Top 5 Hot Picks #107

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Every week before new comic book day InvestComics gives fans our Top 5 Hot Picks for new comics coming out on Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #469 and new comics coming this Wednesday 3/29/17.

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All-New Wolverine #19 – Fans are flocking to this new story ‘Immune’. Laura Kinney will don a new costume and the introduction of an alien virus/child. Most of the variants are sold out and it’s just a matter of time before the regular copy is sold out too. Story by Tom Taylor and art by Nicole Virella.
Star Wars: Rogue One #1 – Jyn Erso makes her comic book debut. Writer Jody Houser and artist Emilo Laiso.
Harley Quinn #17 – New backup story begins in this issue. A story from one of Harley’s original creators; Paul Dini. ‘Harley Loves Joker’.
Cyborg #11 – Introduction of a new character; 8 Bit.
X-Men Gold #1 – New X-Men comic. Written by Marc Guggenheim and drawn by Ardian Syaf.

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Top 5 – Buy/Bid

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Here are the rest of the comics that appeared in this weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #469.

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Royals #1
America #1
America #2
Batman #20
Black Cloud #1
Mighty Man #1
Rock Candy Mountain #1
Kim Reaper #1
Eleanor & The Egret #1
Riverdale #1

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Best Comic Covers Of The Week 4-5-17

New comic book release day 4/5/17. New comic releases are subject to change.
These are our favorite covers from the new comics arriving this week. Listed below is the comic book with the cover artist. What are your favorite covers this week?

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All-New Wolverine #19 – Adam Kubert
Superman #20 – Tony S. Daniel
America #2 – Marguerite Sauvage
Spider-Man Deadpool #16 – Michael Walsh

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Buy/Bid – New Wolverine – Kubert

Buy/Bid – Suoerman #20 – Daniel

Buy/Bid – America #2 – Sauvage

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InvestComics Deathstroke Checklist – Click Image

America #2 – Art Adams
Champions #7 – Marco Checchetto
Batman #20 – David Finch & Danny Miki
Nightwing #18 Ivan Reis Oclair Albert

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Buy/Bid – America #2 – Adams

Buy/Bid – Champions #7 – Checchetto

Buy/Bid – Batman #20 – Finch

Buy/Bid – Nightwing #18 – Reis/Albert










InvestComics Harley Quinn Checklist – Click Image

Batman #20 – Tim Sale
Iron Fist #2 – Bradstreet
Deathstroke #16 – Bill Sienkiewicz
Harley Quinn #17 – Amanda Conner

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Buy/Bid – Batman #20 – Sale

Buy/Bid – Iron Fist #2 – Bradstreet

Buy/Bid – DS #16 – Sienkiewicz

Buy/Bid – Harley Quinn #17 – Conner










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Injustice Ground Zero #9 – Stephen Segovia
Norman The first Slash #5 – Ryan Browne
Tank Girl World War Tank Girl #1 – Lori Petty

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Buy/Bid – Injustice #9 – Segovia

Buy/Bid – Norman #5 – Browne

Buy/Bid – Tank Girl #1 – Petty









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New Comics #469 – Video

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New Comics  #469. A weekly video look at the covers from the weekly InvestComics Hot Picks article. New comics arriving 3/15/17. Please utilize your common sense and READ the article to see why these covers are in this video. This is NOT an explanation video, just eye candy. READ…’s good for you.

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InvestComics Hot Picks #469

InvestComics provides readers and speculators the low down on the new releases coming out on Wednesday each week. Hot Picks have been weekly since 2005.
This week, new comic book release day 4/5/17.

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Jyn Erso makes her comic book debut. Check out Star Wars: Rogue One #1 from Marvel. Writer Jody Houser and artist Emilo Laiso bring this movie adaption to life.
The Inhumans will start in a new way within the Marvel universe. Will they be referred to as the ‘Royals’ from now on? With the new Inhumans television series due out later this year, we’re going to say it doesn’t stick. Royals #1 from writer Al Ewing and artist Jonboy Meyers.
Speaking of starting anew, the X-Men get their semi-relaunch. Check out X-Men Gold #1, written by Marc Guggenheim and drawn by Ardian Syaf. A pointless Deadpool variant from Ron Lim is available too.
America #1 came out with fans showing a satisfactory grade. Now the follow up; America #2, story by Gabby Rivera and art from Joe Quinones.
All-New Wolverine #19 will start with a new story; ‘Immune’. Laura Kinney will don a new costume and the introduction of an alien virus/child.

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The new Harley Quinn comic features the start of a new backup story from one of Harley Quinn’s original creators; Paul Dini. “Harley Loves Joker” begins in Harley Quinn #17.
Cyborg #11 introduces a new villain, 8 bit.
Batman #20 concludes the Bane storyline (I Am Bane), as Bats and Bane do battle. Look for Batman’s life to change a bit after this issue.

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InvestComics Harley Quinn Checklist – Click Image

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks:
Black Cloud #1 (Image Comics). Written by Jason Latour and Ivan Brandon. Art by Matt Wilson and Greg Hinkle.
A new Erik Larsen comic coming this Wednesday from Image Comics. Erik is on writing duties here as Nikos Koutsis does the pencil work; Mighty Man #1.
Rock Candy Mountain #1 (Image Comics); story and art Kyle Starks.

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Kim Reaper #1 (Oni Press); story and art Sarah Graley.
Eleanor & The Egret #1 (Aftershock Comics); written by John Layman, art by Sam Kieth.
Riverdale #1 (Archie Comics); written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, art by Alitha Martinez.

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InvestComics Black Bolt/Inhumans Checklist – Click Image

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Comic Broker Report – April 2013

The Comic Broker’s Report: April 2013

By Topher Seal

As my wife and I prepare our Groot and Rocket Raccoon costumes for this year’s Boston Con we realized that creating giant trees and massive guns out of PVC pipe and cardboard is a hassle.  This lead to a bet.  I believe that Rocket Raccoon is the next big comic character to enjoy mainstream success.  She’s putting her money on Doop.   She may be better than me at Killer Instinct Gold but I win all the bets and she knows it. So with so many awesome comics to speculate on this month I dedicate this article to my wife who personally approved all these selections with the exception of X-Force 116 ( newsstand ) which I see no reason to include.

Iron Man 54 ( First Moondragon )


I realize that not all members of the GOTG will be appearing in the film but with so many of Marvel’s Cosmic properties getting love it’s hard not to want this gem.  What I love about it is that the very next issue is one of the most sought after books on the market. If you want to own all the cosmic first appearances you have to buy the ones that fly under the radar too.  Personally I pass on Avengers 112 ( first Mantis ) and Micronauts 1 ( first Bug ).  I see too many copies of those books to recommend a buy.

Tales of Suspense 75 ( first Agent 13 and Batroc )

tales 75

George St Pierre is having a good month, first he retains his title against the laughable Nick Diaz and then we find out he’s playing the Captain America 2 villain  Batroc formerly of the French Foreign Legion!   I just hope the costume is exactly like the one he wears in the comics! It’s a strange casting and character to use and that’s why I love it!  This issue can still be found relativity cheap but I wouldn’t wait to buy.

Spawn 9 ( Newsstand only )


God I cannot believe I am recommending a Spawn book but when Neil Gaiman says Angela is coming to Marvel collectors should pay close attention.  Once upon a time this comic was a hot commodity but like many from the 90’s it cooled off quick. A lot of negativity has been swarming around this character move but when she’s written by Gaiman it could be huge.  There are even rumors that she will be moved to the GOTG team after her introduction in the Age of Ultron!  Here’s the problem though…a ton of these were printed. For now it’s selling well  on the back issue market but how long can that last once the glut arrives?   The good thing is that there’s a newsstand version and it’s not that easy to find.

The Activity 1

I have to mention this Image dud only because it is generating a lot of heat online.  Issue one is selling for big money and the other issues are not far behind.  The only problem?  It’s not a quality read.  Seriously, this comic is poorly written and drawn. I’m not impressed by it and see it’s success as an anomaly in the marketplace.  If you can buy for pennies and flip for big coin then by all means do.  Hold at your own risk if you buy high, ( this book gets no picture because frankly it doesn’t deserve the time  and effort to track one down )

Adventures into Fear 13 ( First Nexus of all Realities )


Savage Tales 1 ( First Ellen Brandt )

tales 1

Unless you are a fan of Man-Thing then you likely don’t know who Ellen Brandt is.  She’s been cast in the new Iron Man 3 film and is directly responsible for creating Man-Thing while trying to replicate the Super Soldier Serum.  Instead she helps create the Man-Thing,  guardian of the Nexus of Realities!  If you don’t know what that is I suggest you start with the issue above!  How Brandt will fit into the film is anyone’s guess but she’s connected to A.I.M. which will play a roll  and she also has connections to Doctor Strange who is going to be part of Marvel’s future film Phases!

Tales of Suspense 78 ( First A.I.M. )


See above!!!

The Incredible Hulk 272 ( Rocket Raccoon  appearance )

hulk 272

Recently I have beaten the importance of RR to death but here’s one more nugget for those who see Disney’s marketing potential for a wise cracking Raccoon with big guns.  Just try and remember how few appearance of him there are prior to the Annihilation events.  We all know that his first color appearance is in issue 271 but he also appears in flashback in the very next book!

The Incredible Hulk Annual 5  & Weird World Tales 19


More GROOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strange Tales 144


Actor Maximiliano Hernandez appeared as Agent Sitwell in the Marvel Studios shorts “The Consultant” and “Item 47.” With no Agent Coulson around Sitwell will be reprising his roll in Captain America 2.  Unlike Coulson who’s first appearance could be in Iron Man 2: Agents of Shield, Battle Scars 1 or 6, Sitwell’s first appearance is clearly defined.  Buy low and hold friends.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 5 ( First Peter Parker’s Parents )

sr There is a 2nd Print ( Stridex Ad on Back cover )

If you have seen the most recent film then you know that Peter’s Father was the focal point of the after credit sequence.  Could this plot point lead to major implications down the line?  Who knows but that shouldn’t stop you from tracking down this forgotten annual ( especially the rare 2nd print! )

Fantastic Four 206 ( First Nova Corps )


Of all the cosmic characters I want to see on film Nova is probably 11th on the list right behind Cosmo the Dog.  Whether he or his corps are utilized in the upcoming film remains a mystery but as usual it doesn’t hurt to own an undervalued Bronze Age beauty!

The Defenders 27,28 ( First Starhawk )


Will Stahawk play a role in Marvel’s GOTG?  Even if he doesn’t these books are great reads and can be found for next to nothing at most comic shops with a comprehensive back issue section.

The Sword that killed Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne’s recent death is a tragedy and it’s not because another Robin has been slain.  DC received a lot of mainstream press for the death and while that may have generated sales I don’t see it a wise long term strategy.  Yes the character can always be brought back but for now readers have lost one of the few bright spots in the entire DCU.  Anyone who reads these speculative articles knows how I feel about DC’s reboot and the mess it has created in terms of continuity.  I assure you that fans of Damian Wayne and Batman in general will feel the negative effects of killing off such a wonderfully crafted comic book youth.

Since it has been revealed that Damian was killed with a sword that has deep ties to the Wayne family the hunt has been on for the sword’s first appearance.  Grant Morrison revealed that the sword appears throughout DC’s Shadow of the Bat, specifically the issues from the 90’s.  Upon hearing this I pulled out the long box and read every issue.  The only swords I found are a cutlass used by ancestors of Bruce and the Sword of Dumas which looks similar but is NOT the sword in question.  Anyone care to find it?  Tweet me @Larfleeze and receive a prize if you are correct!





Comic Broker Report – Modern Variant Special

These days variant comic covers are the chase cards of the comic market.  Personally I don’t seek them out unless I can find them for cover or at a reasonable price.  This rarely happens.  Most comic stores make a lot of their weekly profit from selling these issues to their local customers or online.  Whatever your collecting/investment strategy, you cannot deny that publishers who limit the availability via print run do so because it helps them sell comics.  I know many dealers, store owners and collectors who wish they would just go away but that will never happen.

The following variants are the ones I would invest in:

BATMAN 12 ( Limited 1 for 100 Variant Cover by Greg Capullo )

This issue by Snyder and Capullo features the third appearance of Harper Row ( Batman1,7 ).  A lot of folks are betting heavy on earlier issues featuring Row thinking that she’s the next Robin.  Until her true first appearance is agreed upon I can’t recommend either issue 1 or 7 which both have extremely rare Sketch variants of their own.  This issue is intriguing because of its rarity along with it being the first appearance of Harper’s brother Cullen.  Cullen seems a bit unstable to me and who knows how much of an effect a vile, neglectful father may have upon him.  Cullen is also a homosexual teen who has experienced hate crime.  Little is known about him but Snyder has given him a complex background and that’s a good start when it comes to purchasing.
Value:  40



BATMAN INCORPORATED 5 ( Limited 1 for 100 Variant Cover by Chris Burnham )

Grant Morrison returns us to the 666 universe where Damian Wayne is the Batman!  As one of the more popular dytsopian futures in comics, it’s no surprise that this issue is on this list.  Burnham’s cover is one of my all time Batman favorites! Though I love the fact that issue 666 of Batman Vol. 1 has no variant and is highly sought after, I can appreciate the value of this work, which stands out amongst many other DC titles.

Value: 45



Thor God of Thunder 2 ( Limited 1 for 50 Varaint Cover by Daniel Acuna )

One of my favorite new comics, Thor God of Thunder continues to impress with great art and storytelling.  If I were writing the Thor films I would make sure to factor Gorr the God Butcher into any future Phases.  If you read comics long enough you can sometimes feel as if you have seen and read everything so it’s a pleasant feeling when something fresh comes along!

Value: 25



Thor 617 ( Limited 1 for 15 Tron Variant Cover by Brandon Peterson. )

Loki will go down as one of the earliest and most successful Marvel Films characters so when he was killed of it puzzled me until they brought him back as Kid Loki in this issue of Thor!

Value: 20



Batman 655 ( Kubert 1:10 Variant )

Ok so recently I have been trying to convince people who care that Damian Wayne’s first appearance is NOT in this book but in issue 656 of Batman.  You see Damian only appears in shadows in this issue.  We don’t see his face until the following issue.  With his death making national news it’s become clear that Bruce’s son has resonated with readers and collectors.  Until the masses agree that 656 is his first this is the one to buy and it features an outstanding variant cover by an industry great!

Value: 15-20



Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two 8  ( Thanos Variant Cover )

Thanos is the big bad villain in the room over the next few years and with a GOA film coming in 2014 any combination of the two equals a wise investment.  These can still be found lurking in back issue boxes.  It’s an undervalued comic with lots of growth potential.

Value: 15



Avengers 5  2010  ( 1 for 75 John Romita Variant Cover, First Mention of the Ultron War )

Captain America Reborn 6  ( Limited 1 for 25 Variant, Cap sees the Age of Ultron Future )

So earlier this month I recommended these two in another article and here is why-It’s still unclear how the Age of Ultron will turn out but we all know the recipe for success in sales can easily lie in how well you construct your final act.  Rumor has it there is a super surprise ending to this series penciled by Joe Q.  If it pays off then these are back issue gold.  If not well…..

Value 50

and 15



Injustice Gods Among Us ( Limited 1 for 25 Variant Cover by Jheremy Raapack )

Last month I said to grab issue one while cover was still an option.  Did you?  If not then you are now paying triple cover.  This one has legs as the game looks to be a hit and the comic is amazing.

Value: 70-100