Number One Comics – August 2017

Here is a recap of all the number one comics covered from the InvestComics Hot Picks during the month of August. As always, click on the comic cover/images or RED links to buy/bid any of the comics from ALL available Ebay sellers.

Generations Banner Hulk & Totally Awesome Hulk #1 – Greg Pak & Matteo Buffagni.
Galaktikon #1 – Brendon Small, Steve Mannion & Jason Moore.
Ghost Station Zero #1 – Anthony Johnson & Shari Chankhamma.
Dead of Winter #1 – Kyle Starks & Gabo.

Buy/Bid – Generations Hulk #1

Buy/Bid – Ghost Zero #1

Buy/Bid – Dead Winter #1

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Elsewhere #1 – Jay Faerber, Sumeyye Kesgin & Ron Riley.
Turok #1 – Aubrey Sitterson,Chuck Wendig & Alvaro Sarreseca.
Mech Cadet Yu #1 – Greg Pak & Takeshi Miyazawa.
Grumpy Cat Garfield #1 – Mark Evanier & Steve Uy.

Buy/Bid – Turok #1

Buy/Bid – Mech Cadet Yu #1

Buy/Bid – Elsewhere #1

Buy/Bid – Grumpy Cat/Garfield #1










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The Shadow #1 –  Simon Spurrier & Daniel HDR.
Sheena #0 – Marguerite Bennett/Christina Trujillo and Moritat.
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #1 – Kieron Gillen & Marc Laming.
War Mother #1 – Fred Van Lante & Stephen Segovia.

Buy/Bid – Sheena #0

Buy/Bid – Dr Aphra Annual #1

Buy/Bid – The Shadow #1

Buy/Bid – War Mother #1

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Nightwing: The New Order #1 – Kyle Higgins & Trevor McCarthy.
Mage The Hero Denied #1 – Matt Magner.
Mister Miracle #1 – Tom King & Mitch Gerads.
Inhumans Once & Future Kings #1 – Christopher Priest/Ryan North & Gustavo Duarte.

Buy/Bid – Mister Miracle #1

Buy/Bid – Inhumans Kings #1

Buy/Bid – Nightwing New Order #1

Buy/Bid – Mage Denied #1










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Generations Phoenix & Jean Grey #1 – Aaron A & R.B. Silva.
Generations: Wolverine & All New Wolverine #1 – Tom Taylor & Ramon Rosanas.
Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor #1 – Jason Aaron & Mahmud A. Asrar.
Genius Cartel #1 – Marc Bernardin/Adam Freeman & artist Rosi Kampe.

Buy/Bid – Jean Grey #1

Buy/Bid – Thor #1

Buy/Bid – Wolverine #1

Buy/Bid – Genius Cartel #1









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Star Wars Rogue One – Cassian & K-2SO #1 – Duane Swierczynski & Fernando Blanco.
Toyetica #1 – Marty LeGrow.
Lady Death: Merciless Onslaught #1 – Brian Pulido.
The Hard Place #1 – Doug Wagner, Charlie Kirchoff & Nic Rummel.

Buy/Bid – Lady Death #1

Buy/Bid – Rouge One #1

Buy/Bid – Hard Place #1

Buy/Bid – Toypetica #1











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Ghost Money #1 – Thierry Smolderen & Dominique Bertail.
Redlands #1 – Jordie Bellaire & Vanesa Del Rey.
Wicked Righteous #1 – Terry Mayo, Lucas Romero & Chris Hall.
Dark Nights: Metal #1 – Scott Snyder,Greg Capullo & Danny Miki.

Buy/Bid – Dark Metal #1

Buy/Bid – Ghost Money #1

Buy/Bid – Redlands #1

Buy/Bid – Wicked #1










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Spy Seal #1 – Rich Tommaso
Donald and Mickey #1
Hi-Fi Fight Club #1 – Carly Usdin & Nina Vakueya.
Last Hunt #1 – Hannu Kesola & Ken Jannsens. Paul Moore & Beth Varni.
First Strike #1 – David Rodriguez, Mairghread Scott & artist Max Dunbar.

Donald & Mickey #1

First Strike #1

Hi-Fi Fight Club #1

Last Hunt #1

Spy Seal #1









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Batvark #1 – Dave Sim
The Tick #1 – Cullen Bunn, Jimmy Z Johnson & Douglas Paszkiewicz.
Darkseid Special #1 – Mark Evanier & Scott Kolins.
Star Wars Jedi Of The Republic Mace Windu #1
Generations Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1

Batvark #1

Darkseid #1

Hawkeye & Hawkeye

Mace Windu #1

Tick #1









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Top 5 Hot Picks #127

Every week before new comic book day, InvestComics provides our fans with the Top 5 Hot Picks for new comics coming out on Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. This week’s Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #489 and new comics coming this Wednesday 8/23/17.

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Edge Of Venomverse #5 – Venompool makes an appearance.
Weapon X #7 – More Weapon H?  The Marvel solicit suggests we may get an experimental character(s) popping up, so be on top of this book just in case.
Last Hunt #1 – (Amigo Comics) This comic is sold out at the distributor.
Sisters of Sorrow #2 – The first issue sold out. The follow up this Wednesday.
Secret Empire #9 – Marvel likes to keep secrets. They shadow a character on the cover of this comic. Who can it be??

Top 5 – Buy/Bid

Top 5 – Buy/Bid

Top 5 – Buy/Bid

Top 5 – Buy/Bid

Top 5 – Buy/Bid








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Also appearing in this weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #489
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Cable & Deadpool #50 (2008)
Incredible Hulk #340 (1988)
Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor #1
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #1
Star Wars Darth Vader #1
Iceman #4
Uncanny Avengers #22
Detective Comics #963
Detective Comics #608
Nightwing: The New Order #1
Sisters of Sorrow #1
Donald and Mickey #1
The Hard Place #1
Hi-Fi Fight Club #1
War Mother #1
Lady Death: Merciless Onslaught #1

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Best Comic Covers Of The Week 8-23-17

New comic book release day 8/23/17. New comic releases are subject to change.
These are our favorite comic covers from the new arrivals this week. Shown below are the comic book covers with the cover artist. What are your favorite covers this week?

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Batman/Shadow – Mattina

Teen Titans #11 – Chad Hardin

The Flash #29 – Neil Googe

War Mother #1 – Clayton Crain










Batgirl #14 – Dan Mora

Daredevil #25 – Ron Garney

Sisters of Sorrow #2 – de Freitas/Tenfold

Detective Comics #963 – Albuquerque










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New Comics #489

CLICK –> ALL Of The New Comics Videos….And More.
A weekly video look at the covers from the weekly InvestComics Hot Picks article. New comics arriving 8/23/17. Please utilize your common sense and READ the article to see why these covers are in this video –> InvestComics Hot Picks #489. This is NOT an explanation video, just eye candy. READ…’s good for you.

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InvestComics Hot Picks #489

InvestComics Hot Picks provides readers and speculators the low down on the new releases coming out on Wednesday each week.
Hot Picks have been weekly since 2005.
This week, new comic book release day 8/23/17.

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ALL InvestComics Hot Picks mobile videos.

Buy/Bid – Cable & Deadpool #50

Buy/Bid – Edge of Venomverse #5

Buy/Bid – Incredible Hulk #340

Buy/Bid – Weapon X #7










The Venom mash-up series continues in Edge Of Venomverse #5 this week. Deadpool + Venom = Venompool. The one thing we absolutely believe is a bit cringe-worthy are the names these Venom mash-ups are receiving. Venompool just doesn’t sound right. Well neither did Gwenpool, but she got her own book, so what are we talking about? Go Venompool! Oh, just in case you didn’t know, the first Venom/Deadpool mash-up occurred in Cable & Deadpool #50 (2008). And yes of course we gave our fans a heads up when that book was $15. If you find this comic for $15 now, grab it. But you won’t, so don’t bother looking for it.
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We’re not too sure what we’re in for with the new release Weapon X #7. The cover looks ultra intriguing as we will assume we are getting more Weapon H, but the solicit suggests we may get an experimental character(s) popping up, so be on top of this book just in case. And this cover is definitely an inspired cover by Skan from Todd McFarlane’s Incredible Hulk #340 (1988).

Buy/Bid – Detective Comics #963

Buy/Bid – Detective Comics #608

Buy/Bid – Darth Vader #1

Buy/Bid – Dr. Aphra Annual #1










Speaking of continuations, Marvel’s Generations series keeps pace in bringing their new version hero and teaming them up with their predecessor. This week it’s Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor #1. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Mahmud A. Asrar.
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #1 features a semi-origin approach towards the Wookie character Black Krrsantan. Written by Kieron Gillen and art by Marc Laming. Black Krrsantan first appeared in Star Wars Darth Vader #1.
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Daken makes an appearance in Iceman #4. This will be the first time in some while we’ve seen Daken outside of a Wolverine book. Since 2014’s Uncanny Avengers #22.
Secret Empire #9 disguises a character on its cover in a black shadow ‘CLASSIFIED’. Who could it be? As Marvel slowly eases the fanboy away from that ledge. Cap will be back, your worry and protest will be over soon.

Buy/Bid – Nightwing New Order

Buy/Bid – Iceman #4

Buy/Bid – Secret Empire #9

Buy/Bid – Uncanny Avengers #22










Anarky returns to Gotham in Detective Comics #963. We all love when he shows up! Hard to believe Anarky first appeared in Detective Comics #608, 28 years ago (1989).
Nightwing: The New Order #1; written by Kyle Higgins and art by Trevor McCarthy.

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
From Boom Studios, sold out Sisters of Sorrow #1 follows up with Sisters of Sorrow #2. Writers Kurt Sutter & Courtney Alameda. Art by Kim Hyeonjin.
An all new Disney comic with new stories from IDW, Donald and Mickey #1.
The Hard Place #1 (Image Comics). Writer Doug Wagner and artists Charlie Kirchoff & Nic Rummel.
Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.

Buy/Bid – Generations #1

Buy/Bid – Sisters of Sorrow #2

Buy/Bid – The Hard Place #1

Buy/Bid – War Mother #1










Hi-Fi Fight Club #1 (Boom Studios). Writer Carly Usdin and art by Nina Vakueya.
Valiant Entertainment returns to a fan favorite; War Mother #1. Writer Fred Van Lante and artist Stephen Segovia.
New from Brian Pulido’s Coffin Comics; Lady Death: Merciless Onslaught #1.
Last Hunt #1 from Amigo Comics is sold out. Writers Hannu Kesola & Ken Jannsens. Artists Paul Moore & Beth Varni.

Buy/Bid – The Last Hunt #1

Buy/Bid – Hi-Fi Fight Club #1

Buy/Bid – Lady Death #1

Buy/Bid – Donald & Mickey #1









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InvestComics Hot Picks #294

NEW InvestComics Hot Picks every Sunday! Since 2005! –

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks

(Warning! This is NOT an Iron Man 3 bashing; this is merely just an observation in the flight of the Marvel Studios films from me. If you liked Iron Man 3, that’s awesome, I respect that. If you are easily offended I then ask of you to skip this first paragraph because it’s an opinion based on Iron Man 3 that is not in favor of the movie from ME. Please do not get your panties in a bunch if you proceed ahead. Thank you.)

Have you’ve seen the new Thor: The Dark World movie? This movie was absolutely awesome. It’s setting up for so many things it’s almost too much to bear. The inner child within me was at an all-time high watching this film. The movie is by far the best Marvel movie of all Marvel movies besides the Avengers, in which is “1A” and Thor is “1B”. It was that good, simply amazing. What Marvel is doing, tying all of these movies together is almost historic like. It’s unfortunate that in-between great films we have to sit through movies like Iron Man 3. Won’t apologize for the opinion here, It’s an opinion… Iron Man 3 was very weak in comparison to the latest Thor film. This was bound to happen though. Eventually there will be a fail in the system somewhere. One of these Marvel Studio movies is going to fall flat (monetarily) at the box office. It’s inevitable. Why? because of a weak story, not because there are “too many comic book movies” (nonsense). But until that happens, we will have to endure the weak stories like the Iron Man 3’s when they do come out. Too many weak stories will eventually catch up, so Marvel Studios better be on top of their game and not throw together the Mandarin as a joke character and Pepper Potts glowing. Understood it’s an Iron Man movie, but the first two worked fine without too much of the tongue in cheek stuff. Let’s get back to basics here. I personally walked out of the theater after watching Thor The Dark World and spoke about it for about 30 minutes. There are memorable scenes, action sequences, storyline, and not once did I talk about the last Iron Man film afterwards. I probably did say “meh” or a few words of disappointment. I honestly can say, I don’t recall one memorable scene in that movie. The ending was a major disappointment with all of the suits flying around, wow that was bad. Although Tony does have a very weak rouge gallery which can actually hurt the franchise; have a team-up with Sub Mariner, Black Panther, etc. to offset the minimal selection one has with his gallery. Maybe that would work? Because another S.H.I.E.L.D. television show on the big screen is not going to cut it. Thor: The Dark World just set the bar higher……Go get em’ Cap, you’re up next.

It’s been all about the crazy giveaways here at InvestComics lately. A signed Chris Claremont Excalibur #1, a signed The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter #1 by artist Georges Jeanty, and the best of all announced recently on the InvestComics Facebook page; a CGC 9.8 signature series Star Wars #1 (Dark Horse 2013) by Brian Wood! Thanks to Ratchet City Comics for making this contest possible! If you haven’t done so already and you’re a collector, you must visit the Ratchet City Comics new web page right HERE. You have to see the awesome display of CGC comics ready for the taking. Ratchet City Comics is also on Ebay, so be sure to check them out there as well! There is a stipulation regarding the CGC Sig Series giveaway though. It’s a small one, but let’s make it happen! The InvestComics Facebook page is above the 1600 Likes mark and we need to get to the 3000 mark by Christmas in order for this book to be given away. So it’s simple, you share, bring the total to 3000 by Christmas and YOU could possibly WIN the CGC Star Wars book. What a great gift to yourself, a loved one, an investment piece, and a fantastic way to ring in the New Year! Be sure to inform us that you shared the InvestComics Facebook page to be in the running. Click HERE for the news release on this contest. Let’s get to 3000, and good luck!

As mentioned quite a few times here on InvestComics, the variant covers are a bit of overkill to the hobby. But that said, there is a demand for them and comic companies have the right to make money. Who doesn’t like money right? With that in mind, there has been a recent influx of crazy covers and gimmicks coming out. Once again, companies are making money and good for them. Many of the speculators are now worried about the “crash” of the 90’s in the speculators market. I’m here to tell you, there is nothing to fear. Back in the 90’s comic books speculators were not as savvy as the ones of today. Do you still have those out there that buy 10 copies of a number one issue? Or maybe a hot issue? Or a 3D cover? Yes you do and those are the ones that are doomed to fail. Those speculators have no idea how this market works. I’m not going to go into a long dissertation on how and what to do because if you read the weekly InvestComics Hot Picks, you should have a grasp on what to do and what not to do. The true speculator knows how to collect in today’s market to make the most of their money. The collector that hoards, that falls in love with their 3D covers have a portfolio problem on their hands. Follow what InvestComics recommends, and you will be better off. Not to say that that we haven’t picked clunkers either, but a wiser investor makes more than they lose.

Another reason for a non 90’s crash? Warner Bros. and Disney wouldn’t allow it. The comic book markets haven’t seen this much attention in a long time. If the sales slump, the companies will make adjustments. If a comic shop orders too much of something, they too will cut back. The shops and collectors are very frugal with their dollar these days. The overspending will come at the hands of the collector looking to make a killing, they will fail and go away. The same goes with some retail shops. Some shops will order too may 3D covers and be stuck with a boatload of them for years to come, sooner rather than later going into the 50 cent long boxes.

So accountability is that so of the collectors, shops, and comic companies. The 90’s happened because of the greed that overtook each and every one of the aforementioned. There is a market for the speculators in the comic book world; it’s just a wiser one now. The greedy ones will fall by the wayside.

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 11/13/13

[scrollGallery id=319]

Why the long talk about the 90’s you may ask? A couple of reasons, besides the variant covers this week and every week. Let hit DC Comics first then Valiant Comics in a bit. This week DC goes back to the well again with a “special cover”. Batman (2011 2nd Series) #25 will feature an embossed cover. Ask another question, why is that? Well because it’s issue #25? It has the Riddler in it?  Because the Zero Year “reaches a new level”?  All excuses that don’t really add up or warrant a gimmick cover, but DC Comics is going to cash in here again. The trick here is not to get caught up with the gimmick cover. The comic to go after is the Greg Capullo variant sketch cover. It’s only $95 retail, but signed and CGC graded (9.8 or higher) and you make some cash easily. On second thought here, grab the embossed cover too. It’ll probably go to a second print quickly, but sell the regular cover quickly on Ebay to make a flip. Sit on this a day or two too long and you’ll be stuck with it.

Superman Wonder Woman (2013) #2 has sold out on the retail level. This hot comic will continue to be hot until the whole idea of Superman being romantically linked with Wonder Woman wanes thin. Then again, many readers are not reading this comic for that reason; its good storytelling keeping this comic hot right now. How long will the hot commodity last? That’s a tough call, but until that happens, grab the sold out Tony Daniel sketch variant for $75. Do the same as the Bat book recommended above. And Forever Evil Arkham War (2013) #2 $10 variant is sold out on the retail level. No big deal here because this comic is extremely meaningless in the grand scheme of the aftermarket. Collectors should by this for the love of the series. The last of the DC Comics this week to take a look at is Green Lantern Corps (2011 2nd Series) #25. This comics focal point is on the villain Anarky. The villain was created by writer Alan Grant and artist Norm Breyfogle back in Detective Comics #608 (1989). And one more thing about the Green Lantern cover, doesn’t it bring you flashbacks to the Messiah Complex with Cable holding the baby? Scroll through the gallery of the Hot Picks and see for yourself.

Valiant Comics have been making some very serious noise with their amazing storytelling and art since their comeback. The biggest Valiant Comics event ever is about to take place on new comic book day. With the release of Unity (2013 Valiant) #1 Valiant is looking to cash in and cash in big. They understand that the market wants variant covers and wow are they supplying it. How about 13 variant covers here? Yes Valiant is banking and way to go! Remember the talk we had earlier about the non-informed “new” speculator that thinks they will make lots and lots of money? Well that guy/gal will probably buy all 13 issues. The Valiant Comics fan will buy all 13 copies (which they should or want to because they are simply fans and want their product!), and then you have InvestComics over here. Only two of these comics out of the 13 really need your attention here, for the investment side of course. Both are from the Legend Neal Adams. Get your hands on the sold out $75 Neal Adams Incentive variant and the $150 Neal Adams Black & White sketch Variant. Get a CGC witness to go with you to have Mr. Adams sign them and you’ll be all set. Be sure to get a high grade of course. NOW you’re all set, and as for the other 11 variants, unless there is a short run or a high demand on either the Bart Sears signature book ($25) or the exclusive ($10), not much to lay your money down on here.

Marvel’s 50th anniversary of the X-Men hits this Wednesday with X-Men Gold (2013) #1. Thought this would be a bigger deal, more hoopla, but okay. The big deal is found within the pages inside of this comic though. X-Men stories from Chris Claremont, Walter Simonson, Bob McLeod, Stan Lee, and many others. The $6 John Cassady variant is already sold out. Another sold out X-Men variant Marvel Knights X-Men (2013) #1 from Paolo Rivera. That comic will get $20 from you. Nothing spectacular here unless the MK X-Men title takes off. The Cataclysm Ultimate Spider-Man (2013) #1 variant is sold out; see MK X-Men #1.

Comics to definitely look out for this week are Umbral (2013 Image) #1, sold out at shops. A good showing on this comic can bring back good rewards for you. Noir (2013 Dynamite) #1 will be the same scenario. Right now it’s sold out at the retailer, including the ultra-rare 25 copy variant for $100. If this comic hits the mark with readers, look for that variant to fetch some big bucks. IDW’s Wraith Welcome To Christmasland (2013) #1 is sold out. There is a $15 variant to possible grab out there.

Rounding out the week we have Manifest Destiny (2013 Image) #1, All New Soulfire (2013 Aspen) #1, Clown Fatale (2013 Dark Horse) #1 (proving that covers don’t always sell a comic book because this comic is not sold out yet and looks like it’ll need a good showing to do so), and finally Protocol Orphans (2013 Boom Studios) #1. This comic is not sold out yet, or maybe it won’t be but a side note about this comic to leave you with. Newcomer Mariano Navarro will be the artist on this comic. He’s a nice talent. If you feel so inclined to search out his first work, it’s not that long ago. Look for Descendant #1 from Image Comics (2009) in the 50 cent boxes.

Invest wisely

Jay Katz        

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