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Below is a checklist of Harley Quinn comics; first appearances, key issues, and other books. There WILL BE MISSED books here. It’s okay, no one will die. Please read the disclaimer!! If you think there is a comic(s) that did not make this list, please feel free to weigh in below or let us know on one of other social media outlets.


Harley Quinn Checklist

Batman Harley Quinn

Batman Harley Quinn (1999) – First DC Universe appearance in continuity – Click to Buy/Bid

Batman Adventures #12

Batman Adventures #12 (1993) – First ever appearance of Harley Quinn – Click to Buy/Bid

Batman Adventures #12 (1993) – The first appearance of Harley Quinn. This comic features the “animated” version of Harley and not the actual “continuity” Harley Quinn” within the DC Universe. There are approximately 14+ or so books before she ever appeared within the confines of the actual DC Universe. Here are some of those early appearances (listed below).

Batman Adventures: Mad Love #1 (1994) – Second “non-continuity” Harley appearance.

Batman Adventures Annual #1 (1994) – Third appearance and legend John Byrne actually pencils a Harley Quinn story here. How great is that???!!

Batman Adventures #28 (1995)

Batman and Robin Adventures #1 (1995)

Batman Adventures: Holiday Special (1995)

Batman and Robin Adventures #8 (1996)

Batman and Superman Adventures: Worlds Finest (1997)

Batman and Robin Adventures #17 (1997)

Batman and Robin Adventures #18 (1997)

Batgirl Adventures 1

Batgirl Adventures #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

Batman Mad Love 1

Batman Adventures Mad Love #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

Batgirl Adventures #1 (1998)

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Batman Chronicles Gallery #1 (1997) – Harley made an appearance in the regular DC Universe with a pinup in this comic before the next book listed here.

Batman Harley Quinn (1999) – Here is the first official Harley Quinn entry (appearance) into the DC Universe. Also an origin issue. A modern day classic cover; Alex Ross.

Batman No Mans Land Gallery #1 (1999) – Harley’s second appearance is very much like her first. In a gallery book. So this means that this comic is not really recognized as her second appearance in the DC Universe, very much like her first appearance.

Batman #570 (1999) – Harley’s second appearance. Many collectors are hoarding these away for a future gauntlet throw down to maximize their potential earnings. Not an easy book to get.

Detective Comics #737 (1999) – The third appearance of Harley Quinn.

Action Comics #765 (2000) – Harley steps out of a Batman comic universe for the first time. This comic is also the first time she appears in the same book as Superman. A definite collectors item here and it’s an affordable book too!

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Batman 570

Batman #570 – Click to Buy/Bid

Detective Comics 737

Detective Comics #737 – Click to Buy/Bid

Action Comics 765

Action Comics #765 – Click to Buy/Bid

Batman No Mans Land Gallery 1

Batman No Mans Land Gallery #1 – Click to Buy/Bid










Harley Quinn #1 (2000) – 7 years after her debut into the comic book world, Harley finally gets her own title.

Wonder Woman #164 (2001) – Harley in the same comic as Wonder Woman for the first time. A ridiculously gorgeous Adam Hughes cover as well.

Batman 613

Batman #613 – Click to Buy/Bid

Harley Quinn #4 (2001) – First appearance of the Quinntets.

Harley Quinn: Our Worlds at War #1 (2001) – This comic not only possess a great story, but it also marks the first time Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti get their creative Quinn popped. Amanda and Jimmy are THE go-to when it comes to Harley Quinn and this is their first work on the character.

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Jokers Last Laugh Secret Files #1 (2001) – A couple of months later, Amanda and Jimmy do a backup story in this book. The beginnings of the Quinn/Conner/Palmiotti threesome. A Threesome that will become a monthly romp in about 13 years.

Batman #613 (2003) – During Jim Lee’s epic Batman run, he penciled Harley into the Hush story line. He got her right on the cover too. When a talent like Jim Lee draws any character for the first time, it’s time to take notice.

Harley Quinn #38 (2004) – Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard pencils the final issue of Harley’s first comic book run. Nice way to go out right? With Charlie at the helm and a low print run, this makes for an attractive comic.

Suicide Squad #1 (2011) – This comic is essentially Harley’s first appearance “post Flashpoint” and the character in the movie will be in direct correlation to THIS particular time frame. Hence the high mark selling points in the aftermarket. Her second appearance came a week later in Batman #1 (2011).

Suicide Squad #6 (2012) – The origin of Harley Quinn. The first of two parts. Two major comics for ANY Quinn collector. Great cover too.

Suicide Squad #7 (2012) The origin of Harley Quinn concludes. Another stellar cover.

Suicide Squad 1

Suicide Squad #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

Suicide Squad 6

Suicide Squad #6 – Click to Buy/Bid

Suicide Squad 7

Suicide Squad #7 – Click to Buy/Bid

Harley Quinn 38

Harley Quinn #38 – Click to Buy/Bid










Animal Man #17 (2013) – A random rare/outside the box of Batman appearance in an Animal Man comic. Actually, lots of characters appeared and Harley is one of the many.

Injustice Gods Among Us #1 (2013) – The first “Injustice” appearance of Harley.

Harley Quinn #0 (2014) – The trio is back together. Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Harley Quinn! Along with Amanda and Jimmy in this issue you have, Adlard, Cooke, Daniel, Hughes, Kieth, Lee, and Simonson just to name a few. First appearance’s of Bernie (the talking beaver. Yep, talking beaver), and Robert Coachman.

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Harley Quinn 1 2014

Harley Quinn #1 (2014) – Click to Buy/Bid

Harley Quinn #1 (vol 2) (2014) – Here is the second solo title since 2004. Where have you been? Amanda and Jimmy at the helm! First appearance of Big Tony, Queenie, Bowling Bell, Dr. Hertz, Skye Scrapper, Summer Daze, Tanya Tank and Madame Macbre.

Harley Quinn #2 (2014) – First appearance of Rodney and Syborg (post FP).

New Suicide Squad #1 (2014) – This series is fantastic. The team consist of Harley, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Joker’s Daughter, and Black Mantra.

Secret Origins #4 (2014) – A deeper look into the Harley character. Brought to you by Amanda and Jimmy.

Harley Quinn #10 (2014) – First appearance of the Brooklyn Bruisers team.

New Suicide Squad #3 (2014) – Here’s the first televised fight (of many more to come probably) between Joker’s Daughter and Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn Our Worlds at War

Harley Quinn Our Worlds at War #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

Injustice Gods Among Us 1

Injustice Gods Among Us #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

New Suicide Squad 1

New Suicide Squad #1 – Click to Buy/Bid

New Suicide Squad 3

New Suicide Squad #3 – Click to Buy/Bid










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Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-25-10

1aaaa1catscrfeverInvestComics has cat scratch fever! Also, check out 2 Bronze Age characters that should be on your radar. All that and more….



1aaaa1actioncomics8921aaaa1shadowlandmoonkight1This week we begin our focus group on 2 extremely underrated characters that have the potential to absolutely break loose in a huge way if ever used to the capacity they are capable of. Now granted, each one of them has had success in their own way, but “really” break out? Not yet. 2 comics come out this week that remind us that these 2 need to get their due. Action Comics #892 & Shadowland: Moon Knight #1.

Let’s start with Moon Knight, well we have six volumes of Moon Knight spanning from 1980 till 2010. Yes some were mini-series, but that just meant Marvel was testing the waters to see how hot the reception might be with the limited series. Instead they received a cool one and never went “live” with a regular ongoing follow up to the minis. Many have said that Moon Knight is a blatant rip-off of DC’s Batman. If you really look at the origins and into the character development of each, It doesn’t seem too much of a rip off at all. You want to talk rip-off? Look at Rob Liefeld’s “SMASH”, now THAT is ridiculousness at the height of just being flat out unholy. Getting back to the White Knight, the recent Vengeance of Moon Knight 1aaaaaa1werewolfbynight321stMOONKNIGHT_1975_GILKANE_ALMILGROM_1001aaaa1moonknight1_2006DAVIDFINCH_VARIANT_161aaaa1marcSpectorMoonKnight55STEPHENPLATT_1993_4series has been faring rather well, the problem is so did the other regular series and they ultimately meet their demise. Writer Greg Hurwitz is doing an amazing job of keeping Moon Knight relevant. As for the art, David Finch is to Moon Knight what McFarlane is to Spidey, Adams is to Batman, Keown is to Hulk, etc. When David draws Moon Knight, his style is immediately recognized much like the “other” Moon Knight artist that MUST get kudos, Stephen Platt. Take a look at Finch’s Moon Knight #1 from 2006 and take a look at Platt’s Marc Spector: Moon Knight #55 from 1993 and you will see exactly why these 2 guys OWN this character. Both of the comics just mentioned are the first Moon Knight work from both of them and can be bought for only $4 each. A nice book to have in your collection is the Variant Moon Knight #1 (2006) from David Finch. It’s the beautiful penciled cover. Here’s the thing fans, if Marvel ever gets Moon Knight firing on all cylinders, and also decides, since THEY have their own movie studios that a film is in order, it’s going to be big. Too long Marvel has clamored for that “dark, edgy” sort of character (Ghost Rider/Blade excluded). If Marvel were to ever go for a strong PG rating (no R here, Disney says so), THIS would be a perfect movie to start with. Speaking of a starting point, a nice place a collector should start would be Werewolf by Night #32 (1975). This would be the very first appearance of Moon Knight, and features a cover by Al Milgrom and Gil Kane. This alone should be worth the price of admission, but at a much undervalued $100, this 1st appearance should be stashed away in your collection.

1aaaa1newteentitans2_1980_GPEREZ_MWOLMAN_48Action Comics #892 features Deathstroke, and he too needs HIS due. Countless appearances and series runs are the makeup of DC’s number one assassin. With DC taking their time in the comic book movie market (lets go people, chop chop) it’s a crying shame we haven’t seen the likes of a Deathstroke on film yet. It’s a crying shame we haven’t seen much of anything from DC actually, but that’s for another time. The New Teen Titans #2 (1980), 1st appearance of Deathstroke from Marv Wolman and George Perez cost ONLY $50?? This is a steal of epic proportions. We all know that DC (WB) will eventually get their act together with the movie front. Why would anyone think that Deathstroke would not be a part of a film someplace, somewhere? He will be, so get $50 together and buy a nice copy of this extremely affordable comic now before Deathstroke becomes a force like he was back in the 80’s.

1aaaa1supermanbatman75Sticking with DC, Superman/Batman #75 hits your local comic shop and will most likely fly off the shelf. This anniversary issue features names such as Levitz, J.T. Krul, Hughes, Kelly, Tucci, and the list goes on. But one name that sticks out is a previously mentioned name in the Moon Knight spotlight in this article. David Finch will be writing and penciling a story for the first time in this issue. This is great news for Finch fans.

1aaaa1namorthefirstmutant1Marvel will be dipping their toe in the pool again, the ocean actually. Namor The First Mutant #1 will be another attempt for Marvel to get this fisherman going. Although a favorite among certain fans, and a very loyal following, do not look for Namor to break through this time. Yes the first issue will sell out (thanks to a sweet Joe Quesada variant cover), but the interest will die rather quickly. Look for this comic to sustain a moderate run, but nothing substantial.

Some very interesting Independents headed our way this week. Let’s do a quick rundown of them. Not too sure which ones are due out exactly. Diamond does not have some of them listed, but check out these titles if you see them on the shelf. Ani-Max #1 from Dynamite Entertainment, this one shot is set to be a cartoon series in the near future. Dracula The Company of Monsters #1 from Kurt Busiek and BOOM! Studios looks like a good old fashioned monster book. Not sure if this next comic has been released yet, but A-10 Comics Presents #1 looks very interesting and deserves a look. A sell out for sure. Scratch 9 #1 from Ape Entertainment Comics is an appealing take on the 9 lives of a cat. This cat will be a sleeper hit so watch out for this one. Bluewater’s Nanny and Hank #1 dives into the vampire fold with a twist. And the last of our Indie’s to check out is the continuation of One with issue #2. Yes that is One #2.






See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz