Top 5 Hot Picks #104

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Every week before new comic book day InvestComics gives fans our Top 5 Hot Picks for new comics coming out on Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #466 and new comics coming this Wednesday 3/15/17.

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U.S. Avengers #4 – The first appearance of Dedd-Puul. American Kaiju appearance as well. We like that big dinosaur/Godzilla thing.
Super Sons #2 – Follow up to the sold out, well received first issue.
Amazing Spider-Man #25 – 40 pager with lots of surprises in store.
Venom #5 – Spider-Man vs Venom round 1. This pay-per event has happened so many times before, but we never get bored of it. FIGHT!
Batwoman #1 – New series begins. Creative team; Writers James Tynion IV and Marguerite Bennett. Artist Steve Epting.

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Here are the rest of the comics that appeared in this weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #466.



Super Sons #1
Batman #19
Titans #9
Teen Titans #48 (1977)
Cosmic Scoundrels #2
Ghostbusters 101 #1
Vampirella #1
Divinity III Escape From Gulag 396 #1
Super Mansion #1
Cadmus #1
Red Sonja #3

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New Comics #466 – Video

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New Comics  #466. A weekly video look at the covers from the weekly InvestComics Hot Picks article. New comics arriving 3/15/17.

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InvestComics Hot Picks #466

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New comic book release day 3/15/17.

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Spider-Man vs Venom begins in Venom #5 this Wednesday. Writer Mike Costa and artist Gerardo Sandoval bring us round one. Always a fun time when these two go toe to toe.
U.S. Avengers #4 will introduce Dedd-Puul. Yes we know….we don’t make these names up, we just report on this stuff.
Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #25 is a 40 page issue chock full of secrets and more secrets. Secret story, secret creative team, too many secrets, must read!

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Super Sons #1 showed some great potential for readers. This week we get the follow-up; Super Sons #2. Writer; Peter Tomasi, Art; Jorge Jimenez.
The new Batwoman #1 ongoing series will make immediate noise out of the gate. With writers James Tynion IV and Marguerite Bennett, along with artist Steve Epting on board, we’re quite sure readers will be in for an exciting ride from the onset.
Batman vs Bane; Batman #19 ‘I Am Bane’. Writer Tom King and artists David Finch/Danny Miki are bringing it with this story line.
The Titans will battle the Fearsome Five in Titans #9. Bumblebee will join the Fearsome Five. No not ‘that’ Bumblebee, the one in the DCU. The one that first appeared in Teen Titans #48 (1977).

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InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
The follow-up to the sold out Cosmic Scoundrels debut, check out Cosmic Scoundrels #2 from IDW. Brought to us from writers Andy Suriano (artist) and Matt Chapman.
Also from IDW this week, a new Ghostbusters comic; Ghostbusters 101 #1. Written by Erik Burnham and art from Dan Schoening.
Vampirella #1 (Dynamite Entertainment); writer Paul Cornell – art Jimmy Broxton. Super Mansion #1 (Titan Comics); writer Barry Hutchinson – art Jake Elphick. Valiant Entertainment debuts Divinity III Escape From Gulag 396 #1. Written by Eliot Rahal. Art from Francis Portela. Cadmus #1 (Antarctic Press); Samantha Beck art and writer. Actress Tatiana DeKhtyar delivers her best Red Sonja dress-up for the cover of Red Sonja #3 (Dynamite Entertainment).   

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Amazing Spider-Man Checklist #1

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Welcome to InvestComics Amazing Spider-Man Checklist (Part 1). All of his main titles will be covered and then some other books, including some obscure silly books. Keep in mind here that while this is one of the most comprehensive Spider-Man lists you will find, there are some comics and creators that were missed and some that were missed on purpose. So if you’re seeking out the first appearance of Mountain Marko or Red 9, you won’t find it here. But you’ll find the first appearance of Man-Wolf! Or if you’re looking for that special 1 in 15 variant cover, or the 30 cent variant … won’t find those here either. Just some key issues (and “not” so key issues), but if you think you have one that we missed, do not hesitate to give us your pick(s) below in the comments section or on Facebook or Tweet us!

So first a quick video Intro! This video covers all of the comics that will be covered in this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks. Enjoy the images and music first, then come back…….go ahead you can, we’ll be right here waiting for ya!


Amazing Fantasy #15This would be the first and foremost obvious pick out of the gate here. For those that are not comic collectors and just happened to stumble upon this article, Amazing Fantasy #15 is the first appearance of Spider-Man. Owning this comic is the equivalent of owning Action Comics #1 from DC Comics. Now while Spidey’s first appearance is not worth as much monetarily, it carries the same stature as owning the flagship character within the Marvel Comics line as does Superman (Action Comics #1) does for DC Comics. If you ever have the chance to somehow be in a position to own this comic book, don’t think twice about it.

The first 50 comics in the original Amazing Spider-Man (1963) rivals as good of a run in any collection of books you will find within the comic hobby anywhere.

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man #1Gives us the first appearance of the biggest thorn in Peter Parker’s side for the last 48 years or so……his boss, J. Jonah Jameson. This comic also features the first Chameleon.

Amazing Spider-Man #2The second issue has the first Tinkerer! Well that’s not the character we’re looking for now is it? No of course not, The Vulture makes his debut in the second issue. Now that’s the one we were looking for!

Amazing Spider-Man #3Features the debut of the second Spider-Man film star Dr. Octopus. And from the third Spidey Film…

Amazing Spider-Man #4We have our first look at the Sandman in this issue. So there you have the first four issues of Amazing Spider-Man with first appearances of some of the most enigmatic characters in the history of the franchise; characters that have withstood the test of time and continue to be a basic part of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery in the modern day.

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Amazing Spider-Man #5The first true test of Spider-Man and his “amazing powers” came in these pages where he faced off and first met Dr. Doom for the first time. The Spider-Man rogue gallery continues to grow in the very next issue……

Amazing Spider-Man #6The latest Spider-Man movie has Dr. Conner becoming the Lizard and this is where we first see the reptile. Although the Lizard inside of the Spider-Man comics truly represents the villain, the movie changes things up a bit and this is the first disappointment off the bat from the trailers. Same as they did in the second movie with Goblin’s metal faceplate. Very disappointing…..

Amazing Spider-Man #9Jumping to the next issue, the introduction of this character (which would be awesome to see on the big screen one day!) makes for an electrifying issue to own. If you can buy this issue within the $2400 range, buy it. It has upside all over this one. Electro makes his debut here.

Amazing Spider-Man #10The first of the “weaker” debuts falls on the 10th. The Enforcers.

Amazing Spider-Man #13Lucky 13 debuts a villain that was rumored a while back to appear in the latest Spidey film, unfortunately we didn’t get him. Mysterio would have been quite a challenge to sell to the audience with that big ole’ globe on his head, but hey we all were sold on cars turning into giant robots right?

Amazing Spider-Man #15 Kraven the Hunter makes his first appearance right here. 279 issues later though….well we’ll get to that.

Amazing Spider-Man #20Another cool villain that we all await to see on the big screen one day makes his way into Peter’s tormented life. Scorpion’s first appearance right here.

Amazing Spider-Man #25Sticking with the torment in Peter’s life (just kidding ladies!), Peter meets two women that will change his life forever. Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. One of these women does not get another date after 96 issues. More on that in a bit. This issue also debuts the robot Spider-Slayer. More on that as well later.

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Amazing Spider-Man #28The Molten Man makes his debut here. Very interesting value comparison here with the previous issue. The Molten Man doesn’t command that much attention in the collectors market does he? No he doesn’t. Take a look at that cover. That black cover is near impossible to find in a high grade. That’s the explanation to that.

Amazing Spider-Man #33This comic has absolutely no first appearances, has no death, no life changing moments. The first “classic cover” by Steve Ditko in this Amazing Spider-Man run besides the first issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #37First appearance of Norman! Norman Osborn that is.

Amazing Spider-Man #39 The iconic John Romita Sr. debuts his beautiful Spider-Man artistry right here. This Near Mint Gem comes in at only $1600. And just look at that cover! What a wonderful piece of history to own here.

Amazing Spider-Man #40The following issue features the Green Goblin’s origin. While it may cost you a few dollars more to get THIS issue, the real winner is the previous issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #41The first appearances continue onward here in this ridiculous run. Most fans were hoping to see the Rhino make it to the big screen this go around, but not this time.

Amazing Spider-Man #46Shocker’s first appearance.

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Amazing Spider-Man #50As said earlier in this article. The first 50 comics in the Amazing Spider-Man run…..unreal and rivaled to any of the biggest character names out there. This comic not only has the first appearance of Kingpin, but it’s a classic cover from John Romita Sr. The classic of all classic Spidey comics.

Amazing Spider-Man #78First appearance of the Prowler.

Amazing Spider-Man #80 The first Bronze Age Spider-Man comic. A fantastic buy at only $125.

Amazing Spider-Man #90Death finds its way into Spider-Man’s life, with more to come…..The death of Captain Stacy right here.

Amazing Spider-Man #96The famous “drug issue”. This would be the first time in comic book history that drugs were the focal point of a storyline. It’s also the first time that the “comic approved stamp” was not on the cover. It would return only to disappear for good years later.

Amazing Spider-Man #101 Before Twilight, before Anne Rice, before Blade, there was Morbius! This comic paved the way for cooler vampires.

Amazing Spider-Man #102The origin of Morbius.

Amazing Spider-Man #121Death comes knocking at Peter’s door once again. The death of Gwen Stacy. Boy did this rip Peter apart. Oh well, still has Mary Jane hanging around!

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Amazing Spider-Man #122The death of Green Goblin. No worries here though, something happens 4 issues later that fulfills that void left in your gut. Amazing Spider-Man #126 =  Harry Osborn as Green Goblin 2.

Amazing Spider-Man #124The first appearance of Man-Wolf! Awesome…..right? $120 for this comic. 

Amazing Spider-Man #125The origin of Man-Wolf. $100.

Amazing Spider-Man #129First appearance of the Punisher. At one time this comic garnered a lot of attention. A LOT! With all of the changes over the years to this great vigilante character, the demand has waned a bit. Still a comic book that should be in your collection though. If Marvel ever decides to take this character seriously to the point of epic proportions (a la’ Batman), this comic will be untouchable once again. Give Frank Castle A.K.A. the Punisher the right direction and all hell will break loose with this collector’s item once again. At $500 (NM), it’s still a nice investment, but you may have to wait a little while to see some growth.

Amazing Spider-Man #134 – And way behind the Punisher debut 5 issues earlier we come to the first appearance of Tarantula.

Amazing Spider-Man #136  – First appearance of Green Goblin 2.

Amazing Spider-Man #181An early retelling of Spider-Man’s origin. Only $30!

Amazing Spider-Man #182So with Gwen Stacy out of the picture some 61 issues ago, what better time to ask for Mary Jane’s hand in marriage? Peter’s “first” proposal.

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Amazing Spider-Man #194First appearance of the Black Cat. So Peter asks Mary Jane to marry him a few issues back and now this very hot girl in black spandex comes into the picture to make Peter have second thoughts. This stuff never happens in real life! Silly comic book stuff. What’s not so silly is the $90 price tag on here. Not too shabby! Guess that’s what Peter was saying too.

Amazing Spider-Man #195The origin of the Black Cat. Big drop off to only $25 for this issue.

Click To Buy/Bid

Amazing Spider-Man #238The first appearance of a major villain in sometime within the Spidey run. Hobgoblin debuts.

Amazing Spider-Man #252The entire Spider-Man history can be summed up into 4 parts. Speaking only in terms of the Spider-Man title books here, each part transcended Spidey onto a “New Level” if you will. Of course every story needs a beginning, Amazing Fantasy #15. A middle, which is this comic right here. The Debut of the Alien costume within the pages of Amazing Spider-Man would change the way Spider-Man as a character and franchise would be viewed forever. The cover says it all folks. Amazing Fantasy #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #252 will be forever linked. Yes issue #252 is THAT important. The third is issue #298, more on that in just a bit. And as for the fourth part of Spidey history, that would be Ultimate Spider Man #1, which comes much later on and we’ll get to it.

Amazing Spider-Man #259The “origin” of Mary Jane? That’s funny, don’t us “regular people/humans” all have the same origin? Okay, well here is the origin of Mary Jane.

Amazing Spider-Man #265First appearance of Silver Sable.

Amazing Spider-Man #272The first Modern Age Issue! Only $4. 

Amazing Spider-Man #294279 issues later…….Kraven’s demise right here.

Amazing Spider-Man #298 – The “third” part to the Spider-Man history, right here. Todd McFarlane made his debut on Spider-Man and changed the style of this character so much so that artist today still imitate the “look”. He brought a new look to Spidey that was never seen before as did Frank Miller with Batman, Neal Adams with Green Lantern, Walt Simonson with Thor and so on. Todd McFarlane’s first Spider-Man is well worth the money you put down on it. Oh yes and this comic features a cameo from a villain named Venom.

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

Amazing Spider-Man #299First time we see Venom in costume. A “cameo” once again. Boy that cameo stuff is strange. This truly is the first time we ever see Venom and it’s not the issue that draws the big bucks, its issue 300 that does. Why? Weird.

Amazing Spider-Man #300So this is the first “FULL” Venom story. While Hobgoblin some 62 issues ago was an important vital part of Spidey’s rogue gallery, this villain named Venom is probably the most recognized villains to come out of the Spidey Universe ever. Fans get instantly excited at the mention or sight of Venom in the pages of a Spidey book. Now granted over the years Venom was in every comic book known to man, as much as Wolverine was (still is) which caused his value to drop a bit. That said, Venom’s first appearance is still a must for any Spider-Man or comic book collector.

Amazing Spider-Man #302First appearance of Wes Cassady.

Amazing Spider-Man #304First Jonathan Caesar and Black Fox.

Amazing Spider-Man #344First appearance of Cletus Kasady (Carnage)

Amazing Spider-Man #583The first time President Obama shows up in a comic. The start of absolute money grab from every comic company on the planet.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1The first appearance of the Sinister Six.

Amazing Spider-Man #30 Vol.2 First appearances by Morlun and Ezekiel. This issue is also the first from creator Michael Straczynski. Great characters, great creator and great cover!

Amazing Spider-Man #36  Vol. 2A special World Trade Center 9/11 tribute issue. A fantastic read and a very hard comic to get in Gem Mint condition due to the fact of the all black cover.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #1The first “new” Spidey series other than Amazing. That cover sure does look familiar though! (*AHEM amazing spider-man #134 AHEM*) A $50 comic with Spidey’s origin retold.

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #28Just as much as Frank Miller transcending Batman, he did the same for the Daredevil character. This comic provides the first time Frank Miller penciled Daredevil.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #64Cloak & Dagger make their first appearance right here. Buy it.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #103Sometimes looking around the comic book collecting landscape, one shakes their head saying to themselves “how can that be worth only $3?” But yes, $3 will get you the first work from Peter David. Sweet.

Marvel Team-Up

Marvel Team-Up #1 – The first of a 150 issue run. These comics were awesome and fun!

Marvel Team-Up #53John Byrne’s first X-Men art.

Marvel Team-Up #65Welcome to America Captain Britain! First time we see the Captain here in the States.

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

Marvel Team-Up #100First appearance of Karma, origin of Storm and Frank Miller art! All this for $6?!

Marvel Team-Up #141The “co-first appearance” of the alien costume.

Spidey Comics

Spider-Man #1 – Todd McFarlane’s Spidey #1 was mass produced to epic proportions. The entire run of 98 issues could be bought at less than $3 a piece. All but 2 that is. Spider-Man #1 – WalMart edition at about $20 and the golden prize of the run, well actually it’s the “Platinum” prize of the run is Spider-Man #1 Platinum Edition coming in at the $100 range.

Spider-Man Unlimited #8 – This little $3 comic was written by Joe Hill! Yes THE Joe Hill!! What you don’t know Joe Hill? How about Stephen King? You know that guy right? Okay well, Joe Hill is actually Joseph Hillstrom King. Oh okay, now you’re following. Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son and he writes too. This would be his first comic book work.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1There are essentially 4 tiers within the Spider-Man history universe. We discussed the previous three already. Ultimate Spider-Man brought the newest way to view Spidey. It’s another game changer. The new Spider-Man movie is basically going back to the Spidey roots with a younger Peter with a twist to his origin. Ultimate Spidey went back to Spidey’s roots too. Love it or hate it, the Ultimate Spider-Man book became the “next chapter” in the Spider-Man genre. With a ridiculous 16 different number one variant issues available, the best of the bunch goes to the White variant.


Invest wisely. Read Spidey.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-6-10





It’s the first week in 2010 and Marvel has the event that has been in the making for 7 years. The Siege begins…… 


2010 is upon us. Blackest Night is winding down and here comes another event. This time from Marvel….

You remember when Wanda uttered one of the most famous lines in comic book history? “No more mutants”. It’s a statement that is an instant reminder to any bn_promospot.gifcomic collector. The statement that most comic book fans await now would come from Joe Quesada’s mouth and it would go a little something like this “No more events”.
Our dream might come true this week when Marvel is billing the Siege #1 as 7 years in the making. Rumors have it that this will “be it”. For now of course! As much as fans are moaning about too many events it seems to equate to some big bucks, Blackest Night anyone? So for now we will all go along with the premise that this will be the last MAJOR event for a while for Marvel. DC already has plans for a Superman event a few months from now, so they still see the cash cow and you cannot blame them. The big 2 as well as all of the other comic companies are in business to make money. Marvel is
siege1.gifsaying though they will be taking a back seat and have “events” contained to individual characters within their respective books. This all sounds like a good idea as long as Peter Parker isn’t going through some “life altering” BS every 7 issues. Oh but wait, Marvel is promoting “2010 The Year of The Spider-Man”. Whatever the heck that means, but it looks like aunt May could die again, MJ will be killed, Gwen will be back and on and on we go. Well Marvel sure does churn the machine better than anyone in the business as far as the promoting/marketing stuff goes. Marvel will do their thing and 2010 will indeed probably be the year of Spider-Man, hell every freaking year is the year of the Spider-Man isn’t it??
Siege will be so awesome that it’ll be worth the hype. On last week’s Bludcast Podcast, a person on the show by the name of NerdyGirl went on to explain why Norman will NOT die during the Siege storyline. She believes that Norman has become an intricate part of the Marvel Universe. While I totally agree to a point, I personally believe that Marvel may be following in the footsteps of American history here. Norman is the modern day Hitler in comic books. He has built his empire and NOW will overstep his bounds and invade Asgard which in this case plays out to be the Soviet Union. He will lose; we all know this as comic book fans. He simply will not win here. Will it lead to his demise? I say it will. Where else could Marvel take Norman if he does in fact survive the attempt of Asgard? Making him a weak player, only to make him rise to power in a few years would be a stale idea. Marvel might end him OR here’s a question; did we ever find Hitler’s body?
As far as the investment flip goes here. Buy the variant editions of these comics and grade them. Sell them back at high demand to make a small fortune. Buy the variant back in a year for less than half the price and buy some Bronze Age key books in the meantime. This will work, try it.

Batman Confidential #40 will be done by a legend. Many fans either like this guy or they don’t. Sam Kieth will be doing a small arc and I for one welcome it. If you batmanconfidential_40.gifsecretoriginsspecial1_1989.gifasmpresents_jackpot_1.gifasm_253_1strose.gifwant to find Sam’s first take on his style on the Batman, look for Secret Origins Special from 1989 and pay only about $3 for it. This issue also has Neil Gaiman all over it too. Great little treasure here for collectors.
If you’re in the market for a couple of Spider-Man first appearances, you’ve come to the right place. This week you get 2 opposite sides of the spectrum with the amount of money you want to spend. First up is the Amazing Spider-Man Presents Jackpot #1. Do we all
need a Jackpot number one issue, I mean really? That’s a question amspm25_1965_steveditko_stanlee_700.gifultimatecomicsspiderman6.giffor another day, but the Rose makes an appearance in here. Look for Amazing Spider-Man #253 (1984) for the first Rose. Also look to not spend much on this issue. Now if you are looking to spend a few more bucks, Amazing Spider-Man #25 (1965) comes in at around $700. This issue goes against Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6 this week which features the Ultimate Spider-Slayer. Issue #25 features the first appearance of the Spider-Slayer. Get this comic because it’s an early Stan Lee & Steve Ditko classic, vintage stuff here.
Marvel Boy The Uranian #1 will be coming out much of the delight of fans from 1950! Marvel Boy #1 features the first
appearance of Robert Grayson as one of Marvel’s first heroes. You could get this at a great premium for only $1400! It’s real hard to believe that this comic is so cheap. Granted Marvel Boy isn’t exactly at the top of the list for Marvel collectors, but marvelboytheuranian1.gifmarvelboy1_robertgrayson_1950_1400.gifstill for a 1950 first appearance book from Marvel, it’s a great buy especially since Robert Grayson has been hanging around since 1999. Now he gets his own comic! Buy this Marvel Boy #1 from 1950; hold it for duration because this comic will appreciate in value for years to come. This one is a keeper folks.



See you next week, Invest Wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 2-06-08

 A FREE comic makes the Investment cut.








Amazing Spider-Man – Free Comic Book Day Edition


The new release pick of the week for the second week in a row is a back issue. For the past 2 weeks InvestComics gave you the Captain America #1 (Vol 5) to pick up. Yes Bucky, AKA Winter Solider is indeed the New Captain America. The comic is now on Ebay selling for $10. We still say, Buy Captain America #1 (Vol 5) with Captain America #34 and you have yourself a nice little set to put up.

Lets focus on this weeks pick now. Amazing Spider-Man #549 is coming out this week with a debut of a “new” hero. We say “new” because we all know her already. We know that she WAS married to Peter Parker at one time. We know she has red hair, We know her as, Jackpot?? InvestComics is not going to ask you to run out and buy Amazing Spider-Man #25 or #42 and spend a small fortune. Although that is a decent investment, we’re looking for the character named Jackpot, not Mary Jane.

In last year’s Free Comic Book Day, Marvel gave us a glimpse into the future of Parker. In this FREE comic we see lots of things including the first appearance of….you guessed it, Jackpot!

Once again you can pick this once FREE comic up on Ebay for $2.99. Buy the Amazing Spider-Man #549 and sell as a couple. Imagine that a “couple”, something Peter and Mary aren’t anymore. So we say hold onto your pair for a week to see if #549 sells out. Then throw down your deuce on Ebay as a pair. Market this correctly and you can make a few bucks to buy a better storyline someplace else.


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz