Number One Comics – September 2017

Here is a recap of all the number one comics covered from the InvestComics Hot Picks during the month of September. As always, click on the comic cover/images or RED links to buy/bid any of the comics from ALL available Ebay sellers.

The Girl Who Played With Fire #1 – Sylvain Runberg and Jose Homs.
Black Sable #1 – Joe Brusha.
Fruit Ninja #1 – Nathan Cosby and Ruairi Coleman.
Made Men #1 – Paul Tobin and Arjuna Susini.
Star Wars Adventures #1 – Cavan Scott and Derek Charm.

Buy/Bid – Black Sable #1

Girl Who Played Fire #1

Buy/Bid – Fruit Ninja #1

Made Men #1

Buy/Bid – SW Adventures #1








Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart #1 – Brian Michael Bendis and Marco Rudy.
Journey to Star Wars The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma #1
Venomverse: War Stories #1
Venomverse #1
Wolfenstein #1 – Dan Watters, Piotr Kowalski & Ronilson Friere.

Buy/Bid – Venomverse #1

Buy/Bid – War Stories #1

Buy/Bid – Captain Phasma #1

Buy/Bid – IM Ironheart #1

Buy/Bid – Wolfenstein #1








Sink #1 – John Lees & Alex Cormack.
Alien Toilet Monsters #1 – Carol Zara and Eric Barnett.
Shinobi Ninja Princess Lightning Oni #1 – Martheus Wade.
The Retcon #1 – Matt Nixon & Toby Cypress.
Realm #1 – Seth Peck, Jeremy Haun & Nick Filardi.

Buy/Bid – Sink #1

ATM #1

Buy/Bid – Shinobi #1

Buy/Bid – Retcon #1

Buy/Bid – Realm #1








Secret Empire Omega #1 – Michael Turner.
Generations Captain Marvel & Captain Mar-Vell #1 – Margaret Stohl & Brent Schoonover.
Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1
Mr. Crypt #1 – Troy Verasis and Aleksandar Jovic.
La Muerta: Descent #1 – Brian Pulido.

Buy/Bid – Descent #1

Buy/Bid – Empire Omega #1

Buy/Bid – Mar-Vell #1

Buy/Bid – Harley 25th #1

Buy/Bid – Mr. Crypt #1








La Muerta Vengeance #1 – Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean & Joel Gomez.
The Beautiful Death #1 – Mathieu Bablet.
Misbegotten Runaway Nun #1 – Caesar Voghan, Eric Granger, Chris Bailey & William Bohm.
Angelic #1 – Simon Spurrier and Casper Wijngaard.
Dark Ark #1 – Cullen Bunn and Juan Doe.

Buy/Bid – Vengeance #1

Buy/Bid – Nun #1

Buy/Bid – Beautiful Death #1

Buy/Bid – Angelic #1

Buy/Bid – Dark Arc #1








Gasolina #1 – Sean Mackiewicz, Mat Lopes & Niko Walter.
Generations: Ms. Marvel & Ms. Marvel #1 – G. Willow Wilson and Paolo Villanelli.
Runaways #1
Malefic #1 – Dan Schaffer & David Miller.
Kill Them All – Kyle Starks and Luigi Anderson.

Buy/Bid – Kill Them All

Buy/Bid – Malefic #1

Buy/Bid – Gasolina #1

Buy/Bid – Ms. Marvel

Buy/Bid – Runaways #1








Adventure Finders #1 – Rod Espinosa.
Arya #1 – Sofia Davila & Minjun Chen.
Aardvark Comics #1 – Dave Sim.
The Infinite Loop Nothing But the Truth #1 – Pierrick Colinet, Elsa Charretier and Danele Di Nicuolo.
Fu Jitsu #1 – Jai Nitz and Wesley St. Claire.

Buy/Bid – Fu Jitsu #1

Buy/Bid – Arya #1

Buy/Bid – Infinite Loop #1

Buy/Bid – Aardvark #1

Buy/Bid – Adventure #1








Graveland #1 – Massimo Rosi & Gabriel Ibarra Nunez.
Batman The Murder Machine #1 – Frank Tieri
Generations Miles Morales & Peter Parker Spider-Man #1
Generations Captain Americas #1

Buy/Bid – Graveland #1

Buy/Bid – Murder Machine #1

Buy/Bid – Spidey & Spidey #1

Buy/Bid – Captain #1

Buy/Bid – FOOM #1 2017








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Top 5 Hot Picks #129

Every week before new comic book day, InvestComics provides our fans with the Top 5 Hot Picks for new comics coming out on Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. This week’s Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #491 and new comics coming this Wednesday 9/6/17.

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Fruit Ninja #1 – Dynamite Entertainment has a hit on their hands. Completely sold out on the distributor level.
Black Sable #1 – Zenescope Entertainment will go back to the printers after Wednesday with this release. Almost a total sell out.
Journey to Star Wars The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma #1 – The first ever Captain Phasma solo series.
Venomverse #1 – Venom is a hot character. Duh! Venomverse will be hot. Duh!
Walking Dead #171 – The first appearance of ‘Princess’.

Top 5 – Buy/Bid

Top 5 – Buy/Bid

Top 5 – Buy/Bid

Top 5 – Buy/Bid

Top 5 – Buy/Bid








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Daredevil #254 – Buy/Bid

Daredevil #26 – Buy/Bid

Also appearing in this weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #491
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Amazing Spider-Man #300 – (1988)
Venomverse: War Stories #1
X-Men Gold #11
Poe Dameron #2
Daredevil #26
Daredevil #254 (1988)
Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart #1
Astonishing X-Men #3
Star Wars Adventures #1
Made Men #1
The Girl Who Played With Fire #1
The Evil Within #1

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Best Comic Covers Of The Week 9-6-17

New comic book release day 9/6/17. New comic releases are subject to change.
These are our favorite comic covers from the new arrivals this week. Shown below are the comic book covers with the cover artist. What are your favorite covers this week?

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Darth Vader #5 – Giuseppe Camuncoli

Green Arrow #30 – Otto Schmidt

Green Lanterns #30 – Walker/Hennessy

Tekken #4 – Alan Quah










Bombshells #1 – Babs Tarr

Bombshells #1 – Terry/Rachel Dodson

Deathstroke #23 – Davis/Delecki

Daredevil #26 – Tom Lyle










Captain Phasma #1 – RAHZZAH

Venomverse #1 – McFarlane

Daredevil #26 – Ron Garney

Astonishing X-Men #3 – McGuinness










Astonishing X-Men #3 – Mattina

The Evil Within #1

Venom War Stories #1 – Mattina

X-Men Gold #11 – Clayton Crain










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InvestComics Hot Picks #491

InvestComics Hot Picks provides readers and speculators the low down on the new releases coming out on Wednesday each week.
Hot Picks have been weekly since 2005.
This week, new comic book release day 9/6/17.

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ALL InvestComics Hot Picks mobile videos.

Buy/Bid – Daredevil #26

Buy/Bid – Daredevil #26

Buy/Bid – Daredevil #254

Buy/Bid – Walking Dead #171










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It’s no secret Venom has dominated much of the Marvel universe within the last year or so. We’re not going to recommend to anyone to buy Amazing Spider-Man #300 (first full Venom) because not only is that an obvious book to try and have in your collection, it’s idiotic to recommend it. That said, Venomverse #1 will release this week and next week and maybe the week after with all of its reprints. Yes, it will sell out and no it won’t be worth jack in the aftermarket. Well, not really, lets explain. The regular Venomverse #1 cover will be the least of anyone’s interest. It’s the Todd McFarlane variant that will peak the interest, as it has in the past already when Marvel pulled off the McFarlane variant. It’s also the dozen or so ‘rare/ratio’ covers that will also peak the interest. Venom is hot right now obviously and if you didn’t know or see this coming, well you’re on the wrong side of the speculation business. You’re not a speculation guru if you were telling everyone to buy the first appearance of Venom……you should always buy the first appearance of Venom. Period.
Venomverse #1 also features the first appearance of ‘Poisons’.
Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.
The best part of the Venomverse series (event) is the heads up we have given our readers for months now. One of these Venom mash-ups are bound to break out and when it does, you should be on top of their first appearance. The recommendations from InvestComics for months regarding Edge of Venomverse may finally pay dividends down the line somewhere. Even the past Venom mash-ups must be on your radar, which we covered too.
Also from Marvel this week will be Venomverse: War Stories #1. This comic and series will be exactly what we just spoke about in the last paragraph, but better. Better because Marvel knows where to cash in and they’re taking full advantage of it. They know fans love Venom and they love mash-ups, so why not cook up some short stories on possible characters that have not been mashed with Venom yet? Marvel Venomize’s Rocket Raccoon in this issue. Has he been Venomized yet? We don’t recall, please let us know without being a fanboy about it. If not, this is a first right out of the gate.
…..And ONE more Venomized first; Venomized Omega Red on the cover of X-Men Gold #11.

Buy/Bid – Venomverse #1

Buy/Bid – Venomverse War Stories #1

Buy/Bid – X-Men Gold #11

Buy/Bid – Astonishing X-Men #3










Marvel will fill in a little time gap between Star Wars The Force Awakens and Star Wars The Last Jedi with the release of Journey to Star Wars The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma #1. This will be the hottest Star Wars book since we first met Doctor Aphra in Darth Vader’s book. Captain Phasma’s first solo series will not be the last we see of the character, this will be only the beginning. Think modern day Boba Fett and you get the idea of the possible magnitude this character may have. So with that said, one may wonder where Phasma first appeared. That would be in Poe Dameron #2. This comic is cover price in the aftermarket and sitting in some dollar bins right now. Not for long……
The new Daredevil #26 comic may have a first appearance in it. Keep an eye out on this one. It will be hard to miss this issues Tom Lyle Typhoid Mary Venomized (first Typhoid Mary Venom?) variant though, so it won’t be that hard to ‘miss’ anything. The cover alone will have eyeballs on it. Typhoid Mary first appeared in Daredevil #254 (1988).
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Ironheart meets with Iron Man in Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart #1. Written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Marco Rudy.
We don’t usually discuss any comic book covers in our Hot Picks (except for Daredevil #26 earlier), we save that for our ‘Best Comic Covers’ (eye candy) article, but once in a while we have to point out something cool. Ed McGuinness gives the fan a quick Wolverine history lesson on the Astonishing X-Men #3 cover. Ed’s cover sees a a young Wolverine, Weapon X, X-Men Wolverine, Old Man Logan and then his remains. Very neat and creative. Thank you Mr. McGuinness.

Buy/Bid – Captain Phasma #1

Buy/Bid – Poe Dameron #2

Buy/Bid – Iron Man & Ironheart #1

Buy/Bid – Star Wars Adventures #1










InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
There will be no doubt, the hottest indie on new comic book Wednesday will be The Walking Dead #171. The introduction/first appearance of ‘Princess’. This is called putting juice back into a book that needs it. Not saying Walking Dead is a dead (no pun intended) book, but it’s about that time this series need a jolt again. What’s been hot the last few years? The female leads, insert a NEW female character into a hot series and BAM, you have a hot book everyone is talking about.
Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.
Marvel Comics has brought the Star Wars comic lure to a new creative level ever since getting the rights back to publish. They have done such a great job bringing in new fans and satisfying old fans. However, this week IDW Publishing prints a new all ages Star Wars comic; Star Wars Adventures #1. Now if this was a new Marvel release, collectors would be all over it. Since this is an IDW print, we will see if the bar has been set too high and if IDW can/will reach it. We say give it a shot, it’s Star Wars, nuff said. Writer Cavan Scott and artist Derek Charm.

One certainty within the indie comics market is this; a debut comic from Black Mask, After Shock Comics and Oni Comics usually have a habit of selling out. This week Made Men #1 from Oni Press will do just that….sell out. Writer Paul Tobin with artist Arjuna Susini.
One of the hottest downloaded mobile games in history gets its own comic book. Fruit Ninja #1 (Dynamite Entertainment). Will this equate to comic sales? Maybe. Will it equate to a sell out? Maybe. Will it equate to an aftermarket bump? Maybe. What we’re saying is that history has shown us that because a video game or mobile game sells billions, it does not mean the comic book will. 9.9 out of 10 times, it won’t. But it is Fruit Ninja and it does look bad as*. Written by Nathan Cosby and art by Ruairi Coleman.
Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.
Zenescope Entertainment introduces a character/hero book this Wednesday; Black Sable #1. Written by Joe Brusha.
New from Titans Books; The Evil Within #1 & The Girl Who Played With Fire #1, written by Sylvain Runberg and art by Jose Homs.

Black Sable #1

Made Men #1

The Evil Within #1

Girl Who Played Fire #1

Buy/Bid – Fruit Ninja #1








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New Comics #491

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A weekly video look at the covers from the weekly InvestComics Hot Picks article. New comics arriving 9/6/17. Please utilize your common sense and READ the article to see why these covers are in this video –> InvestComics Hot Picks #491. This is NOT an explanation video, just eye candy. READ…’s good for you.

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Female Comic Characters – Checklist 1


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With the influx of female characters making their way into the comic book medium these days, with lots of thanks to Disney (Marvel) making it so that the female character shows more of a “character side” as they have never before, we wanted to make sure to recognize some of the keys players. We completely understand that female characters have been around since the inception of comic books (no need for a history lesson, stop typing that email or Facebook post), but there is a movement happening in the past few years to the likes we have never really seen in case you haven’t realized it. Disney put a female lead in its new Star Wars movie, now the next Star Wars movie (Rouge One) will ALSO be a female lead. They know what they’re doing and their comics are following the same guidelines. So as is everyone else in the comic book industry. Much like what always happens with InvestComics and everyone following us or emulating. We’re flattered though. Like Disney.

Listed below are some new comics, some old comics and characters WE like. This will be the first installment of more Female character checklist to come. Of course we will in FACT not have some of your favorites here, but all in due time. Relax. Just breathe. Deep breaths. No emails, no Facebook post, Tweets, Instagram notes. Breathe……breathe.

Female Comic Characters – Checklist

Daredevil #111

Daredevil #111 – Click To Buy/Bid

Daredevil #254

Daredevil #254 – Click To Buy/Bid

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 – Click To Buy/Bid

Howard The Duck #1

Howard The Duck #1 – Click To Buy/Bid










Daredevil #111 (2008) – The first appearance of Lady Bullseye. Ed Brubaker writes, and an awesome Marco Djurdjevic cover.

Daredevil #254 (1988) – An InvestComics favorite throughout the years. Typhoid Mary’s first appearance. John Romita Jr art and cover, Ann Nocenti writes.

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 (2015) – Gwenpool’s first ever appearance (cover only WITH name “Gwenpool”)
Howard The Duck #1 (2016) – Gwenpool appears on the cover and “inside” the comic. Some say this particular comic is her first appearance. We disagree.

Iron Man #10

Iron Man #10 – Click To Buy/Bid

Amazing Spider-Man #1

Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Click To Buy/Bid

Amazing Spider-Man #4

Amazing Spider-Man #4 – Click To Buy/Bid

Captain Marvel #14

Captain Marvel #14 – Click To Buy/Bid

Iron Man #10 (2009) – First appearance of Rescue (Pepper Potts). Writer Matt Fraction, art and cover by Salvador Larroca. Didn’t use the name “Rescue” until Iron Man #14.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014) – First Cindy Moon, A.K.A. Silk. Dan Slott writes. Humberto Ramos pencils.
Amazing Spider-Man #4 (2014) – First appearance of Silk. Dan Slott writes. Humberto Ramos pencils.

Captain Marvel #14 (2013) – First of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 – Click To Buy/Bid

Star Wars #5

Star Wars #5 – Click To Buy/Bid

Star Wars #6

Star Wars #6 – Click To Buy/Bid

Darth Vader #3

Darth Vader #3 – Click To Buy/Bid









Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 (2016) – First Moon Girl.

Star Wars #5 & Star Wars #6 (2015) – Cameo and first appearance of Sana Solo.

Darth Vader #3 (2015) – First Doctor Aphra.

Justice League #40

Justice League #40 – Click To Buy/Bid

Harley Quinn #16

Harley Quinn #16 – Click To Buy/Bid

Edge Of Spider-Verse #2

Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 – Click To Buy/Bid

Marvel Spotlight #32

Marvel Spotlight #32 – Click To Buy/Bid










Justice League #40 (2015) – Writer Geoff Johns scribes the first appearance of Darkseid’s Daughter; Grail.

Harley Quinn #16 (2015) – The Gang of Harley’s first appear here.

Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 (2014) – First Spider-Gwen.

Marvel Spotlight #32 (1977) – Spider-Woman’s first appearance. Jessica Drew is still around today in the Marvel Universe. Almost 40 years now. Not bad.

Invincible Iron Man #7

Invincible Iron Man #7 – Click To Buy/Bid

Thor God Of Thunder #25

Thor God Of Thunder #25 – Click To Buy/Bid

Thor #1

Thor #1 – Click To Buy/Bid

Aquaman #50

Aquaman #50 – Click To Buy/Bid










Invincible Iron Man #7 (2016) – First appearance of Tomoe.

Thor God Of Thunder #25 (2014) – Cameo of the first female Thor (Jane Foster).
Thor #1 (2014) – First Full appearance of female Thor (Jane Foster).

Aquaman #50 (2016) – First appearance of Aquawoman.

The Savage She-Hulk #1

The Savage She-Hulk #1 – Click To Buy/Bid

Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #7

Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #7 – Click To Buy/Bid

Marvel Team-Up #95

Marvel Team-Up #95 – Click To Buy/Bid








The Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980) – The very first appearance of She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters).

Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #7 (2010) – First appearance of Lady Deadpool.

Marvel Team-Up #95 (1980) – First Mockingbird appearance. Frank Miller cover.

X-Force #4

X-Force #4 – Click To Buy/Bid

New Mutants #98

New Mutants #98 – Click To Buy/Bid

Batman Adventures #12

Batman Adventures #12 – Click To Buy/Bid

Batman Harley Quinn

Batman Harley Quinn – Click To Buy/Bid





X-Force #4 (1991) – Here’s the second appearance of Domino. Why mention the second and not the first you ask? Well if you want her first appearance you’ll have to get New Mutants #98. Her first appearance is very expensive, so we wanted to recommend her second.

Batman Adventures #12 (1993) – The first Harley Quinn (non DC continuity)
Batman Harley Quinn (1999) – First Harley Quinn in the DC Unverse.

Avenging Spider-Man #9

Avenging Spider-Man #9 – Click To Buy/Bid

Catwoman #23

Catwoman #23 – Click To Buy/Bid

Catwoman #24

Catwoman #24 – Click To Buy/Bid

NYX #3

NYX #3 – Click To Buy/Bid

Avengers #144

Avengers #144 – Click To Buy/Bid









Avenging Spider-Man #9 (2012) – First Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.

Catwoman #23 & Catwoman #24 (2013) – Cameo and first appearance of Joker’s Daughter.

NYX #3 (2004) – First appearance of Laura Kinney (X-23), A.K.A. All New Wolverine.

Avengers #144 (1976) – First Hellcat. George Perez art. Gil Kane cover. Nuff said.


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Bullseye – Checklist


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Below is a checklist of Bullseye comics; first appearances, key issues, and other books. There WILL BE MISSED books here. It’s okay, no one will get hurt or die. Please read the disclaimer!! If you think there is a comic(s) that did not make this list, please feel free to weigh in below or let us know on one of our many social media outlets.

Bullseye Checklist

Daredevil #131 (1976) – The first appearance of Bullseye. Art by Klaus Janson and words by Marv Wolfman.

Daredevil #132 (1976) – The second appearance of Bullseye.

Daredevil #141 (1977) – Early Bullseye appearance. Pencils from legend Gil Kane.

Daredevil #159 (1979) – Frank Miller pencils Bullseye for the first time and boy does Frankie have plans for him.

Daredevil 131

Daredevil #131 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 132

Daredevil #132 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 141

Daredevil #141 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 159

Daredevil #159 – Click to Buy/Bid










Daredevil #160 (1979) – The very next issue we get the first Bullseye cover (in costume) from Miller.

Daredevil #169 (1981) – It only took Miller a few issues after he starting writing the Daredevil series to work Bullseye in. The first time Bullseye gets the Miller treatment (writer).

Daredevil #170 (1981) – The Kingpin makes his first appearance ever in a Daredevil comic. Frank Miller had a vision and it worked. Bullseye appears for the first time with Kingpin.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay. A new tab will open, so don’t fret you will not lose your place here.

Daredevil #181 (1982) – One of the most iconic comic books in history here, the Death of Elektra. The Daredevil Netflix series will have Elektra joining the cast and this comic story is bound to make it to the show. When it does, watch as this overprinted awesome comic commands some ridiculous aftermarket monies. If you do not own this comic by now, you should get it.

Daredevil 160

Daredevil #160 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 169

Daredevil #169 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 170

Daredevil #170 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 181

Daredevil #181 – Click to Buy/Bid










What If #35 (1982) – A few months after knocking off Elektra, Marvel immediately went to the well and made this comic. They already knew they struck a cord with comic fans and were cashing in. See they’ve been doing this for years! Frank Miller writes and pencils this alternate universe story. Oh and legend Steve Ditko pencils the first appearance of the Cat People in another story. No really, we’re not making that up.

Daredevil #197 (1983) – Yuriko (later becomes Lady Deathstryke) makes her first appearance. Bullseye appearance.

Daredevil #200 (1983) – A classic John Byrne/Terry Austin cover.

Alpha Flight #34 (1986) – Bullseye finally steps away from the Daredevil comic. His first appearance outside a DD comic is in this Alpha Flight comic. Alpha Flight? Odd. He’s not on the cover though.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay. A new tab will open, so don’t fret you will not lose your place here.

What if Elektra Had Lived 35

What if #35 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 197

Daredevil #197 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 200

Daredevil #200 – Click to Buy/Bid

Alpha Flight 34

Alpha Flight #34 – Click to Buy/Bid










What If…#2 (1989) – “What If Daredevil had killed Kingpin?” Here’s a unique book. It’s Greg Capullo’s first professional work (outside of FantaCo and Pocket Comics). 5 years before he ever touched the Batman character.

Daredevil #284 (1990) – Bullseye appears with Typhoid Mary for the first time.

Daredevil #286 (1990) – Greg Capullo fills in for this one issue.

Punisher #101 (1995) – Bullseye’s first appearance in a Punisher book.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay. A new tab will open, so don’t fret you will not lose your place here.

What if 2

What if #2 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 284

Daredevil #284 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 286

Daredevil #286 – Click to Buy/Bid

Punisher 101

Punisher #101 – Click to Buy/Bid










Punisher #102 (1995) – Nothing more here then a ridiculously cool Bullseye cover from Frank Teran. There was also a low print run on this book, making it higher priced in the aftermarket.

Elektra #1 (1996) – Mike Deodato pencils Elektra in her first monthly book. Bullseye appears.

Deadpool #16 (1998) – Bullseye’s first time appearing with Deadpool.

Daredevil #4 (1999) – Here’s issue number four in the Joe Quesada Daredevil run featuring a Bullseye appearance.

punisher 102

Punisher #102 – Click to Buy/Bid

Elektra 1

Elektra #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

Deadpool 16

Deadpool #16 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 4

Daredevil #4 – Click to Buy/Bid










Daredevil #5 (1999) – Bullseye kills Karen Page.

Bullseye: Greatest Hits #1 (2004) – The origin of Bullseye. This is a great series to own if you’re a collector or a Bullseye fan.

Punisher vs. Bullseye #1 (2006) – A fantastic 5 part series comic series.

Thunderbolts #110 (2007) – Bullseye joins the all new Thunderbolts team. Written by Warren Ellis and art by Mike Deodato.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay. A new tab will open, so don’t fret you will not lose your place here.

Daredevil 5

Daredevil #5 – Click to Buy/Bid

Bullseye Greatest Hits 1

Bullseye Greatest Hits #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

Punisher vs Bullseye

Punisher vs Bullseye – Click to Buy/Bid

Thunderbolts 110

Thunderbolts #110 – Click to Buy/Bid










Amazing Spider-Man #568 (2008) – Artist John Romita Jr and writer Dan Slott manage to work Bullseye into this huge epic story line.

Daredevil #111 (2008) – Bullseye appears in the introduction comic of Lady Bullseye.

Moon Knight #22 (2008) – The first time Bullseye appears in a Moon Knight title.

Hit Monkey #1 (2010) – Bullseye appearance.

Daredevil Black and White #1 (2010) – A one shot featuring art from Jason Latour. Bullseye appearance.

Shadowland Bullseye #1 (2010) – Writer John Layman….nuff said.

Amazing Spider-Man 568

Amazing Spider-Man #568 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 111

Daredevil #111 – Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil Black and White 1

Daredevil Black and White #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

Hit Monkey 1

Hit Monkey #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

Moon Knight 22

Moon Knight #22 – Click to Buy/Bid

Shadowland Bullseye 1

Shadowland Bullseye #1 – Click to Buy/Bid








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InvestComics Hot Picks Special: Speculating Marvel Comics – B Sides

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

Within the speculators market there is one driving force behind it these day. Well actually three. One; movies, two; television, and three; rumors.

On this site throughout the years collectors would find some obscure character first appearances, their origin appearances, or maybe even their untimely departure issue. What about those whacked out characters? Got me thinking, with Hollywood and the television networks all vying for/searching for that “next” best thing within the comic book realm, why not put together a list of characters that could one day see the light of day? Well honestly, most of these dudes and dude- ette’s will probably NEVER see the light of day, but hey did anyone ever think 20 years ago that we’d see a gun touting manic raccoon on screen? There are also some very obvious suggestions in this article too. 

Before proceeding, not only will this article be all over the place, I need to point out that SOME of THESE comics hold absolutely no redeeming value other than my own meandering speculation views, personal favorite’s and just flat out fun of mere mentioning them. Take this with a grain of salt and please have fun along with me!

[scrollGallery id=341]

Let’s start with an obvious pick that has been eluding every comic book fan of its return since 1986. The series started in 1979. Rom ran for 7 years and boy was it a fun ride. So much so that there are petitions set out there asking for the return of Rom. The character most certainly has a very large appeal, but will the cult favorite ever make it out of doldrums of hiatus hell status from Hasbro? Here’s the thing folks, If Disney NOT Marvel ever decide Rom equals potential financial gain, it WILL get done. So can Disney wrestle away Rom from Hasbro? Disney will get their way if they want Rom…..they always do.

There are exactly 4 very key issues within the 75 issue run. Rom #1, Rom #’s 1718 (both X-Men appearance with Frank Miller covers), and Rom #75 (The final low print issue of the series). These are the 4 comics to grab within this series. Very affordable, very appealing, and it’s Rom.

In 2007, an unthinkable, unimaginable, the unfathomable happened. Captain America died! It made national news and it was a shockingly sad time within the comic book fandom. During his untimely death the rumors ran rampant as to who would take over the reins and don the shield. How many remember some comic fans bringing up Frank Castles’ name? Although a time for mourning, there were some funny suggestions as to who should take the mantle. One name in particular made the most sense, but Marvel didn’t give into to it. At the time of Rogers’ departure, American Eagle was appearing in the pages of a few comics. American Eagle is a native American and it would have made so much sense to have him don the shield for a while. Well it didn’t happen. Maybe one of the Captain America movies will have American Eagle become the next big Native American hero since……Tonto?? There is an influx of African American/female/foreign characters leading the way. Why not focus on an American Indian? Why not have a character that represents the foundations of America a mainstay within the Marvel Universe? Well if you’re a believer that Disney (who’s no stranger to the native American culture) will someday put American Eagle front and center then look for Marvel Two-In-One Annual #6 (1981) for his first appearance.


Staying on topic a bit here, there has been so much talk of a Black Panther movie but nothing concrete has solidified the rumors….yet. Although the talks of this movie happening has really sparked interest in an already collectable comic; Fantastic Four #52 (1966), Black Panthers first appearance, the collector still has some time to get this comic before the comic really takes off. The Jack Kirby comic is not only the first appearance, but it’s also the first African American super-hero ever.  Once the official announcement from Marvel Studios comes, Fantastic Four #52 will see an instant spike. Then the announcement of who will play him, another spike, then the first tease of the costume, another spike, well you get the idea. Buy this comic now if you can. You’ll be very happy you did.

How about some other very cool African American characters other than Luke Cage and Blade? One that  was talk of a television show that never panned out? Brother Voodoo! He first appeared in Strange Tales #169 (1973). How about Dagger from the awesome Cloak & Dagger team? How amazing would a Marvel film be featuring Cloak & Dagger? A collector can scoop up their first appearance for mega cheap if you shop around. Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (1982) gives readers a first look at this team. Check out the limited series from 1984 as well. 

Also on the movie front we have Doctor Strange rumored, but almost certain to be part of the next phase. Besides the Doc’s first appearance and Dr. Strange #169 (his REAL number one and first solo comic) which are obvious pick ups, Dr. Strange’s main adversary is the one to go after! The villain will only command aftermarket bonuses up until a few months before the release of the movie, you’re looking at a long term investment book you’ll need to dump at the right time. Otherwise the market will correct itself and you’ll either break even or lose on the deal. Strange Tales #126 (1964) could be one to pick up now. The comic gives us a first look at Dormammu. Will this be the villain Marvel goes with in the new Strange movie? Who knows? My bet is they go right here.

How about one more Strange Tales comic to check out? Strange Tales #89 (1961) features the first appearance of Fin Fang Foom. With the new Fantastic Four movie cast just released and Galactus probably getting his proper due on screen, this villain would be cool to have as an alternative go to if Fox decides NOT to go with the big purple guy.


When will Mephisto make his movie appearance? It has to happen eventually right? Well until it does, be sure to seek out and buy Silver Surfer #3 (1968).

How about touching on the Marvel Cosmo’s? Please note (regular visitors to InvestComics have heard this before!) that the entire Marvel Cosmic Universe speculation market hinges on the success or failure of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. If the movie does well at the box office, more Marvel cosmo to come, it fails, the end of the Marvel cosmo movement. It’s a rather simple equation. Captain Marvel #26 (1973) brings us Death’s first appearance. Thor #225 (1974) is Firelord’s first appearance. Giant-Sized Defenders #3 features the first look at Korvac. Marvel Man changes his name to Quasar, thus creating the first appearance of Quasar in The Incredible Hulk #234 (1979).

A group by the name U-Foes first appears in The Incredible Hulk #254 (1980). They are so unusual and so cool at the same time. Another team that commands some serious attention came onto the scene in 1979 by the name Alpha Flight. Uncanny X-Men #120; John Byrne, Terry Austin, Chris Claremont, and the first appearance of Alpha Flight. What more does one need here? Well anyone who is a regular InvestComics visitor knows that Alpha Flight has been on the radar here for years and will continue to be. There is no reason to not speculate that this team will never see screen time. I for one believe they will. They can very easily be transcribed to film. They are a team that would dominate as the X-Men have on film. It will happen folks someday, get this valuable comic now. And also get the mega overprinted Alpha Flight #1 (1983). 

Back to The Hulk. Planet Hulk…..first and foremost you’d want to get the very beginning’s of the Planet Hulk saga. This can be found in The Incredible Hulk #88 (2006) and New Avengers: IIIuminati one shot (2006). Of course you’d go grab the Planet Hulk saga comics as a whole, but getting The Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) is a must. This issue introduces Hulks wife (deceased) Caiera. Caiera is an intricate part of the Planet Hulk storyline because the World War Hulk storyline introduces their son Skaar. Skaar would most definitely appear in a Planet Hulk/World War Hulk movie. Not only would he appear, but Skaar would be the prize comic for the speculator. What If? Planet Hulk #1 (2007) is the first appearance of Skaar and is without a doubt the next BIG comic when and if Marvel does a phase 3 with the Hulk being the centerpiece. Writer Greg Pak created the entire Planet Hulk universe, so he will be in much demand. I hope he gets a consult gig if Marvel Studios goes with this.

Speaking of an Avenger, how about Winter Soldier appearing in the new Cap movie? Sweet huh? Here’s a nugget you may have already heard or maybe not. The actor playing Winter Solider (Sebastian Stan) signed on with Marvel Studios for 9 films. Yes NINE films. Crazy right? Well why not stay on the crazy train here? How about Winter Solider takes the mantle from Captain America in Cap 3 as U.S. Agent? U.S. Agent first appeared as Super-Patriot in Captain America #323 (1986) and as the U.S. Agent in Captain America #354 (1989). What if Marvel Studios go down the route of Nomad? Captain America first dons the Nomad costume in Captain America #180 (1974). Edward Ferbel was the second Nomad in Captain America #261 (1981). The third installment of Nomad (Jack Monroe) and probably the winning book for the Nomad speculation cause is Captain America #282 (1983). Jack Monroe went on to spawn a limited series (which is also one to get) and a regular series that lasted 25 issues. I won’t speak about the fourth Nomad, a female version character that failed miserably.

Hey wouldn’t it be great if Marvel Studios ever challenged DC/Warner Bros. In releasing their version of Superman? How about Sentry? He first appeared in the self titled Sentry #1 (2000). Wow this would be fantastic wouldn’t it?

If you’re been checking out the most recent InvestComics Hot Picks, you will know that I have been talking about the Marvel UK resurgence. In no way is the resurgence happening by mistake. Marvel/Disney are probably testing the market for the first major movie/animation starring a Marvel UK character. Captain Britain would be an obvious first choice, but it’s way too close to the Captain America lure. So where to go next? How about Union Jack? Check out the Invaders comics #’s 7 (1976), #8 (1976), and #20 (1977) for the key Union Jack comics. Also Captain America #254 (1981).

You know who would be great fun to see in a film. Maybe as a team member; Jack of Hearts. The colors in his costume are so vibrant that it would just pop on screen. The red heart on his left eye, the blue, yellow, and red costume….all good in my book! Check out his first appearance in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #23 (1976). Also check out his four issue limited series from 1984.

Staying with the “colorful” characters, how about picking up Adventure Into Fear with Man-Thing # 19 (1973). This comic gives collectors the first look at Howard the Duck. Remember that bad movie from 1986? How awesome would it be to have Howard revisited by Marvel/Disney? Yes, this needs to get done.

You know what also needs to get done? How about a Machine Man film? Machine Man was created by Jack ‘King’ Kirby in 1976’s 2001: A Space Odyssey #8. Jack ‘King’ Kirby had his hands all over this creation. The only thing he is not credited on is the Inking and coloring. A fantastic book to have in your collection.

Black Widow may lead the charge as the first Big Budget female hero on screen. So how about we look at some female characters that should get some more play in your spec collection.

Amazing Spider-Man #209 features the first appearance of Calypso. Todd McFarlane brought back Calypso during his solo Spider-Man run, but she hasn’t really been a factor since. What time than the present to change that?

Typhoid Mary really needs more playtime in the Marvel Universe. She’s too good of a character to be forgotten about or thrown into meaningless story lines. Marvel needs to revisit what made her work back in the late 80’s. Typhoid’s debut came in Daredevil #254 (1988). Typhoid will probably appear in the new Daredevil netflix show too.

Hellcat has made many appearances over the years, but never seems to garner the attention she should get. Check out Avengers #144 (1976) for the first appearance of Hellcat.

As previously mentioned, Daredevil will be getting his own netflix series. I’m making a call right here that you will hear HERE first. Echo will be the female go to in the series. How do I know this? A hunch. I’ve been right before. I’ve also been wrong before too! The hunch points to Echo for me and Echo’s first is in Daredevil (vol. 2) #9 (1999).

Tabitha (Boom-Boom) like Hellcat has appeared in so many comics over the years, but you’d be hard pressed to even know what her first appearance book is. That book would be Secret Wars II #5 (1985).

Well that’s it for this installment. Look for DC, Image, and more Marvel ‘B’ side comic picks coming your way.


Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 2/5/14

30474_20120422194521_largeIt’s Superbowl Sunday 2014. The NFL’s first appearance in a big market company came in 1991’s NFL SuperPro #1 from Marvel Comics. Creators attached were Nicieza, Delbo, DeCarlo, Frenz, Sinnott, and Legend John Romita Sr. Nice line up right? And a Spidey appearance! Too bad the comic is pediatrics office material. If anything, it was a fun comic!

One particular comic really has our attention this week. No it’s definitely not Ms. Marvel #1, more on her in a bit. But the comic that has our ears peered up is Marvel Knights Spider-Man (2013) #5. Not only does this issue possess a very cool cover from Marco Rudy, but a history making comic here folks! Well that’s according to Marvel, so we’ll take this with a grain of salt. Curiosity does have the best of us here though. The issue promises “….the craziest two page spread in comic book history!” Yes, you read that right. Now Marvel must deliver. What do you think? Will they? Take it off the shelf and take a looksee.

DC will be milking the recent success of Jokers Daughter with the release of Batman Joker’s Daughter (2014) #1. The character still remains a mysterious one as does the speculation market. As DC rams the character down our throats, look for pricing across the board to level off……a lot. Simply put, too much of a good thing is never good. Holding back a bit on the Jokers Daughter would help the speculative market immensely. Giving a steady diet is what the doctor should order here, but we know that’s not going to happen. DC will beat this character to death to the point no one will care about her. A perfect example of this would be the Lobo character back in the day. Of course it’s happened countless times since then, but Lobo was so hot at one time and then just sort of faded away because of the overkill. Deadpool comes to mind too. Marvel released a new number one issue last week with “Deadpool” in the title and retailers are probably trying to figure out a way to give them away at this point. Too much of a good thing is not always good.

[scrollGallery id=333]

Case in point with Punisher (2014 10th Series) #1 and Ms. Marvel (2014 3rd Series) #1. Punisher was in that same boat at one time, appearing in every single comic imaginable. Frank Castle even teamed up with Archie at one point. Although his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974) is a steady book, it’s become a “slow” steady book. Still a good investment, but you’ll have to wait a while for any sort of real return on that comic. A good hold book these days.

You know what Carol, Sharon, Karla, Deidre, and Kamala all have in common? They were all Ms. Marvel’s at one time. Now with Marvel’s latest Ms. Marvel #1 they are doing what any normal business model would do and that’s a money grab. Nothing wrong with making money right? But when it comes at the expense of selling an ethnicity, it’s a bit disappointing. Marvel did the same exact thing with Miles, an African American Spider-Man. Marvel can spin it anyway they’d like, but they got what they wanted and that’s major press on that announcement.  The same holds for the press they received on the new Ms. Marvel. Yes she’s Muslim. She’s the first Muslim Super-Hero ever in the Marvel Universe. Why must we go down this road again exactly? Money, yes that’s right. All this being said, Captain Marvel #14 (2013), the first appearance of Kamala Khan and the Ms. Marvel #1 issue will reward nicely in the aftermarket because of the ridiculous hyperbole surrounding it. Do not, I repeat, do not think holding onto this comic will bring bigger fortunes down the road. It will not. Marvel will realize after a 12 issue run or so, with slumping sales, they’ll cancel the series and Ms. Marvel, no matter what race will go back to being that third rate character……in turn leaving you with a bunch of worthless comics.

Let me clarify one thing though. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a having an African American or Muslim super-hero. Why not just do it without the fanfare? Exploiting a superheroes ethnicity, sexuality (gay), and or any other human element for a mere profit instead of awareness is not educational but a lack of judgment of making these superheroes to be “different” and not within the fabric of society as everyday people, but outsiders. I like to think we’re better than this.

Marvel throws another Wolverine #1 (relaunch) at us. Number 5 for those keeping score at home. Wolverine (2014 5th Series) #1 will be as big a bore as it’s expected to be. He’s holding a gun on the cover. Wow. Loki brings the same sentiments here with Loki Agent Of Asgard (2014) #1. This cover is a huge bore, sorry Jenny Frison, but you’ve done much better.

In X-Men (2013) 3rd Series #10 we will see the recruitment of two female characters, Typhoid Mary and the Enchantress. Typhoid Mary’s first appearance in Daredevil #254 (1988) was a hot commodity at one time. Nowadays you can probably find this comic in the 50 cent long boxes. Still a very cool book to own if you don’t already. Journey Into Mystery #103 features the first appearance of the Enchantress. Jack “King” Kirby is all over this comic. A must own.

Captain America (2012 7th Series) #16 will focus on Jet Black once again. Her first appearance happened way way back in Captain America #1 of this series.

Superior Carnage gets his own annual this week; Superior Carnage (2013) Annual #1. Looks like a great read, check it out.

Ghost Solider will be making their presence known again in Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #28 this week. Check out the first appearance a couple of issue prior in #26.

Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #28 will be one of those cool flip issues, with Red Lanterns #28. All that with a $2.99 price tag.

One of the best buys this week has to go out to Turok Dinosaur Hunter (2014 Dynamite) #1. Definitely get one of the higher end variants to flip. As always a CGC signature series (9.8 or higher) will fetch the most bucks. Look for a sellout on this book and a spike in the Valiant series from 1993. And no you’re not seeing double, the Dynamite cover pays homage to the Valiant series. At least we hope Dynamite relates that someplace, otherwise it’s a ripoff.

If you’re looking for a bunch of first appearances in one comic this week, check out Sonic Universe (2009) #60. And also check out the new comic from Image Comics Apocalypse Al (2014) #1. Writer J. Michael Straczynski on this one, a sure sellout, and you better get your hands on this one.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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The Female Hero on the Big Screen







Hollywood has been missing the boat on an entire genre.

Where are all the women at???

(Originally published on April 1, 2008)

Hollywood seems to have either a discrimination suit waiting for them or they simply think that females could not draw the bucks at the theaters. We’ll take the latter. The track record unfortunately speaks for itself. Catwoman was an absolute disaster, Elektra was very surface driven with no character development, Supergirl is a cult favorite that fell flat on its face and do we really need to say anything about BarbWire?

InvestComics is about to give everyone a heads up. Sit back, relax and read on…..
Most comic movies coming out today are entertaining and are commanding fanboy’s attention. While the majority of the movies are good, some of them just completely miss. Directors are learning as they go along what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to putting those comic book  panels on the screen. We as fans get to either suffer or enjoy the end products. More often than not (lately) the comic movies are getting better. So if the scripts, special effects and commitments are getting better, why no big budget female heroes in their own solo film? Why is it that we as fans do not get our favorite females heroes (or villains) in solo movies?
The lists of possible female heroes/villains are endless as are the males and teams. Not everyone can agree on the lady they’d like to see, but you do have the usual suspects; Wonder Woman, Power Girl and Supergirl (hmmm…..DC rules this department). While these would make great films today, it’s just a wee bit difficult to ask our collectors to get any of the first appearances because of the price tag and no buzz, then again this would be the perfect time to get these books! So if you can afford these comics, without a doubt get them! It’ll cost a small fortune, but a very healthy BUY.
So lets have some fun and look at some possible females to take command of the silver screen. We’ll list the first appearances and the price tag attached to them. While some might be a bit high, all we can say is that when Hollywood finally realizes that there is another gender out there that does exist (given the right script) and backing, the female hero will be HUGE. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
InvestComics has compiled a very short list of some of YOUR request and our picks. These are some of the ladies you need to be looking out for before Hollywood wises up a bit.
It took Hollywood 70 years to realize that comic books can make for huge profits on the big screen if done right. We hope it won’t take another 70 to realize you have some awesome female characters that need screen time too.


Uncanny X-Men #130. 1st appearance of Dazzler. Current Value $15.







Daredevil #254. 1st appearance of Typhoid Mary. Current Value $3.







Danger Girl #1. Danger Girl Preview Exclusive (1 of a Bazillion covers)

Current Value $7.






193-2Uncanny X-Men #193. 1st Firestar. Current Value $5.


Legion of Super-Heroes #298. 1st Amethyst. Current Value $1!






Showcase 96 #3. 1st Birds of Prey. Current Value $9.


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz