InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-1-08 Back Issue Special

thor_126.jpg A slow week for new releases brings us to the back issue bins. This would be a perfect week to pick up a few of those back issues that should be in your collection. Recommendations that have been discussed on InvestComics like New Mutants # 98, Iron Man # 193 and Watchmen # 1, which all should already have a firm place in your collection. Here are a few comics that are still surprising affordable and should be looked for in the long boxes at your local comic shop. However, there is just one ‘pricey’ gem that will fly under the radar for just a little longer. You must grab this comic very soon before it becomes unattainable……..





Thor # 126. This comic is truly the number one issue of Thor. Issue number 125 was named Journey into Mystery with Thor.  Released in 1966, this comic comes in at a price tag of only $275. Yes ‘only’ $275. Think about where this comic will be once that epic Thor film hits the silver screen. Thor will become a household name and Thor # 126 will probably receive the $450 price tag or more. A great Marvel character that will mark his place on the solo screen as well as marking his place in the Avengers movie, Thor # 126 should be looked at as a monster investment. You may spend some money now, but it will pay dividends in the years to come. An extremely recommended buy here with almost a guarantee return on your investment. If you buy a VF/F copy of this comic, you might want to think about getting it slabbed (CGC). Once this comic is through the stratosphere, buyers will be looking for those graded 7.0 and above and pay nice bucks for it.

thor_337.jpgSticking with The God of Thunder, Thor # 337 is a great buy. The comic marks 2 first, first appearance of Beta Ray Bill and first Walt Simonson writing/pencil duties on the Thor title. When this comic came out in 1984 it was huge. It was mega big to the point that comic shops at the time were selling it at $25 a pop. That’s a big deal in 1983. Nowadays the comic can be bought on Ebay for a mere $10. Beta Ray Bill has been in and out of the Marvel Universe and is in fact a huge part of the Thor gallery. Will Ray be a part of the Epic Thor film? No one knows just yet, but why wait around? Great character, great legend, 2 first make a right. The best advice for anything Thor (back issue speaking) is buy, buy and buy. The back issue market for Thor is extremely underrated and you need to get on top of it before it starts taking off. Buy any first appearance all key issues of the original run. Definitely get the Walt Simonson run, pure reading pleasure and a great investment.

cap_286.jpgInvest in some old Captain America runs. Particularly issue numbers 100-125. Also look out for issues 100,111 and 113. These issues are all Steranko art and are a rare find in good shape. Captain America is going to be a huge movie as the same already discussed about Thor. Captain America‘s solo movie will do things to the movie market that will probably match that of the latest Batman film. The same that applied for the Thor comics should apply here. Buy any and all significant issues of Captain America now while the market is lukewarm.



rom_1.jpgWith the ‘big 2′ reaching back into the vault of characters to bring readers the new and improved versions of whomever, here are a few that have had some rumblings, but have yet to make ‘the’ comeback. ROM, remember him? Well maybe you don’t. Showing my age here! Way back in 1979 Marvel and Mattel (Toys) teamed up to release the ROM toy line in sequence with the comic book. 132 issues later ROM finally overloaded and succumbed to the preverbal cancel button. Marvel had a falling out with Mattel over the rights to ROM.Thus hampering the attempts to ever bringing him back, in the recent years though ROM has been teased about from Marvel and clamored after by a cult following. Marvel knowingly is in business to make money, well what company isn’t?? Marvel’s Cosmic Annihilation story line briefly had mentions and appearances by the Spaceknights. ROM is in fact a ‘Spaceknight’. So one day when you’re beating yourself up deciding to get  that Variant comic that cost $15, put your money on this 7 dollar 30 year old comic book that will probably bring you more enjoyment in the reading column as well as your wallet. The wallet?? Who knows?! Stranger things have happened!

dccomics_26.jpgIf DC ever decides they really want to join the fray of making a comic movie other that of a poorly done Superman or an awesome Batman, look no farther that Teen Titans. 1984’s Teen Titans provides a backdrop to the possible movie that DC has been speaking of for years. Buy the number one issue at $6. Better yet, buy the Teen Titans first appearance in DC Comics Presents # 26 for $20. Now that is a bargain of all bargains. This comic is highly undervalued right now and once DC/WB realizes the magnitude of a GOOD well written Teen Titans movie, DC Comics Presents # 26 will be hard to get a hold of.newtteentitans_1.jpg


Hollywood has their eye on comic books, old and new, no secret here folks.  With the release of a poorly done Speed Racer and a new Voltron movie coming out starring Spider-Man himself Tobey McGuire, any comic is fair game in this market. Why not look at Starriors # 1, Micronaunts # 1, Atari Force # 1, Arakand the list goes on. These comics are very affordable, but yet hard to find in a NM condition. Find these in your $1 bins and have fun.

See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-24-08

wolorig028_cov.jpg This week has a lot to choose from. No Home runs this week though. There is however a nice homage to my hometown. Back To Brooklyn # 1 is a nice non-description of Brooklyn New York. Gangsters, Samurai’s, Mercenary’s, Halloween and Mutants dominate this great reading week for comics. So kick back and enjoy the Hot Picks as we dive into a week that has great reading promise and No Home Runs.




dd111var.jpgDaredevil # 111  Here’s the question of the day. How do you destroy a great villain or hero’s legacy? The answer is, you replace the XY chromosomes with the XX chromosomes. Okay, you make the ‘boy’ villain/hero a ‘girl’ villain/hero. Time has proven over and over again that this simply does not work. The only reason it might work THIS time around would be that fact that so many of these writers today are vying for that Hollywooddeal they are writing their butts off to make a ‘good story’. That said, Lady Bullseye MIGHT have a shot of being a somebody as opposed to another failed attempt at Marvel switching genders on a character.





Skaar Son of Hulk Presents: Savage World of Sakaar  Is there any reason to believe that this comic will NOT sell out? Hulk’s son has a dang good track record and it does not seem to be letting up. Skaar is definitely a character that needs your attention. Buy any of the early appearances for now because Skaar will be a mainstay in the Marvel Universe for a long time.






Back To Brooklyn # 1   Garth Ennis & Jimmy Palmiotti bring this FANTASY style Punisher type comic book to Brooklyn. Built around violence and strong language, what more would anyone want? A good story we hope. Just because you slap the word ‘Brooklyn‘ on a comic with blood on the cover does not mean it will do well. The content inside better be as good as the hype or Jimmy and Garth have delivered a crapfest. The Brooklynboys will be very angry if this happens.




Others To Watch For…….. 


Samurai: Legend #1  With Iron Fist making his mark, it’s fitting that Marvel get some of the samurai/martial arts thing going again. With a $5.99 cover price, it might not do as well as they want. Still looks like a promising comic as well as a great read.



                 Deadpool # 2  The number one issue sold out almost immediately. Would there be any reason to think that this issue would not do the same? Deadpool is THE Marvel character to watch. InvestComics has been saying this for a year now. And InvestComics will keep saying it!




Flash Gordon # 1  Everything that is old someday comes back. Flash Gordon is certainly an icon of sorts. New comers to the comics industry Ardden Entertainment give collectors a new take on the old hero. Grab the variant from Graham Crackers. It’s rare, it’s nice and it’ll be wanted once this comic sells out.



Ultimate Fantastic Four/ Ultimate X-Men Annual #1  This team up number one issue might feature a first appearance of a team or someone. Not to sure from the promo run by Marvel. They tend to be a bit vague sometimes. Yes Marvel will do that from time to time. Anyway, the story is leading into bigger things probably. Keep an eye out for this one…..



Vincent Price Presents #1& Zombie-Same One Shot  Halloween is zmbiesama.jpgcoming early this year…..again. Check out both of these goodies.






See You All Next Week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-17-08

1 Iron Man 118 1st Jim Rhodes.jpg ironman_169_firsttimeasironman.jpg The Hot picks for this week focus on a Marvel character that has been around for a while. This hero will have his day in the sun as Marvel sets up for his comeback. Looking to make ‘Jimbo’ a major player, Marvel had recently announced at the San Diego Comic Con that he will be getting his own ongoing series. This week Jim Rhodes makes his return setting up for the solo series. Find out where it all began….. 


A small week for Hot Picks. Never fret, there is always next week!

Let’s get started with Iron Man……… 


Iron Man # 33  War Machine will have his own ongoing series in the not so distant future and his comeback starts right here! If you hop on the time machine back to 1983 you’d find Iron Man # 169, which would be Jim Rhodes first appearance. Now fast forward 10 years later to 1993 and find Iron Man #291, which would be the first issue for War Machine on his own. These issues are very affordable right now and should be picked up before that solo series hits. It should also be noted that when Robert Downey Jr. gets bored of being Iron Man, look for Hollywood to look at Terrance Howard as War Machine to take flight in theaters as a solo movie. Pick up the first appearances and hold on to these comics for a while; you’ll be glad you did.



Squadron Supreme 2 # 3  Arachnophilia makes her comic debut right here. That’s a great Greg Horn cover huh?! The thing that makes this debut something to watch is that she has the powers of a spider of some sort. Any hero, (hero?) that possesses a type of spider power has always ‘usually’ turned out to be a mild success. Even though it might have taken YEARS to do so but, Spider-Woman is successful, Spider-Girl has a following and Spider-Man has potential, no? I guess we might have to wait a little bit to see how this new character plays out. You never know, this could be an instant successful character, or maybe it’ll take 20 years for comic fans to be interested. Tough call here, buy it, read it, let US know……. 


Mighty Avengers # 18  Another debut for Marvel this week. This time a team debuts, Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors. Not too keen on the name. Sounds like something that has been done before. Just like the Squadron comic, not too sure this debut will be much…..right now. It’s a Secret Invasion tie in, which makes this a must have for SI readers. Nick Fury as of late has been kicking butt and taking names, maybe Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors will do the same in the investment column. Big maybe……… 



Greatest Hits # 1  A new team emerges from DC’s Vertigo imprint. They’re from England, they’re a rock band and they have super powers. No it’s not the Beatles. And a Variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver. Looks interesting.





See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-10-08

new mutants 98.jpg

New Mutants # 98. Deadpool Debut.





darktowertreachery_01_midnightvariant.jpgDarkTower: Treachery # 1Midnight Variant.

The DarkTower series continues with this special midnight variant release edition. It features a special ‘revolutionary reverse gatefold cover’. What does this mean exactly? We have NO idea, but it sounds important doesn’t it?! If you’re a DarkTower fan, this comic is a definite pick up for you, if you’re not, this comic is a definite pick up for you. This comic is going to fall under the category of rare/hard to find variant. Find this comic and hold onto it. And what exactly is behind that key hole??



Secret Invasion # 6  Secret Invasion has had some nice highlights throughout the series. Marvel is delivering with the promise of shaking things up. As the series winds down though this issue’s last double page spread promises to send a chill down your spine. No that’s not InvestComics saying that, it’s Marvel silly! Yes the hype machine rolls on with Marvel. Make sure to email InvestComics to let us know if you ever got that cold sick feeling Marvel is talking about. Send Marvel the doctor bill if necessary.





The Stand # 1 Wow, Stephen King fans rejoice! DarkTowercontinues with a real cool variant and we also get an all new King epic to feast on. The original 1990 The Stand hardcover clocks in at an astounding 1153 pages! That is a whole lot of story to tell! Stephen King is a horror genius and Marvel knows this. This series will take off just like the others have no matter how many pages there are. 






Deadpool # 1  What more can be said about this character that has notnew mutants 98.jpg already been said by InvestComics. We can not stress enough that New Mutants # 98 NEEDS to be in your collection ASAP. You could have a potential pair here that will just burn up Ebay once Deadpool gets going. The Variant # 1 cover (pictured here) plus the first appearance together will make for a great duo that lots of fans will want. Liefeld put his indelible mark on Deadpool 17 years ago!! Now he pencils him again on this variant. My O’ my have times changed.



Others To Watch For……. 


Big Hero # 1  Anime, Number 1 issue, a Team of heroes written by Chris Clearmont, a Variant cover by David Nakayama and it’s from Marvel. Nuff’ said.








Epilogue # 1  Horror fans get a new treat with this new series from Steve Niles. Kyle Hotz provides the pictures. Never pass up an opportunity to pick up new material from Steve Niles.







Dragon Prince # 1  Much like Big Hero # 1 here but in a different context all together. Fantasy, martial arts, wizards, dragons, magic, Ron Marz writes and a Stjepan Sejic variant cover. Can all this add up to greatness or just lameness? Tough call here, probably going to be a great read so pick it up anyway. 






See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


SDCC Wrap Up 2010 (Part 3 of 3)


Part 3 of 3




InvestComics picks from the SDCC Part 3 of 3

2010 will bring the Witchblade movie. The teaser poster alone looks awesome doesn’t it? Let’s hope the cover is as good as the content inside. Director Michael Rymer of TV’s hit show Battlestar Galactica will be at the helm for what InvestComics hopes to be a big success. Get Sara Pezzini’s first appearance in Cyblade/Shi # 1. This once HOT comic has cooled down quite a bit, but do not wait for it to heat up again once the movie hype starts up. This comic needs to be in your collection. Also look for rare variant covers, along with the first appearance the variants will be a hot item too.

Top Cow’s Magdalenawill be hitting the silver screen as well, maybe. This movie doesn’t seem as important to Top Cow as does Witchblade. InvestComics is thinking a straight to DVD release here. That said, The Darkness # 15 gives the fans a first look at Magdalena. ‘Patience’ (her alter ego name), is a sexy and interesting character that demands better treatment from Top Cow. As of right now though, it doesn’t look like she’s getting too much respect. Maybe as time goes on this will change, if it does you have a great first appearance in your collection. If things stay the same, you have a good read of an interesting comic book Goddess.

Devils Due is moving forward with their plans to release Hack/Slash as a film. It’s going to be a typical run of the mill T&A, blood gore horror film. Compared to the other horror films what’s so different here? Not sure. In any event, get the first Hack/Slash comic from 2004 Girls Gone Dead # 1 just in case the movie offers up something different than everything else we’ve already seen.

Ghostbusters is coming back strong with a video game that promises to kick some major butt. IDW will release a new Ghostbusters comic that will probably be a short lived success. 1987 saw First Comics release a Ghostbusters comic that had ‘nothing’ to do with the movie. It had a monkey as one of the Ghostbusters, nuff said. If you want to get the first true Ghostbusters comic you’ll have to go all the way to the UK to get it. Well not really, but the first comic was only available in the UKfrom Marvel comics. Good luck trying to get the # 1 issue, no one seems to have it or want to give it up! As said earlier though, this Ghostbusters hype will be short lived in the comic book world. Do not put all your slimer’s in one basket. The video game however will be huge, which does not always direct the comic book investment side. Who ya gonna call? InvestComics!

See you soon with updates on the SDCC throughout the website. Happy hunting everyone!


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-4-08

 A 1st appearance from 1977 makes it to the Hot Picks!





Marvel Spotlight # 33 Marvel is reaching back into the vault once again to bring the fans a new perspective on an old character. Dead of Night featuring Devil Slayer # 1 will be written by horror novelist Brian Keen of The Rising and Dark Hollow films. Get the first appearance of this devil from a 1977 comic Marvel Spotlight # 33. At a mere $17 this comic is a steal. If Dead of Night sells out, which it probably will, Marvel Spotlight # 33 will be the comic to have along with your Dead of….issue.

New X men # 37 Magik is returning to Marvel this week with the release of X Men The return of Magik # 1. The comic will bring Magik back into the X Men chaos as well as give a deeper look into the origins and makings of the character Magik. Make sure to go back into the back issue bin and pick up New X-Men # 37. This origin issue serves up as being a catalyst to the Return of issue. Also look to the Magik mini series from 1985. These issues served up as semi-origin issues. Both issues are coming in at an affordable $5. Now go make some magic and make these issues disappear in the back issue bins.

Others to watch for………

Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2008  Anarchy Studios/Harris Comic will release an early Halloween treat with this extreme variant for only $19. Extreme, like in only 500 copies made. Franchesco provides the variant; we provide the info, you provide the CGC insurance, you provide it for Ebay $$$$$,……now go buy it!




Sub-Mariner The Depths # 1 Another year, another Namor number one issue. This character can not hold a solo series. History has proven this time after time. The mini’s fare no better. He’s one of those heroes that need to be a role player, not the leader. Marvel promises the story of the ages for our water boy hero. Yada yada yada….. Maybe this will be the time? No. Will this be one of those quick hits? Yes. Buy, read, enjoy, sell.




Marvel Apes # 1 Marvel is going full tilt on this monkey deal. Pulling out all of the variants for random titles and not apologizing for it. It looks quite silly and forced. Maybe this will hit, maybe not, either way this monkey business will not stand on its own for long. King Kong, Planet of The Apes and Curious George among some others are the only monkeys to sustain the test of time. Sorry Marvel, you do indeed look like you’ll be slipping on a banana on this one.



See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-27-08



Looks like JSA has a NEW villain to deal with, and his name is not Loki!






Amazing-Spider-Man # 569  First there was Venom, then Carnage and now Spidey will have a new thorn in his side and it’s name is Anti-Venom. Yes we know, not much of a name, but hey we’ve all heard worse. Marvel is not revealing whether or not Anti-V is a villain or a hero. Either way, this comic looks to be one of those must haves.





Skaar # 3  What more can be said about Skaar?! This comic is mucho caliente (very hot, for the non speaking Spanish community). Okay as if the hype machine isn’t big enough with this comic. Marvel says it has a shocking second story by the great Butch Guice himself. Buy this comic, buy this series, and buy it now!






Runaways # 1  This is the 3rd launch of this series, but this time we have Humberto Ramos taking the penciling duties and man does it look sweet. Bring the artistry of Ramos, a number one issue and Hollywoodtalking about this as a motion picture¦..nuff said.






Kickass # 4  Nicolas Cage just jumped on board the Hollywood/Comic Book gravy train once again. Set to start shooting in the fall in Canada, Kickass is going to do just that at the box office, kick ass. Issue #4 introduces us to Hit Girl. A nine year old that will turn this comic upside down. With the introduction here, Cage joining the fray and Matthew Vaughn directing, the Kickass series is good pick up. Did we mention that Vaughn has been tapped to direct some character named Thor!? Cool huh?!





Justice Society of America# 18 Geoff Johns has JSA on top of the reading charts for a reason. The guy knows how to write a good story. If judging a book only by its cover, JSA is in a world of trouble with the introduction of Magog. Not too keen on the name, but we’re not telling Magog that! Looking like a descendant from Asgard, this villain named Magog hopefully will stand on his own.






Other Comics To Watch For……..

Family Dynamic # 1  DC treats us to an all new team for kids.








Halloween 30th Anniversary  Michael Myers as the boogieman for 30 years now?! WOW!







Wizard Magazine # 204  This month Wizard Magazine pays homage to a fallen hero in the comic industry. Michael Turner will be missed. Buy this Wizard and share in the memories of a man that inspired many. Godspeed Michael.


See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-20-08

Layla, you’ve got me on my knees……..







Amazing Spider-Man #568.  – This new storyline was featured in major magazines and newspapers around the states. It also got some media play. Why? Not really sure honestly. All we know is that it’s supposed to change things for spidey. AGAIN?! It’s rumored that Joe Q has an “out”to fix spidey back to the way most of the things were for Peter before he went and ruined everything (just kidding Joe!). So will New Ways To Die bring it? We say unfortunately no. Changes are good for a character, too many MAJOR plotlines becomes extremely redundant. So why pick ASM #568 this week then? Take a look at the variant cover. That’s a 1:25 ratio variant by none other than the living legend himself John Romita Sr. Spider-Man, Romita Sr. and a 1:25 variant cover equals gold.


 X-Factor Special Layla Miller  Layla is a mutant that will help change the landscape of the mutants as we know them. Well that’s what the hype machine; umm we mean that’s what Marvel was saying. When this X-Factor special comes out get House of M #4 before she really starts changing stuff. Layla just might be a force to be reckoned with. Might be, but you never know!…..stay tuned.




Others to watch for………

Final Crisis Legion of 3 Worlds #1 – A crisis comic finally makes the cut after weeks of missing it. Is this THE return of Superboy?! If not, return this comic to your LCS and ask for your money back.





Superman Batman #51Lil’ Supes, Lil’ Bats, Lil’ League, wow that’s a lot of lil!, but a first appearance of Superman, Batman or Justice League in any facet commands some sort of attention no matter how little or small (sorry just had to!).




See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comi Hot Picks 8-13-08

Batman will NOT R.I.P.!




 Tony Daniel Variant cover to Batman #679


 Astonishing X-Men #26  Part 2 of the new mega team of Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi. Part 1 sold out quick and is on its way this week with a 2nd print. This comic will be a sell out as well, so don’t wait too long to pick this one up.



Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe This comic has a long history of being one of the best one shots ever made. The original one shot back in 1995 was the first time Garth Ennis ever wrote a Frank Castle story. Needless to say Ennis has made himself out to be a fan favorite when it comes to writing Punisher stories. Get the original and store it in a nice place. Get this reprint this week and READ it. You’ll love it. One more thing, if you can get your hands on the secret Skrull Variant buy it and sell together with the original 1995 issue, it will punish on the bids!


Secret Invasion Inhumans #1  Here’s a Hot Pick that will probably pay off next year. Written by TV’s Heroes Joe Pokaski, this comic according to Marvel is going to set up some major events for 2009. So get this comic now instead of trying to beat everyone else to the long boxes when that event starts shaping up. 


Batman #679  What more can possibly be said about this storyline that has not been said already here at InvestComics every single week? R.I.P. has become THE Batman event of the summer. Actually, it has become THE DC event of the year! Give kudos to DC for delivering an outstanding comic. Grant Morrison is on top of his game and Batman fans are along for the ride! And look at that Variant from Tony Daniels, TD is on top of HIS game as well.

Others to watch for……… 

Welcome To Hoxford #1  Horror writer/artist extraordinaire Ben Templesmith gives his newest creation. Read this one with dim lights, the future looks bright for this comic.

See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


Comic Books To Film







Captain America First Appearance And Thor First Appearance Should have A Secure Spot In Your Collection!

Well before the Avengers movie hits, we’ll see Captain America and Thor make their marks on the silver screen. Do not get caught without these 2 comic books if you are looking for a nice return on your Investment. The same holds true with the first Avengers comic book. Do you remember the X-Men comic and how well that did when it gained household name status? The Avengers are headed that way, so act now.


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-6-08

 Venom Year One?





 Robin #176

Every week Batman’s R.I.P. is making the cut somehow. This week comic fans the 2nd part of the transformation of Tim Drake. Will he become the NEW Dark Knight? Another griping tale from DC is coming at us and you better be ready. Forget that Crisis stuff; THIS is where the action is!!   


Venom: Dark Origin #1.One of Spider-Man’s Greatest foe is about to get a˜Year One’ treatment. Artist extraordinaire Angel Medina teams up with writer Zeb Wells in what will probably be a good read. The investment side to this comic does not look too shabby either, but it will be a comic that will be searched for later on down the road when the Venom movie comes out. Sony pictures announced just last week (coincidence?) that they are looking to grab Venom from Spider-Man 3 to take a lead in what they say was a strong and interesting character that needs to be a main attraction. Now back to comic book world. If Sony pursues this, they are going to look for a “beginning”some place. That beginning could very well be Venom Dark Origins #1. No rush at all to get this comic. It’ll be around for quite some time. Venom looks to hit the silver screen in 2012.





OKKO Cycle of earth #1.Continuing the Okko hit series comes to Earth.












Wolverine: Killing Made Simple #1.Another Wolverine comic?  Yes. Can we ever get enough of these? No. It’s Wolverine! Besides with the names Christopher Yost and Koi Turnbull attached, this is a must get!












Amazing Spider-Man Family #1.Another Spider-Man comic? Yes. Can we ever get enough of these? No. It’s Spider-Man!






 Detective Comics #847. Another R.I.P. crossover! Get all of these crossovers and sell on Ebay as a bundle. Someone will buy it and thank you.





See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 7-30-08

Son of the Hulk is coming back this week!

Reign In Hell #1.  DC has another crisis on its hands. This time it’s taking place in Hell of all places. A veteran named Keith Giffen will be at the helm of the mayhem he has written. Reign In Hell is going to be a fun and exciting comic that will be well received by fans. Do not be surprised when you can not get your hands on this comic at your local shop on Friday. Reign in Hell will reign in some nice demand. Let the war in Hell begin!





SKAAR SON OF HULK # 2.  What more can be said for this monster hit series? Skaar #1 sold out at comic stores quick! Guess what collectors, #2 will be no different. Miss this comic and like last weeks Robin #175 you’ll be sitting waiting for the 2nd print before you can read it. Skaar smash market! nuff said. 

Honorable Mentions:

True Believers #1.  This new Marvel limited series seems to have the makings of a sleeper. This one might slip through the cracks. Keep an eye out on this one! 





Ninjatown #1 Adventures Of Wee Ninja  Appearing in their first ever adventure! Hmmm….? Remember how silly the Teenager Ninja Turtles looked? One never knows!





Invest wisely

Jay Katz


Signature Comics – Dynamic Forces

A Website at noon sells signed comics everyday

(Originally published on April 9th 2008)

Do you like Jim Lee? Do you like John Romita JR? Maybe you’re a Michael Turner fan. How about grabbing an authentic signature comic by a legend like John Romita Sr for a minimal fee?? Everyday at noon this website has a NEW comic that goes on display for a limited time and you can get in on the action. The prices sometimes are so good; a fan may look at it and say okay what’s the catch?  There is no catch.

We’re talking about Dynamic Some of the recent noon sales have been and are still available: All Star Batman #1 signed by Jim Lee $15, Infinite Crisis #1 signed by Jim Lee $15 and one of our favorites Ms Marvel #1 signed by John Romita SR $19.68! Most of these comics are signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. These are some great signitures to add to your collection if you’re a fan. While the resell values on most of these comics are very low, they truly are something to cherish from someone that you admire. I personally have a small comic box with sig comics by some of the greats; Stan Lee, Romita SR & JR, Jim Starlin, Walt Simonson, Bendis, Jim Lee, Dale Keown, Joe Q, Ed Brubaker, Ethan Van Sciver and countless others all for under $15 (Except for the Stan Lee comic). Those are not a bad deal for variants or number one issues signed by the creator or the team(s) working on the book. Stan Lee has a section all to himself. Check out the DOUBLE signed comic Invaders annual # 1, signed by Stan Lee and Joe Simon for $129! This comic is limited to 11 copies. That’s a nice price for 2 great sig. Stan Lee has 197 items on display. Some of the Lee books are just way out there in price range, but if you can find a cheaper comic signed by THE MAN himself at a bargain price by checking out

While IC realizes the signature thing is not for everyone, we just wanted to point something out that has been going on for a couple of years now with Dynamic Forces. This is a great way to get some autographs at bargain basement prices compared to the convention prices you might pay. So if you’re bored and you happen to be surfing the net before noon, Dynamic Forces teases the daily special at 11:30am. Sometimes the daily special is so good that it sells out within minutes. So if you don’t usually buy the signitures and one day you see something that you just might want, you better jump in quickly or you’ll miss it.

Astonishing X-Men #1. Signed & Numbered by Stan Lee. $129.










Fantastic Four #371. Signed and Numbered by Stan Lee. $129.

All Star Batman & Robin #3. Signed and Numbered by Jim Lee. $14.99.








Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


The Female Hero on the Big Screen







Hollywood has been missing the boat on an entire genre.

Where are all the women at???

(Originally published on April 1, 2008)

Hollywood seems to have either a discrimination suit waiting for them or they simply think that females could not draw the bucks at the theaters. We’ll take the latter. The track record unfortunately speaks for itself. Catwoman was an absolute disaster, Elektra was very surface driven with no character development, Supergirl is a cult favorite that fell flat on its face and do we really need to say anything about BarbWire?

InvestComics is about to give everyone a heads up. Sit back, relax and read on…..
Most comic movies coming out today are entertaining and are commanding fanboy’s attention. While the majority of the movies are good, some of them just completely miss. Directors are learning as they go along what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to putting those comic book  panels on the screen. We as fans get to either suffer or enjoy the end products. More often than not (lately) the comic movies are getting better. So if the scripts, special effects and commitments are getting better, why no big budget female heroes in their own solo film? Why is it that we as fans do not get our favorite females heroes (or villains) in solo movies?
The lists of possible female heroes/villains are endless as are the males and teams. Not everyone can agree on the lady they’d like to see, but you do have the usual suspects; Wonder Woman, Power Girl and Supergirl (hmmm…..DC rules this department). While these would make great films today, it’s just a wee bit difficult to ask our collectors to get any of the first appearances because of the price tag and no buzz, then again this would be the perfect time to get these books! So if you can afford these comics, without a doubt get them! It’ll cost a small fortune, but a very healthy BUY.
So lets have some fun and look at some possible females to take command of the silver screen. We’ll list the first appearances and the price tag attached to them. While some might be a bit high, all we can say is that when Hollywood finally realizes that there is another gender out there that does exist (given the right script) and backing, the female hero will be HUGE. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
InvestComics has compiled a very short list of some of YOUR request and our picks. These are some of the ladies you need to be looking out for before Hollywood wises up a bit.
It took Hollywood 70 years to realize that comic books can make for huge profits on the big screen if done right. We hope it won’t take another 70 to realize you have some awesome female characters that need screen time too.


Uncanny X-Men #130. 1st appearance of Dazzler. Current Value $15.







Daredevil #254. 1st appearance of Typhoid Mary. Current Value $3.







Danger Girl #1. Danger Girl Preview Exclusive (1 of a Bazillion covers)

Current Value $7.






193-2Uncanny X-Men #193. 1st Firestar. Current Value $5.


Legion of Super-Heroes #298. 1st Amethyst. Current Value $1!






Showcase 96 #3. 1st Birds of Prey. Current Value $9.


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


Deadpool – Some Key Issues

(Originally published on March 20th 2008)

New_Mutants_Vol_1_98The new Deadpool comic is arriving on 9-10-08 from Marvel. Check out this article that was originally written on March 20th 2008 . It gives a few Deadpool comics you should be searching for before Deadpool makes his huge return into the Marvel Universe. Yes, The Merc with the mouth, Deadpool, is coming back and he’s going to become one of the hottest Marvel characters in quite some time. Remember how hot Wolverine was at one time? You remember The Punisher? We’re talking that hot. This article contains some KEY issues in the Merc’s ‘short’ career that you should be getting before it’s too late.

Marvel is starting the push of a character that they think will be a huge part of the MU. The likes of which might seem very innocence at first, but is going to turn into a, shall we say, a Wolverine type overkill. Remember how the Punisher was in what seemed to be every other Issue in the MU in the 80’s? Remember the same for Wolverine in the 80’s and 90’s and even now? Well here’s the scoop Investors, the character Marvel is going to throw at you for the next few years to come is…….(drum roll please)…..Deadpool!

Yes Deadpool will be a household name in a couple of years, bank on it. Here’s a few reasons why.

The first reason, the most oblivious one is that the character is extremely appealing. Ever since Deadpool was introduced to the comic word in 1991 the comic world has embraced him. Mr. Wade Winston Wilson has that certain quality in a character that fans absolutely love. His abilities, Healing factor, Superhuman strength, his marksmanship, martial arts and many more. These powers sound a lot like a hairy, attitude, claw ripping mutant? Basically Deadpool has what Wolverine has but without claws. The second reason is the fact that Marvel is going to give Deadpool his own regular monthly series in August. The best news comes from Editor Aubrey Sitterson at the most recent Comic Con in L.A. He says “”It’s not a Deadpool series off to the side; It’s in the center of the Marvel Universe.” Let us explain what this really means.

The new X-men Origins Wolverine movie is going to feature many MU characters, but the one that Marvel is keeping an eye on is Deadpool. Marvel has already stated that they are possibly looking at a Deadpool spin off from the Wolverine movie. That being said, Marvel is going to push Wade to front and center in the next year or so in the Marvel Universe. Why you ask? He’s not the Hulk, Wolverine, Spiderman, Fantastic Four that’s why. People in the general public just don’t know Deadpool. Hell some comic fans don’t even know much of him! He’s not iconic enough like the characters mentioned and Marvel knows this. Deadpool will get lots of airplay in the year to come, be ready! Here’s a few Issues you need to pick up for a minimal amount of cash now and cash out big much later on.


Deadpool_and_Death_Annual_Vol_1_1998New Mutants #98. 1st Appearance of Deadpool.

Ultimate Spider-Man #91. 1st Ultimate Universe Deadpool.

Deadpool #1. Origin Issue.

Deadpool #33. Origin Issue.

1998 Annual with Death. Origin Issue.


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 7-23-08

Robin #175.  Robin is going through changes. At least that’s what DC says. Spinning from the red hot storyline of Batman’s R.I.P. comes this 2 parter that claims to be the turning point in Robin’s life. R.I.P. has been a great success for DC, so lets see what they have in store with Robin’s title here. This comic will be sold out quick. Get this before the Guaranteed 2nd print hits.

Uncanny X-Men #500.  X-men has reached number 500! What more can be said about this milestone double sized anniversary issue? It’s a must own.

Remember one thing when you’re at your local comic shop this week. Pick up the Micheal Turner cover, admire it or not and thank him for the years of joy he brought all of us. He’ll be missed.


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 4-30-08

 Marvel Invasion brings us back to 1977!













Marvel Premiere #35


Way back in 1977 the comic world was introduced to an unusual Marvel hero named 3D-Man. Our hero was created by none other than the famous Roy Thomas. His powers as his name might suggest is that of a man 3 times the normal strength of man. Oh yes, we almost forgot one of his better attributes. He can peg out any Skrull no matter what form they may be in. Hmmmm…..I bet you know where this is going.


3D-Man is set to play either a vital or a MAJOR role in the Secret Invasion saga. In this upcoming week we get introduced to the NEW 3D-Man in Avengers: The Initiative # 12.


So here’s the deal. You can pick up the new comic on Wednesday, but also pick up 3D’s first appearance on Ebay for only $2 – $4 more. Yes, you can pick up Marvel Premiere # 35 for MEGA cheap……for now? InvestComics just picked up a NM copy from Mile high comics for $7. And yes that is with shipping. We spent the extra couple of dollars to ensure that we are going to get guaranteed quality. Otherwise you can pick this comic up on Ebay for $2.


This weeks pick falls into the no-brainer category. A first appearance from 1977 from Roy Thomas of a character that might be playing a Major role in the new Marvel hit for a price tag of $2 is an easy affordable deal. 


Invest wisely.


Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 4-23-08

An Invasion tie in














Mighty Avengers #12


The Secret Invasion has begun and it looks like everyone is on board for the ride. Sell outs on the recent tie ins as well as Secret Invasion # 1 are indicative indications that Secret Invasion is NOT going to be a SECRET at the cash register or your investments very much longer. Investcomics© called a few LCS to see how the SI Yu variant fared. Most of them either did not receive the comic at all or sold it within a couple of hours. SI is going to get bigger in a couple of weeks. Be ready, get on board because Some guy named Nick Fury is coming back!
Ol’ Nick has been MIA for some time now. Mighty Avengers #12 has a few things going in it’s favor. Nick Fury will be clocking back to the secret war to put together some pieces that makes him public enemy numero uno. Another MAJOR reveal is coming from this book as well. So big Marvel says it will ROCK the entire MU. We’ll check back on that one! Then you have a real nice cover going here by rising star Marko Djurdjevic! Not getting the little box though, but okay who cares? This comic is going to ROCK!
Buy this comic and sit on it until Secret Invasion comes to a fever pitch. This fans is a MAJOR tie in that you can not afford to miss!!


Invest wisely.


Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 4-2-08

 The Marvel Universe – Invaded!










Secret Invasion # 1

After a Hot Spec market for 5 weeks in a row, the last 2 weeks have been very slow and the next couple of weeks fair no better! This is why we’ve decided to jump ahead a little here to the April 2nd release date. Marvel is rolling out the first major event of the year and it promises to be HUGE! Secret Invasion is such a big deal that Marvel could not give any sort of previews of the inside of Issue #1 with the fear of revealing too much. That’s storytelling! That’s hype! That’s Marvel! That’s Joe Q! 

This 8 part series promises to change the landscape of the Marvel Universe once again. The last time readers got a promise like this was for the Civil War storyline and that held it’s guarantee. Don’t expect anything less from this series. MAJOR revelations are about to occur and we all get to enjoy the drama unfold in front of our eyes. We get to watch our Ebay bids make for some drama as well.

Expect the investment value to follow the same patterns as Civil War did with this series. The regular covers will not garnish as much attention as the variants will. This Leinil Francis Yu variant to the left clocks in at a 50:1 ratio! With as much hype as this series is going to get, this variant is going to be VERY sort after. Anyone remember that Civil War # 3 variant with the beautiful Michael Turner cover? We’re not comparing this YU cover with the Turner cover in terms of monetarily speaking, what we are saying is that this series will produce some variants that will be paid a handsomely on the Ebay front. Invest wisely and you will be rewarded considerably.

So 2 things to know. Number one, do you really need that Incredible Hercules # 115 variant?? Number two, watch for a sleeper in Ms. Marvel # 25 coming out on 3/26/08. Great Greg Horn cover to boot!

Invest wisely.
Jay Katz

InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 3-12-08

Superman goes Brazilian











Superman # 674


Not much happening this week in the speculation market. It came down to only 2 weak choices this week. It was between Serenity Better Days #1 or the Superman #674. Guess who won.


This Superman gives the collectors new series artist Renato Guedes. Renato is a Brazilian born artist who signed exclusively with DC not too long ago.  He’s done some work for DC already, Action Comics, OMAC and Smallville to name a few. Check out some of his work at this link: Some nice stuff.


DC is dubbing this comic as a “great jumping on point”, If we only had a nickel for every time they’ve said that! Anyway, Renato seems to have a pulse on the man from Krypton with his art style. We’ll see…..


Invest wisely.


Jay Katz