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DC Comics Bombshells 7

Hot Pick of The Week – DC Bombshells #7 – First appearance of Batgirls – Click to Buy/Bid


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Every  week before new comic book day, here are the Top 5 NEW comics to speculate/read from this Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article.

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Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #403 and new comics coming this Wednesday 12/23/15. Click the link to read the article now.

Hot Picks #403 video below:
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Henchgirl 3

Henchgirl #3 – Sold Out – Click to Buy/Bid

Hellcat 1

Hellcat #1 – George Perez Variant – Click to Buy/Bid

DC Comics Bombshells #7 – Batgirls first appearance.

Wakfu #1 – Sold out comic from Titan Comics.

Henchgirl #3 – The previous two issues have sold out and now issue 3 has done the same. Henchgirl from Scout Comics is quickly becoming a real deal.

Hellcat #1 – The George Perez variant is the best of the variants and will be sold out eventually. 

New Avengers #4 – A new villain is introduced.


Here are the rest of the comics that appeared on this past week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #403 (Click the link to read now!)

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Daredevil #2 & Daredevil #1

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #2

New Avengers #4

Daredevil 2

Click to Buy/Bid

Frank Miller

Click to Buy/Bid

Avengers #144 (1976)

Batman 66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E. #1

The Dark Knight III The Master Race #2

Superman #47

Last Gang In Town #1

Bloodshot Reborn #9

Rai #12

Death-defying Doctor Mirage Second Lives #1

Moon Girl And the Prince #1

Hip Hop Family Tree #5

Spook #1

Aliens vs Zombies #5

Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

Hot Picks Video #403

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InvestComics Hot Picks #403

DC Comics Bombshells 7

Hot Pick of The Week – DC Bombshells #7 – First Batgirls – Click to Buy/Bid


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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 12/23/15


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Check out last weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #402 mobile video. Then read the InvestComics Hot Picks #402!

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Hellcat 1

Click to Buy/Bid

Avengers 144

Click to Buy/Bid

Deadpool 4

Click to Buy/Bid

Daredevil 2

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InvestComics Magazine 2 2007

InvestComics Magazine #2 (2007)

Learn more about the new villain Tenfingers in Daredevil #2. His first appearance was in the previous issue; Daredevil #1.
Deadpool fans will enjoy the many Deadpool’s that will appear under one roof (comic) this week. Check out that cool Tony Moore cover too! Deadpool #4 will deliver.
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur will continue to stomp through your local comic shop. Follow this book, it’s going to be good. Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #2.
New Avengers #4 introduces a new villain.
Way back in 2007, InvestComics had a monthly magazine out. It was a local publication and it was also given away globally to Ebay winners on our Ebay page. Those mags are long gone. Why are we bringing this up? Just reminiscing. Nah, just messing. We bring this up because Hellcat #1 will be hitting the shelf this Wednesday. In the InvestComics Magazine #2 (2007) Avengers #144 (1976) was within those pages as a comic to buy. A savvy speculator could have gotten their paws on this comic back in 2007 for a mere couple of bucks. The first appearance of Hellcat was brought up more recently in InvestComics Hot Picks #310 back in early 2014, with the mention of George Perez as the artist. Once again, could have gotten a jump on something before the market took off a bit. The moral of this look back? InvestComics has and will always be here for the speculator/reader. As for Hellcat #1? The original artist of Hellcat, George Perez, he has a variant and it’s a keeper.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Dark Knight III The Master Race 2

Click to Buy/Bid

Batman 66 Meets The Man From UNCLE 1

Click to Buy/Bid

Superman 47

Click to Buy/Bid

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur 2

Click to Buy/Bid









Fantastic Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez variant cover on Batman 66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E. #1
The Dark Knight III The Master Race #2 comes out with another round of variant covers. Choose your favorite and buy it! Hopefully this story lives up to the hype at the end.
DC Comics Bombshells #7 will introduce Batgirls. They’re a new team wielding baseball bats with cool Batgirl team costumes. It looks neat. We’re sold.
It looks as though we will get a guest artist on the new story arc in Superman #47. We look forward to checking out the interior here with guest artist Howard Porter. It also looks like a new villain will be making their debut as well. Check this one out.
A new DC/Vertigo title to check out this week; Last Gang In Town #1.

Just a quick note here. Please understand that when InvestComics releases the Hot Picks article on Friday that many of the independent comics may not be available on Ebay yet. Most of the time, some of the more obscure titles make their way onto Ebay later on in the week or right on/at/before new comic book day on Wednesday. Be sure to check back and click the links or cover(s) to see if the books you want have been listed on Ebay. They usually show up, so be sure to check back!

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Bloodshot Reborn 9

Click to Buy/Bid

Rai 12

Click to Buy/Bid

Wakfu 1

Click to Buy/Bid

Henchgirl 3

Click to Buy/Bid









We have mentioned however Henchgirl from Scout Comics recently. Henchgirl #1 (sold out), Henchgirl #2 (sold out), and now this week; Henchgirl #3. That’s sold out too.
Titan Comics have a hit on their hands. Better check out Wakfu #1. Both regular covers are sold out.
Two major story lines conclude in Valiant books on new comic day. Bloodshot vs. Bloodshot in Bloodshot Reborn #9. Valiant promises that Bloodshot will not be the same after this. Rai’s “The Orphan” will end in Rai #12 and Rai as well will not be the same. Valiant Entertainment brings it week after week. If you’re a comic reader, you need to be reading Valiant. And also from Valiant this week; Death-defying Doctor Mirage Second Lives #1.

While putting together the Hot Picks this week, we had no idea about Canton Street Press and the release of Moon Girl And the Prince #1. It goes to show that either Marvel’s Moon Girl is really hitting a note or that it’s pure coincidence that Canton Street Press is going to release this replica edition. We’re not going with the latter. It’s also sold out.
The comic world (Fantagraphics) introduces the Beastie Boys, Doug E Fresh, Ice T and KRS-One in Hip Hop Family Tree #5. Rap at its Golden Age here. Great music. Yes, showing age here, so what?
It’s been a little bit since InvestComics touched on a Red 5 Comic. Wait no more! Check out Spook #1 this Wednesday.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Venus 1

Click to Buy/Bid

Aliens vs Zombies 5

Click to Buy/Bid

Death Defying 1

Click to Buy/Bid

Spook 1

Click to Buy/Bid









A great creator and all-around real cool dude, Jason Metcalf, is doing his thing. InvestComics has known Jason for many years and we are happy to see that he did the cover for Zenescope’s Aliens vs Zombies #5. If you ever have a chance at a comic show to stop and say hello to Jason, do it. His artwork is awesome and he’ll give you a great conversation.

Boom Studios; Venus #1 looks like a very interesting read. Check that out.

Frank Miller

Click to Buy/Bid

Hip Hop Family Tree 5

Click to Buy/Bid

Last Gang In Town 1

Click to Buy/Bid









Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Hot Picks #344

NEW InvestComics Hot Picks every week before New Comic Day on Wednesday!

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used at the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. So please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 11/5/14

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And as mentioned last week, InvestComics will be going through some fantastic changes in the months ahead, stay tuned.

1394620_xl2116202Spider-Verse is finally officially here with Amazing Spider-Man (2014 3rd Series) #9. So what will a speculator need for this epic Spider-Man story line you may ask? Besides deciding which cool variant to pick up? Not too many to choose from, which is great. More on the variant craze getting out of control later. But how about the most comprehensive Spider-Verse checklist on the net? From InvestComics of course. Click right HERE and follow the all of the characters that are appearing in the story. First appearances galore here. A MUST for anyone seeking out the plethora of first appearances to appear in this mega tale. As I said a long long time ago here on InvestComics about the Spider-Verse saga, there are many spider characters that will and MAY breakout into their own series. The speculator needs to stay on top of their game in order to spot the hot character(s) that may spin out onto their own. Spider-Verse Team Up (2014) #1 is also a part of the Spider-Verse madness this week too. All the while using the checklist to find the first appearances via InvestComics, you can follow along. It’s a fun time to be into the Spider-Man universe. A lot going on and to keep an eye out for. Have fun!

2115995300px-Hulk_Vol_2_30Having fun is always an important tool to keep front and center while making decisions to buy, sell, or hold a comic. Reading them is an essential part of having your collection as well. I have said this countless times, but we all need reminders once in a while! That said, you must check out Avengers and X-Men Axis (2014 Marvel) #4 this week. It features the birth of KLUH. Who’s that you ask? Spell that name the other way and you’ll get an idea of what that new birth is in reference to. KLUH first appeared in HULK #30 (2011). So judging from a books cover, the new KLUH looks quite awesome.

Death of Wolverine Weapon X Program (2014) #1 may have some new characters popping up. Keep an eye out on this one.

ScreenHunter_458 Nov. 01 22.17

The end is nigh, for Superman Unchained that is. Check out the the last issue in this very popular series; Superman Unchained (2013 DC) #9. Loaded with a few variants, there is one variant that exceeds any expectation of the others. That would be the Jim Lee black & white variant cover. At a mere $60, a speculator can get this signed and graded via CBCS and flip it for a lot more than the money spent to get it all done. Easily.

21141622059478Any fans still upset about the new Lobo? Don’t fret, looks like the old Lobo will make an appearance! Well sort of……Lobo (2014 DC) #2 doesn’t seem like much of a homecoming for the original Lobo with that cover. We need that old Lobo back with his head attached to kick this new Lobo’s ass.

Remember when the Image title Chew was on top of the heap? It doesn’t seem that long ago right? Oh but it has been a while. With that said, Chew fans will get a comic that Image is calling “the most talked about issue in years”. Check out Chew (2009) #44.

Quite a few number one issues hit this Wednesday. A few interesting standouts though. One being The Zoohunters (2014 Aspen) #1. Although Aspen Comics put out a good product, they never amount to much within the aftermarket. Maybe this title will prove otherwise. It’s an interesting premise, good artwork, who knows? Give it a go, check it out. Oni Press has a knack for putting out some great comics. Terrible Lizard (2014 Oni Press) #1 is sold out. Must take a peak at this on your local comic shop shelf. Image
Comics offers up four debut issues that are all sold out. Humans (2014 Image) #1, Tooth and Claw (2014 Image) #1, American Legends (2014 Image) #1, and Penny Dora and the Wishing Box (2014) #1. Birthright number one sold out (an 2016971InvestComics Hot Pick), now Birthright (2014 Image) #2 has sold out too. Stay on top of this specs.

A lot like Aspen Comics, Zenescope Comics are one in the same. Always fantastic sales, but aftermarket is never kind. Sold out from the Z is Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse (2014 Zenescope) #1 and Cinderella (2014 Zenescope) #1. Great reads probably, so pick them up!

Another show on how the hobby is getting a bit out of control this week. Although I speak of variant comics each and every week, I try to point out some that will make sense to buy and possibly flip or are just flat out pretty! Then there comes a point of ridiculousness. This week, John Carter Warlord (2014 Dynamite) #1 will have at least 15 variant covers. Why? Understandable that Dynamite wants to make money, what company shouldn’t right? But there is a thing called over excessive. Don’t get it wrong here, if Marvel or DC pull this I call them out too. I’ve done it before. The variant covers should be limited to a few covers, not 15. It’s absurd and silly.

2114450One regular cover that exceeds any sort of gimmick this week (yes DC, Lego variants, really?) is Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #36. A perfect example of letting things be, because that REGULAR cover blows away any variant cover this week. Fantastic.

Invest wisely.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz  

InvestComics Hot Picks #320

NEW InvestComics Hot Picks every week before New Comic Day on Wednesday!

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 5/21/14

If you haven’t joined the InvestComics group on Facebook: Investing in Comic books 101 (IC Poet Society), you really should. There are some real collectors giving their advice on the market, giving new books to hunt down, and talking comics in general. Come join Gary, Aaron, Jeremy, Cliff, Paul, and many others as they sound off and help everyone get an edge on the spec market! Click the above link for an invite.

A few things you should check out on the InvestComics Ebay page. The sold out Walking Dead #127 is available; A CGC Signature Series (J. Scott Campbell) Variant Superior Spider-Man #29 has been reduced. Get this before it’s gobbled up. And a Superior Spider-Man #30, marking the return of Peter Parker. Go check out the auctions and bid away! Click HERE to go now.

There are a few comics for the speculator to definitely check out this week.

One of the first books that should be on your radar is MPH (2014 Image) #1. There happens to be a rare occurrence with this book. It was picked up by a Hollywood producer, who’s credits consist of the Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Red to name a few. This marks a time within the comic book genre that a comic book pre-release has been optioned for a movie. What does this mean to the collector? Well it probably means that MPH will be sold out and going for a few bucks on Ebay. So if you see it on the shelf at your local comic shop, get it and reap the benefits.

[scrollGallery id=351]

Invincible (2003) #111 will begin an all-new direction and Image Comics will let comic collectors know it. Look at all of the number one numbers sprawled out all over that cover. It seems more of a mock to the DC/Marvel guys/gals, but still a new direction nonetheless. A definite pick up because it’s completely sold out on the distributor level. So I guess the number one thingy works!  It’s also available in a super cool sketch cover. Do note too that InvestComics has been saying for years that Invincible will be huge one day. Be it a cartoon, movie, and or a television show, but this character will have a big breakout one day and you better be prepared.

The hot series Saga looks like it will heat up again with Saga (2012 Image) #19. All new characters and new storyline will bring renewed interest to this already hot title. This comic is not available for reorder, it’s sold out.

Marvel Comics will bring back a team from 1981 this week. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends! Although it’s not solicited that way, it’s still the team from 1981. It does something about their “amazing friendship”, but we get it. The team consisted of Spidey, Iceman, and Firestar. Amazing X-Men (2013) #7 will star the team and if you’re interested, the first appearance of this team happened in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1 (1981). Deadpool (2012 3rd Series) Annual #2 will have Wade playing dress-up. Dressing up as Spidey. That’s always fun. Maybe he’ll make the ultra InvestComics Spider-Verse Checklist right HERE!

Justice League (2011) #30 will have all sorts of cool things going on in it. New team, new villain, and it feels like a fun read. The new Batman ’66 (2013 DC) #11 will feature just about every Batman ever. That should be fun too!

Indestructible (2013 IDW) #6 will introduce a new villain. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary Special (2014) #1 will be a nice book to pick up. It’s chock full of various artist contributing to the likes of TMNT. The thing to do with this particular comic is to get both Eastman and Laird’s signature on it (CGC witness of course) and grade it. It will bring many happy returns to you.

Warlord of Oz (2014) #1 will bring the Wizard of Oz unto another whole new level as only Zenescope can. It’s just about to reach the sold out status at the distributor. Although Zenescope puts out a fantastic product, the spec market is never too kind. The turnover value is never that good if at all actually. That said, they put out some great stories!

There are some Independent comics that you may want to pull off the new wall this week. Ordinary (2014) #1 is not only sold out, but it might be one of those that gets some Hollywood looks.  Two more comics to possibly look at the same way are Last Broadcast (2014 Boom) #1 and Henchmen (2014) #1. Henchmen #1 is already sold out.

The rest of the pot; Legend of Bold Riley (2014) #1 (sold out), Itty Bitty Bunnies In Rainbow Pixie Candy Land (2014) #1, and Littlest Pet Shop (2014 IDW) #1.


Invest wisely.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

Colorist Jeff Balke

InvestComics interviews Colorist Jeff Balke…..

The last time we left Jeff Balke (in our first interview back in October of 2012 on InvestComics) he was a traveling man, traveling across the country to various shows to many adoring fans. If you’d like to read that interview click right HERE! He was quite a busy man back then and these days there seems to be no slowing down for the Balkenator! Let’s see what Jeff is up to these days.

Jeff Balke and his team

Art: Joe Romano – Colors: Jeff Balke

InvestComics: You mentioned in our last interview that you were traveling via an automobile to all of the conventions you are appearing in, are you still getting around from show to show this way?
Jeff Balke: Yeah for the most part.  This past year (2013) we had traveled EVERYWHERE with our car.  Even to San Diego, Portland and Seattle.  And let me tell you, our car took a beating with the NorthWest!  Mainly because of all the mountains.
But for 2014, we are going to be flying to a couple of shows including a couple in Canada.

Jeff BalkeIC: Tell us one of your most memorable road trip stories. We’re quite sure there are many, but share one that is family friendly.
JB: I don’t know if there really is!  But not really…some had more exciting things to look at than!

IC: So how many shows would you say you frequent a year?
JB:  This past year, 31.  But I average 27 a year…and it looks like next year is going to be about the same at this year.

IC: You must have met some incredible fans over the years. Is there a particular moment that remains the most memorable for you? What about media talent, is there a moment there too?
JB:  Ive had a lot of awesome moments..but one that I can remember was the first time I had a girl and mom cry at my table (but in a good
To make a long story short, the entire weekend at the Wizard World Chicago show, a mom and her daughter kept coming up to my table in artist alley checking out the prints and the books I’ve worked on.  Sunday, the last day of the show, they came back up, looked around again, we all talked for a few mins, then were just about to leave..and the daughter picked out a couple of prints she really wanted.  The mom said no, because they didn’t have enough.  So I told the daughter (she was about 14-15ish) to show me which ones she liked, and which book(s) her  mom liked.
She showed me what they liked, and I gave them everything they were looking at.  Why?  Because I wanted too.
The daughter started crying..wanted a picture with me, and the mom started tearing up and also took a picture with me.
That is a moment I will NEVER forget.

For media talent, Ron Pearlman liked the Hellboy pic I colored and Chris Sarandon, who I met at my first Canadian show this year, loved the Nightmare Before Christmas print I colored. He liked!  More grown up!

Get BalkedIC: When fans see you at your shows, you always have the coolest items for sale. What new merchandise do you have going on these days at the Balke table? Anything coming up?
JB: OH, I have a TON of new things coming up for 2014!  Including some NEW 3D prints and convention exclusives for ONLY $2 each!!  AAWW YEAH!!  You read that right!  All the other stuff, you’ll have to come to the shows and check them all out 😉

IC: The last time we spoke, you were working on a lot of things for Zenescope Entertainment. Are you still working with them and what else have you worked on lately that fans should check out?
JB: I’m still working freelance with Zenescope, but as of lately, I’ve just started working on my own projects which will be released in Feb., but next month we have a preview coming out of our first series from our own publishing company.

IC: Speaking on you’re on publishing company, on your Facebook page you mention that you are working on stories and looking for an artist. Can you give some details on this?
JB: I’m not going to go into a ton of detail as of yet, but what I can tell you is..the rumors are true.  I’ve stated my own publishing company where our first book from our first series is coming out in Feb, but have a preview coming out next month of that series.  So far we are written up to issue 6 and have the first issue done, and currently working on the 2nd.  The artists we have working on the books, are people who have NEVER worked in the industry before.  And I can tell ya, the 2 cover artists and interior artists we have are ROCKING it!!  And our writer..WOW, he’s taking the series to the next level!

IC: Can you tell us what genre your first book will be? Will it be Superhero related?
JB: I can say very comfortably, that is will not be a superhero!  This is more along the lines of the supernatural/myth type of series.  There will be good and bad guys..but no one making!

IC: Will you be doing any of the coloring on your books? Fans really dig your coloring Jeff!
JB: Awww…thank you.  Actually yes.  The first few issues will be my coloring on the interiors..and some of the covers.

IC: When can fans expect to see a teaser or a sample of your publication gig?
JB: Well for sure, in Jan, we’re releasing a preview of our first series.  AND of course on my Fan Page in FaceBook (JbalkesCOLORS), I’m going to be posting a couple of smaller teasers and leading up to Jan.
AND, I’ll also be releasing who our artists are and the name of the book later this month.

IC: Can you give the InvestComics fans an exclusive regarding your publication gig?
JB: I had just sent you a picture of one of our variant covers.  This is our “Art Gallery” variant.

Jeff Balke Teaser

InvestComics Exclusive! Jeff Balke Publications Variant! Art by Adam Dresden 

IC: Fans should still check out the JbalkesCOLORS Facebook page to be up to date on everything Balke. Anyplace else you’d like us to visit?
JB: The Fan Page is best, but you can always check out my website too: now also has my 2014 GET BALKED TOUR poster!

IC: Thanks for giving us some of your valuable time Jeff. Be safe driving!!
JB: Thanks IC!  I really appreciate it.  And I’m looking forward to seeing you soon at a show =D

Get Balked 2014 Tour Poster

 “Get Balked” Tour Poster 2014

Ghost Rider

 Ghost Rider – Art: Cory Smith – Colors: Jeff Balke


Quinn – Art: Rick Bascaldua – Colors: Jeff Balke

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 6-5-13

(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and entertainment purposes. Please use your own discretion when investing.)

CONTEST! Share this article on any social media outlet and become eligible to win an autograph from Michael Koske of the Walking Dead!! Below is the video of the interview and a picture of the autograph. Be sure to let us know you shared the article (proof/link) so that you can become a winner! Good luck everyone! (U.S. residents only)

[bliptv AYOSug8A.x]

So with writer Geoff Johns out of the Green Lantern picture, DC is shaking things up already. Check out what new Lantern writer Robert Venditti is doing in Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #21 this Wednesday. Hal Jordan takes center stage! And just in case you missed it, InvestComics did happen to land an interview with Robert about 3 months ago. You can check that out by clicking right HERE.

DC’s Batwing series will reveal the NEW Batwing in Batwing (2011) #21. Not only is this a cool thing, but it sports the best Batwing cover of its 21 issue run so far. The cover is done by Ken Lashley.

InvestComics HOT PICKS

[scrollGallery id=262]

Astro City (2013 3rd Series) #1 will be a quick sellout this week. DC will not only bring Astro City back to the comic book world, but will make this an ongoing as well. It will also introduce the fans to some new characters as well, so some first appearances to look for in here. Astro City originally came out in 1995 from Image Comics. Kurt Busiek was all over that as he is in 2013. Don’t sleep on this third series attempt to get this Astro City thing going. Third time is always a charm.

Lee Weeks has to be one of the industry’s most underrated creators out there today. He’s been around this comic book stuff since the 1980’s. But his name never seems to come up in many conversations. Lee weeks’ most notable work is on Daredevil. So with that, Daredevil Dark Nights (2013) #1 this Wednesday showcases Lee’s Daredevil artistry talent. This man is boss with the Daredevil character. His first crack at Daredevil was in Daredevil #284 (1990), where he remained the regular artist for over 2 years. Yes, Lee was doing something right! Next time you see him at a convention, tell him he’s boss and that InvestComics said so too.

Anyone like Mark Millar or John Romita Jr.? How about some Kiss-Ass? Check out the “last ever” Kick-Ass story arc from these two starting this Wednesday. Kick-Ass 3 (2013 Marvel) #1 will be it folks! That’s it! No more after this! Well maybe until the next big payday comes up in a few years, but still.   

So not in the mood for some Kick-Ass? How about a Bad-Ass then? Thanos Rising (2013) #3 is the baddest villain in all of Marvel and he will prove his worth in some serious bloodshed this week. Be sure to check out Thanos ripping people new….urr…yea, beating people up real bad.

Borrowing from the shock value of titles from our friend Jeff Kaufman (Whore), Zenescope brings us Screwed (2013 Zenescope) #1. Will it be as good as Whore? By comparison, neither one of these books have anything remotely close to being alike in anyway, but let’s see if Screwed #1 lives up to the billing of Whore. Antarctic Press is attempting to bring the horror genre back in Macabre (2013 Antarctic Press) #0. Should be an interesting to see how fans take to this. And rounding out this week we have Herobear and the Kid Special (2013 Kaboom) #1. Looks like fun!

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Have a great week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz      

InvestComics HOT COVERS

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InvestComics Interviews Colorist Jeff Balke

(Jay Katz): Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

(JK): “Baby Balke” had fun with coloring, but having met Stan “The Man” Lee in 1993, you say it was a defining moment for you. What sort of inspiration did Stan give you and have you met him since?

(JB) Honestly, with meeting Stan in 93 and having him sign my Amazing Spiderman #41, that was inspiration enough.  But I think it was when he looked at me with his “Stan grin”, and said “Keep going true believer..dont ever give up…”.  Right then and there, its like he saw something in me that I didn’t see.  I didn’t really realize what he was talking about until I got home that evening and figured out..I want to work in comics.

(JK): You’re not only a colorist by trait, you’re an artist as well. Do you prefer coloring over pencils? If so, why?

(JB) I do like coloring much better now.  I always (like a LOT of people), doodled and drew when I was younger, but after I started coloring (when I got, I just seemed to like it better.  My colors stay more consistent panel to panel…lol!  Sometimes when I was drawing a comic page (way before I got into the comic scene),  I couldn’t stay consistent.  Like I would draw Lady Death (as an example), like LD in the first panel, then the 2nd she would look like Miss Piggy, then the next panel she would look like!  So it was safe to say that I was more comfortable coloring.  But from time to time, I do still illustrate…just haven’t illustrated any books.

(JK): You’re first pro work; Foxwood Falcons (2005?). What was that like to be working as a “professional” for the first time? Do you remember the book vividly or vaguely?

(JB) Yeah I remember that!  I remember being picked up to do that book on Myspace (LOL..yes, I said  It actually came out in 2007 (it was a Wizard World Chicago show). When I got behind the table and sold my first copy, I was walking on clouds.  It was EXTREMELY exciting!  I still get that way today!

(JK): What is a Sketch Coloring Print and how did that get started?

(JB) A Sketch Coloring Print is pretty much like a Sketch Coloring.  It’s a b/w print in which I color up by hand but leave a little bit of it still b/w (but not too much).  Its meant to make that cover or print POP more and just look BAD ASS!

(JK): It’s extremely rare to find any colorists that do as many shows as you do…if any at

All. How do you do it? What’s your secret?

(JB) Honestly, I just LOVE going to shows and meeting the fans!  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it..if it weren’t for the fans, I wouldn’t be in this industry.  So I just make sure I make time for them.  And shows do just that.
But I love to come up with different unique things for people to purchase at shows.  Like 3D prints, special posters, Chrome posters and so on.

(JK): What really gets you motivated to work in this industry?

(JB) I think just the recognition you get from most everyone in the industry and a simple, “WOW, I worked on that” type of feeling.

But also (for me), I feel, the more comics I make, the more shows I can go too and share it with the fans.

(JK): You have a pretty sweet t-shirt called “Have you been Balked”.  How did that come about?

(JB) When I first started up Sketch Colorings,  a buddy of mine created a flier that asked “Have You Been Balked?”, and it was a comic book cover which he had the progression of a Sketch Coloring cover I worked on for a fan going from the b/w cover, to almost finished to fully Sketch Colored.  I loved the saying, so I kept!

(JK): How many comics have you worked on in your career thus far?

(JB) So far, I’m worked on 88 comics which are all available in comic book stores.  Comics from Zenescope (Grimm Fairy Tales, Charmed, Wonderland and so on), MoonStone Books (Zombies vs Cheerleaders), Image and Storm King Productions (John Carpenter’s Asylum).

(JK): You do a lot of work for Zenescope Entertainment. Amazing work Jeff. Where else can we see some of your works?

(JB)  Just like stated above, Zenescope books, Image comics, Moonstone Books and Strom King Productions.  There are some other smaller companies, but unfortunately, they have closed up shop.

(JK): Has one of the “Big Two” come knocking on the door yet? Do you care or would you want to work for either Marvel or DC? Is that the ultimate achievement for you?

(JB)  No, neither has come a knockin!  But as I always tell newbies who want to get into the industry, you don’t have to work for the big 2 in order to make a good career for yourself.  I’m actually pretty happy working for Zenescope and a few other Indy companies.  Although, I wouldn’t mind getting a full time gig!
One step at a time 😉

(JK): What’s on the horizon for Jeff Balke?

(JB)  Well currently I’m getting ready for the NYCC coming up next week and a 5 week road trip.  From NYCC, I’m going to be in Dallas the following week for Fan Days, then the week after, I’ll be at the Wizard World Austin show, followed by the following week at the Long Beach Comic Con..THEN finally, taking a little time off for myself in Vegas to relax and!  OH, and did I mention I drive to all the shows.  So literially, I wont be home AT ALL for 5 weeks.  Kind of looking forward to it (seeing parts of the country I couldn’t see in an airplane).
But I also have a few new books coming out from Zenescope the next few weeks including my first cover I colored for Zenescope (Myths and Legends #21).  Pretty sweet!

(JK): Where can fans find you? Stalk you….

(JB)They can ALWAYS find me on on my Fan Page (JbalkesCOLORS), my website ( and on Twitter (Jbalke08).

Thank you Jeff, continued success!!










InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-26-12

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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 9-26-12.

This week the new Judge Dredd film (Dredd 3D) opened and InvestComics wants to send out a little reminder to fans that may have missed this, but the composer of the film; Paul Leonard-Morgan was interviewed on InvestComics. It was an extensive/detailed Interview that covered everything in Mr. Leonard-Morgan’s career from music acts like Snow Patrol to composing a film. Fantastic stuff here folks. Click right HERE to read that interview.

DC Comics continue their rampage of Zero issues, so without any further ado……

[scrollGallery id=167]

The flagship character of DC gets his zero treatment this week. In Superman #0 Jor-El learns about the imminent destruction of Krypton. This may fall into the who cares category, but then again as these zero issues come out, there seems to be a lot more of the “eh’” factor coming in. Superman first appeared in…….well if you don’t know this, close the browser you’re reading this on and go watch some Adventure Time.

Savage Hawkman #0 and Flash #0 share a similarity this week, both of them first appeared in the same book. That comic is Flash Comics #1 from 1940. A cool book to own because you get a two for the price of one deal!

Teen Titans #0 main focus will be on the Tim Drake origin, but do we really care about Tim anymore? So let’s look for the debut of the Teen Titans instead. This happened all the way back in The Brave and the Bold #54 (1964). An investment worth looking into as oppose to the first Tim Drake.

Another nice affordable first appearance issue would be Firestorm #1 (1978) to coincide with the Fury of Firestorm #0 issue. The debut of Firestorm was accompanied by names like Al Milgrom, Joe Rubinstein and Klaus Janson. Imagine Firestorm on the big screen, how cool would that be? Warner Bros. really needs to jump on this superhero movie stuff, so behind it’s comical.

Back to creator Klaus Janson for a minute in relation with Batman The Dark Knight #0 coming out. Batman has always been the Dark Knight, but never did it culminate more so than the debut of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. The true history and debut of the “Dark Knight” happened in 1986.

Aquaman #0 will continue to show why Aquaman is a total badas* these days. Check out this zero issue for the first look at Atlantis. The water man’s first appearance came in 1941’s More Fun Comics #73.

DC Comics is dead set on proving that there is a place for old western style comics (see romance comics?). Although the western comics are holding up some, we await to see the true test here….time. All Star Western #0 is brought to you by Palimiotti and Gray. Having these two creators will always be a reason for these comics to sell! Learn how Johan Hex got that scar on his face in this zero issue. The first All-Star Western comic debuted in 1958; All-Star Western #58. A dynamic tandem on this book as well. Carmine Infantino on pencils and a Gil Kane cover. With legends like that on a book, who needs more of an excuse to get this comic?

Staying on topic of legends, Justice League Dark #0 gives the early day story of a character named John Constantine. John’s true early day story, or debut if you will happened in The Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (1985). Penciled by Rick Veitch and written by legend Alan Moore.

Now going moving onto the modern day debuts we come to Red Lanterns #0 and Talon #0. The Red Lantern Corp first sprung up in Green Lantern #25(2007), much thanks to a creator building his own indelible mark on the industry; Mr. Geoff Johns. Scott Synder and Greg Caputo are putting their stamp on the New 52 Batman series. Churning out stories that are selling like hot cakes. Expect Talon #0 to sell out quickly. Talon was created in the New 52 Batman series in issue number two from this past year.

And rounding out the zero issues are these fillers, Batman Incorporated #0, Voodoo #0 and I Vampire #0. Sigh….

[scrollGallery id=168]

An interesting number one issue is headed this way from DC; National Comics Rose and Thorn #1. Look for Thorn or Rose, well it’s the same person in their her debut in Flash Comics #89 from 1947. Think she would have gone to find good help with this split personality disorder by now?

Quick shots: Mark Waid debuts his Steed and Mrs Peel #1 from Boom! Studios. Fine and Private Place #1 from IDW is brought to you by Peter S. Beagle. Happy #1 from Image Comics may be a sleeper. Fashion Beast #1 (Avatar Press) from Alan Moore! Godstorm #0 (Zenescope) and Westward #1 look to be interesting reads.

Check out the covers of the week below. Everything from Marvel, DC to Zenescope!

Until next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-21-12

Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-21-12

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Check out the latest InvestComics TV addition; Orlando MegaCon 2012 Indy Panel. The panel features some great talent within the Independent circuit. Featured are Juan Navarro, Martin Pierro, Ricardo Porven, Brian Pulido and with host Terry Cronin. If you are an aspiring artist, writer or publisher then this panel would be for you. You’ll find a lot of great advice, information and tidbits regarding the Independent Comic scene. Check out the video either right HERE or click on the video to the right of this page and never leave here!

(Click on covers to enlarge)

If Marvel can deliver on time with their new series SuperCrooks #1 from Mark Millar and Leinil Yu, they will have a hit on their hands. If not, well you know how that goes. Delayed books equal lost interest, equals who cares.

The next “big” Spider-Man event will begin this week (Didn’t we just have one for Spidey?). Amazing Spider-Man #682 brings in the storyline “Ends of Earth”. With all of the events Spidey and the rest of the Marvel Universe has endured in the past few years, it’s a waiting game to see how long before Marvel pushes the “restart button”.

IDW Publishing will bring back The Rocketeer again in Rocketeer Adventures 2 #1. This popular character created by Dave Stevens first appeared in Pacific Comics’ Starslayer #2 in 1982. This little gem is only $8! Not too shabby.

Stan Lee (who will be appearing on InvestComics soon!) has his new creation coming out this week called Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 #1. It should be a fun book to check out.

Our good friend Jeff Balke colors what will probably be an instant sell out in Dead Pooh from Antarctic Press. Yes its Deadpool meets Pooh. The cover is awesome, the character is awesome, and yes this is awesome.

Here are some other books to check out this week. IDW’s Dorothy of OZ Prequel #1, Image Comics’ Hoax Hunters #0 and Rebel Blood #1, Bluewater’s John Saul’s God Project #1, and Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Jungle Book #1.

Scroll through some of the beautiful covers coming out this week below.

That’s it for this week. See you soon.

Invest Wisely.

Jay Katz

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Zenescope – Jurassic Strike Force 5

Usually when you think Zenescope, you thing a whole lot of HOT ladies on covers doing what they do best.  But there’s a different side of Zenescope you’ve most likely never seen before (mainly because its new..haha)!  But Zenescope has teamed up with the Discovery Channel and are marketing books for kids ages 9 and up.  YES, you read that right!  ALL AGES BOOKS!!  How AWESOME is that??!!  The imprint company is called Silver Dragon Books!  Jurassic Strike Force 5 is just one of the books they’ve come up with.

Awakened from his 65 million year hibernation, the evil alien overlord Zalex is ready to resume his conquest of the universe and he’s starting with the earth. Backed by his army of evil, mutated Dino-soldiers there’s nothing that can stop him…nothing but Dino StrikeForce! Don’t miss the seminal issue in the first original series under Zenescope’s Silver Dragon Books imprint.

…..And the cherry on top of this awesome cake, our good friend and award winning colorist Jeff Balke is the colorist on the series!  This is something NOT to be missed (Balke meets Dinosaurs)!!  Issue 1 is due out early February.  Grab yours before they all go “extinct”.