Rocket Raccoon – Checklist

Rocket Raccoon is set to make Disney a lot of money.  If they can pull it off there is no ceiling for this wise ass, gun toting animal.  But unlike many other Marvel properties that have been translated to the big screen there are few appearances of the furry outlaw prior to 2006.  The time to hoard these comics was 6 months ago and now comics like Marvel Preview 7 and Hulk 271 are nowhere to found.  Since the first GOTG trailer certain comics have tripled in value.  There is still time to find some of these for very little money and even if you don’t collect comics you might be surprised to learn where RR has appeared in the past!

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Quasar 15


The RR 1980’s mini is finally seeing the  internet sales action its deserves.  So why no love for this comic especially with a Mignola cover?  Note:  Mignola also did the mini-series.

Contest of Champions 3


This odd formula has since become a favorite of writers.  Series like there are usually full of both popular and obscure characters which might be why he’s said to be in this issue.  So far this one is not confirmed.

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She-Hulk 44,45,46

Rocket Raccoon in She-Hulk?!  What’s next, Dazzler?  This isn’t the last time RR appears in a She-Hulk comic either!

Incredible Hulk 272


Ok so 271 is a monster, we all know that.  High grade sales are now well over 100 on Ebay and only look to go higher but did you know RR also briefly appears in issue 272!

GOTG ( 2008 ) 1,1 2nd print


In 2008 Marvel gave us the greatest incarnation of the GOTG to date.  All this happened on the heels of one of the best cosmic crossovers ever done in comics.  If you go back and read Annihilation and others you will not be disappointed  and it’s no surprise that Marvel has based it’s current cosmic plans around these characters.

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Annihilation Conquest 6


Debate is already raging over this one.  Is it the first appearance of the 2008 GOTG or not?  Whatever the market decides this comic is a key origin issue and leads directly into issue one of the 2008 series.

Annihilators 3 Variant


This one is starting to see some heat but is still affordable enough to buy cheap and hold.  It features Rocket’s origin and is a tough variant to track down.

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Starlord 1 0f 4


This issue is important as it relates to Rocket’s relationship with Groot and other members of the team and their origin.

Exiles 73 ( newsstand only ) Note: I could only find the Direct Edition for a photo so do not use the picture below if you actually go looking for this comic.  Newsstands will NOT say direct edition next to the barcode.


There is a significant market for collectors of alternate reality comics.  Exiles was once considered to be one of Marvel’s finest comics.  Though there are few issues which hold any real value there are some yummy nuggets if you know where to look.  Take this issue for example, a rare RR appearance lies within.

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Marvel Age 25


Another early RR appearance on a cover!

Universe X 5


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InvestComics Hot Picks #308

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 2/19/14

[scrollGallery id=335]

The New Warriors will make their triumphant return this week in New Warriors (2014 5th Series) #1. The series is on its fifth volume and maybe the fifth time is a charm? Well the original series from 1990 did last 75 issues, then the 1999 series went to 10, then in 2005 they made it to 6, then in 2007 they made it to 20 issues. So what does this all mean? Well it basically means the obvious right? Don’t expect a big run from this team. Although stranger things have happened, but one thing is for certain, this series will start off on absolute fire. Its best as a speculator to jump on this early and reap the most out of the market before the series begins its inevitable freefall. So where to start? Well for starters you should have Thor #411 (1989) in your collection by now; the first appearance of the New Warriors.  This very easy obtainable issue can be found anywhere at any time. The New Warriors (2014 5th Series) #1 features High Evolutionary. His first appearance is in Thor #134 (1966), an issue written by Stan Lee with art from Jack “King” Kirby. Thor #134 features a stunning 6 first appearances including High Evolutionary. A must book for your keepsake collection.

Four variants accompany the new release. The most bang for your buck will be either the $65 or $125 variant. Get either one CGC signature series’ (9.8) and flip them. Do it while the iron is hot though because as previously mentioned, the series will probably cool off quite a bit sooner rather than later.

Staying on topic with the New Warriors, the leader of the group Nova may have an intro of a new character in Nova (2013 5th Series) #13. It also features Beta Ray Bill. Another one of those comics that should be in your stash, but just in case; The classic Thor #337 (first appearance of Beta Ray Bill). Check it out.

Here’s the bottom line with the New Warriors folks. If there is success with the Marvel Cosmic Universe release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, look for an expansion within that realm for Marvel. InvestComics has been saying it for years now, but the cosmos awaits the Marvel film universe and if it hits big, it’s going to be huge, Star Wars big. Rocket Raccoon will be the modern day Yoda with a serious chip on his shoulder. Marvel will seek to expand of the cosmos and will probably take a look at either Nova or the entire New Warriors team. More likely Nova here, so be on top of this.

Justice League (2011) #28 will have to be checked out for the same reason Nova #13 is getting looked at. A possible intro within the pages, have a look.

Jamal Igle will be pulling art duties on an all new Terminator book; Terminator Enemy of My Enemy (2014 Dark Horse) #1. Jamal is a talent, must check on this comic.

Undertow (2014) #1 from Image Comics will be sold out soon. Be sure to possibly jump on this comic for some aftermarket goodness.

Speaking of aftermarket goodness, check out X-Files Conspiracy Teengage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) #1. There will be a regular priced variant cover from Michael Walsh and a $25 variant from Joe Carroney. Get these CGC signature Series from both Eastman and David Duchovny; you will have paper Gold my friend.

More aftermarket goodness lies in Savage Dragon #193. The cover sports the “1st issue bold new direction” nonsense, but it’s the $10 variant that can produce some nice payback for you. The variant cover is a team-up of Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane. Get the both of them to sign this cover (CGC Sig Series) and you have yourself a nice CGC book to resell.

Other number one comics to check out this week are Iron Man (2012 5th Series) Annual #1, Nancy Dragon In Hell One Shot (2014) #1, Loki Ragnarok And Roll (2014) #1, and White Suits (2014) #1.

….And finally, Dynamite Entertainment’s follow up this week to their successful hit series; Bad Ass (2014 Dynamite) #2.

Invest wisely.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Hot Picks #306

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 2/5/14

30474_20120422194521_largeIt’s Superbowl Sunday 2014. The NFL’s first appearance in a big market company came in 1991’s NFL SuperPro #1 from Marvel Comics. Creators attached were Nicieza, Delbo, DeCarlo, Frenz, Sinnott, and Legend John Romita Sr. Nice line up right? And a Spidey appearance! Too bad the comic is pediatrics office material. If anything, it was a fun comic!

One particular comic really has our attention this week. No it’s definitely not Ms. Marvel #1, more on her in a bit. But the comic that has our ears peered up is Marvel Knights Spider-Man (2013) #5. Not only does this issue possess a very cool cover from Marco Rudy, but a history making comic here folks! Well that’s according to Marvel, so we’ll take this with a grain of salt. Curiosity does have the best of us here though. The issue promises “….the craziest two page spread in comic book history!” Yes, you read that right. Now Marvel must deliver. What do you think? Will they? Take it off the shelf and take a looksee.

DC will be milking the recent success of Jokers Daughter with the release of Batman Joker’s Daughter (2014) #1. The character still remains a mysterious one as does the speculation market. As DC rams the character down our throats, look for pricing across the board to level off……a lot. Simply put, too much of a good thing is never good. Holding back a bit on the Jokers Daughter would help the speculative market immensely. Giving a steady diet is what the doctor should order here, but we know that’s not going to happen. DC will beat this character to death to the point no one will care about her. A perfect example of this would be the Lobo character back in the day. Of course it’s happened countless times since then, but Lobo was so hot at one time and then just sort of faded away because of the overkill. Deadpool comes to mind too. Marvel released a new number one issue last week with “Deadpool” in the title and retailers are probably trying to figure out a way to give them away at this point. Too much of a good thing is not always good.

[scrollGallery id=333]

Case in point with Punisher (2014 10th Series) #1 and Ms. Marvel (2014 3rd Series) #1. Punisher was in that same boat at one time, appearing in every single comic imaginable. Frank Castle even teamed up with Archie at one point. Although his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974) is a steady book, it’s become a “slow” steady book. Still a good investment, but you’ll have to wait a while for any sort of real return on that comic. A good hold book these days.

You know what Carol, Sharon, Karla, Deidre, and Kamala all have in common? They were all Ms. Marvel’s at one time. Now with Marvel’s latest Ms. Marvel #1 they are doing what any normal business model would do and that’s a money grab. Nothing wrong with making money right? But when it comes at the expense of selling an ethnicity, it’s a bit disappointing. Marvel did the same exact thing with Miles, an African American Spider-Man. Marvel can spin it anyway they’d like, but they got what they wanted and that’s major press on that announcement.  The same holds for the press they received on the new Ms. Marvel. Yes she’s Muslim. She’s the first Muslim Super-Hero ever in the Marvel Universe. Why must we go down this road again exactly? Money, yes that’s right. All this being said, Captain Marvel #14 (2013), the first appearance of Kamala Khan and the Ms. Marvel #1 issue will reward nicely in the aftermarket because of the ridiculous hyperbole surrounding it. Do not, I repeat, do not think holding onto this comic will bring bigger fortunes down the road. It will not. Marvel will realize after a 12 issue run or so, with slumping sales, they’ll cancel the series and Ms. Marvel, no matter what race will go back to being that third rate character……in turn leaving you with a bunch of worthless comics.

Let me clarify one thing though. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a having an African American or Muslim super-hero. Why not just do it without the fanfare? Exploiting a superheroes ethnicity, sexuality (gay), and or any other human element for a mere profit instead of awareness is not educational but a lack of judgment of making these superheroes to be “different” and not within the fabric of society as everyday people, but outsiders. I like to think we’re better than this.

Marvel throws another Wolverine #1 (relaunch) at us. Number 5 for those keeping score at home. Wolverine (2014 5th Series) #1 will be as big a bore as it’s expected to be. He’s holding a gun on the cover. Wow. Loki brings the same sentiments here with Loki Agent Of Asgard (2014) #1. This cover is a huge bore, sorry Jenny Frison, but you’ve done much better.

In X-Men (2013) 3rd Series #10 we will see the recruitment of two female characters, Typhoid Mary and the Enchantress. Typhoid Mary’s first appearance in Daredevil #254 (1988) was a hot commodity at one time. Nowadays you can probably find this comic in the 50 cent long boxes. Still a very cool book to own if you don’t already. Journey Into Mystery #103 features the first appearance of the Enchantress. Jack “King” Kirby is all over this comic. A must own.

Captain America (2012 7th Series) #16 will focus on Jet Black once again. Her first appearance happened way way back in Captain America #1 of this series.

Superior Carnage gets his own annual this week; Superior Carnage (2013) Annual #1. Looks like a great read, check it out.

Ghost Solider will be making their presence known again in Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #28 this week. Check out the first appearance a couple of issue prior in #26.

Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #28 will be one of those cool flip issues, with Red Lanterns #28. All that with a $2.99 price tag.

One of the best buys this week has to go out to Turok Dinosaur Hunter (2014 Dynamite) #1. Definitely get one of the higher end variants to flip. As always a CGC signature series (9.8 or higher) will fetch the most bucks. Look for a sellout on this book and a spike in the Valiant series from 1993. And no you’re not seeing double, the Dynamite cover pays homage to the Valiant series. At least we hope Dynamite relates that someplace, otherwise it’s a ripoff.

If you’re looking for a bunch of first appearances in one comic this week, check out Sonic Universe (2009) #60. And also check out the new comic from Image Comics Apocalypse Al (2014) #1. Writer J. Michael Straczynski on this one, a sure sellout, and you better get your hands on this one.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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New York, NY—January 28th, 2014—Available today, journey into the world of the upcoming summer blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Solider with an all-new Infinite Comic prelude from legendary writer Peter David (All-New X-Factor, The Incredible Hulk) and rising star artist Rock-He Kim (X-Force, Infinity: Against the Tide)!


Set between the events of Marvel’s The Avengers and the upcoming Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this new Infinite Comic takes you into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a new adventure setting the stage for one of the biggest films of the year!


In downtown Chicago, a dangerous weapon called The Zodiac has fallen into enemy hands. Now, it’s up to Captain America, along with guest stars Black Widow and Brock Rumlow, to race against time to stop a mysterious terrorist group before it’s too late. All leading up to an action packed confrontation atop Chicago’s tallest skyscraper! But is there more here than meets the eye? What secrets is S.H.I.E.L.D. keeping? Are there enemies on both sides?


“If you’re a Captain America fan, this all-new adventure is rare sneak peek into the movie we still have to wait over two months for,” said editor Bill Rosemann. “First, you get to see Cap rock his new stealth suit. Also, you’ll see one of his first missions working side-by-side not only with his Avengers teammate Black Widow, but also with Brock Rumlow, whose name should ring some bells. Plus, you get sweet Rock-He Kim artwork in our interactive Infinite Comic format, which is especially suited for the Marvel Cinematic experience. Oh, and how cool is it that it’s all written by fan fave scribe Peter David?”


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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit 

Comic Broker Report – February 2014 (part 1)

This month it’s all first appearances!  Enjoy!


Thor 337


Not only is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show bringing Sif and Deathlok to the small screen but we can also look forward to drooling over Lorelei, the sex crazed daughter of the Enchantress!  Anyone who has high grade copies/newsstand editions rejoice!  Fans of Beta Ray Bill  should be pleased  as an increase in value for a this comic is probable.

New Guardians 2 of 12



On occasion a comic comes out of nowhere and blindsides even the most savvy collector.  So where have all the copies of #2 of this forgettable series gone?   Fans of SnowFlame, the cocaine powered villain, have bought most of them.  He only appeared in this comic so until someone writes him into the New 52 this is his first and last appearance.  The good news-you will have better luck finding this comic in a LCS rather than online.


Detective Comics 27 ( New 52 ) has been burning up the back issue market.  But with multiple variants that the majority of fans have no shot at owning unless they are willing to drop a car size payment, I say pass.  But if you love the new and creative character appearances I suggest these cheaper alternatives:

Oh and who is Clayton Parker?

Batman 448 – First Lark


In the future Lark has fallen in some heroic way or she wouldn’t be enshrined in the Cave of the Batmen!

Showcase 96  #3


The Wings of Truth first appear in the Detective Comics issue 27 ( New 52 ) but it looks like they are the evolution of The Birds of Prey who first appeared above.

Talon 0 – First Calvin Rose/Talon aka The Gothamite


Teen titans 7 ( New 52 )


Much like Lark, Harvest is shown in Detective Comics 27 and looks to play a critical role in the DCU for the foreseeable future.

Batman Beyond Unlimited 2


Luke Fox/ Batwing aka Flying Fox


Luke Fox has one of the coolest Batsuits I have ever seen put to paper.  Here he’s a little long in the tooth but imagine all the wonderful adventures he will have from now until he slides into the forgettable frame above!

Batman 9 – first Strix ( Mary Turner )


Despite all the variants  for this issue I recommend it for the debut of Strix.  Now in the Birds of Prey ( and possibly the future Wings of Truth? ) she is a complex character with ties to the Court of Owls.

Note: Strix also appears in issue 9 of Batgirl ( new 52 ) which was released in the same month.


Other Comics:

Elektra Assassin 2 – first John Garrett


One of my favorite actors is coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!  If you can recite Bill Paxton’s pre-drop speech from Aliens then you and I would get along.  Are you wondering who’s going to take on Deathlok? It’s safe safe to assume that Agent Coulson will bring in this cybernetic enhanced heavy to do the dirty work!  Look for his first appearance in this classic Marvel comic!

Captain America 607 – first Beetle ( Lincoln )


Put that badass Beetle suit on a woman and you have a recipe for an undervalued villain just waiting for collectors to notice.

Adventure Comics 69 – first Miraclo

308795-3105-123051-1-adventure-comics first miraclo

The CW is still on track to adapt Hourman.  This one isn’t cheap but rumor has it the Miraclo formula will be an essential component to the show’s formula!

Daredevil 115


Growing debates as to what a true first appearance is can be as fun as they are frustrating. Do you believe Hulk 180 is Wolverine’s first appearance?  If so you may want to look at the end of this Daredevil comic and let me know if your mind changes.

World’s Finest 6  ( first Mentallo )

205399-18006-115314-1-world-s-finest-comic first metallo

Are we being tosses a red Herring from DC?  Latest rumors put Mentallo alongside Lex Luthor as the main antagonists for Superman VS Batman film.  My money is still on Doomsday or at least a cameo of the Kryptonian behemoth but if I’m wrong this issue is gonna jump.






Sandman 5 – first Merv Pumpkinhead!

sandman 5 first merve pumpkinhead

Why you ask?  Cause he’s def the greatest pumpkin related characters in comic history!




If that is Nimrod in the most recent Days of Future Past trailer and on the cover of Empire, you had better stock up on these!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: WHO AM I? Launches in April as Marvel’s Next INFINITE COMIC Series!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Returns in Marvel’s Latest Infinite Comic!


New York, NY—January 15th 2014— Gear up for a Spider-Man epic unlike any other in Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? – the latest game-changing Infinite Comic hitting digital devices this April! Following hits like Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted, Iron Man: Fatal Frontier, and the recent Deadpool: The Gauntlet, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: WHO AM I? is designed specifically for mobile devices and fully embraces the technological opportunities. Representing the latest form of comic book storytelling using tablets and smartphones as a new canvas, each new Marvel Infinite Comic continues to take advantage of modern technology while staying true to the medium’s greatest strengths!


Blockbuster writer Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man) joins red hot writer Joshua Hale Fialkov (Ultimate Comics Ultimates) along with artists Juan Bobillo & Antonio Fabela with layouts by Geoffo Beauleau & JL Mast to take the recently-returned wallcrawler to places you never though – the criminal underworld!


“The story starts with Peter Parker having lost all of his memory. He doesn’t know who he is. He’s in the process of robbing a bank,” says series writer Joshua Hale Fialkov in an interview with “If you remove identity and get to the core of who Peter Parker really is, is he a hero? Would he act as a hero, when presented with the opportunities of a villain?”


Fueled by the overnight success of Infinite Comics, and combined with the demand from fans and creators who saw a world of infinite potential in this new format, these stories are designed specifically for mobile devices and fully embracing the technological opportunities.


With a freshly returned Peter Parker seemingly turned to a life of crime, what does this mean for the hero once known as the Amazing Spider-Man? Find out in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: WHO AM I? this April!


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To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook. 
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

Comic Broker Report – January 2014

2014 is here and that means a lot of people have Holiday money to burn.  Now is the time to sell if your a speculator.  This mostly applies to over-hyped image books, Marvel and DC variants and comics connected to upcoming film and TV projects.

My new year’s  checklist:

10. Re-bag and board my whole collection.

9. Watch Bladerunner once each month.

8.  Buy a Lying Cat T-Shirt for the wife.

7.  Vacation to Colorado.

6.  Buy every copy of Teen Titans 44 I see under 5$

5.  Steal this,


4.  Build a functioning puppet.

3.  Find or knit a Tanooki Suit for my son.

2. Sell all walking Dead Comics I own

1.  Buy all Sandman comics I NEED.


 This months suggestions:


What if 33 X-Men Annual 1 ( 200 1 ),  X-Men 4 


Collecting first appearances of major villains is one thing comic aficionados love to do.  The 90’s didn’t produce a plethora of memorable characters though.  Omega Red is one that stands out.  The only problem-his first appearance, X-Men 4, was massively over-printed.  It’s still a good bet long term if you can get the newsstand edition graded 9.8 or better.  Funny thing though-he also appearance in these other two comics in the same month. Look to find newsstand editions of them as well.

Marvel Age 97


I’m not sure if you know this but there is a secret legion of Darkhawk fans out there. The most sought after appearances are the venom issues and the later issues due to low print runs.  Issue one is also prized in cgc 9.8 or better because it is believed to be his first appearance.  But it is not, this is!

Uncanny X-Men 221


Mentioning again…

X-Factor 5,6 have lead to speculation on the X-films of the future.  Get your copies of X-Factor 24 and Mr. Sinister’s first appearance before it’s too late!

Note:  The Mark Jeweler for this is quite rare.

Iron Man 223 ( First Blizzard )


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has grown with each episode and if fans can be patient it may turn out to be the cornerstone of Marvel’s Movie and TV universe.  Blizzard may be a second rate Marvel villain but his introduction on the show should spark interest in his debut.

Tales of Suspense 75 ( first appearance Sharon Carter )


The last time I mentioned this was in regards to Batroc,  now with a possible Sharon Carter show in the works it has become a comic worth owning for multiple reasons.

47 Ronin 1-5 ( Dark Horse )


Film adaptations often lead to sales spikes in the shark infested waters of Ebay.  In this case the film stars one of the worse actors in history and has received less than stellar early reviews.  Sell em if ya got em.

Marvel Age 20


This issue of Marvel age predates Secret Wars 8 thus making it an earlier appearance of Spidey’s black costume on a cover.

Man of Steel 17


Soon enough folks are going  realize that the Doomsday appearance to own is right here!

The Amazing Spider-Man 256


Can a movie handle this many villains?  Adding the Puma seems like a strange idea but so was the prospect of Blade film and we know how that turned out!

Foom 2


Ok I cannot take any credit for this discovery but it looks like Wolverine may have appeared prior to Hulk 180 and was also created by someone else.  Marvel used this fan Magazine to poach ideas from kids using contests they created.  At this point three Marvel characters have appeared from these contests.











Michael D’Alessio of ACBC


From the AC Broadwalk Con Facebook page: *AC BOARDWALK CON (ACBC for short) is a BRAND NEW CONVENTION in ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY! With over 300,000 square feet of floor space, 40+ panel/theatre rooms, ACBC will bring to NJ a Con that will put FANS FIRST at every touchpoint*

ACBC_2015Michael D’Alessio is the creator of the AC Broadwalk Con in Atlantic City New Jersey (May 14-17 2014). With Michael’s very busy schedule, he was kind enough to sit down for a few questions with InvestComics to talk about the awesome show/ plans/guest he has on tap for the ACBC.

Hello Michael, thanks for stopping by InvestComics.

(InvestComics): So first thing first Michael. Tell us a bit about yourself.

(Michael D’Alessio): I’ve been a comic/superhero fan since I was 4 years old, growing up watching The Superfriends, Wonder Woman, Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman, Hulk, Isis & Shazam Power Hour, etc.  I’m 41 now, and when I meet any of the actors from these series I tell them that THEY made me want to work in this industry, and that without them embodying my comics, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career and my life.

(Atlantic_City_ACBCIC): What made you decide on the Atlantic City location for your show?

(M): I was kicking around the idea for the show all of 2013. I get to go to most of the larger shows in the country and overseas as I own a marketing agency with the majority of our clients in the comic/movie/gaming industry. I just never understood why New Jersey never had a major show. I was chatting with one of my best friends who is a casual fan, and I said I want to do a comic con style show, but not a comic con per se. I was kicking around “A” named cities and he said, Atlantic City. It was genius. I live in New Jersey on the Shore. I love my state. Why not? Plus, AC is a 6 hour drive to over 40% of the US population, so it makes sense.

(IC): You recently launched the ACBC website. Congrats! Is there a signup there yet for fans?

(M): Yes, there’s a space on the bottom for fans to sign up and make comments. This site is our Phase 1. Phase 2 which is more robust is launching in March. Same look.  Same feel. More “meat” to it. We also have our which allows us to really interact with the fans. And of course, Twitter.

(IC): There is one thing that jumps out right away about the AC Boardwalk Con, the 4 day schedule. By design, did you originally set out to maximize the awesomeness? And what will separate the ACBC from other Comic Conventions?

(M): We’re actually interested in doing it for 5 days in 2016! Here’s my take on it. As a marketer who designs, builds and in some instances hosts major booths at SDCC, NYCC, C2E2, PAX, etc., I know that the exhibitors want to bring their “A” game to shows, but sometimes for a 2-day show that’s just not possible. So I had that in mind. Also, for fans who want to fly in (and we’re pulling people already not just from our region, but all over the country, Canada, Mexico, Europe and even Japan), we don’t want them to come for a 2 day show. We also didn’t want to create a show that’s in a seminar room of a hotel. We went the convention center route because, quite honestly, it NEEDS to be held there to accommodate and allow for exhibitors and fans to interact properly.

As of now, We have a teaser opening on Thursday (7 pm – 2 AM) but we may end up opening all day on Thursday if demand is there. I have a feeling, even 17 months out, that it will be. We’re getting tremendous interest in the show.


(IC): Being this is your first show Michael, for many people in the market thinking about putting a show together, what resistance/obstacles if any have you encountered or advice do you have for them?

(M): Well, it’s our first show as Show Management. But we have some great advantages. Being that we’ve been so active with major exhibitors (Marvel, 2K Games, Boom! Studios, etc.) for so many years, we know the ins and outs of the show management teams we’ve worked with at Comic-Con International and Reed Pop. We have fantastic relationships with them, and with other shows such as Wizard, GamesCom, etc. So, we knew what we were going into better than I assume most do.

The other advantage we have is all of the learnings that we have under our belts from clients that are demanding (In a good way!) and won’t settle for mediocrity. That allows us to know that we cannot put on a “shoot from the hip” show. We know that excellence is the level we much achieve from a visual/aesthetic stand point, as well as from an infrastructure stand point. Additionally, we’ve been blessed to get to know the fans on a VERY interpersonal level at shows.  The fans… I mean… they’re just the best.  So we have heard for years what they want, and what frustrates them, what excites them, etc. This gives us definitely a guiding light and it’s at the precipice of all of our show designs.

(IC): Who would you say is the one person that you’d love to have as a guest?

(M): Lynda Carter. Hands Down.  It’s no secret I’m probably the biggest Wonder Woman fan next to Phil Jimenez, so it may seem a little selfish. But in reality, it’s because SHE was the one actress/actor who, to a young boy, really brought the comics to life. And my second major guest, Chris Hemmsworth. I’ve been lucky enough to work with him at the Marvel booth. The man is one of the nicest person I’ve ever worked with and to me, he’s Thor. I can’t imagine anyone else in that role (and Thor is my third favorite hero of all time).

Cosplay(IC): Speaking of guest, the show isn’t until May of 2015. Can you give us a tease of a few guest you have on board? Will the Donald make an appearance?!

(M): Well… I DID do an appearance on 2 of THE APPRENTICE shows, so I’m sure I can reach out to him. (And I definitely give him my fair share of money at The Taj Mahal Casino!). We do have some guests confirmed, but I want to be clear. It’s a FANTASTIC mix.  This show is an amalgamation of comics, gaming, cosplay, horror and all things geek. Our guests will be pulled from those realms.  If you’re at the pinnacle of cosplay… we’ll be talking to you.  If you’re a programmer/developer for games, trust me, you’re being contacted. Thankfully, after 20+ years in the entertainment marketing industry, I have a lot of contacts, as does my staff, so we can get to the people we want to.

(IC): Do you find that fans are requesting a certain guest more so than others? Like say Stan Lee?

(M): Stan Lee. Stan Lee. Stan Lee. I hear the chants in my head all day long. We love Stan. He’s a great guy. I’ve worked with him for over 8 years. Here’s a quick story about my show and Stan…

I was talking to one of Stan’s staff in the green room at NYCC. Max and I were talking about my show and how I want to make it different, etc. Stan was relaxing before having to appear on stage. He called me over to him and asked me to tell him about the show. He listened to my ideas. Gave me a few insights and told me that any way he can help me he will. THAT’S the way the man is. He’s just that great.

(IC): Besides the website, where else can fans find out about the latest news and happenings regarding the AC Boardwalk Con?

(M): Our Facebook is We tend to post about the show, industry news, etc.  Plus we love the interaction on there.  Our Twitter is or @Acboardwalkcon

(IC): You’ve mentioned Master Classes and such on your Facebook page. Can you elaborate?

(M): Our panel rooms are going to be set up like a university. Think along the lines of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. We’ll have 100 level, 200 level, 300 level, 400 level and Master Classes. The 100 level may have a class: Basics of Drawing faces and bodies. 200 level may have: Scripting for Video Gaming. 300 level could include: Creating a sewing pattern for superhero costumes. 400 level most certainly would include a class on Storyboarding for Comics. Then the Master Classes. These are hosted by masters in our industries. We’re working with industry leaders to host the classes that would really showcase their skills, such as if Phil Jimenez was to teach a Master Class on Sequential Drawing for Comics or such. We’re asking ALL of our exhibitors to host at least 1 Master Class. We have over 40 rooms available for classes, so we expect to have a lot going on.

Additionally, when you attend one of the classes, you’ll receive a Con Pin. They’re kind of like credits in a university. Each one is a different color for each level class. They’re autographed by the host of the class, and we have a secret, yet really cool, payoff that’s based on how many Con Pins (credits) you complete.

(IC): Last question, have to ask! Since this is a relatively heavy investment/speculator website, what book do you own in your personal collection holds the greatest value monetarily? Don’t worry no one knows where you live.

(M): All of them. Sorry not being coy. But I LOVE my books. I have so many comic books I’ve had to start buying online mostly now due to space issues. But I wouldn’t sell any of them for anything. They are the stories of my friends.

That said… I DO have quite a few signed books, and well, I had an honor a few years back. Gail Simone wrote me into her run of Wonder Woman and used my likeness as one of Diana Prince’s team members, a “sharp shooter who shoots first and asks questions later”. I DO have that framed and up on the wall. That meant the world to me.

My art is just as important. I have so many pieces from Choice Collectibles, originals pencils and paint by Alex Ross (from Justice), original Terry Dodson covers, original JG Jones pages from Hiketia, etc. I love comic art tremendously!

Thanks for stopping by Michael. We’ll see you in AC in 2015!




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The Comic Broker’s Report – December 2013

Instead of wasting your time with sharp wit and wonderful one-liners I’m getting right to the point this month.  The fact is, I grew up collecting comics in the most over-printed, over-hyped era the world had ever seen.  There was no internet, Better than Ezra sucked 14.99 a cd out of too many people’s pockets and the Arch Deluxe had it’s short run ( man I miss that burger ).  So trust me when I say that I cannot believe I am recommending some of these comics.  But I do love a bargain and dollar bin fodder like these offer little risk for max reward, something this collector chews on heartily.


The Kindred 3 ( first Team 7 )


DC speculation runs wild this week.  I’m more of a DC collector than anything else but Team 7?  The comic world has gone apeshit crazy if u ask me.  These issues are littering back issue graveyards all over the country.  I recommend the variant ( not pictured here )

Note: The Gen 13 Variant this variant connects to was once a back issue darling.  My how things have changed…

Booster Gold 1


Now here’s  a DC property I can get behind.  Booster is a character that could translate very well to TV.  Unfortunately  there aren’t many Booster comics heating up the back issue market.  Issue one of the original series is actually not that easy to find in high grade and is his first appearance.

WildC.A.T.S.  1 ( First Grifter )

Gold edition, Ace Edition, 3D edition


I just cannot bring myself to suggest that the massively over printed issue one of this series will ever see significant increases in value.  But Grifter was once a popular character and that matters.  Anyone who has the Ace edition, 3d edition or the rare gold variant ( many were signed by Jim Lee ) should expect gold down the road, that is if Grifter ever gets a live treatment.

Note:  There are some who would say that Grifter first appeared in Malibu Sun 15.  Seeing as Spawn’s appearance on the cover of issue 13 goes for big money I am inclined to agree.  Finding it is going to be impossible though.


The Brave and Bold 25 ( First Suicide Squad )


Here’s a golden oldie you will never find cheap.  But for those who have it rejoice!  Like the other DC properties mentioned above the first appearance of this team already has value.  A TV series or film would only make those who don’t have it cry that much harder.

Batman 12 Limited Capullo Variant


I mention this one again for one simple reason.  Scott Snyder is no fool.  Adding a back up story in the most recent  Batman: Zero Year issue can only mean one thing-he has big plans for the Rows, not just Harper.

Green Lantern 81 ( First Young Justice )

360807-4363-43049-2-green-lanternindex140 $T2eC16dHJGkE9no8iPO!BRDE2(5Ebw~~60_35

There are two covers and two DC Universe UPC variants for this issue of the Green Lantern.  Why should you care? If the recently rumored Young Justice CW adaptation gets the green light you can thank me when you sell your hoard and put the kid through community college free.  Ok that’s not gonna happen but you can always flip any cgc 9.8s into something that matters like a Following Poe mask


or a full run of something like this,


Note: Anyone looking for my personal top ten collectible masks list, message me.

Hitman 8


I can find no conformation either way that the Saint of Killers appears or does not appear in this, and some other issues of this incredible series.  With all the hype over an AMC Preacher show  this one could be a sleeper.

Uncanny X-Men 221

With all the heat surrounding X-Facor 5 and 6 it shouldn’t be long before supplies of Mr. Sinister’s first appearance  run dry.


Amazing Spider-Man Annual 5 & the JC Penny Variant


If you have seen the trailer for Spider-Man 2 then you know why I am recommending this issue again.  The  first film cut Peter’s Parent’s footage but dad show up in the recent preview.  It looks like the secrets Pete gave up are going to be central to the storyline and that’s a good thing for those who believe annuals matter.

Spider-Man 2

You are not seeing things, that was the Vulture wing suit in the trailer for ASM 2.  Got issue 2?  If not now is the time to buy.






Blizzard is appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Yay.


Comic Broker Report – November 2013

Speculation runs rampant this week!  In today’s comic collecting world the TV/Film adaptation is king. If it’s rumored to be optioned or developed the online market can heat up quick ( see Alias #1 on Ebay ).

Iron Man 17 ( 1:100 Sketch Variant )


The reaction to Iron Man’s tweaked origin has been met with mixed reviews. Either way this book should prove to be key down the road especially if Marvel brings back a particular Iron Man from the near future.

The Avenger Magazine 1-24  Shadow Comics 2


The CW looks to option everything they can. This long forgotten Pulp hero has some interesting powers and could make for an intriguing show.  Issues of the original series and appearances from Shadow Comics are very rare in any condition.

Batman Noel


Lee Bermejo’s over-sized GN is a good read and worth a look for any Batman fan. As rumors continue to pile up concerning the upcoming Superman Batman film collector’s are already starting to scramble for key comics. If you are wondering what Affleck’s Batman is going to look like this design is currently the frontrunner.

New Avengers 10 & Infinity 4 1:150 Variant

Infinity_4_CoverVariantStegmannew avengers 10 first thane

Thanos has a son and that means a first appearance that’s likely worth tracking down. Like Kamal Khan we won’t know for some time if he will spark the  interest of collectors but it’s a good bet. These days most things Thanos related are doing well ( See Avengers 157! )

Uber 1/2 ( Bleeding Cool Magazine )


As much as I dislike this series one cannot deny it’s popularity amongst collectors. In the tradition of Wizard Magazine this 1/2 issue should appeal to many. Only available in the print publication of BC it’s going to be hard to come by.

Infinity Inc 20,21 ( Hourman 2 )

As stated above comic studio options are the flavor of the month but Hourman? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy when almost any comic makes the leap to the screen but there are definitely more deserving characters. The other question is which Hourman will they use? The first appearance of the original Hourman is pricey but if they use his son these will rise fast.

Clint 8


Last month I mentioned Who is Jake Ellis? and it’s impending adaptation.  The regular series issues will be tough to find so go and buy this over-sized reprint of the same title. It’s rare only available in this size here and a highly enjoyable read that features other impressive comics from Mark Millar!

Tales of the Teen Titans 44


Here’s a George Perez classic that’s already hot on the back issue market! Featuring the first appearance of Dick Grayson as Nightwing, this comics is sure to remain a highly sought after  issue for years to come. Like Batman Noel, if rumor’s of Nightwing’s inclusion in the next film are true this one will become the hottest comic in some time.

Green Lantern 21 Sketch variant ( first Relic )


When someone like Geoff Johns leaves a title like GL there is sure to be some fall off in readership but if you have been missing the latest event you should be ashamed of yourself. Relic and his quest to extinguish lantern light has been a fresh and original read, something hard to come by from DC these days. (excluding Batman and anything by Jeff Lemire)

Alias 1, Amazing Spider-Man 4, Amazing Spider-Man 601

Alias_Vol_1_1 background

Technically Alias 1 is the first appearance of Jessica Jones until Marvel retconned her via flashback in AMS 601 making her first appearance in AMS vol. 1 issue 4.

With a Netfix series on the way look for her appearances to increase in value.

House of Mystery Annual 1 ( 2009 )


Mike Allred’s izombie has also been optioned for TV. This one might just be the sleeper of the month! It’s hard to come by and filled with great stories from other outstanding creators.




Incredible Hulk 178 ( first appearance of the infinity gems )


Here’s a rumor that actually may prove to be right.  Thanks Benicio Del Toro!



So Ben Affleck isn’t just the Caped Crusader, he’s also getting into the adaptation of wonderful espionage comics!  Sleeper is one of Brubaker’s best.  Look for these to blow up soon:

Point Blank 3: First Carver

Sleeper 1

WildC.A.T.S. 21: First Tao

Point_Blank_3 index27050_20060303155337_large


Major Reveal in the “Origin of Tony Stark” storyline

In the most recent InvestComics Hot Picks #291, we suggested that you take a look at the latest offering from Marvel’s Iron Man title. Iron Man #17 reveals something that will probably open many doors for our beloved billionaire Tony Stark for years to come.


It is revealed that not only was Tony Stark adopted, but that he has an “alien” brother?!!

The media has picked up on this issue already. The comic is recieving major press right now and collectors should be on high alert here! Pick up some copies quick! This is a major uptick book.



InvestComics Hot Pick: Single Issue – Avengers #158 (First Appearance of Graviton – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

avengers 158The Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series introduced its first villain on the show a couple of weeks ago. His name is Graviton. So with that, we have one of the hottest back issues in the market right now in Avengers #158 (1977). The issue was penciled by Sal Buscema, written by Jim Shooter, and with a cover by the great Jack “the king” Kirby.

Fine to Near mint copies are ranging from $25 – $35 right now. Do not expect this comic to command big bucks in the aftermarket for long. Once the Agents figure out a way to defeat and rid Graviton from their clutches, the Avengers #158 book will no longer be relevant. That’s unless Marvel decides to revisit the character on the big screen which has about a 1% to zero percent chance of happening.

Buy this comic at your local comic shop that isn’t really paying attention for a dollar and resale on Ebay quickly.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


At the 2013 NYCC Marvel announced  that one of the all time great comic  series will finally be reprinted and finished.  Neil Gaiman looks to deliver arguably one of the most anticipated series conclusions in comic history:

Miracleman man appearances and related material can be lucrative but  difficult to acquire.   Because the original Eclipse series has been unavailable for so long,  it is well known how valuable certain issues are but unclear how the market will react to the shocking news.  Traditionally, reprints reduce the value of first print comics and all trades.  But the first collected editions ( long the holy grail of TPB and hardcover collections )  were never reprinted making them quite rare.   For those who care about value I say this – certain Miracleman comics likely wont see significantly declines.

Miracleman represents an important period in the evolution of popular Sequential Art. It is a highly entertaining and well crafted read.  For the collector there are many rare items to hunt for not limited to ridiculously scarce fanzines and a collectible coin.   Here are some of my favorites!

Crickey 11


Details are scarce on this one,  but like issues of 74992_20061213130008_large it is difficult to acquire in the states.

Daredevils 7


Alan Moore’s death of Miracleman is featured in this ultra rare UK magazine. For the first time Marvelman was represented as Miracleman  making it the first appearance of the character.   His death was also reprinted in X-Men Archives Featuring Captain Britain #4 which is rare in its own right.  Finding this is impossible.  I am willing to trade gold for a NM copy. Also see…

Marvel Superheroes UK 387,388 ( first mention of Miracleman and Miracleman’s gravestone appear )


Golden Age Men of Mystery 4, Men of Mystery 27, 36



Atomeka A1 Sketchbook  ( Variant Cover B&W Sketchbook )


Miracleman 3D ( 2d version )


This mail order gem was made available for purchase for those who couldn’t enjoy it  in 3D.  Thanks to a low print run and the fact that it was only available through the mail, it has become one of the more rare issues from Eclipse.

Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special 1


These swimsuit issues are very rare – odds of finding any in high grade are pretty much at zero.  They are often filled with interviews relevant to both collector and historian, also including many pin ups and previews  you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Eclipse Extra 60


Hellspawn 6


When Todd McFarlane introduced Miracleman’s alter ego in this sub-par series he intended to profit heavily but due to legal issues was prevented from doing so.  Though not terribly difficult to find,  it remains an oddity that every Miracleman collector should own.



This companion is full of tasty treats and is out of print.  It also includes unseen art from the never-published issue #25 that Marvel is going to complete!

“The tragedy of Miracleman was that we published two issues, wrote three and a half – and then it all stopped,” Gaiman said, in an interview with “And Miracleman #25 has been sitting in the darkness – nobody has seen it. It was drawn, it was written, it was lettered over 20 years ago.”


Total Eclipse 4


With Gaiman back at Marvel look for his first Miracleman  work to heat up!

  This entire series from Eclipse is worth owning.








Seifert & Moline kick off MARVEL’s new DISNEY KINGDOMS line with SEEKERS OF THE WEIRD


All-New Comic Series Starting With “SEEKERS OF THE WEIRD”


Marvel & Disney are proud to present your first look at Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird #1, the first comic series published under the all-newDisney Kingdoms banner! Created in close partnership with designers, producers, and creative directors from Walt Disney Imagineering, theDisney Kingdoms line promises new and exciting adventures expanding upon already beloved lands, attractions, characters, and worlds of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.


This January, experience the first all-new adventure inspired by Disney’s legendary – but never constructed–Museum of the Weird! Dreamed up by famous Imagineer Rolly Crump in 1965, the Museum of the Weird was home to a collection of mystical curiosities said to have been unearthed from all corners of the globe. Originally conceived as a spooky walk-through attraction connected to the Haunted Mansion, Crump’s innovative designs were left on the drawing board following the passing of Walt Disney….until now!


“We’re thrilled to be part of this historic launch that taps into the immense creativity of Walt Disney Imagineering to create background stories for so many beloved attractions,” said SVP of Marvel Publishing David Gabriel. “Grounded in rich Disney history, Disney Kingdoms is a great way to link Disney fans and Marvel fans!”


Disney Kingdoms is the ultimate team-up for fans of Disney and Marvel,” said Editor Bill Rosemann. “Working hand-in-hand with the world-famous Walt Disney Imagineers, Marvel’s best and brightest creators will unleash entire worlds inspired by and built around the attractions and characters that you’ve always known—but will experience for the very first time!”


Written by Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor) and drawn by Karl Moline (Avengers Arena) – when their parents are kidnapped, teens Maxwell and Melody are thrust into a thrilling race through the world’s strangest – and most dangerous museum! Together, they must join forces with their mysterious and swashbuckling uncle as they attempt to rescue their family and save the world from an evil secret society! And they just might discover the truth behind their wild and weird destiny along the way!


What terrifying secrets lie inside the mysterious Museum of the Weird? Find out this January as the harrowing journey begins inDisney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird #1!


Plus, don’t miss this Saturday’s fan-favoriteCup O’ Joe panel at New York Comic Con (4pm in Room 1E) for an exclusive, first ever look atDisney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird!







On-Sale In Print & Digital This January!

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Comic Broker Report – October 2013

The slow market continues…

Here are ten tips for October:

1.  Do not invest heavily in DC 3D covers.

2.  If you find new 52 Batman issues in high grade at cheap prices buy and flip for decent money.

3.  Invest in Harley Quinn.

4.  Do not rent, purchase or recommend this film:  The Colony

5.  Eat at Dell Taco if possible.

6.  Convince your girlfriend or wife to dress as Mother Russia this Halloween!

7.  Give Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. your support.  It will only help more comic               properties get developed.

8.  Do not care what the fox says.

9.   Support my Kickstarter for Halloween candy is the shapes of razorblades, syringes, pocket knives, prescription medication  etc.

10.  Play Farcry 3: Blood Dragon if you have not already done so.


These are the comics I am recommending this month.


Letter 44 1 SDCC Variant


Charles Soule and  Alberto Alburquerque’s sci-fi series from  Oni Press released this SDCC convention exclusive of Letter 44  issue 1 prior to the October regular issue.  If you are looking for the next big thing here it is.

Also check out this press kit from Oni!

Marvel Two-in-One 42


Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered this week and the ratings were huge.  Reviews are mixed but most can agree that Agent Coulson stole the show.  Writers have set up some intriguing mysteries surrounding familiar Marvel storylines.  If  the Journey into Mystery name drop got you exited then so will Project Pegasus!

Ghost Projekt 1


Here’s one I may have missed the boat on!  A possible TV adaptation in the works usually meant back issue heat and in this case it’s an inferno.  Mini series don’t see the kind of price gains that regular running series often do but when big studios are involved and the printing is low few things can halt the frenzy.

The Avengers 158 ( first Graviton )


Is he Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s  first super villain?  Buy this issue just in case!


Star Wars film speculation is only going to intensify each second we get closer to the new films from Disney.  The current rumors still center around Solo’s twins and if you read my articles you know right where to go for their first appearance.  Here are some of my favorites!

Star Wars 10 ( first Darth Krayt )

Star Wars 10 ( first Darth Krayt )

Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones #3 ( first Count Dooku )

Star Wars Ep 2 Attack Cones 3 ( first Dooku )

Star Wars: Jango Fett Open Season ( first Tor Vizsla )

Star Wars Jango Fett Open Season 1 First Tor Vizsla

 Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children

Have you seen A Blue Valentine or A Place Beyond the Pines?  Both films were critical successes and now the director is set to adapt what?  If you remember this twisted series from DC look for prices to jump real soon.  The keys are very hard to come by.  ( issue 13 has part 2 and is still cheap online )


Journey into Mystery 102 ( first Sif )


Sif looks to have a much larger role in the upcoming film and that’s definitely a good thing.  Nothing should make fans happier than expanded character development for Thor’s supporting cast.



An NBC show in the works =back issue raids across the country.  Swamp Thing 37 is still pricey but other early issue can be found for small money.

Swamp Thing  37, Crisis 4,  38


Justice League Dark 1



Constantine 1  1:25 Variant

Cover is by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.


New Teen Titans 22 ( Early John Constantine )



Journey into Mystery 103 ( first appearance Amora/Enchantress )


Rumors are swirling already  for Thor 3’s nemesis!







Who is Jake Ellis?  Personally I don’t care but with movie speculation being what it is look for this rare series just not Online.  Issues have been swallowed up.



Comic Broker Report – September 2013

It ‘s the end of the summer and safe to say that the market has cooled off.  This time of year is always tough as kids prepare to go back to school and parents buy pencils and paste rather than drop hundreds on 3D variants and other nonsense.  I would go on and on about the limited investment viability of such things but Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman!  Fans are seething but I love it.  Affleck has remade himself as a director and shown that he is a humble, competent actor.  With Zack Snyder having met with Frank Miller and the obvious age difference between Superman and Batman is it possible that a DKR might get made?  I doubt it but we all can hope.


Iron Man/Hulk/Fury


So in the past I have made my thoughts clear on Agent Coulson.  The new show starts soon and if it’s good I expect this fan favorite character’s limited comic appearances to increase in value. At this point both Battle Scars 1,6 and Iron Man: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2 are NOT his first appearance in comics.  This forgotten issue from 2009 now has that honor.

Transformers 4 ( First Dinobots)


Transformers 4 is called Age of Extinction?  Looks like Grimlock and his buds might see a screen treatment.  As they are some of the more popular Autobots expect their first to get chewed up by speculators.

Amazing Spider-Man 344


Could Carnage ever make it into Sony’s Spidey plans?  There have been some rumors.  As we all know ASM 361 ( first and second print ) are key, but the first appearance of the man under the symbiotic alien was in this forgettable issue.

The Invincible Iron Man 10 ( all versions ) 11 & 11 second print


The J.A.R.V.I.S. AI is one of the best parts of the Iron Man trilogy and now that we know Ultron is the Avenger 2 villain and that there are no plans to adapt his comic origin, it is quite a big guess as to what the metallic monster’s origin will be.  Some believe that J.A.R.V.I.S. will be central to the storyline.  If it’s true his first comic appearance is in issue 10 ( as Rescue ).  He then makes himself known to Pepper Potts when she wears the Rescue armor for the first time at the beginning of issue 11.  It’s a long shot but one never knows….

NFL Rush Zone FCBD


Ever heard of Skyward?  Internet sales of issue one variants have breached the 100 dollar mark.  Even the regular covers have low print runs.  A kids comic this good is rare and worth the investment.   Action Labs previewed it in the 2013 NFL Rush Zone FCBD issue making it the first Football comic worth anything.

Ame Comi ( vol.1 Issues 2,3 )


In the past few decades only a few characters have become so popular that they generate a frenzy amongst collectors.  Go to any convention and you will see that Deadpool and Harley Quinn often receive the most cosplay.  The characters people love to dress up as illustrates massive fan bases that cannot be ignored.  As a result, a heavily overprinted comic  like New Mutants 98 can sustain ungraded sales of 75 or more.

The Ame Comi version of Duela Dent is fast becoming a favorite amongst girls who cosplay.  DC would be smart to recognize this and integrate her into the mainstream DCU.  Instead we have been given the Joker’s Daughter who may or may not be Duela.  There are many versions of the character but the steampunk version from these comics is the most admired.



Comic Broker Report – August 2013


Many announcements at this year’s SDCC have rocked the comic world, none greater than Zack Synder’s Batman/Superman movie!  No one has any real clue what the premise of the film will be but it was a bit strange to hear one of the more famous lines from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns read out loud at the con!  Over the next year it’s going to be a speculator’s dream as far as what back issues will be worth searching for in relation to the film!

The other major revelation concerns Marvel and the title of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron!  Thankfully it was made clear that the title has nothing to do with the current AOU storyline but it was sad to hear than Hank Pym will not be the inventor of the metallic menace.

This month’s picks:

The Avengers Volume 1  54,55


Even if Ultron is J.A.R.V.I.S. or some other incarnation his first appearance  will continue to rise much like Iron Man 55.  These issues are very rare and high grade copies/cgc issues will generate massive sales as each minute passes up until the film’s premiere.

Batman 401 & Detective Comics 608


Beware the Bat continues to impress as each episode passes.  So far no major villain has appeared.  For fans of the new annimated show who may be wondering where these creeps originate look no further! Magpie first appeared in Batman 401. This issue may not be very tough to find ( other than a high grade newsstand edition )  but her episode gave us a unique character that I personally cannot wait to see more of.  As far as Anarky ( Det. 608 )  his episode was not as impressive as the previous ones but he is slated to be a thorn in Batman’s side for some time so we will have to wait and see.  Both issues can be found easily.

Batman Beyond 18

batman beyond 27 first Nissa

First appearances of characters from future realities are often worth investing in and Nissa/Batgirl Beyond looks to be no different.  Get this one now while it’s still on the shelf!

22 Brides 1 Variant

Painkiller Jane coming to Marvel?  It sure looks that way and if  Gaiman’s Angela can see a rise in back issue value why not Jane?  The variant for issue 1 is tough to find but not impossible.  Buy and hold!

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1 ( Gold Key )


It feels good to recommend a Gold Key comic simply because it gives me a reason to feature one of the best company logos ever!   Today’s young comic readers probably have no idea that this property even exists but when Guy Ritchie’s remake comes out expect available copies to dry up.

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1


Electro looks pretty cool in that teaser and if rumors are true Sony might be setting up Spidey for some serious pain down the road.  Sinister six anyone?




Comic Broker Report – JULY 2013



Batman and Robin Vol. 1 #1 ( first Mr. Toad ) & Batman 666 ( first Prof. Pyg )


Beware the Batman is already a polarizing  show.  With episode 1 airing this past weekend to mixed reviews one thing is clear-Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad stole it.  Despite Pyg’s altered origin I am already clamoring for their next animated appearance.  Batman 666 is already a well documented collectible but in the case of Batman and Robin 1 there were a lot of printings.  I suggest the latest printing and the 1:250 Frank Quitely variant.

Evil Ernie Straight to Hell 1 ( Chromium Variant )


More film rumors should drag this forgotten comic up from the ashes of an age some would like to forget.  Chastity first appeared in issue one of this 5 part mini from Chaos.  Her movie rights have been snagged by a reputable studio and this is def the rarest of the series.

Avengelyne Chromium Maximum Signed Edition


What are the odds that two bad girl comics could return with a fury?  In this case Avengelyne has multiple first appearance issues.  There’s a direct chromium, newsstand cover variant with or without the gold stamp and 2 chromium signed editions.  The Artifex signed is super rare and should be considered her most valuable comic to date.  If it is proven later that the ashcan ( which there are a few color variants of ) should predate issue one then that will be considered her first appearance.

Detective 685 ( First Appearance Silver Monkey )


Not much has been revealed about the new Batman animated series but creators have confirmed that the Silver Monkey will be appearing!  Buy the newsstand edition if you can and the DC Universe UPC variant if there is one!

X-Men 128


In case you haven’t noticed Fantomex is quietly become the next big Marvel character.  Now this book has been hot for a while but CGC 9.8’s can still be found for under 100 and a new series should only generate more value. Oh and enjoy the detail of this cover by one of the best cover artists working today!

Uncanny X-Men Annual 15 ( newsstand ) & X-Men Second Coming 2 ( 1:50 Finch Variant )


Over this past weekend the news broke that X-Force will see a film adaptation.  Though this is less surprising than  a GOTG film announcement  it appears that Marvel is willing to film any property Disney owns.  How long before a New Warriors movie?  Soon I will be posting a collecting X-Force article but until then the speculation will be on which version of X-Force will be produced.  In the case of the GOTG, collectors don’t seem to mind that the film version will be vastly different from the true first appearance of the team.  Sticking with that model it seems prudent to buy these two first appearances.  As far as the annual goes the print run was high but it has a cover by Mignola which this collector always appreciates and a newsstand edition.

Secret Warriors 4


No variants for Manifold’s first appearance make this one rare enough.  I don’t really get the fascination with the character but he’s used often by Marvel and is a fan favorite.

Otazine GN


My recent article on collecting Brandon Graham featured some comics with work also done by the creator of the rare Orc Stain comics by Image.  This corporate Manga just happens to be the first published work by James and is quite rare.

Think Tank 1 Variant SDCC 2012


Rumors are swirling around this Image comic as a possible film or TV show.  If you have not read it I suggest an immediate trip to your LCS.  There are plenty of copies still out there just not this edition.

More GOTG film fun:

Fantastic Four 65


First Ronan the  Accuser!

Beta Ray Bill Godhunter 3


First appearance of Ti Asha Ra

The Rampaging Hulk 1


First appearance of  Bereet

Avengers 257 & 260

300px-Avengers_Vol_1_257 Avengers_Vol_1_260

Another GOTG  villain announcement  puts Nebula in the film and that’s good for Copper Age collectors.  Look for 257 to see gains but 260 gives the reason why she would be in the film in the first place!

Tales to astonish 23


So Spawn’s Angela made her debut in the forgettable Age of Ultron series from Marvel this past month.  No one is sure what to make of the move but one thing to note is the rarely seen alien race traveling with her-The Moombas!  They first appeared in this hard to find classic.





Oh and buy this too!  One of the better indie books to come out in recent months!


Don’t forget the variant! ( not pictured here )







Comic Broker Report – June 2013

The Comic Broker’s Report June 2013

By Topher Seal

Nothing Special this month, just a mixed bag of comics to hunt for throughout the summer.  Until the Bruins win another cup I will be awaiting the release of the Man of Steel.  Let’s all hope that Zack Snyder channels his Watchmen instead of another Sucker Punch otherwise he may just kill the franchise once and for all.

Action Comics 471

Once a forgotten Phantom Zone resident, Faora has made the improbable leap to the silver screen.  With a movie that is already getting praise from critics,  it is possible that she may be one of the film’s best character adaptations. ( She was sentenced to 300 years for killing many men! )


Rise of Apocalypse 1-4,  X-Force 37, Marvel Graphic Novel 17, X-Men Alpha

So the list of mutants to appear in the time traveling sequel to the most recent X flick just keeps on expanding.  First appearances of Warpath and Blink haven’t seen increased sales as of yet,  but with the addition of the AOA character Blink we may get a glimpse into the alternate reality fans love so much.  Now we all know that X-Factor 5,6 will be the key books concerning Apocalypse but there are others…

Rise of 1-4 gives us the origin of En Sabah Nur,


X-Force 37 is also a key concerning his origin,


The Marvel GN 17 is actually his first appearance,


X-Men Alpha is the first appearance of the AOA Apocalypse


Dark Horse Presents 1 (  Paul Pope Variant, First 300 Sequel )

Again, this  rare variant with a cover by indie icon Paul Pope features a sneak peek at Frank Miller’s sequel to 300.  Xerxes takes place before, during and after the event of 300 and is currently being adapted by Legendary studios.  The first film was a massive hit and generated big sales for the 6 issue series.  Expect the same here.


X-Men Poster Magazine & X-men 37 2nd print ( First Blink )

Similar to the AOA  Apocalypse appearance mentioned above, Blink has an AOA first appearance also and it’s not in X-Men Alpha.  I have also mentioned Uncanny 317 as the first appearance of Blink but issues 37 of the X-Men series came out the same month and like that issues has a more rare 2nd printing.


Game of Thrones 1 ( Limited 1 for 75 Virgin Variant Cover by Mike Miller )

This season cemented Martin’s epic series as one of the most popular ( and well written! ) fantasies of all time.  Don’t believe me?  Data shows that the finale of Season 3 was the most illegally downloaded show ever.  The comic issues from Dynamite are getting harder to find especially the variants.  This one is the gem of the bunch.


Clint 1 ( First Kick Ass 2 )

This over-sized magazine from Mark Millar ran its course some time ago but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless.  There are plenty of reasons to buy most issues especially the first.  Kick Ass 2 hits this summer and if it’s as successful as the first film look for this mag to heat up.


The Comic Shop News 1257 July 2011 ( Game of Thrones )

I have researched all of Dynamite’s offerings prior to the release of the Game of Thrones original series for a printed preview of the series and found nothing.  The only appearance or preview of the comic adaptation is in this issue of the Comic Shop News which are always tough to find.

Star Wars Dark Empire II ( Newsstand and Gold Variant ) & Star Wars The Last Command 1

Rumors surrounding the sequels are sure to create a frenzy in the collectible market over the next few years.  If the Solo twins make it into the film look for these books to go berserk on the back issue market.


The Last of Us American Dream 1 of 4

Once again, I rarely recommend Video Game adaptations, especially mini series but I am making an exception for this wonderful comic.  The game looks amazing and issues 1 and 2  are pretty tough to find already.