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Starting this week off with a statement/rant…….an OPINION. No hate mail, no fanboy ridiculousness please. Not trying to instill values here. A simple opinion is all. In NO WAY do we not LOVE the indie companies, we’re just making a simple (opinion) point. Indie companies are amazing and do their thing each and every single week with quality. We will ALWAYS support the indie community as we have done since 2005. The opinion below is speaking about the big 2 and how much of a REAL stranglehold they truly have on the comic book industry. One may want to beat Walmart, Microsoft, Exxon, etc., but realistically it’s not happening anytime soon. That’s all we’re saying.
Many comic collectors have witnessed over the past few years with the ‘big 2’ are major changes within their character structure, their universes and origins. While many fanboys do not understand why this is happening, we do. We see the comic shops closing down on a regular basis, we see sales are down, we witness it all like everyone has. Then the ease from SOME comic shop owners to boast about how great they are doing in their business and how dumb other store owners are for not ‘having a pulse on things’ or ‘over ordering’ or whatever feeble excuse they can come up with to make themselves feel bigger and better, instead of picking up a person that is down. Here’s an obvious newsflash for those who boast and those who think they are the smartest business persons on the planet, comic books have become a very niche market. Kids do not dominate the sales (which is a very bad thing), heck most kids don’t even care that much about comics. It’s honesty, don’t get your panties in a bunch. Children are not going to ‘come around’ and buy comics. Some may, most won’t. Why you ask? Well, do you have children? There are simply too many distractions for them. Here are the biggest culprits; mobile phones (games/Youtube/chat), PC (games/Youtube/chat), Video games (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc). Those are the strongest assets driving kids AWAY from reading a comic and another other hobby at the moment. Newsflash again, times are a-changing (thanks Bob). Times HAVE changed. Comic books are becoming a cornered market for a dying niche group. Not saying comic are going away anytime soon, but the landscape for comic books are completely different than they were 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago. The fanboy or that boasting comic store owner does not understand the concept that it wasn’t because of ‘over ordering’ or ‘not having a pulse’ or anything to this nature that made that store close down, it’s simply a matter of the market correcting itself to have the right number of stores for the right amount of collectors. If anyone thinks that 18 year old card collector will continue to play with Pokeman cards for the duration of their lives as a lifer, you need to check yourself. It won’t happen. So the next question is, well, why not just teach the younger crowd to play cards or collect comics like WE do? Well, some of that may work, most of it won’t. Distractions, remember? Like it or not, technology will and is winning. Heck it already has won. Less stores, less sales, more discount sales happening all the time all around us. I know many are reading this in a fit of nerd fanboy rage and disagreeing, which is fine, but come up with a more plausible cause for ALL of the stores and the industry as a whole showing no significant gains what so ever. Oh wait, now the store owners (SOME) and fanboys will cry out ‘The Indies! The Indies are taking over!’. No they’re not, relax. Been hearing that since 1992. Yes they do have a market share, not enough to overthrow the big 2, so chill with that. The big 2 run the show, everyone still falls in third place and beyond. The indies release their Saga’s and Walking Dead’s while Superman and Spider-Man are and will always be, Superman and Spider-Man. The indie’s have more freedom to do certain stories that catch with fans (the dedicated indie crowd) and they do well, but this crowd will always want their Batman story too. Again, panties in a bunch, just an opinion here. The room is big enough for all companies to do their thing, but let’s not kid ourselves here, that indie writer, artist, colorist, inker, editor would jump at the first chance to work for Marvel or DC if offered the opportunity. Why do you think that is?? They are the big boys, they pay well and offer maximum exposure. That’s why.
With the landscape ever-changing as it has, DC and Marvel have tried desperately to change with it. Let’s remember, they are in the superhero business, not the Rat Queens, Henchgirl, Saga, Strain business. Although they are completely capable of doing comics like that, they don’t. Which they will eventually (complete confident speculation here). Yes that’s right, eventually Marvel and DC will eventually go off the beaten path of releasing non-superhero type comics MORE SO than they will superhero comics. They’re in business to make money and the superhero genre will take a back seat to more realistic, indie type stories. Yes they see the indie companies in the rearview, not worried so much they’ll take over as much as it is that they will eventually dominate the independent story making vibe. The superhero movies will run their course and this is driving some (most) of the interest for the big 2 right now. What will be next for them? Yes, the offbeat sci-fi story or those kids in a bank or that southern country story, you get the idea. They will once again run the table as they are doing right now. Why do you think the Power Pack movie news came out? (InvestComics did in fact predict this would happen too. Take a look at the excerpt we posted on our Facebook page more than two years ago regarding Power Pack #1.) Power Pack is the beginning of something different from Marvel (Disney). Yes they are superheroes, but they are kids as superheroes. A new era is creeping upon us, be ready for it folks. Hate all you want, but the big 2 have the most toys. Say how you will ‘protest’ once again because Peter and Mary aren’t married anymore or Captain America is hailing Hydra. Protest DC for their massive changes in-house regarding their universe for the umpteenth time, Marvel for doing the same……like this week….again. But you’ll be back, you’ll read and you’ll secretly like it. You can’t show your fanboy friend (who secretly likes the changes too) that you like the new Marvel Legacy idea, no way. Nope. Not happening. But it is happening because Marvel will take the lion share sales for the month(s) of September and October, so someone is buying this stuff and someone is reading it. Why not just fess up that you will in fact buy the new Marvel Legacy comics? It’s okay, you’re entitled to like them. It’s your money, your mind and your time.

Here is the bottom line. Marvel and DC make their changes because the profits are floundering. Everyone has the answers though! Everyone that isn’t a part of the board has the answers. The reasons for so many changes as in any business is to change things up and bring in new revenue. Did you know that one can tell if a late show on television is struggling just by looking at a desk placement? Moving the hosts desk is an actual sign of trying to change things up, bring a new vibe/feel to the show, get more revenue for its commercial spots. It’s absolutely true. So, is it the host fault? Maybe it’s Tom Cruise fault? A bit fell flat? Businesses try to figure out ways to spice things up, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s okay. Have YOU succeeded in everything you’ve ever tried? No of course not. The Marvel diversity fell flat after a strong showing, it’s failing now and now they are adjusting. It’s okay people, it’s okay. No one died, no one got injured, your family is safe. And guess what, this is the best part, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Now is the time to give Marvel Legacy a shot. This may work, it may not. Who knows? Either way, it’s still a product we all love, comic books. There are still plenty of stories to be told, whether you like them or not, no one is forcing you to read them. Marvel is picking up the pieces. They tried something and now it’s time to try something again. A dose of reality, Marvel and DC do not care about your opinion. They will do what THEY want to do. So, knowing this, why the uproar each and every time they want to do a makeover? Ford motors, Microsoft, Boeing, Walmart, AT&T, FedEx, etc. do not give one iota of what your opinion is when they make changes, recognize your place and act accordingly, stop embarrassing yourself and the comic community. Embrace change for what it is. Stressing over something you have no control over or does not affect the health of you or your family should never matter. It’s all entertainment, remember this.
Marvel Redux (Legacy) hits this week. Everything you knew about Marvel from yesteryear will fall back into place….mostly, with some new additions and twist. Except Peter and MJ? That’s an odd thing for Marvel to say about their total recall line, but do not fret, it will happen. A big grandiose 137 variant cover event will happen when this baby arrives, wait for it. Marvel likes money and attention, it will happen. And speaking of a lot of variant covers, Marvel Legacy #1 will have just that, lots and lots of variant covers. There are a couple of them that’ll appear in our weekly ‘Best Comic Covers’ post coming out soon. So, what to make of this Marvel Legacy? Nothing really. Nothing in the sense we go back to the drawing board once again and rid these new flagship characters as focal points. Jane is cool, as is Sam, Kamala, Miles, etc., but basics are better. Those characters do have a place in the Marvel U, just not front and center. Peter, Steve, Carol, Odinson, etc. belong front and center. Again, opinion here, save your hate mail and messages unless you can speak from an adult vantage point and not a fanboy. Definitely going to give Marvel Legacy #1 a shot here and so should you. You will, you know you will.

Buy/Bid – FOOM #1 1973

Buy/Bid – FOOM #2

Buy/Bid – FOOM #1 2017

Buy/Bid – Scarlet Spider #8









As Marvel Legacy debuts this Wednesday, they’ll bridge the gaps for Spidey and Cap in the same week. Generations Captain Americas #1 and Generations Miles Morales & Peter Parker Spider-Man #1.
Fan favorite character Spider-Gwen will see a transformation of some sort in Spider-Gwen #24. Be it a psychical, exterior, status quo or a mental change, not too sure. Keep an eye out on this one because any big (acceptable) change can mean a book in demand ( If the collector(s) give it a ‘meh’, no dice for the speculator. The reader gets rewarded either way though.
Many fans will try to make something of all the comic covers behind Deadpool on Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again #5 cover. Some sites will make a whole meaningless write up about it. Although there are some key books on that wall, which is not news, the best part of this Dave Johnson cover must be Cable’s head, which is also not news, but funny. He had to do this on purpose, right? Last issue of this great mini. Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talijic.
And speaking of covers, Rob Liefeld provides the Venomized cover for Cable #5. Looks fantastic Rob.
Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #8 may have an introduction.

Buy/Bid – Action Comics #988

Buy/Bid – Detective #965

Buy/Bid – Captain Americas #1

Buy/Bid – Spidey & Spidey #1










Back in 1973, a free Marvel magazine named FOOM provided fans with all sorts of goodies in it. Puzzles, pin-ups, interviews, photos, previews, etc. Some collectors even try to pass FOOM #2 as the true first appearance of Wolverine because it predates Hulk #181. While it’s a pricey get, it never materialized as the ‘go to’ for the first appearance. However, this week Marvel brings back the free FOOM #1 magazine as it coincides with the whole Marvel Legacy deal. “Speculators” will keep an eye out on this freebie as it may contain that panel/headshot/leg shot/hand shot/shadow of a hot new character that debuts in a regular comic someplace down the line. Silly speculators and other silly speculative websites these days will jump all over this one and make sure this one counts as the Wolverine ‘first’ does not. Just to have something to write about and feel important. It will become this; first appearance ever and first appearance in a comic book. Yawn.

Buy/Bid – Wonder Woman #31

Buy/Bid – Justice League #50

Buy/Bid – Murder Machine #1

Buy/Bid – Flash #31










Wonder Woman #31 has the potential of being a hot commodity on Wednesday. This is the second appearance of Jason. Jason is Wonder Woman’s twin brother. The new WW issue begins the search for her brother Jason; “Children of the Gods” part one. He’s probably all grown up already and a total bad as*. That’s just speculation of course. He first appeared as a baby (birth) in Justice League #50 (2016).
DC claims that Detective Comics #965 will be the biggest story in the Rebirth Era. This is their semi-answer to Marvel Legacy coming this Wednesday. Part one ‘A Lonely Place Of Living’. The story will focus on Tim Drake. Buckle in!
Writer Frank Tieri continues his Metal tie-in stories this week with Batman The Murder Machine #1. Frank is really turning it up on these tie-in books. Check them out.
Okay so what is up with Nightwing on the Dan Mora Batgirl #15 cover? That left hand. Get a room guys…
DC Comics changed the Lenticular Cover for Action Comics #988. (Spoiler alert) It depicts the shadow image from the Watchmen comic as they meet their demise with the explosion. This comic also continues the big reveal from last issue. Mr. Oz is ______?! But how?!
The ‘Bloodwork’ storyline continues in The Flash #31 this week. The second appearance of Bloodwork. Joshua Williamson & Neil Googe.

Buy/Bid – Batgirl #15

Buy/Bid – Graveland #1

Buy/Bid – Fu Jitsu #1

Buy/Bid – Saga #47

Buy/Bid – Aardvark #1








InvestComics Indie Hot Picks; Indie comics do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, Some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.
InvestComics has covered Scout Comics for quite some time now and called all of their hit comics, Graveland #1 will be another hit for Scout. Creators Massimo Rosi & Gabriel Ibarra Nunez.
New After Shock Comics series, Fu Jitsu #1 from Jai Nitz and Wesley St. Claire.
Saga #47 introduces Ianthe.
The Infinite Loop Nothing But the Truth #1 (IDW); Creators Pierrick Colinet, Elsa Charretier and Danele Di Nicuolo.
Aardvark Comics #1 (Aardvark Vanaheim). Dave Sim.
From Antarctic Press; Arya #1: Sofia Davila, Minjun Chen and Adventure Finders #1: Rod Espinosa.
Kill Them All (Oni Press). Creators Kyle Starks and Luigi Anderson.
Devil’s Due; Malefic #1. Dan Schaffer & David Miller.

Buy/Bid – Arya #1

Buy/Bid – Adventure #1

Buy/Bid – Kill Them All

Buy/Bid – Malefic #1

Buy/Bid – Infinite Loop #1








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Top 5 Hot Picks #98

Bullseye InvestComics

Daredevil Marvel

Every week before new comic book day InvestComics gives fans our Top 5 Hot Picks for new comics coming out on Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #460 and new comics coming this Wednesday 2/1/17.

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Bullseye #1 – Bullseye gets his first true solo series. What took so long? No matter, we’re ready.

Batman #16 – Part one of ‘I Am Bane’.

Aquaman #16 – A new villain is introduced.

Darth Maul #1 – The Marvel Star Wars train churns out another number one issue, this time with Darth Maul.

Blood Blister #1 – New After Shock Comics series from writer Phil Hester, art by Tony Harris and Eric Layton.

Bullseye #1 Bill Sienkiewicz

Top 5 – Click To Buy/Bid

Batman #16 David Finch

Top 5 – Click To Buy/Bid

Aquaman #16

Top 5 – Click To Buy/Bid

Star Wars Darth Maul #1

Top 5 – Click To Buy/Bid

Blood Blister #1

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Bullseye Skottie Young

InvestComics Bullseye Checklist – Click This Image Now

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Here are the rest of the comics that appeared in this weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #460.

Daredevil #131

Click To Buy/Bid Daredevil #131

Daredevil #170

Click To Buy/Bid Daredevil #170

Click To Buy/Bid Daredevil #169

Nightwing #14

Superman #16

Slapstick #3

Punisher vs Bullseye


Greatest Hits

Rat Queens

Sixth Gun

Daredevil #131 (1976)

Daredevil #169 (1981)

Daredevil #170 {1981)

Planet Of The Apes Green Lantern #1

Walking Dead #163

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New Comics #460 – The Covers


Darth Maul

New Comics – The Covers #460. A weekly video look at the covers from the weekly InvestComics Hot Picks article. New comics arriving 2/1/17.

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UKC Super Sons 1

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InvestComics Hot Picks #460


InvestComics provides readers and speculators the low down on the new releases Hot Picks each week.
New comic book release day 2/1/17.

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Superman #16

Click – Superman #16

Batman #16 David Finch

Click – Batman #16 Finch

Batman #16 Tim Sale

Click – Batman #16 Tim Sale

Nightwing #14

Click – Nightwing #14

Aquaman #16

Click – Aquaman #16









Bane Graded Comics $40 and Less – Buy Now – No Bidding – Click Image

The start of a new storyline hits Batman #16 ‘I Am Bane’. We’re looking forward to this. The David Finch and Tim Sale covers are on point.
Speaking of covers, an awesome Nightwing #14 cover from Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert. This book is the finale of the Bludhaven story. Superman #16 cover by Andrew Robinson, a finale as well; ‘Multiplicity’.
Keep an eye on Aquaman #16, a new villain will be introduced.

Star Wars fans get another new Star Wars comic, Darth Maul #1.
We hear from many collectors hating on the new Slapstick comic. Then there are those who dig it too. We’re with the latter here. So we’re going to keep on liking the character, predicting bigger things for him and pushing the book. Slapstick #3 features a jam cover of different Slapstick mash-up’s. Deadpool, Adventure Time(?), Simpsons and a few others, including Mickey Mouse! See if you could spot a partial shot of the most famous mouse.

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Bullseye #1 Bill Sienkiewicz

Click – Bullseye #1 Bill Sienk

Bullseye #1 Skottie Young

Click – Bullseye #1 Young

Daredevil #131

Click – Daredevil #131

Daredevil #169

Click – Daredevil #169

Daredevil #170

Click – Daredevil #170









InvestComics Bullseye Checklist – Click Image

Marvel rolls out the first ever series for Bullseye. He’s been in a few mini-series/one shots, Punisher vs Bullseye, Shadowland, Perfect Game and Greatest Hits. He’s never had a self titled book until now. Bullseye #1 will focus on what the villain does during his spare time….for fun. Not too sure of the premise here, but we’ll wait a see what writer Ed Brisson brings to the table. Ed has written books like Rat Queens and The Sixth Gun, so we have faith he’ll bring it. Art will be done by Dave Johnson and Guillermo Sanna.

Bullseye first appeared in Daredevil #131 (1976). It wasn’t until Daredevil #169 (1981) that the character takes shape into what he is today. The reason why is Frank Miller worked Bullseye into his story and the character never looked back. Miller wrote Kingpin into the next issue (Daredevil #170 1981), Kingpin’s first ever Daredevil appearance. Although Kingpin was around for a while before Miller, he made him a tremendous adversary as well in Matt Murdock’s life. Miller took Kingpin and Bullseye to another level.

Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.

Star Wars Darth Maul #1

Click – Darth Maul #1

Slapstick #3

Click – Slapstick #3

Walking Dead #163 Image Comics

Click – Walking Dead #163

Blood Blister #1

Click – Blood Blister #1

Planet Of The Apes Green Lantern #1

Click – Planet Lantern #1









Nightwing Graded Comics $40 and Less – Buy Now – No Bidding – Click Image

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks this week;
Offering up their first number one comic of the year, After Shock Comics gives fans Blood Blister #1 from writer Phil Hester and art by Tony Harris and Eric Layton.
In a very unusual collaboration, Boom Studios goes with Planet Of The Apes Green Lantern #1. Really? Yep, this will really happen.
Beginning in The Walking Dead #163, part one of ‘Conquered’. The comic is also 25 cents!

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Check out the cool comic items we found for you below. You can buy on Ebay (from all available Ebay sellers of course) at super Buy It Now prices that we set for you within that range. No bidding, like it? Buy It Now! Click the image(s) below and look for yourself.  

Awesome Comic Tees 20 and less

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Comic Statues 50 and less

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Anime Figures under 50

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Toys and Merchandise #2




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InvestComics Hot Picks – Toys & Merchandise #2


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Nice assortment of merchandise coming this Wednesday.

Click any RED link or image in this article to bid/buy it now on Ebay.

If you’re a coffee drinker or a hot cocoa drinker, then you need to have this super cool Carnage mug. Marvel Heroes Full Character Molded Mug Carnage mug is unbelievably awesome. There is only one available on Ebay right now if you want to grab it. That’s if your local shop didn’t get any in of course, but this mug….wow.


A new Batman Black & White Series Original Mini Statue By Dave Johnson hits this Wednesday. A gorgeous statue for any Batman collector. Hard to find any on Ebay right now, so click the link and check out what is available as far as the Batman statues go. It may show up in there soon.

Two cool statues coming out of the CW television shows. Arrow statue from Gentle Giant. Check it out, very nice detail here and only a little over a hundred bucks. Also Flash TV Action Figure. Sadly, there are no Flash figures currently on Ebay.

Batman_InvestComicsArrow_InvestComicsRocket Raccoon gets the full size treatment from NECA. A 3 footer that will set you back about $325. That’s pretty good for a raccoon you don’t have to feed or worry about tearing up your home.

Funko will release a the Vinyl Vixen Harley Quinn Vinyl Figure. Awesome looking figure here.

Walking Dead gets another Minimates treatment. Check out the Walking Dead Minimates Series 7 Assortment Case.

Also from Minimates; Marvel Minimates Series 61 Avengers Age Of Ultron Movie Assortment Case.


See you next week.

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