Comic Broker Report – January 2015 (part 1)


Secret Warriors 11


I was expecting Hydra to cause Agent Carter all the problems a secret agent can handle. But it appears the secret organization  Leviathan has taken  on that role.  So who or what  is Leviathan? Leviathan’s are the Chitauri ships first seen in Nova and the  Avengers film. But there is also an evil organization from Secret Warriors called Leviathan. Are they connected? Time will tell. Buy this now though. It’s cheap and if Quake become a fan favorite on TV, how long do you think it will be before more of her early appearances dry up?

Justice League of America 10

Constantine continues to impress and now it’s been announced that the villainous Felix Faust will be making his TV debut. Here is his first appearance.

Tales of Suspense 46


Agent Carter was surprisingly good. With nods to The Whizzer and Roxxon, the writers seem set on using Marvels rich history to fill episodes. Even Anton Vanko ( father of Whiplash!) makes it into the mix. This is his first appearance as Crimson Dynamo 1!

The Sword of Shannara


To date this is the only comic adaptation of any work from Brooks epic fantasy series, soon to be an MTV show.

The only other adaptation was a serialized comic strip by Gray Morrow from February to April, 1978. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell what papers printed the Best Seller Showcase. At this point I can confirm the Birmingham News and Chicago Tribune as publishers. The Best Seller Showcases were syndicated comic versions of novels by some renown authors. It didn’t last. To date they are the only comic version of The Sword of Shannara but it’s  likely that any newspapers that are found will be in poor condition. It is interesting to note that the original art for Morrow’s work was auctioned off in the mid 2000’s.

Trip Comic Book 12, 1978


Overstreet actually lists these so they do exist. Apparently issues ( 12-19? ) collect Chicago Tribune comics. If this does exist it would be the only reprinting of The Sword of Shannara in comic book format.

Note: Heavy Metal printed excerpts from The Sword of Shannara in early issues with art by Hildebrandt!

A recent post within an online speculation community inspired this next group. EC comics continue to rise in value as high grade copies become increasingly more difficult to find. Though the next few works are not comics they are key for both collectors and comic historians.

Ladies Home Journal November 1943


Frederick Wertham is a historical enemy of  Sequential art. His book, Seduction of the innocent ( a comic collectible in its own right ) set comics back for decades. The mass hysteria it caused pretty much gave EC the knockout blow. There were a few publications that predated his novel and they are bonafide comic collectibles.

Reader’s Digest May 1954


Readers Digest August 1948


Taking from Seduction of the Innocent we begin to get an understanding of Wertham’s misguided view comics.

Saturday Review of Literature May, 1948


To my knowledge this is Wertham’s first publish work on Comics.

The Adventures of Snake Plissken

Who would have thought that Marvel holds the honor for the first comic appearance of Snake Plissken?

Fox remake is coming.


  Other notable comics:

       Snake Plissken Chronicles Preview            Escape From New York 1:100 Variant


Fantastic Universe January 1956 ( first Minority Report )

first minority report
With a Show based on PKD’s powerful sci-fi masterpiece coming soon it’s inevitable that collectors will seek out early publications.

Rumors surrounding the upcoming Dr. Strange film have hinted at the possibility of the introduction of parallel universe into the Marvel films universe. Since Reed Richards is locked up by another studio how else would they possibly introduce the Negative Zone and why is the zone important? In Civil War Reed creates a prison for unregistered heroes called Prison/Project 42. As Cap 3 is titled Civil War it’s time to start thinking about important comics related to the event. Key issues concerning the prison included:


and Fantastic Four/Foes 5 ( first appearance of the prison )




It must be the Milo Manara effect because this one has become a tough find.


Dread 10 ( Fan Newsletter )


This rare item has the distinction of Being the first publication to print John Bolton’s cover for Army of Darkness 1 by Dark Horse.  With a show coming it may prove to be the first appearance of Ash.  The only other contender is Dark Horse Insider 6 which I have mentioned before.  At this point it looks like they came out at the same time.

Ghost in the Shell Speculation

Wizard Magazine 44 ( bagged only ), 61

Let the film spec begin!

Issue 44 has the rare Ghost in the Shell mini comic and issue 66 is a later cover!



Comic Broker Report – June 2014



Wormwood Gentlemen Corpse 1  ( Hundred Penny Press Edition )

This series has been on fire recently. Issues of the LO-FI magazines reprint material are scarce and sell for a premium. If you are looking forward to the animated series and collect the comics do not forget to track down this rare printing of issue 1.

Dreadstar 1 Marvel/Epic


Despite not featuring the first appearance of major characters from the series the first Marvel/Epic comic issue is starting to move.
Walking Dead 103 Variant

Clone has been picked up by Syfy and is easily one of the better Image titles out today. It should translate well to the small screen. Issue 1 has a variant but if you want the series first appearance this WD issue is the one to buy.
Note: There is a very limited DF remark variant for this issue.

Ghosted 9

Nailbiter is already a hot item on Ebay.  Issue 1 is selling for 10-15.  It’s damn hard to predict the next big thing as most modern titles fall off after a while and lose readership. Will Nailbiter defy the odds?  If it does pick up Ghosted 9 as it previews the new Image series.
Superman Confidential 1

sup confidential 1 first tony gallo

The man who first exposed Superman to Kryptonite  makes his debut in this excellent DC series. The Utopia Casino, which Tony owns was an Easter egg in the Man of Steel film. Only time will tell if Mr. Gallo gets cast as a villain in Zack Syder’s highly anticipated follow-up. This one is cheap and relatively easy to find. Buy and hold.
Chew 8 ( first Poyo )

This comic should be back on collector radars. With Chew confirmed for an animated treatment, fan fav Poyo looks to play a prominent role.
Swamp Thing 67

A new trailer for the Constatine TV series has debuted and people are excited. Issues of Swamp Thing 37 and Hellblazer 1 are starting to sell well. Look for this issue  to jump when collector realize that it previews Hellblazer 1 although I am not sure if Papa Midnite is in the preview.  If so this issue would then become his true first appearance.

Tales of the New Teen Titans 1


Scott Snyder has announced Cyborg will be in Superman/Batman and that means DC Comics Presents 26 will no longer be easy to find.  In all fairness it has been a collectible comic for some time.  But this issue can still be found in back issue bins all across America.  Buy it now and hold on tight because it gives readers the origin of Cyborg!


Nova8 ( 2008 )  First appearance of Knowhere


Some time ago I mentioned this little gem that not only features one hell of a cover but is also the first appearance of fan favorite Cosmo.  Well now it might be important for another reason.  Recent GOTG images allude to the possibility of the Celestial head Knowhere as a setting for Starlord and company.






Comic Broker Report – October 2013

The slow market continues…

Here are ten tips for October:

1.  Do not invest heavily in DC 3D covers.

2.  If you find new 52 Batman issues in high grade at cheap prices buy and flip for decent money.

3.  Invest in Harley Quinn.

4.  Do not rent, purchase or recommend this film:  The Colony

5.  Eat at Dell Taco if possible.

6.  Convince your girlfriend or wife to dress as Mother Russia this Halloween!

7.  Give Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. your support.  It will only help more comic               properties get developed.

8.  Do not care what the fox says.

9.   Support my Kickstarter for Halloween candy is the shapes of razorblades, syringes, pocket knives, prescription medication  etc.

10.  Play Farcry 3: Blood Dragon if you have not already done so.


These are the comics I am recommending this month.


Letter 44 1 SDCC Variant


Charles Soule and  Alberto Alburquerque’s sci-fi series from  Oni Press released this SDCC convention exclusive of Letter 44  issue 1 prior to the October regular issue.  If you are looking for the next big thing here it is.

Also check out this press kit from Oni!

Marvel Two-in-One 42


Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered this week and the ratings were huge.  Reviews are mixed but most can agree that Agent Coulson stole the show.  Writers have set up some intriguing mysteries surrounding familiar Marvel storylines.  If  the Journey into Mystery name drop got you exited then so will Project Pegasus!

Ghost Projekt 1


Here’s one I may have missed the boat on!  A possible TV adaptation in the works usually meant back issue heat and in this case it’s an inferno.  Mini series don’t see the kind of price gains that regular running series often do but when big studios are involved and the printing is low few things can halt the frenzy.

The Avengers 158 ( first Graviton )


Is he Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s  first super villain?  Buy this issue just in case!


Star Wars film speculation is only going to intensify each second we get closer to the new films from Disney.  The current rumors still center around Solo’s twins and if you read my articles you know right where to go for their first appearance.  Here are some of my favorites!

Star Wars 10 ( first Darth Krayt )

Star Wars 10 ( first Darth Krayt )

Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones #3 ( first Count Dooku )

Star Wars Ep 2 Attack Cones 3 ( first Dooku )

Star Wars: Jango Fett Open Season ( first Tor Vizsla )

Star Wars Jango Fett Open Season 1 First Tor Vizsla

 Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children

Have you seen A Blue Valentine or A Place Beyond the Pines?  Both films were critical successes and now the director is set to adapt what?  If you remember this twisted series from DC look for prices to jump real soon.  The keys are very hard to come by.  ( issue 13 has part 2 and is still cheap online )


Journey into Mystery 102 ( first Sif )


Sif looks to have a much larger role in the upcoming film and that’s definitely a good thing.  Nothing should make fans happier than expanded character development for Thor’s supporting cast.



An NBC show in the works =back issue raids across the country.  Swamp Thing 37 is still pricey but other early issue can be found for small money.

Swamp Thing  37, Crisis 4,  38


Justice League Dark 1



Constantine 1  1:25 Variant

Cover is by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.


New Teen Titans 22 ( Early John Constantine )



Journey into Mystery 103 ( first appearance Amora/Enchantress )


Rumors are swirling already  for Thor 3’s nemesis!







Who is Jake Ellis?  Personally I don’t care but with movie speculation being what it is look for this rare series just not Online.  Issues have been swallowed up.



Best Selling Non-Super Hero comics of April 2013

Best Selling Non-Super Hero comics of April 2013

Here we will analyze the 50 best selling comic books that venture into drama, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, movie/tv franchises and kids titles.    46 comics this month had orders of over 10,000 copies each !

The strength of Walking Dead has helped give rise to a growing number of non-superhero comic book titles.   Image leads the way with 3 of the top 4 titles.   This chart is impressive showing that 50 of the Top 200 best selling comics are non-superhero that is an impressive 25% of all comic sales.   However note that only 4 titles make the Diamond Top 50 showing that hero books still have a grip on the biggest overall sales and consistently best selling titles.

What is unique to this list in particular though is the growing fan base has helped increase the values of most of these books early issues.    We all know about Walking Dead #1 being worth $1000.00 and leading the pack for most valuable 21st century comic book.   However early issues of Saga, Star Wars, East Of West, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Sex, Morning Glories, Manhattan Projects, Revival, Thief Of Thieves, Doctor Who, Five Ghosts, Bedlam etc. have ALL gone up in value and all moved into numerous reprintings.

Image in the past year has been the hot bed for back issue price increases with most of the titles on this list.   In this particular month we even see 2nd printing of East Of West #1 make this Top 50 chart at #48 which is considerably high for a non “big 2” reprint book.

The highest ranking books on the list which have NOT seen price increases yet include Jirni and Constantine.   In the case of Jirni #1 it was low priced at $ 1.00 which helped create the huge print run of 35,000 so that book is not likely to ever go up in value.  Constantine has potential but is not a new character (Swamp Thing #37 in 1985).   This could help create interest in older appearances but is no guarantee of the demand in the new book.  However there are 2 things in this book’s favor.  First of all the #1 1st print has sold out and the #2 issue had a print run almost as high as #1 meaning that the quality is there and retailers did not drastically reduce their orders like they usually do from a #1 to a #2 issue.

Star Wars, My Little Pony, Buffy, Adventure Time, Star Trek, Doctor Who, GI  Joe are all strong franchises with orders of 13,000 each or higher.   The cartoon titles My Little Pony and Adventure Time have both sold out original print runs and have been some of the most impressive selling titles ever to a potentially younger audience.   Regular Show #1 comes out in a month and will likely rank just as high with potential of a sell out of #1.

The Big Two = DC has a number of titles always appearing due to their non superhero “Vertigo” line.   Marvel really seems to be missing the boat in the non-hero genre with only 2 titles in the entire Top 50.

IDW is the kingpin of franchise titles so they have a strong showing on this list.

Small indie publishers with strong showings on the chart include Aspen, Boom, Avatar, Oni all with 1 title each.  These are books to watch in the future and will be some of the most likely books to increase in value as these books have reached a lot of hype.

Of course this list is up for debate as some titles cross-over with hero characters so you can argue that some books on this list might not truly belong here but it gives us a great overview in comparing what is popular and how the publishers are selling on their top non-hero books.



1 8 Walking Dead 109 $2.99 Image 90362
2 27 Saga 12 $2.99 Image 53339
3 40 Star Wars 4 $2.99 Dark Horse 45019
4 46 East of West 2 $3.50 Image 41838
5 60 Jirni 1 $1.00 Aspen 35777
6 65 My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic 6 $3.99 IDW 33903
7 69 Constantine 2 $2.99 DC 30789
8 73 Swamp Thing 19 $2.99 DC 29254
9 79 Animal Man 19 $2.99 DC 27562
10 91 My Little Pony Micro Series 3 $3.99 IDW 23338
11 95 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Freefall 20 $2.99 Dark Horse 21901
12 97 Adventure Time 15 $3.99 Boom 21682
13 101 Sex 2 $2.99 Image 21342
14 103 Morning Glories 26 $1.00 Image 20918
15 104 Adventure Time Fionna & Cake 4 $3.99 Boom 20760
16 115 Morbius Living Vampire 4 $2.99 Marvel 17544
17 116 Manhattan Projects 11 $3.50 Image 17517
18 120 Star Wars Darth Vader & Ninth Assassin 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 17278
19 121 Revival 9 $2.99 Image 16977
20 123 All Star Western 19 $3.99 DC 16838
21 125 Star Wars Legacy 2 $2.99 Dark Horse 16384
22 131 Star Trek Countdown To Darkness 4 $3.99 IDW 15782
23 132 Fables 128 $2.99 DC 15606
24 133 Fairest 14 $2.99 DC 15269
25 135 Thief of Thieves 13 $2.99 Image 15201
26 138 Doctor Who Prisoners of Time 4 $3.99 IDW 14653
27 142 Angel & Faith 21 $2.99 Dark Horse 14102
28 150 G.I. Joe Cobra Files 1 $3.99 IDW 13231
29 152 Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray 2 $2.99 Image 13127
30 154 Chew 33 $2.99 Image 12964
31 158 Conan The Barbarian 15 $3.50 Dark Horse 12845
32 160 Bedlam 6 $3.50 Image 12607
33 161 Django Unchained 3 $4.99 DC 12561
34 162 Dark Tower Gunslinger Evil Ground 1 $3.99 Marvel 12473
35 164 Star Wars Dark Times Fire Carrier 3 $2.99 Dark Horse 12435
36 169 Abe Sapien Dark & Terrible 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 11783
37 172 I Vampire 19 $2.99 DC 11469
38 173 Sword of Sorcery 7 $3.99 DC 11412
39 177 BPRD Vampire 2 $3.50 Dark Horse 11072
40 178 Uber 0 $3.99 Avatar 10849
41 182 Lost Vegas 2 $3.50 Image 10608
42 184 Locke & Key Omega 4 $3.99 IDW 10466
43 186 BPRD Hell On Earth 106 $3.50 Dark Horse 10419
44 187 Doctor Who Vol. 3 8 $3.99 IDW 10414
45 188 G.I. Joe 3 $3.99 IDW 10372
46 189 Helheim 2 $3.99 Oni 10256
47 191 1 For $1 Mind Mgmt 1 $1.00 Dark Horse 9926
48 193 East of West 1 $3.50 Image 9742
49 194 Magic The Gathering Path of Vengeance 4 $4.99 IDW 9734
50 196 Massive 11 $3.50 Dark Horse 9661

I am always happy to hear your comments and thoughts/criticisms on any of my posts.

Terry Hoknes (author) loves analyzing statistics and watching the growth and fall of comic titles over a period of time.  He sells all the hot new comics at and also self-publishes a series of books called “Investing In Comic Books” that focus on the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages of comics.