Ilaria Bramato is not only easy on the eyes in her black & white photo, but also in color as well!

Born in Brindisi Italy , she’s a young colorist who just joined Azurek Studios and InvestComics wanted to let the world know.

Her first comic will be featured in Black Magic TV – Vincent Price Presents from Blue Water comics. The release date is set for March 2012. Be sure to look for it!

ILaria is also working on 2 books with fellow creators Rita Gorgoni and Stefano Cardoselli.

Azurek Studios was born in 2000, and was the brain child of Stefano Cardoselli and Rita Gorgoni.

Azurek has also worked with Heavy Metal Magazine, 2000 AD, Com.x Comics, Blue Water Comics, Antactic press,DarkSlingers comics and many more. To learn more about Azurek, please visit

Check out some of Ilaria’s work below (Click to enlarge). Welcome to Azurek Studios!











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