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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 8/12/15


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A potentially light week as far as the speculation side goes, plenty of great reading ahead. Although there is one speculation comic that will make up for the entire week this Wednesday…..

There will not be a bigger book this week. Batman #43 is where it’s at. Guarantee it. No way. Scott Synder and Greg Capullo introduce a new villain into Batman’s life this Wednesday, Mr. Bloom. We all know what happens when these two creative minds get together within these pages right? The villain is right there on the cover too. No cameo, little panel, a hand, no this dude is right there in plain sight. Although there are two other variants, the Mr. Bloom cover makes for an attractive collectors piece. He only graces the regular cover and not the others. A better resell with the character on the cover like that. Bottom line here, Mr. Bloom will be blooming in the aftermarket on Wednesday and thereafter. A seriously big book this week.

Planet Hulk 4 InvestComics

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Superman may have the same scenario brewing. DC says Superman faces a new threat lurking in the shadows in Action Comics #43. Let’s all read and find out who or what it is. And the same holds for Starfire #3. A new character appearance could be in here. The Darwyn Cooke variant is sold out too. Another sold out Darwyn Cooke variant comic this week; Justice League Gods and Monsters #1.

Comic fans get a first this week. Adam.3 #1 will be the first for creator Scott Kolins. A first in his very own creator owned character starring in a new series. Thanks to Dark Horse this is happening. Comic fans win! Be sure to check it out and support Scott. He’s a cool dude.

Independent publisher Action Lab Entertainment making some noise this Wednesday. Archon Battle of the Dragon #1 and F1rst Hero Fight For Your Life #1 are both sold out. Speaking of sold out, but not sold out….YET, From Titan Comics, Doctor Who Event 2015 Four Doctors #1. Doctor Who fans will be all over this.

There will be no shortage of number one comics to check on this week. Two very good stories await us from IDW; String Divers #1 and Boy-1 #1. From Image Comics Beauty #1 and Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #1. Beauty #1 will have a promo package sent to retailers. It will contain a pamphlet and a condom. Yes, you read that right. Click the red link or comic cover and see what those packages are selling for. Sheesh. Yankee #1 is not a baseball story, rather a unique story from Alternative ComicsGuardian Knight Comics‘ Gears And Bones #1Americatown #1 from Boom Studios, Dark Horse’s King Tiger #1, and rounding out the InvestComics Hot Picks week is DC’s DC Comics Bombshells #1.

Beauty 1 InvestComics

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DC Bombshells 1 InvestComics

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Gears and Bones 1 InvestComics

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Boy-1 1 InvestComics

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A couple of eye candy covers to mention, the Michael Del Mundo Planet Hulk #4 cover. Wow. And Secret Wars #5 Black Panther cover by Sophie Campbell is sweet.

By the time you read this, a lucky winner has already been chosen to win the Bob Layton signed Iron Man #151 featuring the Ant-Man. It was an exclusive InvestComics Instagram contest. Check out our Instagram page to see who won. There is still another contest going on right now. The InvestComics Twitter contest; Win a Secret Wars #1 Comicxposure  Gabriele Dell Otto variant. Click HERE for details on that. You have until next Friday before the new InvestComics Hot Picks, so get on it!

String Divers 1 InvestComics

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Doctor Who Event Four Doctors 1 InvestComics

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The First Hero 1 InvestComics

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Archon Battle of the Dragon 1 InvestComics

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Adam 3 1 InvestComics

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Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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Comic Broker Report – January 2015 Part 3

Here’s a few more to look for ( Other than Avengers 6 and the first Toyman they should be easy to find )

Shadows and Light 1 ( First Red Room )


Agent Carter and the Avengers 2 trailer both appear to contain elements of the Red Room.  If you don’t what that is it’s time to look it up.  As far as I can tell this is the first appearance.


Avengers 6 (First Baron Zemo/ First Masters of Evil )

 This one is going to be pricey but with Zemo cast for Cap 3 you better hope you have one!


Astro Boy 1 ( Gold Key )

The team that brought you the Lego Movie is working on a live adaptation of Astro Boy!


Dark Horse Insider 37 ( First Ghost in the Shell )

Ghost in the Shell first appeared in Young Magazine but this one is the first American appearance of the work. With the cost of the Dark Horse series rising every day this one might be a sleeper.


Action Comics 573 ( First Matt Trakker )

first matt trakker

G.I. Joe 3 might add M.A.S.K. character Matt Trakker?!?!  If they do look to Legends 1, Mask 1-4 and this preview!

Adventures of Superman 465  ( First Hank Henshaw )

Supergirl needs villains too and the rumor is Hank Henshaw will be a part of the show.


Adventures of Superman 466 ( First Hank Henshaw as a cyborg )


Action Comics 64( First Toyman)

More Supergirl Spec here.  This one will never be cheap though.


Superman 78 ( First Hank Henshaw Cover )

Despite overprinting this comic remains Cyborg Superman’s best cover.


The Titans script has leaked, cast includes Starfire and…

Dc Comics Presents ( First Raven )


First Rachel Roth of titans Tomorrow by G. Johns


Suicide Squad 23 ( First Oracle )

Nightwing ( first appearance Comic Collector March 84 )


Hawk and Dove 1 ( First Dawn Granger )


Showcase 75 First Hawk ( Hank Hall )




Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 1 2

Comic Broker Report – December 2014

Deadpool Hawkeye 0 Variant

The variant for this  has a terrible cover but Marvel decided to include something very strange in this comic.  As Hawkeye surveys what appears to be a Cosplay street party both the new female Thor and Spider-Gwen pass him buy.  Is this the first appearance of Gwen Stacy from an alternate Universe in that sick new costume?  Collector’s disagree and only time will tell but the fact is this book is the first appearance of the Spider-Gwen costume and it’s one of the more popular in recent memory.

first spider-gwen

Taboo 2

From Hell a TV show?!?!?  Sweet.  Buy the first published strips in this forgotten anthology!


Suicide Squad 48 ( first Joker cover in Suicide Squad )

This collector is very skeptical of Jared Leto’s casting as the Joker.  It’s not because I don’t like his acting but putting the Joker in an ensemble cast seems like a mistake to me.  Either way any Joker connection to the squad is going to heat up the back issue market as proven by the HQ announcement.


Fairy Tale Parade 9 ( First appearance of  the Snow Queen ) and first appearance of  Elsa

As one of the more popular Disney characters in the last 20 years picking up the Snow Queen’s first is a smart move,

if you can find it.

fairy tale parade 9 first elsa


Gotham by Gaslight

This classic work by Mignola features the first appearance of the Gaslight DCU.  The Lex Luthor from that world will be playing a huge role in Fight for the Multiverse.


Deadpool Origins

Do people ever get tired of spending enormous sums of cash on Deadpool comics?  The answer still appears to be no.  This one-shot has escaped my clutches for some time and is now racking up big sale numbers on Ebay.


Over the Garden Wall Special 1 & 1:15 Variant

Kaboom’s adaptation of the CW’s new show has been a rare find.  Both covers are worth a quick flip if your LCS has em’!


The preview is in Adv Time 33

This is the variant cover, there are two other covers.







Superman Family 192 ( First appearance of Lor-Van )

Who knows what grandfather or grandfathers the Krypton show will use?  Start speculating now and scoop up this one!



(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used at the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. So please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)







Comic Broker Report – November 2014 (part 2)


Here’s a quick part 2 for November!


Aquaman 7,7b  ( first appearance of Kahina )

Is Kahina the Seer going to be in Batman v. Superman?  If so this is the one to buy.


Arrow 1 ( first Laurel Lance )


Batman 417 ( first appearance of KGBeast )

Another odd rumor for Batman v. Superman puts the KGBeast in the mix!  God I hope this happens.  At one time this comic could not be bought cheap.  Now it should be no problem.


Aquaman 35 ( first appearance of Black Manta )


Setting up the Aquaman film is going to part of  Zack Snyder’s plan and who is going to challenge the king of the oceans?  This one won’t be easy to find and even in poor condition it’s gonna set you back a few bucks.

Batman Annual 2 ( first Eric Border )

I cannot say much about this without spoiling the surprise!



The rumor of the president’s death in Batman v. Superman have some speculating that Lex’s grand design might center around taking the presidency for himself.  If this proves to be the case look for these to get hot:

Adventures of Superman 581, President Luthor Secret Files, Superman 162-165, Man of Steel 108-110,  Action Comics 773

He was elected in the Lex 2000 one-shot.

Iron Man vs Whiplash 1b ( First appearance of Igor Vanko? )

The Agent Carter series has been busy casting all sorts of crazy Marvel characters but this one might be the strangest.  Only mentioned by his son Whiplash in Iron Man 2 it appears that we will see just how the interaction between Howard Stark and Igor really played out!  As far as I can tell he first appeared here:





DISCLAIMER: Please remember that the comics I pick here are not sure bets. I only provide educated information. Any investing market represents an element of risk. Buy and sell carefully.

Harley_Quinn_InvestComics ASM315_banner-590x200

Comic Broker Report – Second Appearances

Serious collectors whom I speak with usually frown upon the 2nd appearance but like the recent popularity of reprints like Action Comics 1, Amazing Fantasy 15, certain Marvel Milestones and others it shows the continuing evolution of what makes a  comic desirable.  Some of the Action Comics 1 reprinst are fairly tough to track down.  Add a low printing and a craving from collectors and sales take off…

So do you want to stay ahead of market trends?  Start hoarding these:

Nightwing ( Dick Grayson )

So I have been told that the annual is Nightwing’s second appearance but issue 45 was released in August of 1984 and issue 44 in July.  I cannot find a release date for the annual so until I do I am going with 45 as Nightwing’s second appearance.  It’s important to note that Comic Collector 3 predates 44 and does show Nightwing in Costume.  That could make it the true first appearance of Nightwing and 44 his second.  Wow that’s a bit confusing.  Just buy them all.


Notable Comics:  The Comic Collector 3 predates Teen Titans 44, DC Sampler 2 ( September 1984 )


New Mutants 88

Cable has never looked as good thanks to Mcfarlane not that other chump.


Notable comics:  New Mutants 86; he appears  at the end in a preview panel for next month’s issue!, Amazing Spider-Man 336 is his first appearance outside of a New Mutants Comic.


ASM 315

Ok so ASM 299 is considered a cameo making 300 his first appearance and this comic his second:


Notable Comics: Web of Spider-Man 18,24  and if you collect Foreign comics:



With rumors that she may take over as Wolverine it’s time to revisit her limited key books:

Nyx 4 is her second.


Notable Comics: X-Men 450 ( newsstand ), Nyx 5, Might Marvel Must Haves




As X-Force 11 creeps up in price due to the fact that many believe it to be her first appearance it has become clear that a market correction needs to be made.  Her first appearance is on the cover of New Mutants 98 even though it is a copycat Domino.  So if her likeness first appears in NM 98 then why are so many bent on believing her first appearance to be in X-Force 11?  X-Force 8 is her 2nd.

Note:  There has been no conformation that she will be appearing in the Deadpool film.



This is an article I will continue to update especially if I get requests to add characters.









Comic Broker Report – October 2014 (part 2)

 THE COMIC BROKER’S REPORT – September 2014 pt. 2

Reaction to this month’s article has been about as hot as my sister skinny dipping with a recently diagnosed thyroid problem.  To make up for that I have decided to add some extra selections for this month.  An update would have sufficed but it ballooned with a bunch of new pics and since become a part 2.  Some of these may have already been spotlighted by others on the web and if that it true then those author’s are by far much better than me and should receive emails from any reader telling them so!  Enjoy your Labor day weekend folks!

The Pulse 11,13


With A Jessica Jones show coming up on Netflix how long before Danielle Cage makes an appearance?

The Flash: Iron Heights

Girder is an obscure DC villain who first appeared in The Flash: Iron Heights, an excellent prestige format book by industry greats Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.  The character has been cast to appear in the upcoming Flash TV show.


Flashpoint 1 2011

Farooq/Blackout is an even more obscure character than Girder.  Though he appears first in the well printed/underwhelming Flashpoint 1 (also by Johns ) the issue is rare depending on which version you seek out.

Sketch variant, third printing, George Perez variant, SDCC and Canadian Expo edition

1803234-5_28b1531d26 1803235-6_c0cef89a06 1922792-flashpoint_01__2nd_printing_variant_ 1966697-01_2nd 2757581-01_fanexpo 2757583-01_fanexpo_cropped

 Tales of Suspense 59 ( First Appearance Jarvis )

Jarvis will be cast for the Agent Carter show.  The famous butler to heroes first appeared in this classic series from Marvel.


Doctor Who Weekly 17 ( First appearance of Abslom  Daak )

Fan favorite and Dalek Killer, Abslom Daak could finally be appearing on screen.  His first appearance is really going to be tough to find in high grade though.


The Avengers 167 ( First appearance of Carina )


In the comics she’s The Collector’s daughter but if you’ve see the GOTG film then you know that she’s not to happy with her position.  It’s great little role by an unknown.

The Flash 245 ( First appearance of the Floronic Man )

Del Toro’s Justice League Dark is going to feature many of DC’s best characters who deal in magic and mysticism.  The legendary director  has expressed a desire to include The Floronic Man.  This is his first appearance.


Note:  The Floronic man appears in The Atom 1 but he does not become the Floronic Man until this Flash issue.

Secret Six 7 ( first appearance of Komodo )


Arrow is looking to feature a ton of DC characters in the upcoming season including Komodo!

The Flash Volume 2 Issue 28  ( First Linda Park )


Green Arrow 17 variant ( First Komodo DC new 52 )

This variant is going to be the one to collectors will want.  It also features Jeff Lemire’s writing debut for Arrow and that’s enough to make this reader buy!   Simon Lacroix is an expert archer in his own right and may turn out to be one of the more exciting TV characters if he is adapted well from the source material.


The Eternals 7 ( First appearance Eson the Searcher )

One of the more obscure appearances ( and my personal favorite! ) from the GOTG film!


Hulk vs. Iron Man 2  ( First Extremis Hulk )

first extremis hulk

Captain Atom ( First General Wade Eiling )

The General is rumored to play a significant role on Arrow!  This one may not see much in the way of market gains based on a higher print run but for fans of Arrow it’s a must own and can probably be found in a dollar bin.

first general wade eiling

Peter Parker, Spider-Ham 12 ( First Galactypus )

pps 12 first galactypus

If you haven’t been reading Ultimate FF then you need to start right after you finish reading this.

Superman Day of Doom 1 of 4


Man I sure hate mini -series and not because of the format.  For some reason collector’s frown upon them especially modern  buyers and sellers.  In this cases fans of the upcoming Gotham show and the Gotham Central comic should want this one.





Comic Broker Report – October 2014 (part 1)

Here’s a fun and quick list of comic related properties that have roots in earlier novels and publications.  Based on printing and rarity some may be worth something to you especially if you are a completest like am or simply want to speculate on connections to upcoming  film/TV adaptations.  As always any added info is greatly appreciated and  helps all who enjoy comics.

V-Wars by Jonathan Mayberry

This 2012 work by Mayberry is a must own for any fan.


Here’s the first comic appearance of V-Wars ( again )


The Strain

The TV show has been renewed for a second season and gets better every week.  In a world where many speculators are seeking the quick flip certain comics now screams hold.  The first edition  book on the other hand is still cheap enough.


Key comic issues: 1, 1 variant, 5  ( first Sardu ),7 and a key Fall tie-in from DHP vol. 2

dd imagesindexss


STAR WARS  SITH  INQUISITORS and other highly speculative publications:

At the end of the day no one really knows what the new film is going to be about but speculators are already wondering.

The Courtship of Princess Leia by John Wolverton

No one is talking about the Witches of Dathomir this week but one can hope.


The latest rumor focuses on the Sith Inquisitors and the possibility that they are the enemy in the new film.  The new animated show seems to support this.  The idea of the Inquisitors has been around for some time but it remains to be seen how much inspiration will be taken from an expanded universe Disney states is unrecognized.  My research on this continues and is admittedly incomplete:

First Appearance of Inquisitor Malorum?


Inquisitors key  ( unconfirmed )


First Appearance of Inquisitor Hydra


First comic appearance of A Sith Inquisitor ( Darth Havok )  unconfirmed.  If you find an earlier inquisitor appearance please notify me as there likely is one.  I have yet to find an earlier  named comic appearance under the  title of Sith Inquisitor.

jedi vs sith 1 first darth bane

The earliest example of an Imperial Inquisitor I could find is Inquisitor Tremayne who first appeared in the Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim is a supplement to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game published by West End Games. It was written by Simon Smith and Eric Trautmann and was first published in 1993.


Another rumor puts Palpatine back in the driver seat at the franchise’s top bad guy!  He first appeared here

and in Star Wars 42 ( comic )


Then there’s the idea that Ania Solo will play a central role.  She first appeared here

Daisy Ridley has been cast and signed for three films and some of the elements of her character coincide with the plot of Legacy vol. 2 from Dark Horse.

In this comic she’s being hunted down by Darth Wredd who looks an awful lot like that leaked image of a possible Sith Inquisitor.

269319_20130320093257_large 269585_20130403214556_large 270640_20130411221349_large

A Wrinkle in Time

An adaptation of this classic is finally a go.


2012 GN


Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

Dragons are all rage.  Thanks Game of Thrones…


Early issues and the TPB will dry up ever second we get closer to opening weekend.

FireShot Screen Capture #005 - 'Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight (Volume) - Comic Vine' - www_comicvine_com_anne-mccaffreys-dragonflight_4050-28908



I expect the first comic run of Nightbreed to demand decent money down the road.  In case anyone is interested here are some related books worth looking at:

FireShot Screen Capture #006 - 'The Official Clive Barker Website - Revelations - Cabal Bibliography' - www_clivebarker_info_cabalbib_html


As far as the Nightbreed comics I have mentioned keys in the past but Issues 1,2,12, and the last issue of there series are all solid bets from the dollar bin.








Comic Broker Report – September 2014

Everyone likes a quickie.  Enjoy!

Venom Lethal Protector 1 ( Gold, Newsstand, Black Cover Error )

First Appearance of Ann  Weying


These days many people have been infected with Venom.  Marvel has actually done a pretty good job in this area.  Mania may be my favorite but Ann Weying is right behind her!

Her best cover by far!


Dark Horse Insider 6


Sam Rami made a bit of a splash at this years SDCC by announcing a possible TV show for his Evil Dead property!  First appearance of Ash and the famous book bound in skin is in this hard to find preview series.

Earth x  0 ( First Female Thor )

thor earth x

Earth X 005-000

Despite being set in a different time and alternate Universe this is the first appearance of a female Thor.  If you can find a depiction of a woman wielding the power of Thor prior to this book please let me know!  So why is a female Thor important?  Well it looks like Marvel is changing some things including the sex of one one of its most popular heroes.  Bad idea?  Time will tell but until then there is sure to be a lot op speculation on who will hold the hammer.

Tales of Suspense 59 ( First appearance of Jarvis )


The upcoming Agent  Carter show will feature a familiar face, the original Jarvis.  With all the hype J.A.R.V.I.S. is getting surrounding Avengers 2 it sure is nice to hear that one of the Avengers most beloved characters will be showing up on the small screen.

Sensation Comics 1: First Wildcat


Wildcat may be coming to season 3 of Arrow but your chances of finding his first is pretty much zero.  The cover is pretty cool though so I decided to post it for you all!  That’s if for this month!





Oh and I really want this SDCC treat!




Arkham Asylum Checklist

The highly anticipated Gotham show will prominently feature Arkham Asylum.  This is a smart move by the show’s creators.  Arkham remains one of the most well known and popular locations from the comics.   These selections are the keys to Arkham.


Batman 326 ( First Arkham Asylum )


The modern version we know today appears in this Len Wein penned issue.

Batman 258 (First Appearance Arkham Hospital )


Prior to becoming the  house of horrors fans love  Arkham was first a hospital.

Who’s Who 1 ( Origin of Arkham Asylum )


Detective Comics 593 ( First appearance of Jeremiah Arkham )


Batman Shadow of the Bat 1


Why would I ever suggest one purchase this relic of the pollybagged era?  This time you want what’s in the bag.  Turns out DC decided to insert blueprints of Arkham along with some other goodies.  It’s a rather well done piece of art  that any true Batman fan should own.

Batman 697


Dr Arkham is revealed to be the Black Mask!

Batman the Man Who Laughs & Detective Comics 784-786


Ed Brubaker remains one of the most prolific writers in the medium today.  Once upon a time he penned these incredible stories with Arkham playing key roles.



Arkham Asylum


Grant Morrison and Dave McKeans legendary work is worth every penny paid in it’s Hard Cover format, first printing of course.

Dan Slott’s Arkham Asylum Living Hell 1-6


Illustrated by the underrated Ryan Sook this classic shouldn’t be missed.  The Eric Powell covers don’t hurt either.

Swamp Thing 52


Written by Alan Moore this Swamp Thing issue features a must own Bissette Arkham Cover.







InvestComics Hot Picks #328

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 7/16/14

Everything you are about to read is All original material from InvestComics. 100% Authentic. No borrowed material ever, 100% InvestComics.

A whole batch of number one comics coming out this week with some potentially amazing reads to check out! We’re going to check on some of the speculative number one issues….

But first we must address the big news on the Archie Comics front. This Wednesday in Life with Archie (2010) #36 Archie will cease to exist. More like Death with Archie #36. The coverage was immense when the news came out about Archie’s demise. The coverage reached CNN, MTV, and a whole bunch of other media outlets. Here’s the very obvious thing, Archie will not die permanently. Neither will Wolverine as Marvel so claims, but that’s another story. The Life with Archie comic in general is supposed to be Archie Comics’ version of What If? Or Elseworlds. The alternate Archie universe story will bring this comic to a fever pitch and die (pardon the pun) extremely quick in the aftermarket. Absolutely no sustainability, with good reason though, but it will probably be some amazing storytelling. A must get, at least for the read itself.

[scrollGallery id=360]

Batwoman (2011 2nd Series) #33 will have a new villain named Night-Thief.

How is it that Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con Intl San Diego (2014) #1 has a bazillion copies left at Diamond? Isn’t Harley Quinn a hot item still? A number one Harley Quinn, Amanda Conner/Jimmy Palmiotti issue to have literally thousands sitting in the warehouse is a bit odd. The same could be said about Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse (2014) #1. Anyone remember how hot the video game Injustice comic book was when it came out? Well this is within the same vein of coolness, but it’s another video game instead of Injustice. Again, thousands of copies still available. Looks like the Big Two might be starting the trend of overprinting again, no?

Let’s talk some sold out comics. Black Market (2014 Boom) #1 looks like a great storyline and will probably be sold out in no time. The Squidder (2014) #1 from IDW Publishing and Dark Engine (2014 Image) #1 follow the same as the aforementioned. All three of these comics have potential upside in the aftermarket after this week. Should pick them up.

Aphrodite IX Cyber Force (2014) #1 is showing some nice sales right now. Some covers are sold out already while the others are on the verge. The thing is with Aphrodite and Cyber Force, they are not aftermarket friendly. Never have been.

1346971_fulFan favorite Team Teen Titans goes for its fifth go around with Teen Titans (2014 5th Series) #1. Will DC progress with this team? The team is comprised of Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker and Beast Boy.  Hmm…..that’s quite the team. Fifth time is a charm? Probably not, but probably a fun read.

The Devilers (2014) #1 from Dynamite Entertainment and The Last Fall (2014) #1 from IDW Publishing are worth reads and a looksee to determine if they are going to make any noise.

Have you seen the cover of 100th Anniversary Special X-Men (2014) #1 yet? If you’re a regular here at InvestComics you will know that we are the only comic book website to put together a romantic X-Men cover collage. So every time Marvel decides to put together some sort of a romantic kissy X-Men cover, we add it to our growing cover list. Usually I link you to the original article, but I’m just going to insert the covers here. Enjoy……again.

Invest wisely, Carpe Diem

Jay Katz

Romantic X-Men Images:

XMenAll New X-Men #20

Comic Broker Report – August 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 657,658:  First Future Foundation Suit


Yeah I know Marvel has overdone it with the Spidey suits but this one might be the best to date.  Made of unstable molecules it never has to be cleaned!  It’s really all the benefits of Venom with out the mind altering alien infestation!

Note: There are some second printings that are worth a look too.
Superman ( New 52 ) 32: First Ulysses


So there are plenty of variants for the start of the  Johns/Romita jr.  era.  The rarest is the 1:100 retailer but the Bombshell is my personal favorite and is actually affordable.
X_Men Battle of the Atom 1: First Raze

3286196-01a 3286393-01d 3286395-01c 3286396-01b 3718054-16

The alternate future offspring of Wolverine and Mystique appears first here.  As far as I am concerned the  Deadpool hash tag swag variant is the one to buy!
  Secret Avengers 4: First Manifold


One of my favorite modern characters is Manifold.  Nuff said.
First Adam Hughes art: Eagle 6

eagle 6 first hughes

Hughes cover are fast becoming favorites amongst collectors.  If you are looking for his first pro work, he did a pin-up in this forgotten comic.

 Venom 31: First Mania


It doesn’t matter how many times Venom replicates the results are almost always cash cows for Marvel.  Mania is the most recent transformation of the pesky alien and she’s actually a pretty cool character.  It helps that this  was the best Venom series to date.
Aunt Eunice: Batman 23.1


Ok I have major issues with this issue.   Jackanapes is one of my favorite Morrison character creations so when DC decided to give him the lamest origin they could I cringed.  I am currently rewriting his origin in my spare time and if DC fails to pick it up I am going to post in here for free and the few people who read my stuff can bash me at will.  So why am I picking this issue?  It turns out the Joker may have had an abusive Aunt who looks eerily similar to the Clown Prince of Crime!
The Great Society: New Avengers 16


Hickman’s Great Society sucked me in right away I just can’t wait to see more of these characters especially Norn!
2000 A.D. 1170: First Jock published work

first jock

Much like Hughes, Jock’s work is catching on with fans ( see Detective 880,881 ).  This issues of 2000 A.D. published his first pro work.
Nightbreed 13: First Rawhead Rex


A TV show is coming for Nightbreed?!?!  WTF!  If you haven’t seen the cult classic I recommend it especially when the Director’s Cut is released.   Epic published a 25 issue series with  1 and 25 being the toughest to get.  Collector’s shouldn’t forget about this issue though with a sick cover and the first comic appearance of Rawhead Rex!  If he makes it to show this one will explode.


Outsiders 11,12: Katana Origin


The Brave and the Bold 200 has her first appearance and is also a final issue making it key for this upcoming  CW Arrow character.  Even the DC Sampler 1 should see some love from collectors.  I would include these issues in the Katana collection too.





Sam Wilson as Cap!  Already happened…




Comic Broker Report – Speculative Summer Special

Some of these may be easier to find than others.  Some you may have to expand on my own research as is the case with this first one.  Part of the appeal when collecting comics is finding that gem that has yet to be discovered by others.  Enjoy this list but remember you buy comics at your own risk.  Be very careful where you put your money and always do your own research.

Spawn Facts and Illusions VHS Set


Todd McFarlane has announced one of his properties has studio hopes.  Realizing that all of his creations mostly suck people are speculating on Sam & Twitch.  I tend to agree.  The 26 issue run is quite impressive but they are part of a larger world and appeared first in Spawn 1.  Ok well there goes the idea of a rare first appearance right?  Turns out Spawn 1 was released earlier in this VHS coddball set.  One thing that is pretty cool about it, this little comic was included.  Does it feature Sam & Twitch in any capacity? If so this would supplant Spawn 1 as their first appearance.  Unfortunately these are so rare that I cannot track one down to confirm.  Also the Printing of the included Spawn 1 appears to be no different from the Direct or Newsstand we all know.

For those who think  Haunt should be in the mix too:

Image Haunt Preview Book



Vertigo Defy


First appearance of the The Wake and others.  The Wake will eventually be made into a film.  When it does people will realize it was previewed in this throw away.  Lucky for you that knowledge will already be yours!


Danger Mouse 1982 Annual


Ok even I cannot confirm this one but Danger Mouse’s first American Comic appearance is in Count Duckula 3.  He appeared overseas earlier in Annuals and the magazine Look-in.  To my knowledge this issue contains his first printed comics outside of Look-In.  So why should you care?  New shows are coming!


What’s Next ( Image )


So  Rat Queens is hot hot hot!  Personally I’m lukewarm on it.  Don’t get me wrong it has potential but it’s a newbie and that makes me cautious long term despite TV news.   This one is already gaining traction on the back issue market and is similar to The Image Winter Special relationship to the Walking Dead.  It prints a Rat Queens tale that has yet to printed elsewhere.


The Intrepids 1,1 ( second Print )


Interest could spark in all of Mr. Wiebes work.  These are affordable but there is an Emerald City Con Variant which is tougher to track down.


Marvel Premiere two-in-one 52  ( First Crossfire )


Darren Cross is the Ant-Man villain?  Who?  Oh the guy who appeared in fewer issue than Kurse.  Marvel sure loves some obscure antagonists.  Darren first appeared in the already pricey Marvel Premiere 47 & 48 so they should already be on your list.  Since Crossfire is related to Darren Cross he could end up filing a role akin to Crossbones in the Winter Soldier.

Nutty 1

1341548-nutty1 first bananaman

If the return of Danger Mouse is possible why not Bananaman?


 Malignant Man 1-4


Unfortunately Fox has not picked up a gem.  These  will be tough to track down as it is a few years old and the demand created by it’s limited availability will bump up online prices.    First to market may have already passed by the time you read my article  as news broke days ago.  Sell now if you have em’ but I would invest my time in other bins.


IDW 2014 Summer Catalog


Another preview has a two page spread of V-Wars!  With a show coming this one could explode.











InvestComics Hot Picks – Single Issue – Superman Adventures 4



In the world a comic collecting we love it when a character takes the market by storm.  Though the jury is out on Livewire she definitely has a shot at becoming the next big thing in comics.  At first glace she doesn’t seem to have much going for her, like a weak origin and a first appearance in Superman Adventures 5 which is by no means a favorite amongst comic fans.  But like HQ she has a killer costume and sometimes that’s all it takes.

If her introduction into the New 52 blows fans away then look out, her small list of past appearances will see  value increase similar to early HQ appearances.

Currently Superman Adv 5 and Action 835 are hot.  With recently sales of 40 and even 100 for Superman Adv 5 no one can deny her electric rise in popularity.  Unfortunately for people who paid a lot for those comics they might be upset to learn that her image appeared first at the end of the previous issue, Superman Adventures 4!  That’s not to say that issue 5 isn’t valuable.  It is her first cover and first appearance in a narrative. It’s just not a first appearance and in comics that is often the most important thing to collect.





Comic Broker Report – June 2014



Wormwood Gentlemen Corpse 1  ( Hundred Penny Press Edition )

This series has been on fire recently. Issues of the LO-FI magazines reprint material are scarce and sell for a premium. If you are looking forward to the animated series and collect the comics do not forget to track down this rare printing of issue 1.

Dreadstar 1 Marvel/Epic


Despite not featuring the first appearance of major characters from the series the first Marvel/Epic comic issue is starting to move.
Walking Dead 103 Variant

Clone has been picked up by Syfy and is easily one of the better Image titles out today. It should translate well to the small screen. Issue 1 has a variant but if you want the series first appearance this WD issue is the one to buy.
Note: There is a very limited DF remark variant for this issue.

Ghosted 9

Nailbiter is already a hot item on Ebay.  Issue 1 is selling for 10-15.  It’s damn hard to predict the next big thing as most modern titles fall off after a while and lose readership. Will Nailbiter defy the odds?  If it does pick up Ghosted 9 as it previews the new Image series.
Superman Confidential 1

sup confidential 1 first tony gallo

The man who first exposed Superman to Kryptonite  makes his debut in this excellent DC series. The Utopia Casino, which Tony owns was an Easter egg in the Man of Steel film. Only time will tell if Mr. Gallo gets cast as a villain in Zack Syder’s highly anticipated follow-up. This one is cheap and relatively easy to find. Buy and hold.
Chew 8 ( first Poyo )

This comic should be back on collector radars. With Chew confirmed for an animated treatment, fan fav Poyo looks to play a prominent role.
Swamp Thing 67

A new trailer for the Constatine TV series has debuted and people are excited. Issues of Swamp Thing 37 and Hellblazer 1 are starting to sell well. Look for this issue  to jump when collector realize that it previews Hellblazer 1 although I am not sure if Papa Midnite is in the preview.  If so this issue would then become his true first appearance.

Tales of the New Teen Titans 1


Scott Snyder has announced Cyborg will be in Superman/Batman and that means DC Comics Presents 26 will no longer be easy to find.  In all fairness it has been a collectible comic for some time.  But this issue can still be found in back issue bins all across America.  Buy it now and hold on tight because it gives readers the origin of Cyborg!


Nova8 ( 2008 )  First appearance of Knowhere


Some time ago I mentioned this little gem that not only features one hell of a cover but is also the first appearance of fan favorite Cosmo.  Well now it might be important for another reason.  Recent GOTG images allude to the possibility of the Celestial head Knowhere as a setting for Starlord and company.







Single Issue Hot Pick-Transmetropolitan 23


DC has made some big announcements this past weekend concerning their upcoming films.  Among these are Fables and 100 Bullets.  Early issues of 100 Bullets can be pricy but this forgotten gem from Warren Ellis should be a lot easier to track down.

Current Guide Price: 5.00 NM

( First Appearance of 100 Bullets )

Preacher 51 also has a preview of 100 Bullets which came out at the same time as this issue!

-Topher Seal



Comic Broker Report – Undervalued Moderns Special

The market can be slow to reflect the value of certain issues.  This can happen for many reasons.  Each month I try to give readers the opportunity to get in on a sleeper well before the market catches up.  Though I am not always right I try to select comics that are worth collecting even if you might never make a penny on the fast flip.  I have featured some of these comics in the past.  They make this list because they remain largely unknown to the collecting community.


Batman Volume 1 Issue 656


If you are looking for Damian Wayne’s first full appearance then here ya go!  Issue 655 along with its variant and other printings are often the ones collectors want but they only feature Batman’s son in shadows.  This issue is where we get to see the league trained badass for the first time!

Iron Man,Incredible Hulk,Nick Fury       Iron Man 2: Agents of Shield ( second appearance )

images Iron_Man_2_Agents_of_S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s odd to me that Agent Coulson’s first appearance is so undervalued.  It’s pretty tough to find and features a character that is loved by most Marvel fans.  With Agents of SHIELD getting better with each episode I hope these two comics see significant increases in value.

Battle Scars 1,6

Battle_Scars_Vol_1_1 background

So if you don’t appreciate Coulson’s first actual appearance in a comic then you can pick up these two which feature his first appearance ( and named appearance ) in the regular Marvel Universe.

Th Invincible Iron Man ( 2008 ) 10,11

160951_20090130192741_large 161377_20120421132025_thumb 164423_20110703121943_large 164429_20120421132352_thumb 167473_20120421132609_thumbyhst-16722662390539_2253_2231834869

Ok there are a ton of these to hunt down.  Why?  Well recently the actor who voiced Iron Man’s A.I.  J.A.R.V.I.S. told us he’s playing the Vision.  This means that the A.I. that Stark created is becoming one of the most popular Avengers in the next film.  The Vision first appeared in Avengers 57 and it highly valued.  But as the film version will be bringing the Stark A.I. to life as an android,  these comics should be worth a lot more than the currently are.  Issue 10 features the first appearance of the RESCUE armor, made for Pepper Potts by Tony.  In Issue 11 we learn that the A.I. system in her armor is the J.A.R.V.I.S intelligence!  That makes these issues the first comic appearance of the intelligence system which will become the Vision in Avengers 2.  So far the hardest issues to find are the second print for issue 10.  This us due to the first cover for RESCUE.  Issue 10 has variants, the hardest one to find being the secret retailer variant.  The only way to tell is a barcode variation pictured above!

Elektra Assassin 2


Ok I admit I am a huge Bill Paxton fan.

Once we learned that his character on A.O.S. was secretly a Hydra agent this book should have seen some market action.  It has a wonderful cover and is written by an industry great.

Action Comics 471


Despite many who were disappointing by the Man of Steel I have come to realize that it is a very good film.  Russel Crow actually steals it along with Zod’s top soldier Faora who first appears  in this issue of Action Comics.

Supernaturals 4


It’s still amazing to me that Groot is coming to a theater near you in August.  For a character with less that 5 pre Copper Age appearances it just seems insane that an Alien like this is being thrust into the mainstream. To my knowledge this issue is his first appearance in the modern age.  This series inserted masks into the issues and I believe the ones with the Ghost Rider mask are the hardest to find.

Chuck Norris  and the Karate Kommandos 1


First appearance of this legend is all you need to know.

Captain America 208, first appearance of Arnim Zola


If you geeked out as much as me with Zola’s incredible appearance in the Winter Soldier then I applaud your love of insanely twisted comic villains!





InvestComics Hot Picks #312

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 3/19/14

For the second straight week we have another extremely slow week for the speculators. This should not be a bad thing; this is actually a very good thing. With the lull in the spec market this week, one should be hitting those back issue bins or scouring the internet for that back issue they have been putting off.

A quick variant cover lesson coming up…….

Let’s get this out of the way. Marvel’s version of their New 52 seems very forced and makes absolutely no sense. While we all have to understand that Marvel Comics is in fact a company and they have to make money to stay in business; hence their relaunch of many titles, there is a certain feel to hearing the words in the New Daredevil (2014 4th Series) #1 solict that reads “BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT!”. “I” didn’t demand it. Do you know anyone that demanded a restart on the Daredevil title?? I didn’t think so. This is the first part of these relaunch titles that seem to be so forced. The second is the variant craze.

[scrollGallery id=340]

If you have friends that are “speculators” and buy most of the variants, I’m challenging all of the specs that read this column and are followers of InvestComics to tell them to stop buying the variant covers thinking they will make money on them. The majority of them they won’t. It’s the speculator with the 90’s mentality ruining it for everyone else. Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, etc. have all recognized the fanboy wannabe speculator and are sucking them dry of their money and in turn are making it worse for the real spec to sell their variant. Now granted, there are some seriously nice variant covers that fans want for their collection, but know the difference here. Collection vs. market.

Some readers right now may be asking the question; “Well how do you know that these companies know about these fanboy wannabe specs?”  How about Superman Unchained (2013 DC) #6 this week? This comic is a perfect case in point to the aforementioned. Superman Unchained #SIX, not number 1, not number 50, 100, 500, 1000, no a number SIX comes with ELEVEN variants. Absurd. DC Comics labels the variant “75th anniversary” to lure the uninformed. They know by publishing all of these variants that many “collectors” will get them all thinking they will be worth money 20 years from now when in fact many of the variants will be worth cover price. The variants worth the time of day are the variants that no one expects to be worth the monies they get. The true speculator learns (through here mostly!) that they need to strike at certain points to maximize their payday. The second thing to know is that your variant has to be graded; signature series is even more preferred.

Know how to work the variant market, teach the speculator that buys them all that it will be better for all of us if they’d refrain from doing that. Maybe just maybe we’ll get back to the 2 variant cover deals (maybe even 3) from these companies and the market won’t be so inundated with 11 variant covers to a Superman Unchained #6 comic.

Iron Man (2012 5th Series) #23 will be introducing its own infinity gems into the Iron Man lure. The epic storyline is called ‘Rings of The Mandarins’. Check out that cover from Mike Del Mundo, very nice. One thing worth noting too about this issue, remember how for weeks I kept talking about how Marvel/Disney is probably testing the market on the Marvel UK characters? Well guess what, a “classic Marvel UK character” will be making an appearance in this issue in a “reintented form”. So about that testing the market stuff…….

A few number one comics coming this Wednesday; Sovereign (2014 Image) #1 will be sold out by Friday, Anne Bonnie (2014 Blue Juice) #1 looks very interesting and did you catch their Accelerators title? Good stuff. Fans of the mega talented rock group Rush will have much to look forward to this week. Rush Clockwork Angels (2014 Boom) #1; The comic book is based on their music and is co-written by drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. Yes my friend Mandi is in heaven! She is the ultimate Rush fan and Rush fans will be out in droves to get this comic. And rounding out this week is Witcher (2014 Dark Horse) #1.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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Captain Marvel

InvestComics Hot Picks #311

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 3/12/14

[scrollGallery id=338]

There aren’t many front-runners coming this Wednesday, but here are a few comics to possibly check out.

A few years ago InvestComics ran a special article regarding the female superhero on the big screen. Of course InvestComics being ahead of the curve as always, we all recently heard the whispers/rumors on line regarding the Black Widow being the first in line to start the female moment as Marvel’s first major female superhero to hit the screen. While that’s all well and good, the question is when are we going to have the REAL first female superhero? One with a mask, costume, and or a cape. Black Widow wears sexy black latex that anyone can probably find in a night club at 2am in New York City.

So who would be a good first edition into the female superhero realm on the big screen? Well there are too many to even start naming names, but the usual suspects will always be Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Besides those two DC characters, there is a possible answer for Marvel in the cape department and she makes yet another attempt at captivating the comic book fandom this week. This will most likely meet the same fate that so many efforts before have, but hey they never give up! And yes it will fail again, don’t kid yourself. Captain Marvel (2014 8th Series) #1 comes with 5 variants. Although the first issue here will sell out, no amount of variants covers will be able to save this series from its ultimate demise. Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer about this, but there is only one thing that will ever save Carol Danvers and that is a movie. So for a good read you’ll pick up the new series this Wednesday. For the speculator side of things you’ll be hunting down Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1968) for the first appearance of Carol Danvers, then you’ll go get your hands on Ms. Marvel #1 (1977), that of course is Carol’s first Marvel appearance. All and all the new series will simply bring no cash back, while the first appearances are nice comics to have in your portfolio.

There are two other number one comics coming out that will not last very long, but the first issues will probably sell out. Secret Avengers (2014) 3rd Series #1 and Avengers Undercover (2014) #1. Do not look to capitalize on these at all. Very short resale value if any at all really. One quick mention about Avengers Undercover (2014) #1. The solicit mentions “New Talent award winner Dennis Hopeless” as one of the key selling points for this comic. One of Dennis’ earliest works dates back to 2007’s GearHead #1 from Arcana. So why exactly is Marvel mentioning “new talent award winner” from someone that’s been with the comics industry for quite some time now? Well for one, to sell books, second, to sell a book they don’t really have much confidence going in.

Legends of the Dark Knight 100 Page Super Spectacular (2013) #2 will have all sorts of very cool creators all over it like the first issue did. Be sure to pick up this $9.99 book because these kinds of comics always seem to have a first appearance or a first work from a creator.

Rounding out the week are a bunch of number one issues you should check out. Stray Bullets the Killers (2014) #1 (Image Comics), Crow Pestilence (2014 IDW) #1, Returning (2014 Boom) #1, Liberator Earth Crisis (2014 Black Mask) #1, Nosferatu Wars (2014) #1 (Dark Horse), Magnus Robot Fighter (2014 Dynamite) #1, and Monster and Madman (2014 IDW) #1.

Invest wisely.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Hot Picks #306

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 2/5/14

30474_20120422194521_largeIt’s Superbowl Sunday 2014. The NFL’s first appearance in a big market company came in 1991’s NFL SuperPro #1 from Marvel Comics. Creators attached were Nicieza, Delbo, DeCarlo, Frenz, Sinnott, and Legend John Romita Sr. Nice line up right? And a Spidey appearance! Too bad the comic is pediatrics office material. If anything, it was a fun comic!

One particular comic really has our attention this week. No it’s definitely not Ms. Marvel #1, more on her in a bit. But the comic that has our ears peered up is Marvel Knights Spider-Man (2013) #5. Not only does this issue possess a very cool cover from Marco Rudy, but a history making comic here folks! Well that’s according to Marvel, so we’ll take this with a grain of salt. Curiosity does have the best of us here though. The issue promises “….the craziest two page spread in comic book history!” Yes, you read that right. Now Marvel must deliver. What do you think? Will they? Take it off the shelf and take a looksee.

DC will be milking the recent success of Jokers Daughter with the release of Batman Joker’s Daughter (2014) #1. The character still remains a mysterious one as does the speculation market. As DC rams the character down our throats, look for pricing across the board to level off……a lot. Simply put, too much of a good thing is never good. Holding back a bit on the Jokers Daughter would help the speculative market immensely. Giving a steady diet is what the doctor should order here, but we know that’s not going to happen. DC will beat this character to death to the point no one will care about her. A perfect example of this would be the Lobo character back in the day. Of course it’s happened countless times since then, but Lobo was so hot at one time and then just sort of faded away because of the overkill. Deadpool comes to mind too. Marvel released a new number one issue last week with “Deadpool” in the title and retailers are probably trying to figure out a way to give them away at this point. Too much of a good thing is not always good.

[scrollGallery id=333]

Case in point with Punisher (2014 10th Series) #1 and Ms. Marvel (2014 3rd Series) #1. Punisher was in that same boat at one time, appearing in every single comic imaginable. Frank Castle even teamed up with Archie at one point. Although his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974) is a steady book, it’s become a “slow” steady book. Still a good investment, but you’ll have to wait a while for any sort of real return on that comic. A good hold book these days.

You know what Carol, Sharon, Karla, Deidre, and Kamala all have in common? They were all Ms. Marvel’s at one time. Now with Marvel’s latest Ms. Marvel #1 they are doing what any normal business model would do and that’s a money grab. Nothing wrong with making money right? But when it comes at the expense of selling an ethnicity, it’s a bit disappointing. Marvel did the same exact thing with Miles, an African American Spider-Man. Marvel can spin it anyway they’d like, but they got what they wanted and that’s major press on that announcement.  The same holds for the press they received on the new Ms. Marvel. Yes she’s Muslim. She’s the first Muslim Super-Hero ever in the Marvel Universe. Why must we go down this road again exactly? Money, yes that’s right. All this being said, Captain Marvel #14 (2013), the first appearance of Kamala Khan and the Ms. Marvel #1 issue will reward nicely in the aftermarket because of the ridiculous hyperbole surrounding it. Do not, I repeat, do not think holding onto this comic will bring bigger fortunes down the road. It will not. Marvel will realize after a 12 issue run or so, with slumping sales, they’ll cancel the series and Ms. Marvel, no matter what race will go back to being that third rate character……in turn leaving you with a bunch of worthless comics.

Let me clarify one thing though. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a having an African American or Muslim super-hero. Why not just do it without the fanfare? Exploiting a superheroes ethnicity, sexuality (gay), and or any other human element for a mere profit instead of awareness is not educational but a lack of judgment of making these superheroes to be “different” and not within the fabric of society as everyday people, but outsiders. I like to think we’re better than this.

Marvel throws another Wolverine #1 (relaunch) at us. Number 5 for those keeping score at home. Wolverine (2014 5th Series) #1 will be as big a bore as it’s expected to be. He’s holding a gun on the cover. Wow. Loki brings the same sentiments here with Loki Agent Of Asgard (2014) #1. This cover is a huge bore, sorry Jenny Frison, but you’ve done much better.

In X-Men (2013) 3rd Series #10 we will see the recruitment of two female characters, Typhoid Mary and the Enchantress. Typhoid Mary’s first appearance in Daredevil #254 (1988) was a hot commodity at one time. Nowadays you can probably find this comic in the 50 cent long boxes. Still a very cool book to own if you don’t already. Journey Into Mystery #103 features the first appearance of the Enchantress. Jack “King” Kirby is all over this comic. A must own.

Captain America (2012 7th Series) #16 will focus on Jet Black once again. Her first appearance happened way way back in Captain America #1 of this series.

Superior Carnage gets his own annual this week; Superior Carnage (2013) Annual #1. Looks like a great read, check it out.

Ghost Solider will be making their presence known again in Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #28 this week. Check out the first appearance a couple of issue prior in #26.

Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #28 will be one of those cool flip issues, with Red Lanterns #28. All that with a $2.99 price tag.

One of the best buys this week has to go out to Turok Dinosaur Hunter (2014 Dynamite) #1. Definitely get one of the higher end variants to flip. As always a CGC signature series (9.8 or higher) will fetch the most bucks. Look for a sellout on this book and a spike in the Valiant series from 1993. And no you’re not seeing double, the Dynamite cover pays homage to the Valiant series. At least we hope Dynamite relates that someplace, otherwise it’s a ripoff.

If you’re looking for a bunch of first appearances in one comic this week, check out Sonic Universe (2009) #60. And also check out the new comic from Image Comics Apocalypse Al (2014) #1. Writer J. Michael Straczynski on this one, a sure sellout, and you better get your hands on this one.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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