made the Hot Pick page, but only one made it. Fantastic Four # 554 is an awesome pick for a good hold and sell. Bryan Hitch and Mark Millar make their debut and it promises to be a great ride, but Nova # 3 promises to be a better one!

This issue has already sold out at Diamond as the Marvel hype machine begins to churn. Marvel notified dealers to order heavy and the dealers have responded. Marvel is stating that this issue starts the Secret Invasion storyline. They also say that there is a HUGE plot development (A major Skrull reveal?). This comic just might fly under the radar as far as collectors go. A miss of this issue for the modern investor is a big possibility. A low print run is a possibility as well. Nova was not pulling in huge numbers, so Marvel sent out their usual print run and are sold out.

This issue is a going to be in some serious demand once the Invasion begins. It’s going to be in some serious demand before the Invasion as well. Look to buy this issue and sell it on Ebay within the week of it’s release. It’s easily $10 book within it’s first week. Look for it to gradually gain momentum as The Secret Invasion hits. If The Secret Invasion chronicle takes off (which it probably will) Nova #3 is going to be the next She Hulk Civil War book. Buy  Nova #3, Buy, Buy, Buy……

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 2-06-08

 A FREE comic makes the Investment cut.








Amazing Spider-Man – Free Comic Book Day Edition


The new release pick of the week for the second week in a row is a back issue. For the past 2 weeks InvestComics gave you the Captain America #1 (Vol 5) to pick up. Yes Bucky, AKA Winter Solider is indeed the New Captain America. The comic is now on Ebay selling for $10. We still say, Buy Captain America #1 (Vol 5) with Captain America #34 and you have yourself a nice little set to put up.

Lets focus on this weeks pick now. Amazing Spider-Man #549 is coming out this week with a debut of a “new” hero. We say “new” because we all know her already. We know that she WAS married to Peter Parker at one time. We know she has red hair, We know her as, Jackpot?? InvestComics is not going to ask you to run out and buy Amazing Spider-Man #25 or #42 and spend a small fortune. Although that is a decent investment, we’re looking for the character named Jackpot, not Mary Jane.

In last year’s Free Comic Book Day, Marvel gave us a glimpse into the future of Parker. In this FREE comic we see lots of things including the first appearance of….you guessed it, Jackpot!

Once again you can pick this once FREE comic up on Ebay for $2.99. Buy the Amazing Spider-Man #549 and sell as a couple. Imagine that a “couple”, something Peter and Mary aren’t anymore. So we say hold onto your pair for a week to see if #549 sells out. Then throw down your deuce on Ebay as a pair. Market this correctly and you can make a few bucks to buy a better storyline someplace else.


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 1-23-08

 The Winter changes seasons and becomes The Captain!









Captain America# 1 (Vol. 5) 

Captain America # 34 has the NEW Cap making his first appearance. With writer Ed Brubaker at the helm anything is possible with his awesome storytelling, that being said the one thing we all can be almost certain about is the fact that Bucky, AKA Winter Solider will carry the mantle as the new Captain America. If anyone really deserves to carry the name and shield it’s Bucky.

Captain America # 1 (Vol 5) carries the distinct honor of being the first appearance of Bucky as Winter Solider. At a price tag of a measly $6.99 on Ebay, this is an absolute steal right now. Pick this back issue up before the hype machine rolls in. Buying this issue is the first “no-brainer” of 2008. Of course this all depends if Winter Solider indeed is the new Cap, which at this point wouldn’t make much sense if it were not, given the way the storyline has unfolded. This Investment is an extremely low risk given that ALL fingers are pointing to Winter Solider. Sell Captain America # 34 and Captain America# 1 (Vol 5) together on Ebay as a set, you’ll have a set that will compliment each other as well as your bank. 

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 1-16-08

 This week will make you feel Stranded……..










Stranded # 1
Release Date 01-16-08

SCI-FI/Virgin Comics

The Hot Pick this week has a few big names attached to it which could ultimately either lead to its downfall or its ride on the successful money trail. This drama/sci-fi comic is created by writer/novelist Mike Carey (X-Men, Lucifer, The Devil You Know), with covers by Greg Horn and Marc Silvestri. Nice fire power, not the best but okay. The other factor regarding this issue getting the Hot Pick nod would be that it’s the first time that SCI-FI (channel)/Virgin Comics are ever branding a comic together. Is this enough to hold its weight in the long run? Give this comic a strong storyline and some good artwork and we’ll see. Overall we’re not looking at a huge buy here. Look to see how the market reacts within the first couple of weeks. If its a sell out and buzz abound, hold on to your first few issues and pray for a SCI-FI television series.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 7-9-08

 One Comic makes the cut this week…………..







Detective Comics #846.

While there might have been a few comics to possibly make the cut, only one got the star treatment from IC. Detective Comics #846 serves up as the first crossover comic to the red HOT R.I.P. storyline currently running in the Batman series. In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, DC promises to CHANGE Batman as we all know him (so claims DC). Will DC sustain the interest or just muck it up like they have with everything else these days? For now, DC is holding on rather nicely with this storyline. IC thinks DC is finally doing something right here. Lets all hope the end product is a well deserved one and not another disappointing SIGH of “not again.”   Anyway you look at this at this very moment, R.I.P. is H.O.T. and this 1st crossover book is probably going to fly right under the radar. Don’t miss it!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 7-2-08

No Blockbusters for this 4th of July week,

maybe some small firecrackers…..                                                                                                         

 Batman # 678. Batman R.I.P. continues to make an impact on the market. The first part of this storyline is sold out at stores everywhere and be ready to put down $10 if you want it. DC claims this storyline is going to change the status quo of Batman, as well as a possible new costume hinted. Will it happen in this issue? Doesn’t matter, R.I.P. is ALIVE and well. Buy this and stop thinking if you should or not.

 Squadron Supreme 2 #1. Here we have one of those comics we’re not too sure of. We have a NEW artist MARCO TURINI (whose work looks real good from the previews). Then you have veteran Howard Chaykin at the writing helm (fans either like this guy or they don’t). And last but not least Greg Land providing the cover for the #1 issue (many fans, love to hate this guy). Add all of that and what do you have? Not sure. This is probably going to end up being a good read, ain’t NOTHING wrong with that! Meantime, if you have a few extra dollars around, pick up the 1st appearance of the Squad with Avengers #85. Buy a nice copy for $65 and you’ve done well.  

 Ultimate Origins #2. Wow look at that Variant Cap cover by Gabrielle Dell Otto. This series is probably going to pick up more steam as it rolls on. As the story picks up and the buzz starts getting louder, these back issues are going to be snatched up. Get this Variant and sell it when the Captain America movie grosses over the 400 million mark. By then everyone will be buying anything Cap and this cover is bad ass. (speaking of that, looks like Cap has been working those gluts huh?) 

Billy Batson and The Magic of Shazam #1. Mike Kunkel will be leading the way for DC’s new title under their Johnny DC imprint (the first being Tiny Titans). Kunkel won the Eisner award for Herobear and the Kid. He also has kudos with the cartoon network show The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. So what we have here is Kunkel doing his thing and a hero that has always appealed to the masses. Shazam! = cha-ching!





Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 6-11-08

Gather your change together, it’s a BIG week.
 Skaar is coming! The son of the Hulk. With the new Hulk movie due to arrive this Friday, Marvel has decided to time this perfectly. Marvel brings the SON of Hulk to the Marvel Universe and has HOT written ALL over it. Skaar’s 1st appearance will bang the charts real hard when this book gets hot (which it will!). World War Hulk #5 can be had on Ebay right now for $3.99. Buy this comic ASAP! Skaar #1 will fly off the shelves which in turn will have collectors scrambling for WWH #5. One more thing, Marvel is also releasing a secret Variant cover by fantasy artist extraordinaire Julie Bell, a 1-20 variant that is going to be big bucks when all is said and done. Check out Julie’s cover at left. Nice…………..




1976 Jack (King) Kirby gave his fans one of his last cosmic adventures, this week Marvel gives Eternals fans a new ongoing series. Kirby’s #1 from 32 years ago was sold on Ebay recently for $4.99?!? Wow and wow. That is unreal for a Bronze age comic that is about to explode at the seams when the new series hits. With the renewed interest in the Cosmic universe, this new series is going to be big. Check out the nice white variant #1 issue to the right. This series is going no place but up. Get the 1976 issue and variant, sell as a bundle on Ebay a few months from now and you’ll be happy you did.





An Image Comic will hit a milestone this week with it’s 50th issue. Invincible will accomplish this feat with a beauty of a cover. Invincible is still one of the hottest comics Image has in their arsenal. No question that this comic brings it month in and month out. This comic shows NO signs of slowing down, nor will it for a LONG LONG time. Get the very 1st appearance in Noble Causes #3 (if you can find it!) for less than $10 on Ebay! You can not go wrong with picking this comic up. HOLD this comic for the years to come because it’s going to be a GEM. Pick up the 50th issue as well and hold it for a LONG LONG time. While you’re at it, get the regular series #1 issue too! Simply put here, Invincible will be a collector item. Get them now.

IC’s sleeper of the week. Image Comics, Charlatan Ball #1.







Invest wisely.

Jay Katz



If you do not own this already, you’re not a comic collector…
Orginally published in InvestComics #1  June 2007 

Current price $8.00


Watchmen #1

If you’re a comic book enthusiasts, there really is no need to explain just how important this mini series is to the comic book world. Just in case you have been living in a bubble for the last 21 years, this mini series came out the same year Frank Miller’s Dark Knight came out. It’s safe to say DC was setting precedents for the industry. The series is written by Alan Moore and penciled by Dave Gibbons. Here is the deal, Watchmen is in production to be a major motion picture by 2008. The movie is set to be written by Zack Synder. Whose Zack you ask? He directed a movie called 300. So if by some reason unbeknownst to any comic collector you don’t already own this book, get it! Even if this never returns a profit for you, the story alone is worth the cash you’ll spend for this series. Put back the 4th printing of Captain America #25 and buy something you will cherish.


Both Watchmen and Dark Knight were game changers.


Invest wisely.


Jay Katz


Astonishing Tales #25

Originally published in InvestComics #1 (Magazine) June 2007

Current price $90.00

Released 1974

Astonishing Tales # 25

Colonel Luther Manning, a soldier who, after being near-fatally injured, woke up in the body of the experimental cyborg named Deathlok in the post-apocalyptic future. Look at that cover! The great George Perez penciled this issue! Sweet! Deathlok is one of those characters that are right on the cusp of greatness…a few times. Marvel has tried time and time again to push Deathlok but to no avail, Deathlok falls flat. The character does have a fan base though. Marvel has hinted at bringing Deathlok back a few times into the main stream but with the “blessing” of amazing artistic talent in today’s industry, comes the even more amazing writers. Whedon, Diggle, Waid and Johns to name a few. Deathlok might and most likely will have a very big resurgence into the market. Hollywood for years has looked into a possible movie staring our favorite cyborg. Marvel Studios is going to put out quite a few movies in the next few years. Deathlok is almost a lock to set his sites on some screen time.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


Iron Man #284

Originally published in InvestComics #1 (Magazine) June 2007








1st War Machine

Current price $7.00 

Iron Man # 284


This issue is not really of any significance unless Jim Rhodes gets into the War Machine suit in the Iron Man movie in 2008. This issue serves up as the 1st War Machine. The thing that makes this book just a tad bit interesting is the fact that Jim Rhodes is appearing in the film. Will Mr. Rhodes get into the suit in the movie? Probably not, but you never know! It is a 1st issue and it does contain Jim Rhodes. Here is what IC says, if it’s a slow Wednesday with nothing doing, pick this up. War Machine can be a good character if ever done right.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


Iron Man #118

 Originally published in InvestComics #1 (magazine)  June 2007 








Jim Rhodes 1st appearance
Current price $10.00


Iron Man # 118


Unless you have been living on another planet, you should know by now that a major motion picture named Iron Man is due in theaters by 2008. Robert Downy Jr. will play the roll of Tony Stark. Unless you can pluck down a few thousand dollars for Iron Man’s 1st appearance, instead lets go a different route. Budding Hollywood movie star Terrance Howard (Ray, Crash, Four Brothers) is going to be playing the role of James Rhodes. For those of you not familiar with Iron Man, Jimbo later takes on the role of Iron Man (but that’s another IC pick you’ll see later!). Jim Rhodes’ 1st appearance is you guessed it, right here, Iron Man # 118. It’s still an affordable price, so strike while the umm…..the iron is hot!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz



InvestComics Hot Pick – Avengers #195

Avengers_Vol_1_195Originally published in InvestComics Magazine #2  July 2007


First appearance of Taskmaster.

Current price $8.00

Released – 1980

Avengers #195


This is one busy cover we got going here huh? This issue is the 1st appearance of Taskmaster. Tasky is going to be in the pages of more Marvel comics than you expect. Well IC doesn’t mind because it means investment time. Marvel has the House of M: Avengers coming soon, starring guess who? Then Marvel has Marvel Comics Presents # 1 with an ongoing story starring, guess who? IC believes that Taskmaster will become more of a Marvel mainstream as Deathlok was predicted in IC #1. (Yes, Deathlok is coming back in the pages of New Avengers #33) So enough of the patting on the back, IC says that Taskmaster will be a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe soon enough or one day. You can get this comic on Ebay from the $6.00 FN to $10 NM range. It’s a good buy right now in the $9 range.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

Teen Titans on film?

1984 brought us a new Teen Titans comic…….

Originally published in InvestComics Magazine #2  July 2007

Current price $10.00

Released – 1984

The New Teen Titans # 1

The year was 1984, Springsteen, Van Halen, George Orwell, Reaganomics, Apple and we ended the year with a bang from Bernard Goetz. Ah the 80’s, a great era. A great era that produced some of the greatest comics in history. Watchmen, Dark Knight, etc. We’re not even comparing the book above with the greatest ever but it was a fun book nonetheless. The great artistry of George Perez and awesome storytelling of Marv Wolman, along with the prestige format made this book a must have back in the day. Now 23 years later we might be revisiting George and Marv on the silver screen. Warner Brothers have opted to put the Teens on the big screen. The word in Hollywood is that they are looking at the Perez/Wolman run to characterize the feel of the movie. If DC has learned anything from the X-men franchise is that, if done right, a movie can be very successful. Great comic, great characters, great read, and great creators!

Risk Level 3

Joker makes a Marvel Universe Appearance!

Originally published in InvestComics magazine #2  July 2007

The Joker in a Marvel comic?? (…)

Released 1986 & 1989

Current Price: $1.00 (check bins @ LCS)

D.P.7 # 1 & Justice # 32

Marvel’s New Universe imprint came out back in 1986 with very big expectations. To Marvel’s dismay it lasted as long as their STAR line lasted. The only redeeming value Marvel holds on to is that both of these series’ DP7 & Justice lasted 32 issues. Marvel recently revamped the New Universe with a successful limited series New Universal. Okay so here’s why we dab into the New Universe. D.P.7 (Displaced Paranormals) is going to a Trade soon. An interest may arise once again for these “7” heroes. Highly unlikely but one never knows.

As for Justice # 32, it’s a New Universe comic, which is a Marvel book right? Then what the hell is the JOKER doing in a small panel?? DC got a little perturbed and tried suing Marvel over this comic but nothing ever came of it. The Joker makes a cameo in a Marvel comic, how cool is that?!?! Buying this comic for pure nostalgia reasons is a must. Here’s a fun idea, get it graded, see if they put any info on the description of Joker making a cameo!

1st Appearance of Abomination


Get the cameo and 1st appearance of Abomination

Originally published in InvestComics magazine #2  July 2007 

Current prices $60.00

Released – 1968 


Tales to Astonish # 90 & # 91 


The “new” Hulk movie is coming out in 2008. With the Hollywood stars just lining up, EdwardNorton (Hulk), Liv Tyler (Betty Ross) and Tim Roth (Abomination). This almost sure to beblockbuster (this time around) will be focused on our villain Abomination. Abomination has been in Hulks rouge gallery for quite sometime. While a great villain, he sometimes is overlooked. Until now….. Tales to Astonish #90 is our first look at the “other” green goliath. Issue #91 is our first full appearance of the big guy. That cover to #91 rocks! So, here’s the deal, (analogy time!) which would you rather have Incredible Hulk #180 or #181? Not saying this will be the same deal here but you never know. At a measly $60.00 price tags for these, it just seems like this months no brainier! With the star power of the new movie, these books are going no place but upwards in price value. Have we mentioned how much the cover to #91 rocks!


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


Hulk Vs. Abomination

 Originally published in InvestComics magazine #2   July 2007 






An Origin Retold

Originally published in InvestComics magazine #2   July 2007 

Current price $3.00

Released – 2005


Hulk Destruction # 1

One of Hulk best foes is coming to the big screen in 2008. Abomination will be the one to give the Hulk a hard time this time around. (For more on this movie and Abomination, see our Blue Chip Market section). This issue was written by Peter David and contains the origin of Abomination. The big reason to get this issue would simply be to have the Abomination’s origin without putting down $70 to get it. Will this issue bring more money to your pocket? That all depends on how well the movie does and how well you market your book on EBAY. So make sure you put your marketing skills in motion and sell.


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 5-28-08


Angel, Bats, Mutants and a Crisis……. 

Angel Revelations #1

Angel from the X-Men gets the Year One treatment. Explore the early parts of Warren Worthington III life. An untold origin awaits the fans of the Angel and it just might be a sleeper hit. Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN) and art by Adam Pollina (X-FORCE).

Pick this up and HOLD until the next issue comes out. See if the buzz is worthy of a small investment to dump the entire series on Ebay. If the buzz is not that big, then just get it for the great read that it’s probably going to be. 

Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1

Joss Whedon and John Cassaday wrap up their run on this series with a double sized issue. It’s been quite a ride to say the least. Nothing more to mention about this issue really except that it’s a #1 X-Men issue from JW and JC, It’s the finale of a long running storyline and oh yea……supposedly an X-Men does not walk away from this finale. A big whatever with the latter.

Get the awesome Variant wrap around cover and HOLD on to this one.


Batman #677

Part 2 of the VERY successful R.I.P. storyline. If you missed part one, don’t fret because a second print is due out in a short while. While the speculations still fly around about what exactly is going to happen to Bruce, one thing is for certain, This comic and mini epic R.I.P. is going to be anything but dead in the wallet. Buy part 2 before you miss out…..again.


Final Crisis #1

Heroes will die, worlds reborn, origins retold, blah blah blah. We’ve heard this a million times over the past 3 years from DC and it’s quite tiresome now. Will DC stand and deliver? Will DC finally put together a series that does not make things more confusing? Will DC wrap of the convoluted mess they have created? The answer to all of this is…..probably not. Yet we all stand to hope they get it right this time. The cover seems right! It’s a start. If they do get this right for some forsaken reason, we’ll be the first to stand and applaude. And apologize. 

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


Wanted #1

Wanted now, not later 

Wanted # 1
When Angelina Jolie is not busy adopting children she reads over movie scripts and gives the green light to star in motion pictures. You see this is how she makes a living. A very good living! Being an A-list actor has its benefits for us comic book investors. Angelina is going to star in Mark Millars’ very successful mini series Wanted. Millar is a comic book draw and Jolie is a box office draw, it’s a match made in heaven.

NOTE:There are about five different variants of the number one issue. Pick your favorite variant and sell it after the movie brings in it’s first 100 million OR you can just HOLD until the real bad sequel comes out.


Introduction To InvestComics






“The best vision is insight”  Malcolm S. Forbes


Since the 1980’s the comic book industry has taken a different direction, in which many collectors would agree upon. The 1980’s brought a whole new meaning to the word “collecting”. It was an era that would signify the beginning of investing in a comic book. Many prime examples can be exemplified by looking at two areas, actually sales and the
average collector. Not one comic collector can say that when Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1 came out that they bought just one copy to “read”. The same goes for Jim Lee’s X-men, Spawn, and Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #1. The list of #1 issue’s that sold more than one copy per customer back in the eighties is astronomical. Why else would we figure that such a heavyweight like Jim Lee’s X-men # 1 can be bought for $2.00 at some comic conventions? Every collector has at least two (or 10!). Unfortunately the over printing on most of these 80’s explosion books have been set back for financial gain because these comics have become too accessible. Try finding a comic investor with multiple copies of Teen Titans # 2 (1st Deathstroke).

This is where InvestComics© would have come in. You would not have missed that book had it come out today. You won’t be missing anymore books like that again if you’re with InvestComics©!

The comic industry has come a long way since the foil enhanced, five different covers, and collecting coupons to get the number 0 issue. Long forgotten are those days of bad storylines and disproportioned superheroes. The comic industry has grown up and so have collectors. Many collectors are completely enthralled by the storylines of Geoff Johns or a Brian Michael Bendis. Many are in awe an artist like, Bryan Hitch or Alex Ross. It’s the Industries top leaders that keep Hollywood big shots looking and saying, “Wow why didn’t I think of that?”
The average collector has gotten to the point that they need justification in spending their hard earned money for a book they either like to read OR just like to invest in.

Comic shops are in business to make money, it’s just a simple fact. They are in business to make money like any other company. The shops are “Investing” in certain books and in turn are saying that they are “sold out”. But in that same store three weeks later is that same comic you clamored for $2.99 is up on the wall at $10!!!! Do not be mistaken though comic shops will also miss the boat on certain issues to!
InvestComics© research has shown that you can sell HOT new issues at premium prices on the internet (before they become “un-hot”) with a huge turn over. This means with that hot new issue that you just bought 4 weeks ago and you own 3 copies, but can’t sell them to the dealer because they probably have multiple copies already in stock. You can sell them on Ebay though! The Ebay site is filled with collectors who have completely missed out or do not have the resources to purchase a hot comic when it’s released.

One of the things InvestComics© will do is bring you to those old comic book bins and find some gems at prices that are affordable now. At InvestComics© we do the research for you to find those rare 1st appearances, origin issues, 1st works, forgotten villains and heroes.
As an investor you will decide what would be a better buy so you can purchase multiple copies of a comic that no one knows of yet!! We here at InvestComics© look at both the short term and long term investments. Visiting InvestComics© will make you a better investor. It will shed light on things you weren’t even aware of. Let’s go back to the new release books for a little bit. If you try to sell a comic book store a book that every collector knew was going to be a hit a few weeks ago, odds are that the dealer will not buy, but keep in mind that the dealer will not always order enough of a book or just NOT know about the potential of a title. So now you’re stuck with a comic that might just die in the $1 bin because you can’t get it off your hands. Or, it just might increase in value in which you “HOLD” on to it. Here are a few titles that would be a prime example of not selling at the most opportune time; The Authority, Alias, and The Ultimates, all of these books could have sold for an excellent premium at one time. Now the turn over is awfully limited and not very financially rewarding.

InvestComics© is going to assist you the investor with the ability to pick and choose what YOU want to invest in. No more will you be left out in the cold without that investment that you yourself could have turned over or just completely missed all together. Comic shops will benefit with more demand for books that show brisk sales In turn generating additional business for the shops and a more educated investor. InvestComics© will guide you through the process of buying at the most opportune time and to either sell now or sell later.

Think of InvestComics© as your Wall Street guide to investing in comic books. Give InvestComics© a look you’ll see comic books in a way you never thought possible, as a portfolio. You can simply manage your comics to get what you desire, not for what you yearn.
Let’s go make some Investments……….

Thank you,
Your Comic Book Broker

Jay Katz

InvestComics© does not guarantee a return based on recommendations
This is a speculation market and it is up to the individual to conclude wisely in where their capital should be invested.

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InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 5-21-08

Originally published in InvestComics #1 (Magazine) June 2007

DC Comics Presents #26 – First New Teen Titans.

DC Comics Presents #26 gives us the 1st appearance of the Cyborg as well as the New Teen Titans in a 16 page preview. So you’re getting a 2 for 1 deal here. Catch this on Ebay for a NM copy clocking in at $20 and you should grab it. You have an Introduction of a DC team that is STILL around today as well as a character that might be breaking out. 1980 1st appearance by George Perez and Marv Wolman, how can you go wrong here? This comic has flown under the radar long enough. Buy it now and HOLD. Simple as that.



Invest wisely.

Jay Katz