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There are certainties in life. There is birth, taxes (in most places), death, Sofia Vergara, and Archie Comics.

Pep_Comics_22_First_Archie_First_Betty_InvestComicsInvestComics has always been a big supporter of Archie Comics Publications. Back in 2009 we had a chance to speak with one of the premiere artist within the AC line; Dan Parent. And in more recent times, this past September 2014 we spoke to Alex Segura; Senior Vice President of Publicity/Marketing.

Some may disagree, but if you ask your spouse, girlfriend, best friends, sister, grandfather, grandmother or aunts and uncles who Deadpool is, they may give you that blank stare and shrug their shoulders; “I don’t know.” Ask these same family members or people, “you know who Archie is” and the response will probably be either one or two ways. “Archie who?” The question with a question would be as if you’re speaking of a friend or family member. Now give those same people the clue that don’t know your line of questioning, you say “comic books?” The overwhelming response is immediate. “Oh oh yeah, that red headed dude with the girlfriends. Yeah I know that guy”.

So what’s the point here? Simple actually. A real comic book collector knows what the point is here, but lets first talk about the Fanboy response for a minute, the close minded/I only know super-heroes ones. The fanboy cringes as though someone scraped their knuckles across a blackboard when “Archie” is mentioned anywhere. Already the fanboy is disgusted they have made it this far into the article reading about Archie and will either A: leave now or B: stay because they yearn to escape the fanboy vortex they so desire to get out of. For those who do not know about Archie Comics or those who are willing to educate themselves a little bit, stick around. There are some pretty heavy investments to seriously consider coming up in a little bit as well as some fantastic reading material too.
Archie Comics and the Archie characters are as timeless as they come. More so than any Wolverine, Deadpool or Nightwing character will ever be. DC Comics has been around for 80 years (including when they were National Allied Publications). Marvel Comics has been around for 75 years (Including when they were Timely Comics). Archie Comics has been around for almost 75 years. Archie began their company as MLJ. It wasn’t until the late 1950’s did they adopt the name Archie Comics Publications. Through changes aplenty including being a publicly held company, lawsuits, a failed imprint; Red Circle Comics, to even more lawsuits, the company has endured its fair share of ups and downs to say the least. There are so many moving parts to their history that it simply cannot be covered here. Of course, hopefully many of you reading this will head on over to the internet to find out more details on this fabulous company.

Archie Comics is on the verge, the cusp of busting loose in so many ways it’s going to be unbelievable to the average comic collector. Especially the ones that think Archie Comics are for kids or for girls (The fanboy). That type of thinking is not only the most naive thought process, it’s as uneducated as it comes. In recent years Archie has not only stepped up the way their product/brand appears as far as marketing and art, but their story lines include an adult rated zombie series, the death of Archie, The birth of children, a handicapped character, the marriage of major players, introductions of new characters including a gay character named Kevin Keller, and so on and so on.

Recently, Archie Comics announced a major redesign of their entire universe. They also announced new areas of exploration which includes; television, movie, and merchandising. An imprint named Dark Circle Comics will also debut in 2015. And in addition to that exciting news, a relaunch of Archie Comics starting from number one! What a way to celebrate right?!

With all of the great things happening for quite some time now and the future for Archie Publications, it’s probably a good time to get a checklist together. A checklist that only InvestComics can deliver. We have given fans the most extensive comic book checklist on the internet. We’ve had Batman, Spider-Man, Avengers, Hulk, Superman, and Walking Dead just to name a few. Now we will cover Archie Comics! Get your wallets out because you’ll be spending some big bucks for some major players, but they will pay back majorly because of the publicity Archie and the gang are about to undertake in 2015. Wow this is going to be a huge year for them and for the speculator!

One huge takeaway from the research we did was that there are not that many graded copies of some key issues. Even some of the Bronze/Modern comics have flown under the radar. Many of the comics can be pulled out of quarter boxes or yard sales. There is potential here. A lot of it. There is so much money to possibly be made from grading/signature series, it’s almost mind-boggling. Get on this gravy ship InvestComics fans because WE are about to change things regarding the aftermarket when it comes to Archie Comics. If Archie Comics publications hits its stride in 2015 (and it will), the aftermarket will explode.

One last thing. There are and will be many Archie Comics inadvertently omitted. Understand that there is 75 years of comic books to cover here. Not every book will be hit upon. This was not done with the intent of excluding them on purpose, but a simple case of not listing it due to the complexity and range to cover. If you have an Archie Comic that YOU think is worthy of being on this list, then please by all means share it below and on our Facebook pages. Be sure to remember one thing though, when Archie Comics start up-ticking, InvestComics was the driving force in letting the speculators know about the new books to look for. Don’t be the creator of the force, but be the deliverer of the message from InvestComics. In other words, give credit where credit is do. The InvestComics team worked on this article (checklist) for all to enjoy and officially start the Archie Comics movement. Now……

Happy reading and happy hunting!

InvestComics Hot Picks Special – Archie Comics Checklist

Archie_Comics_InvestComics (1)

It begins with Archie Andrews himself. A bit of an Incredible Hulk #180 vs #181 going on here. Cameo vs first full appearance. Archie first appeared on the cover of Jackpot #4 (1941) but he also appeared in Pep #22 (1941) that same month. A copy of the Jackpot cameo (graded 9.2) in 2009 sold for $11,900. In 2014, a 2.0 graded copy sold for $5,983. The Pep #22 (graded 7.0), Archie’s first full appearance, sold for $143,400 in November 2014.

Archie Comics

Archie Comics #1 (1942) – Here’s the second appearance of Veronica. In 2011, an 8.5 copy sold for $167,300.

Archie Comics #100 (1959) – Only one reported on census. A 2.5 that sold for $22. Get a great copy and become the highest grade on census and cash in too.

Archie Comics #200 (1970) – Absolutely no graded copies on census. This comic is not celebrated on the cover as its “200th anniversary issue”. This is probably why it was never submitted, but still doesn’t matter. Get a copy and grade it.

Archie Comics #282 (2nd print) (1979) – This second print comic is a rare one within the Comic collection lure. A 9.4 graded sold for $250 in 2013. Nice deal for a comic you might find in the 25 cent bin someplace. Get high grades here speculators….


Archie Comics #300 (1981) – This celebrated anniversary comic has no graded copies on census. This comic right now is sitting either in the 50 cent bin or at a yard sale. Become the first to get a graded copy in on census! Get high grades here too speculators and cash in.

Archie Comics #400 (1992) – The same as #300. No copies graded on census. A celebrated anniversary issue. Look through those old boxes at your shop. Get high grades here speculators………

Archie Comics #500 (2000) – The new millennium saw Archie Comics hit the 500 mark in celebrated fashion. Guess what? None graded on census?! Get high grades………

Archie Comics #600 (2009) – The Archie marries Veronica, Part 1: The Proposal issue. A 4 signature 9.6 graded sold for $127 in September 2014. Imagine the demand on this comic once a television series or movie touches on this. There are also 50 Hero Initiative covers that were auctioned off. Some beauties out there!

Archie Comics #616/617 (2011) – The presidential race was between Barack Obama and John McCain. The variant covers on these Archie Comics featured the battle and friendship of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin? Yep.

Archie Comics #626 (Sketch Variant) (2012) – This comic cracks the checklist due to who is on the cover and what can be done about it. Ex New York Giant football great Michael Strahan dons the cover as Dan Parent lends his incredible talent. Since Michael does a show in New York city every day of the week and Dan is available at most comic conventions it’s a no brainier here to get these two to sign your book and get it graded. None on the census. This is an easy and awesome get.

Archie Comics #627 (2012) – Archie meets up with the rock band Kiss. A 9.6 (highest grade) signed by Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Alex Segura and Dan Parent sold for $101 in 2012. Why not do one better and get the other band mates of Kiss; Peter Criss and Ace Frehley to sign your 9.8 copy? Cha-ching.

Archie Comics #632 (2012) – Archie marries Valerie Brown. What if the television series or movie decides to take this route?

Archie Comics #633 (2012) – Archie and Valerie have a baby! The first appearance of Star Andrews.

Archie Comics #645 (2013) – A Tim Seeley variant cover! Sweet.

Archie Comics #648 (2013) – Walt Simonson variant cover! The legend does an Archie cover! Nuff said.

Archie Comics #650 (2014) – Fiona Staples variant cover! Fiona will be a huge part of the Archie relaunch. Get it signed and graded now!

Archie Comics #656 (2014) – Valerie Harper’s sister debuts. She also is the first major character that is wheelchair bound in Riverdale. Archie Comics keeps with the realism of everyday life and shows we all may be different, but we’re all a team.

Archie_Comics_InvestComics (2)

Pep Comics

Pep Comics #22 (1941) – Well this is the holy grail of Archie Comics. The Action Comics #1 if you will. The awesomeness of this comic not only contains the first appearance of Archie Andrew, but it also features the first appearance of his right hand man, his com padre, his brother; Jughead. It ALSO contains the first appearance of Betty Cooper. So not only is Pep #22 valuable for obvious reasons, but it’s a three for one deal. Find this comic book and make a deal with the dealer. Any price you negotiate will be a good one. Look for prices to steadily climb as Archie Publications start making their move. A move into every household around the world. A move into the young generation in which they will ignite a new fire to the likes we haven’t seen since Twilight did it. Be ready….

Pep Comics #26 (1942) – So it only took 4 issues for the famous threesome to begin. And the beginning of a 73 year headache for Archie! Some might even say it’s a good headache to have! The pricing seems almost comical for the rest of the Archie gang. Set to be an obvious major player too, Veronica Lodges’ first appearance goes here. The highest grade on census is a 5.0, selling for $5,150 in mid 2013. A buy right now raw. Grade it. This is an absolute bargain.

Pep Comics #31 (1942) – Veronica Lodges’ dad makes his debut. Hiram Lodge commanded $4,550 for his first appearance; An 8.0 grade in late 2014.

Pep Comics #36 (1943) – The first official Archie Comics cover. A 5.5 recently sold for $5,378.

Pep Comics #46 (1944) – Only a couple of graded issues here. The most recent 1.0 grade sold for $90. The owner of the hangout the Archie crew will be at most of the time; his first appearance; “Pops” Tate.

Pep Comics #78 (1950) – The first appearance of the smartest kid in all of Riverdale; Dilton. A 2006 9.2 graded copy sold for a mere $478. A recent sale in early 2014, 8.5 grade sold for $455. What a steal right now for that “nerd” that will probably capture the younger audience’s attention and be beloved.

Archie_Comics_InvestComics (3)

Jackpot Comics

Jackpot Comics #5 (1942) – Collectors get a glimpse of Archie’s mean pal Reggie Mantle. This is his cameo in one panel. The most recent graded copy sold for $1,933. It was a 2.0. However, back in 2003 a 9.0 copy sold for $2,128. A bargain. A very large bargain. But wait, there’s more. This comic happens to also have another first appearance. Riverdale’s teacher Waldo Weatherbee.

Jackpot Comics #6 (1942) – The first full appearance of Reggie Mantle. A 4.5 graded sold for $384 in late 2014. In 2002 an 8.5 graded sold for a mere $920. Wow what a great buy that was.

Archie_Comics_InvestComics (5)

Archie’s Pal Jughead

Number 1 (1949) – First appearance of the school bully Moose Mason. An 8.5 sold for $2,749 back in 2009.

Number 5 (1951) – First appearance of Midge Klump; Moose’s girlfriend. She first appeared in two comics at the same time. This one and Betty and Veronica #4 (1951). 8.5 is the highest grade for both of these comics on census. The Jughead sold for $455 in 2014 and the Betty/Veronica sold for $1,016 in 2012.

Archie_Comics_InvestComics (6)

Archie’s Girls: Betty and Veronica

Number 1 (1950) – A 4.0 copy sold in late 2014 for $525. The best grade (9.0) sold for $3,884 in 2006.

Number 289 (1980) – A scarce second print exist. No grades in the census.

Number 320 (1982) – First appearance of bombshell Cheryl Blossom. This key comic needs to be in your collection. A Cheryl Blossom bombshell character on television or a movie will draw a lot of attention. A 9.6 sold for $600 in 2012. Get this comic now.

Archie_Comics_InvestComics (4)

MORE KEY Archie Comics……….

Archie’s Madhouse #22 (1962) – Every click needs a witch right? Well here’s the first appearance of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. When the Archie brand takes off, this will be one of the spinoffs….I guarantee it. A 6.0 grade sold for a measly $380 in late 2014. A fantastic buy.

Archie’s Pals & Gals #23 (1962) – Another spinoff guaranteed to happen when Archie catches on. The first appearance of Josie. Yes that Josie. A 9.0 sold for $880 in 2013. This is also the first appearance of Melody; the drummer of the Pussycats.

Josie and the Pussycat’s #45 (1969) – The birth of the all girl rock band. When Archie takes off, so will this all girl group. They will, without a shadow of a doubt become a huge selling all girl rock band. This comic has so much potential upside it’s ridiculous. Probably one of if not THE Archie book on this checklist to get. A 7.0 in mid 2013 sold for $150. Only two graded in the census. Hunt this down and buy it now.

She’s Josie #1 (1963) – Josie’s own comic book. One graded copy at 6.0 sold for $52 in 2010.

Archie Giant Series Magazine #579 (1988) – When a real comic collector these days thinks of Archie Comics, they think Dan Parent. Dan is as much the responsible culprit of bringing Archie Comics to the new levels that are leading up to the entire reboot in 2015. Think of Dan as the Geoff Johns for DC. An innovator for the line. Yes Dan Parent is that important here. Always has been and always will be. Here we have one of the first works he tackled for the publication.

Wilbur #5 (1945) – The first appearance of Katy Keene. A 7.0 (highest grade) sold for $847 in mid 2014.

Archie’s Joke book Magazine #44 (1960) – Legend Neal Adams got his start right here. His first published work was for Archie Comics. Only one copy is showing on the census. A 7.5 sells for only $140 in 2013. Sweet.

Life with Archie #1 (1958) – This early number one Archie comic sold for a bargain in 2013. A 6.0 (highest grade) for $522.

Veronica #202 (2010) – Riverdale’s first and only gay character was introduced here. A book to have if the television/movie features Kevin Keller. A signature series 9.8 sold for $225 in mid 2014.

The Punisher Meets Archie (1994) – One of the first crossovers for the Archie line. A fun all around comic.

Jughead #200 (2010) – The first ever Archie Comics variant cover. A 9.8 (highest grade and only one on census) sold for $15 in 2011. Buy this now.

Archie #641 (2013) – Archie meets with the cast of Glee.

Life with Archie #37 (2014) – There are several variant covers, Alex Ross’ is awesome.

Kevin Keller #15 (2014) – A Days of Future Past variant homage cover by Phil Jimenez is fantastic.

Life with Archie #30 (2013) – An amazing Phil Jimenez variant. The new Archie relaunch may look a lot like this.

Life with Archie #36 (2014) – A Death of Archie variant by Fiona Staples. Fiona Staples will play a huge part in the new direction Archie will be going in.

Life with Archie #24 (2012) – Fiona Staples draws a variant with Josie and the Pussycats donning the cover. Fiona’s first Archie work. Get it now.

Life with Archie #36 (2014) – Adam Hughes variant is amazing.

Kevin Keller #14 (2014) – A Dark Knight homage cover from Phil Jimenez. Awesome.

Sabrina #1 (2014) – A gorgeous J. Scott Campbell Midtown variant.

Archie_Comics_InvestComics (7)

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

(Special thanks to our affiliate GPAnalysis for providing the census data)


InvestComics Hot Picks #332

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InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 8/13/14

Archie_Dark_KnightBack in 2010 Archie Comics made history. Kevin Keller was a national story. It was media frenzy. Riverdale had its first gay character. And this week, without all of the fanfare this time around, Kevin Keller is about to rewrite the books for Archie Comics once again………this time as the first gay superhero. That’s right; Kevin will don a costume as a superhero in Kevin Keller (2012 Archie) #14, thus making him Archie Comics’ first gay superhero. Kevin Keller first appeared in Veronica #202.

Want to capitalize on Kevin Keller #14? Check out the Frank Miller Dark Knight homage variant. An absolute beauty. Buy this, sign it, grade it, sell it. You’ll make some nice cash.

Amazing Spider-Man (2014 3rd Series) #5 will see the new character Silk in full force. Definitely a character you should be following.

Want to know when and where the next big Batman storyline will take place? It’ll take place this fall, but you can catch the very beginning of that major plot line this week in Batman (2011 2nd Series) #34.

Judge Dredd Anderson Psi Division (2014 IDW) #1 will probably sell out this week. It’s a new series focused on Judge Cassandra Anderson. Her first appearance was in 2000 A.D. #150 (1980). Good luck finding that one in Near Mint condition. If the Judge Dredd movie was ever to expand, Cassandra would be a good place to start.

[scrollGallery id=365]

You’ll probably be seeing a lot of Action Lab Entertainment on the shelf this Wednesday. And this is an awesome thing. Action Lab Entertainment puts out a great product and it’s just a matter of time before the company makes a severe impact on the comic book market. Three number one comics from them hit this Wednesday. And it looks like three empty spots as well if you aren’t quick enough to grab a copy of any of them. F1rst Hero (2014 Action Lab) #1 feels like the best of the bunch, but not to say that Midnight Tiger (2014 Action Lab) #1 and Southern Dog (2014 Action Lab) #1 would not be just as good. Action Lab Entertainment is arriving, don’t miss this train.


A new series from legends Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley will see some nice sales. Take a look at Tower Chronicles Dreadstalker (2014 Legendary) #0. Most likely some amazing storytelling and art.

An interesting number one issue from Boom this week; Hexed (2014 Boom) #1. Should check that one out.

Catch a new Inhuman named Flint in Inhuman (2014 Marvel) #3.


See you next week and remember to check us out on your mobile device.

Have a great week. Read and make some money too.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Super Sunday Comic Hot Picks 2-8-12

Welcome to the Super Sunday InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-8-12

Yes it’s Superbowl Sunday and it’s also time for your regular Sunday column! Included this week is a special mini gallery, but more on that shortly……Let’s check some Hot Picks first.

DC’s Suicide Squad #6 continues to sell nicely, as most of the New 52 line. This week in SS#6 the Squad needs to hunt down Harley Quinn led by team leader Deadshot. Deadshot is a very cool underrated character at times and it’s about time people stand up and take notice. Deadshot first appeared way back in 1950 in Batman #59. This comic is a light $2000. Not too shabby to take a “shot” at this comic.

Sticking to the death theme here, Deathstroke #6 will be coming out much to the glee of FFFIC’s very own Shaun Sorenson. Shaun loves this book and InvestComics loves this character. Deathstroke is a total badas* and so is his first appearance in The New Teen Titans #2 (1980). Bad as*es George Perez and Marv Wolfman also are attached to this undervalued book. A mere $48 for Mr. Wilson’s first appearance is a steal.

When exactly are we going to get the big reveal in Marvel’s Battle Scar’s? We know it’s coming right? Check out this week’s issue number four upon arrival to see if we get the “I’m Nick Fury’s son” reveal. Should be a nice moment, not shocking right?

FFFIC’s Sebastian Piccione loves the Secret Avengers comic. So much to his glee (everyone is happy this week!) issue number 22 comes out.  The issue features an appearance of Adaptoids. Although the Adaptoids are and will probably always fade into obscurity, it’s always fun to search where these characters originate from. Did you know that the first Super-Adaptoid appeared in Tales of Suspense #82 in 1966? Probably not, but it’s one of those useless knowledge things that maybe you could carry around with you to impress your fellow comic book buddies. Not! Anyway, the cover of TOS #82 features an amazing Jack Kirby cover (as usual) and comes in at the $100 range.

Three more comics to check out also this week are Ted McKeever’s Mondo #1. Ted has been in the game since 1987 and has an extensive resume to say the least. You can own his first published work for only $2! Look for Ted McKeever’s Transit #1 from Vortex Comics. Kevin Keller, Archie’s first gay character Kevin Keller debuts in his new ongoing series. His first appearance is in Veronica #202. Conan #1 from Dark Horse Comics hits the shelf this week. Conan’s first appearance as we all know came in Roy Thomas’/Barry Windsor-Smith’s Marvel book in 1970, a $360 book that looks to be at a stalemate considering the last movie as well as nothing to gain traction for it. Maybe Dark Horse will get the ball rolling again? We’ll see….

Well the Superbowl is upon us. All the hype gets put to rest today and we get to watch a football game! So what does the Superbowl have to do with comics? Absolutely nothing actually! One thing can definitely be said about sports and comics. They just don’t mesh well at all. Want some proof? No problem! Take a look below after the Covers of the Week and you can scroll through a few sports related comics (with a couple of “surprises” for us boys). You’ll soon realize that Sports are sports and Comics are comics, not to be mixed, but fun nonetheless! Enjoy.

See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

[imagebrowser id=86] [imagebrowser id=85]

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-1-10

1aaa1ahp9110frontpageAre you a collector? Maybe a reader? Well InvestComics covers it for you this week. And also, looks like Archie Comics will be making some history (again) this week!




For 71 years Archie Comics have been published. Archie himself will be 70 years old in December, and still not one gray hair. Wait, didn’t he get married recently? Yes that hair color might change after all! Well Archie and the Archie Comics line have been through some changes over the years. Changes like the marriage, the “real style” look, and now Veronica #202. This historic Veronica comic is just that, historic to epic proportions. The local/national news, radio, newspaper and just about any other medium you could possibly think of has covered this comic….months ago. Yes months ago when the press release went out that revealed Archie Comics will have its’ first gay character ever. Welcome Kevin Keller to Riverdale gang! Indeed Archie Comics have turned the corner, so stop thinking the Archie line is for kids only. It’s not; the company has grown up a bit and it is starting to deal with real issues, real stories, real people and real life period. Is this what the comic medium needs is another “real” life scenario type based comic book company spilled out into a company that is known for its lighter approach to life? Well, you have to go where the money is, and it’s not little kids reading comics anymore. Granted Archie Comics still have their regular Archie books, but this “other approach” is making some huge noise in the media market and the lining of their pockets. Lest we forget everyone, this IS in fact a business, don’t kid yourself.

Archie Comics is about to break loose in more ways than one. Theater, music, television, and motion pictures, yes an Archie movie is on the horizon and it will be very successful. Do you think that Archie is covered in over 70 markets worldwide, been in business for 71 years because they aren’t a savvy, intelligent, and 100% committed and aggressive in their market? They know what they are doing, and they do it extremely well. Editor in Chief Victor Gorelick has his company firing on all cylinders, he continues to keep his foot on the throttle, so you better buckle up because Archie Comics is taking off! Veronica #202, sell out immediately, you better get to your shop early.








DC comics Freedom Fighters # 1 from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray has fun written all over it. It also has the words “sold out” probably written all over it as well. If you’re in the market for a great deal, look for Justice League of America #107 (1973), inside this comic is the first appearance of Freedom Fighters for only $32! Great cover from Nicholas Viscardy as well! Or if you want to go a bit cheaper, check out the first number one issue from Freedom Fighters #1 from 1976 for only $16.

Taskmaster #1 from Marvel will be a mild success, but you could get Tasky’s first appearance for a mild $8 in Avengers #195 (1980). Don’t look for this comic to break the bank in terms of investment value, but anything that is 20 years old, with names like David Michelinie and George Perez attached to it, and is a first appearance should be in your collection.


Sellouts for Marvel this week will be Thor for Asgard #1, Wolverine #1 (another number one issue for this guy?? And better yet, 6 different covers?? Why?), Wolverine: Road to Hell #1, Heroic Age: One Month to Live #1, I Am an Avenger #1, and Origins of Marvel Comics #1 X-Men. The most interesting books of this bunch have to be Herioc Age: One Month to Live #1 and Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men #1. “Heroic..” seems that it will be a good story. While Origins is a retelling of the same ol’ X-Men, but this time Marvel gets some big guns to write and draw them. Do we have an original idea here? Not in the least. A fun non-original idea? Yes, so run with it.

Cartoon Network Action Pack #51 gives us a first look at a cartoon star in a DC book. He’s called Generator Rex. 2 sleepers hit this week. IDW’s 5 Ways To Die, and Aspen’s Scourge #1. Scourge comes at us with some overkill with 4 covers. Micah Gunnell variant getting the nod here for best of the 4 (picured below).








See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz