InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-4-08

infernus_clip_ic.jpg You’ll have to wait one extra day this week to get your comic books. Due to the holiday last week, comics will come out on Thursday. With several comics on the Hot Picks this week including X-men and Secret Invasion,…….


last week saw Batman hang it up with issue #681. This week we see issue #682, in which DC gives Bat fans what they are calling a retrospect story. A 2 part story told from the eyes of the butler Alfred.Grant Morrison is firing on all cylinders here. Catch this issue and the next as he closes the chapter on Bruce Wayne for good. Alfred will fill in the spaces between Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis. It should be an interesting story to tell from the butler. Alfred has seen it all over the years with Batman and maybe a few surprises still lurk within the mind Grant and the butler. We’ll wait and see how this turns out. Meanwhile don’t wait around to see if this issue will be worth picking up. It’ll be the first issue post Bruce Wayne (for real) that has Gotham City with no Batman. 

Batman # 682batman_682.jpg



Infernus # 1 The Infernus storyline was covered back in August 2008 in the SDCC wrap up part 1 of 3. It could be found in the Market Talk section, but I will just bring it to you right here! If you haven’t already picked up these recommendations and if Infernus becomes a ‘hot’ commodity, you are looking at potential $20 comic in a quick time with X-Men #239. Then you have the X-Terminators 1 & 2……well just read on….. The next major X-Men event is going to be based on a ‘sequel’ to a 1989 hit storyline Inferno called Infernus. A new Hell is to descend upon Marvel’s mutants. Inferno 2 will be hot (no pun intended). Get the very beginnings of Inferno from 1989 with the prologue in Uncanny X-men # 239. If you really want to get the very first Inferno book(s) that predated that Uncanny comic, look to X-Terminators 1 & 2. Yes Marvel really muffed things up with releasing a part of the storyline that should have been after Uncanny X-Men # 239 by releasing the two X-Terminators comics BEFORE the prologue. So glad that doesn’t happen anymore! Huh? It still does? 

1 x terminators pre x men 239.jpgX-terminators # 11 uncanny x men 239 inferno begins.jpg 


Uncanny X-Men # 239





 secretinvasion_8.jpgSecret Invasion # 8 While DC closes up a major plot line, Marvel comics does some closing themselves. Secret Invasion will come to a dramatic conclusion. Here are some of the quote used by Marvel ‘The the Marvel Universe will never be the same’ ‘We’re not joking’ and finally ‘you are not prepared for what will happen in these pages.’ Wow sounds like bu$iness to me as usual with Marvel. The thing with Marvel, as you might have read time after time in these columns is that they DO deliver! Good, bad or indifferent, they deliver ‘story’. A good story, whether you agree or not with the content *cough spider-man cough* it sells and it gets fans talking. If you need to catch up on the goodness of Secret Invasion, look no further than BludNet’s Family member SuperginraiX on .With an absolute spectacular write up(s) from the very beginnings of Secret Invasion on to the final curtain with issue # 8. SuperginraiX has laid it down since the onset of the Invasion. If you have missed any of it, your loss! Catch up on any of SuperginraiX Secret Invasion coverage on Bludblood, you will love it! 

Here are a few comics to keep your eye on as well……….  

hulkfamily_greengenes.jpgHulk Family Green Genes # 1  shehulk_cosmic_collision.jpg


She-Hulk Cosmic Collision

Any fan of the Hulk or his family will be getting a nice treat this week. 2 issues ship this week that has one of them featuring a new villain. The new villain will appear it She-Hulk Cosmic Collision. The other Hulk comic Hulk Family Green Genes # 1 will have a collaborated effort from various writers and artist. Those are always fun! 

Jingle Belle Santa Claus vs Frankenstein # 1 

Speaking of wholesome fun, now we shift to the big red guy. No not Hulk again, Santa Claus. Santa fights Frankenstein in a Top Cow’s Jingle Belle Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein. Written by Paul Dini and a hot variant (b) cover by Greg Horn, this comic has already sold out in several comic shops. 



Supergirl CosmicAdventures in the8th Grade # 1

Supergirl gets the ‘all ages’ treatment. Just how long will it take before this becomes an animated cartoon on Saturday morning’s? This looks like a hit in the making for all the young girls feeling left out of the loop when it comes to superheroes. Good call by DC on this one.




marvelseyeof_thecamera.jpgMarvels Eye of the Camera # 1 

It’s been done before, but Marvel brings back photographer extraordinaire Phil Sheldon to take a look at the Marvel Universe from the vantage point of the man on the street. Here’s the thing with this camera perspective comic this time around. Marvel is touting the debut of artist Jay Anacleto. This will be his first Marvel work. Just look at that cover? If that’s any indication on what the interior looks like, wow! 




Bowen Designs comes back this week to the Hot Picks. You really just cannot say enough about these gorgeous pieces of molded craftsmanship. This design is Spider-Man in Faux Bronze and its ‘gold’. Good job Bowen Designs! Retail Price $300.


 Until Next week…….invest wisely. 

Jay K


Marvel Exclusive Spotlight – Press Release


The God of Thunder closes in on issue #600 and InvestComics has your Variant covers preview as well as some interior art….. 



Marvel is pulling out all the stops for this one! Read the Marvel press release and see the awesome Variants too. You’re just a click away…… 

Marvel is pleased to both unveil the variant to Thor #600 from superstar artist Olivier Coipel and announce that acclaimed penciller David Aja (Immortal Iron Fist) will be illustrating Stan Lee’s special all-new story! The Thor creative team of J. Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel present an epic story for this historic milestone issue as Thor clashes with an opponent unlike any he’s ever faced! Along with a special story by Chris Giarrusso, plus variant covers by Marko Djurdjevic and Gabriele Dell’Otto, this special issue—clocking in over 100 pages—is a can’t miss for any Marvel fan! This is the series that IGN.Com called “one of the best the superhero genre has to offer. The series also has an entirely original tone that sets it apart from its top tier comrades.” This January, lightning strikes stronger than ever before in Thor #600!


Wraparound Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL

Variant Wraparound Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC

Variant Cover by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO Rated T+ …$4.99 FOC – 12/18/08 ON SALE – 1/21/08 











































































Image Exclusive Spotlight – Press Release


Image has sent InvestComics word that The sold out Spawn # 185 is going to be available for FREE on line!! Click ahead to find out the details on the free issue as well as the cover to the 2nd print of #185.


PRESS RELEASE – IMAGE COMICS AND MYSPACE FREE MCFARLANE’S SPAWN RELAUNCH!Image Comics and MySpace release Todd McFarlane and Whilce Portacio’s Spawn #185 for free online as #186 sells out! 24 November 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – Image Comics and MySpace have teamed up to release Todd McFarlane and Whilce Portacio’s SPAWN relaunch as the second issue sells out at a distribution-level! “Todd McFarlane Productions is excited to be partnering with Myspace Comics to bring the fans Spawn #185,” McFarlane said. “Myspace Comics is the wave of the new generation. Many fans have turned to this form of modern communication. I hope you enjoy looking at a medium that is challenging how things have been traditionally done.” SPAWN #185 shocked comics fandom with its series-altering death of Al Simmons, lead of the series since its debut in 1992, and the mysterious awakening of the long comatose Patient 47. While the link between Simmons’ death and Patient 47 is still unknown this past week’s #186 gave the first hints and resulted in yet another immediate sell-out. While limited copies may be available through your local comic book store a new printing will soon be available. SPAWN #185, a full-color 22-page comic, is available to read on Copies of SPAWN #185 2ND PTG (SEP088230), a full-color 32-page comic book for $2.95, are still available. Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently five partners in Image Comics (Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit






















InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-26-08






Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for? Hopefully among the many things to be thankful for is InvestComics™ Hot Picks every week! Now onward we go……

DC’s big 3 have to deal with major problems this week. Batman’s R.I.P. storyline comes to its dramatic conclusion; Superman is still dealing with a bunch of annoying Kryptonians and Wonder Woman is meeting up with her ‘male’ counterpart. Wonder Woman Man?? All of this plus, father vs. son, umbrella’s, Dragon, a dog and tomatoes. Click away and witness the madness of the Weekly Hot Picks. 


Batman # 681 The biggest Batman storyline in recent years comes to a close this week. DC says “The ending you’ll never see coming.”What will become of Bruce Wayne? Will it all cease in this issue? And No, Batman will not die, but he just might hang it up this time ‘for good’. Yes he will probably be back in a few months, but hey let’s stick with the dramatics for now, okay? Rumor mill has Nightwing taking over the mantle. Is this a big deal? It is if Bruce stays gone for a long time. It won’t be if Bruce comes back 12 months from now. (Note to DC: Captain America and he’s STILL dead.) So go ahead and pick up a Batman 681 for the sake of possibly having Bruce’s real retirement issue. Well, I mean semi-retirement issue.




Here are a few comics to check out this week while you’re browsing around……. 


Wonder Woman # 26 Woman meets Man. Not sure where DC is going with this one, but we have a Wonder Woman ‘male’ version coming?? Wouldn’t that make him Wonder Man then? Wait a sec, Marvel wouldn’t like that too much would they? So let’s all sit back and see what Wonder Woman would be like as a man. Happy reading……







Thor Man Of War Daddy is upset with Thor. Thor is upset with daddy. Odin vs. Thor. Where’s the popcorn? This one should be fun.






Umbrella Academy Dallas # 1 The second series arrives. Remember how everyone wanted that free comic book day Umbrella comic? The Umbrella comics turned out to be a big success, what makes you think this new series will be any different? Exactly, so buy it.







Savage Dragon # 141 Erik Larsen brings many of the Golden age heroes along with many of the big names in the Image catalog together for the finale of Dragon’s tour of the Image universe. Looks like good ol’ comic book fun to me. 






These look interesting……. 


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes # 1dog_1.jpg






Dog Eaters # 1


Happy Thanksgiving!

Jay K


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-19-08


Last week finally saw DC Comics take over the Weekly Hot Picks. Not so this week, but they do get the top slot. This week brings a villain by the name of Magog to a number one issue…….


 Man alive does this villain kick some butt! Magog is a huge thorn in the Justice Society of America‘s side. Now the Loki looking wannabe has a number one issue that looks like f-u-n. Not fun for JSA, but fun for us! Get this Magog dude first appearance in Kingdom Come # 1. Also pick up that Magog Kingdom Come Special. And just a side note, that Alex Ross cover is nicer than the Dale Eaglesham variant. 



Justice Society Of America: Kingdom Come Special Magog # 1 

Kingdom Come # 1






Thunderbolts # 126  Andy Diggle (DC’s The Losers) takes over the writing duties with this issue. Big things are coming down the pike for our Thunderbolts according to Sean at X-Treme Comics and this is where it begins. What exactly is in store here you ask? Well you’ll just have to pick it up and read it! If the series takes a dramatic turn and starts picking up steam, you better have this issue. 






Fantastic Four # 561  The Death of Invisible Woman. Does anyone care??





Now check out a couple of these nice variants coming your way this week. One of them pays homage to a famous X-Men cover. You should know which one that is! Better yet, you best know which one it is!









Bowen‘s Dr. Doom Statue  Wow. This is the first word that comes to mind with this one. The past few weeks, Bowen has absolutely blown it out of the water with some of their statues. Look at the Bowen Thor from Weekly Hot Picks on 10-22-08, then you have the awesome Captain America from week 10-29-08. All of these statues come in at the $300 range and are worth every penny. 


Until next week everyone, remember 2 things; Weekly Hot Picks before new comic day every week and Invest wisely! 

Jay K


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-12-08






DC Comics runs the table this week. Why and most of all how? DC’s absence is no more, well for this week anyway…….

In the past few years DC Comics has killed off more heroes/villains than they probably should have. DC probably thinks that ‘death’ sells in comic book sales. Yes it does sell to a certain extent, when it has a major impact, is a widely known character or most of all has a huge significance in the context of the storyline. Death does not come at a good price unless you have a story to follow it. The DC universe has become so convoluted these past few years that no one cares much about any of the characters or villains biting the dust. Until now……? 

Detective Comics #850  When the Batman R.I.P. storyline began, it was a strong well told story. As time has gone by, the storyline like most of the DC universe titles have gotten tiresome. While R.I.P sales are still doing okay, the storyline might be coming to an end with a nice payoff. Rumors abound and a cover that sort of spoils the rumors, Catwoman could be finished in this double sized issue. The cat lady has been a stable in the DC universe for quite some time now and this could be big. Is it Captain America big(Which is probably one of the best ‘death’ storylines to ever come out. Maybe this is one of the many reasons why Marvel holds more than 60% of the market share. We’ll save this conversation for another time.) Here’s the thing, if this comic gets some media play, which it might, this comic is a buyer. If this comic does not get the media play, this comic is a buyer. Basically, buy this comic. It’s an event in the Batman family that might need your attention. 


Batman Cacophony # 1  Keeping with the Batman theme this week, writer Kevin Smith jumps on board for a Batman story. What more do you need here? Hopefully we get the issues on time and this series will keep its flow and the fans coming back. The Andy Kubert variant comes in as one of the best covers this week. 



Here are some other comics that you should look for this week…….. 


JSA KingdomCome Special #1  Continuing the DC onslaught this week, This beauty variant by Dale Eaglesham is a keeper.




Savage Dragon #140  The Dragon teams up with most of the Image universe which makes for some fun and ‘change’

 And now for some interesting number one issues coming out this week……….. 


Last Reign #1  Boom! studios                                                                         

          lastreign_1.jpg                                                                                                                The Dreamer # 1  IDW







I hate Galaxy Girl #1  Image Comics                                                                         Sir Apropos Of Nothing #1










Check out the freebies coming out this week!








See next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay K


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-05-08

ultimatumff_01_cover.jpg Marvel Comics brings it this week with the much anticipated and hyped Ultimatum and the much under-hyped Blue Marvel. Blue Marvel looks to be an extremely interesting story as well as nice eye candy. Ultimatum will be a good storyline (we hope) that will tighten up the Ultimate Universe. The Ultimate Universe will be brought to new heights and Marvel Blue will debut in the same week. Sounds like a good Marvel week to me. Click above to see what else to look for this week……….


ultimatum_1.jpgUltimatum #1  “This series changes everything”. A quote that seems to have very little validity these days, but as always (especially with Marvel) I’m in! Marvel puts the whole Ultimate Universe on it’s butt and is taking a major character down for the dirt nap. The Ultimate Universe could use a kick in the nads and this just might be the series that does it. Get the white variant cover and hold onto this comic when this series really starts heating up, then dump it. You’ll be able to get back that variant a year from now for a third of the price.



Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1  Now here’s an interesting character that will fly right under the radar on Wednesday. While fans flock to get the Ultimatum, the INTODUCTION of a new Marvel character is coming out, in a number one issue no less. Tony Stark finds the only man to ever defeat Anti-Man, Going back into time he gets Blue Marvel! This character not only looks bad ass, but is going to kick some ass in New York City and in sales. Get this quickly or buy the second print in a few weeks!



Savage Dragon #139 The Dragon teams up with Invincible this week.



X-Men Spider-Man # 1  This is the ‘new’ retelling? Of Spider-Man meeting up with the X-Men for the first time that spans from yesteryear and brings you right up until today. This 4 part gem seems like it would be a good read.



Scarlet Veronica #1  Although Halloween is over, Scarlet Veronica makes her long awaited debut. Well maybe not that long, but she’s here now.

A small week indeed…..This would be a perfect time to go to those back issue bins and find yourself some treasures. Look for those Bronze age comics; obscure first appearances, first work by writer/artist, death issues, origin issues, number one issues, buy it all up while  they are still very affordable and becoming scarcer.

I’ll leave you with the Bronze Age pick of the week. Iron Man #55, first appearance of Thanos. Buy this, read it, love it and hold on to it.


See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz