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Every  week before new comic book day, here are the Top 5 NEW comics to speculate/read from this Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #446 and new comics coming this Wednesday 10/19/16.

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Before reading ahead, we feel we need to warn you that our articles contain very harsh truths in them. Not vulgar language, just a good solid dose of honesty. They always have, they always will. If you are easily offended, cannot come to terms that other people have opinions too beside yourself and especially if you’re a fanboy, discontinue reading. Go back to the other places selling you the farm. This is NOT the place for you. We’re here to have fun and not lie to you. Thank you and enjoy!

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Batman #9 – The beginning of the new Batman made Suicide Squad team. It all starts here.

Deadpool Too Soon #1 – Deadpool puts together his own team this week. Not of the villain psychopath kind though. His team consist of Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon, Howard The Duck, Ant-Man, Groot and the Punisher. Maybe not the most sane bunch, but a team only fitting for Deadpool.

Archie #13 – The arrival of the new Cheryl Blossom.

Mighty Thor #12 – Think you know anything about hammers? Well maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but this Wednesday you’ll get an origin story of Thor’s hammer; The Mighty Mjolnir!

Green Lanterns #9 – This issue begins the epic story line involving the newest Lantern ring that first appeared a few issues prior in Green Lanterns #6. ‘The Phantom Ring’ part 1 starts this week. 


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IC 100 Club Pick: Swamp Thing #6 CGC graded 9.0 (1973).


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Dark Knight III The Master Race #6

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #1

Deadpool Back In Black #2

Amazing Fantasy #15

Captain America Sam Wilson #14

Deadpool #43 (2015)

A-Force #10, A-Force #9A-Force #8

Infamous Iron Man #1

Die Kitty Die #1

Evil Ernie #1 (1991)

Lady Death Extinction Express #1

Spell On Wheels #1

Lord Of Gore #1

Love and Rockets #1

InvestComics Hot Picks #437

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Hot Picks Video #446 – The Covers


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Hot Picks Video #446 – The Covers. A weekly video look at the covers from the weekly InvestComics Hot Picks article. New comics arriving 10/19/2016.

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InvestComics Hot Picks #446


InvestComics provides readers and speculators the low down on the new releases Hot Picks each week.
New comic book release day 10/19/16.

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We were at New York Comic Con this past week. Below is a snippet video of our press coverage. We had tremendous coverage (as we always do) on all of our social media outlets, but we always make these videos every year when we come back for our fans. Enjoy!

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Before reading ahead, we feel we need to warn you that our articles contain very harsh truths in them. Not vulgar language, just a good solid dose of honesty. They always have, they always will. If you are easily offended, cannot come to terms that other people have opinions too beside yourself and especially if you’re a fanboy, discontinue reading. Go back to the other places selling you the farm. This is NOT the place for you. We’re here to have fun and not lie to you. Thank you and enjoy!

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Each week InvestComics seeks out a comic(s) on Ebay for $100 or less and then brings it to the attention of our fans. We call it IC 100 Club Pick. The idea is to get a great book at a great price. We do not own nor are we selling these comics. The comics are found by a random process. We do not know the ebay seller(s), nor are we promoting the Ebay seller. Any knowing from the Ebay seller of InvestComics or its affiliates is purely coincidental. (See disclaimer for more details).

IC 100 Club Pick: Swamp Thing #6 CGC graded 9.0 (1973). Anytime a collector is able to purchase a 9.0 signed book from a LEGEND such as Bernie Wrightson, there should be absolutely no hesitation in buying that book. Here, case in point is a Swamp Thing #6, CGC graded 9.0 for $99 Buy It Now with a Bernie Wrightson signature. There is no question that a collector must have this in their collection. Then check out one of our first InvestComics Creator Spotlights; Bernie Wrightson (click image below). We released this back in early 2015 with the release of our new site, so don’t mind the messiness in the article, just buy things from this creator, he’s a LEGEND. That’s it. Nuff said. 


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Once in while on new comic book Wednesday there is a comic that we know we’re about to tout with great glee. This week is one of those times. A story line that will aim to please and will have speculators peeking in as well. Batman #9 is the book that collectors need to check out this Wednesday. It’s the first part of a story line named “I Am Suicide.” We love that title. This title is a prologue on what is to come. Batman has to break into Arkham Asylum to retrieve one of his greatest adversaries ever; Bane. The reasoning is to recruit a few of his foes to form his very own Suicide Squad to rescue Gotham Girl and Psycho-Pirate. The modern day Batman Suicide Squad team starts right here. You really need to get in on the ground floor and that ground floor starts in this issue.

Green Lanterns #6 debuted the most powerful ring of all; the Phantom Ring. This Wednesday in Green Lanterns #9 “The Phantom Ring” part one!

So many delays, puts the Dark Knight III series into the “oh is that coming out this month? I didn’t know that.” phase. Dark Knight III The Master Race #6 makes it to the new comics shelf this week with the tag line “Is Gotham ready for the new Batgirl?” Here’s a better question “Does anyone care at this point?” Delays and too much time between books kills momentum and interest.

What is it with the names of some of the new comics these days? Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #1? Okay. Why not just Cave Carson #1? So pretentious, no?

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Marvel will put out an origin story about a hammer. Not just any hammer of course. Thor’s hammer: The Mighty Mjolnir. Check out the hammer story in Mighty Thor #12. We bet no one (most no one) at Home Depot or Lowes knows about this hammer.

The latest Marvel Comics sensation is Deadpool Back In Black. This week, Deadpool Back In Black #2 comes out and it will sell out like the first issue did. There will probably be a lower print run (obviously) of the second issue, so get on this if you want a first print. The Ron Lim Venompool cover is solid, but it’s the Salva Espin homage cover of Amazing Fantasy #15 with Power Pack (and a clown!) that wins. Anyone remember what InvestComics has said about Power Pack over the past few years?? Since 2010. We actually touched on it more recently; InvestComics Hot Picks #437 (August). Yes it will probably happen eventually, you’ll see. Just remember to give us credit and not to be such a nerd and take the credit. Thanks!

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Sticking with Deadpool, he seems to be following in the footsteps of Batman in the gathering/assembling of a team in Deadpool Too Soon #1. The difference between him and Bats’ team is that his team does not consist of a bunch of adversaries. Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon, Howard The Duck, Ant-Man, Groot and the Punisher join forces. Like we always say, we don’t make this stuff up, we just report it.

Captain America Sam Wilson #14 features the villain Flag-Smasher smashing things up! A ridiculously beautiful cover by Marcos Martin adds to the awesomeness here. The hash tag movement Marvel is trying to start is right there on the cover for fans to see, #TakeBackTheShield. So what are you waiting for?? Start the hash tag movement! Oh and the most recent Flag-Smasher character first appeared in Deadpool #43 (2015).

Fans will learn more about Alice in A-Force #10. Alice first appeared in the previous issue; A-Force #9 and made a photo cameo in A-Force #8. That’s your Alice roundup!

Doctor Doom becomes Iron Man for the first time in Infamous Iron Man #1. Lots of pointless variants accompany this one.


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Click Buy/Bid A-Force #9

Chapter House Publishing turns up creative firepower this Wednesday with two amazing Archie Comics creators debuting a new series. Die Kitty Die #1 with be brought to you by writers Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz and Artist Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz! Want more repeating? Okay. Look for great interest here as Chapter House Publishing knows how to put a product together very well and the creators are veterans that know how to put a product together very well. Told you we’d do that, now go out and check this comic out.

Cheryl Blossom makes her debut in the new Archie Comics universe. Check out Archie #13 for the vixen known as Cheryl Blossom!

Brian Pulido’s Lady Death character has been around for 25 years now! First debuting in Evil Ernie #1 (1991) from Eternity Comics. This week’s Lady Death Extinction Express #1 will introduce a new character named Chaotica. Coffin Comics tells us that this character will be a major player in Lady Death’s universe.

Here are some other indie comics to check out this Wednesday! Spell On Wheels #1 (Dark Horse). Lord Of Gore #1 (Devils Due Publishing) features a Hack/Slash variant cover from Tim Seeley. Love and Rockets #1 (Fantagraphics).

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Comic Book Speculation Stigma……

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**This article was originally written for Yahoo Voices (March 2014) when InvestComics was a contributor.

What you are about to read is 100% authentic. This material is 100% original content from InvestComics and does not borrow from any article(s) or comic website(s) for its content. Anything you read regarding anything from here on any other site that seems similar probably and most likely originated from here. Enjoy…….

Definition (source Webster);

Col`lect´or n.

One who collects things which are separate ; esp ., one who makes a business or practice of collectingworks of art , objects in natural history , etc .; as , a collector of coins .

What defines one as a collector? Is it a person that simply enjoys the hobby of reading comic books? Is it a person that collects comic books for the pure enjoyment of its monetary value? Maybe both? Maybe an avid reader and you vehemently oppose the “worth” or “selling” of a comic book. More often than not, the latter has come into play in the comic book world. But let’s set the record straight a bit. If you are in fact the comic book enthusiast that severely opposes the monetary value of a comic book, then you are in the right place.

How many articles have you read recently or in the past year, two years, or several years that stated how invaluable comic book collecting is for monetary gain. Not only is this completely false, it’s extremely uninformed. Now I can bore you with numbers, Action Comics #1 30 years ago, Captain America first appearance 30 years ago, Amazing Fantasy #15 30 years ago, Detective Comics #27 30 years ago were all worth much less in monetary value than they are today. Okay so now you might be saying, no those articles mean the modern day books. Okay so how about Walking Dead #1, Amazing Spider-Man #300, New Mutants #98, and that list also goes on.

Action_Comics_1_InvestComicsHere’s the thing. I have personally reached out to many comic shops over the years to carry on my business venture with them. The business venture (weekly Hot Picks/Checklist) was and is still to this day to heighten awareness to the average collector and the serious speculator on what to buy each week on new comic book day on Wednesday. And read them! Many of the shops were more than happy to oblige and take the free information I am providing them each week to possibly sell more comics in their shop. After all, they are in business to make money right? They understand there is a niche market for the speculator, agree or disagree, they get it. There was however two shops (that shall remain nameless) that came back and provided the words; “We don’t believe in this practice of comic books.” One of the shops even said “I would consider changing the name of your business.” Now what options were open for me here? A: I could have wrote them back and explained in a more thorough sense of what the business model is trying to achieve, to which 20 other shops understood when they read the original text, which read like this; “the weekly article may help with your sales and it’s Walking_Dead_1_InvestComicsfree!” B: Ask if they were running a business or they simply don’t like making money. C: Told every collector in the immediate area of those two stores that their local comic shop is selling the Amazing Spider-Man #129 on the wall for cover price of 20 cents. They don’t believe in that practice right? Isn’t that what they essentially stated? So basically, I or any collector alike could walk in there and buy off the wall for cover price. There is one thing to have beliefs, but you simply cannot have it both ways. It doesn’t work that way. Either you believe comics have monetary resale value or you don’t.

…..Which brings us to that comic book fan with the same heighten sense of “comic book collecting for monetary value is evil, they’re for reading!” While I agree, reading a comic book is an extremely enjoyable thing, there are several things to point out with this way thinking. So here’s what I have done to those thinkers in real time (at my local comic shop). I ask them if they like reading trades. Most of the time they will say yes, then I ask if them if I could have their Walking Dead #1 comic for cover price ($2.95) from their collection. 10 out of 10 times, not one will say yes to this. I ask, well you can buy the trade right? It’s about reading right? So I proceed to inform the non-monetary comic believer that what they may have is a number one Walking Dead 9.9 graded copy on their hands. Which sold for a mere $7000. Oh wait, you don’t like money right? You wouldn’t sell that comic to get your first used car to get around and hang with your friends. Maybe you need to pay some debt, maybe you need to make a light bill payment, rent, mortgage, but of course you don’t want to part with that number one issue because it means everything to you because you like “reading it”……Trades, remember those? Same thing. In fact easier to store and you may have 8 comics or more in one book! Giving the “reader” a chance to never having to put a comic away to pick up another one. Binge read an entire story arc. Well, you get the idea.

Hypocrisy anyone? Can we all come to the agreement that not only is the thought process skewed with this hobby, but any hobby for that matter?

New_Mutants_Vol_1_98_001I do not like or care for the automobile hobby. I know nothing about cars, I have no interest in knowing value, and I have no personal redeeming value for the car I drive now. It gets me from point A to point B and that is what is most important to me. That said if I were to sell it, I will maximize the full potential of getting every dollar I possibly could for my vehicle. I don’t like the automobile hobby, but I am privy to money. I would never speak out of school to a car enthusiast for understanding and crafting their hobby, why would a fellow comic book fan do so to another? Be glad there are others interested in your hobby regardless of what their intentions are. Actually, speculators are actually helping you if you ever get caught in a jam. I can personally attest to this about 9 years ago when I sold many comics in my collection because I had a one year old at the time, no job and we needed a roof over our heads. Did I have a personal connection to some of those comics? Sure I did. Did I really want to part with them? No I didn’t. But I do have a full understanding that comic books are worth money. Holding on to certain comics in your collection because of sentimental value trumps many things. That said, when things are getting rough in real life, it’s time to buckle down and see what means the most to you in your world. Certain comic books do and have held personal highlights in some collectors lives, but I’m not touching on those particular books here. I’m talking about the Walking Dead #1 that I bought for cover price when it came out, had to slabbed (9.8) and sold it for $200 back 9 years ago.

Many modern comics can be flipped for cash if done correctly. There are investors buying a house in your neighborhood right now to flip it. It’s the way it is. Money is not bad. If it’s so evil, then the next time you think about saying how much you don’t like the monetary value in a comic book, give me a call so I can go through your collection, hand pick and give you cover price for your comics. I will buy you the trades (that include entire story arcs in one book, remember?) in turn for buying your books at cover price. Deal? It will never happen because you are smarter than that. The same with the majority of comic book store owner.

New_Teen_Titans_2_InvestComicsHere is a fun task to run at your local comic shop. Ask your comic shop owner about the speculation side of the hobby, some may actually say how bad it is for the hobby, how they hate it, how they don’t believe in it. If they say this, then it’s your turn to say, don’t you like money? Don’t you like to feed your family? Then ask for that New Teen Titans #2 for cover price off the wall. See how quickly things change. Businesses are in business to make money, always remember this. If an owner strongly opposes the modern day flip on a comic book, then why are they selling a variant cover for $75 that came out that day with a cover price of $4.99? Of course they believe in it, otherwise you’d be beating the house and running on Ebay to sell your goods becoming richer than them. For some reason quite a few comic shop owners do not like the sigma of modern day flips, but they will in fact, no doubt make money on them if and when the time calls for it!  

Comic fans and comic shop owners have to grasp the concept that if they do not like the monetary value side of comic collecting, they should embrace it. You as an individual are entitled to your opinion about anything. But do know that if you are not a believer at all about grading comics, collecting them, and handling them, don’t ever sell above cover value unless you are a business person. Try to not make yourself out to be a hypocrite. Cannot have it both ways. Business is money and money is not a bad thing. Know that there are markets out there (cars, stamps, games, toys, coins, etc.) and try to refrain from the negative aspect of it because you will get called out on it and made to look rather foolish one day. Respect the comic book hobby, respect the speculator, and most of all read comics too!

Invest wisely. Read comics. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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Spider-Verse/Spider-Man Checklist


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Spider_VerseWith the recent announcement of the new Spider-Man Event called “Spider-Verse” it got us thinking; how long will it take us to compile a list together for our fans. Well it took a little while, but it was well worth it. In case you’re out of the loop a little bit, Spider-Verse will bring together every single different form of the Spider-Man character ever in a Spidey event series. Sounds like fun!

For fans alike, this should be an absolute thrill ride. The readers will be in eye candy heaven. So what does this mean exactly for the speculator? Well they too will have a joy ride ahead of them. The math is not hard on this one at all. Here is how it will probably go down. Spider-Verse will release and there will be a mad frenzy for many of the Spidey characters. Be it in a suit/Spidey-Armour/power or anything for that matter. Marvel will get wind of the public outcry for say…..the Iron Spider-Man (one of our personal favorites) and they will respond. Bottom line folks, expect some branching out of the Spider-Man Universe for years to come. Be on top of some of the ridiculous ones and the stellar ones before you’re caught without a copy of that NEW popular Spidey character with their own series.

Iron_Spider_ManNow InvestComics fans can search out just about every single different Spider-Man (and female) that pretty much exist right here……on one page.

As we mentioned earlier, one of our favorite Spidey creations has to be the Iron Spider-Man. The late Michael Turner still has one of our favorite modern day comic covers of all time. Civil War #3 (2006) Variant is an absolute beauty (pictured right).

So in no particular order, welcome to the InvestComics: Spider-Verse/Spider-Man Checklist! The list compiles not only the different variations of Spider-Man, but it also includes some of the Spidey villains that have emulated him over the years as well.

(Of course there will be some comics left off or some errors made here. Please speak up if you think you got a good one that was inadvertently left off or if there is a mistake. Also, please keep in mind that some of these characters will never see the light of day in the Spider-Verse event, but having fun here is more important.)

Spider-Verse/Spider-Man Checklist

Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) – First original Spidey costume.

Amazing Spider-Man #529 – The first Iron-Spider-Man suit. This Bryan Hitch cover really pops. The cover shows the suit in its full glory.

Marvel Team-Up #141 – The first black suit Spider-Man (After AMSM #252)

Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1984) – The first black suit Spider-Man. Need any more than this?

Amazing Spider-Man #365 (1992)Spider-Man 2099 (first appearance) is already making his presence felt in the pages of Spider-Man. Who knows how big 2099 will get eventually…..again.

Web of Spider-Man #70 (1990) – The very first appearance of Spider-Hulk.

Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man – This graphic novel soft cover features the first Spider-Man 2211.

Web of Spider-Man #117 (1994) – First Ben Reilly as Scarlett Spider.

Spider-Man #21 (1992) – With Deathlok heating up the small screen these days, how about a cyborg Spider-Man? Check out the awesome Erik Larsen cover too! Your first look at Cyber-Spider.

Amazing Spider-Man #329 (1990) – Can you imagine the coolness of having a Captain Universe Spider-Man running around the Marvel cosmic books? Maybe this would be a way for Marvel to sneak in Spider-Man into the Marvel Studio movies. Check out when Spidey goes power cosmic for the first time right here. Erik Larsen at the helm once again.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #39 (1980)Spider-Lizard makes his debut here.

Webspinner’s: Tales of Spider-Man #13 (2000) – The official/unofficial first Spider-Man Unlimited.

Web of Spider-Man #100 (1993) – The first Spider-Armor.

Spider-Man #90 (1998) – First Negative Zone Spidey.

Universe X: Spidey #1 (2000)Spiders-Man first appearance. That’s some stretch with the name right? Must have been an all-nighter trying to come up with that name.

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #66 (1982) – Spidey is having all sorts of issues with Electro in this comic. So he builds an Electro suit.

Amazing Spider-Man #425 (1997) – The “return” of the Electro suit. Much different (so cool!)

Amazing Spider-Man #100 (1971) Spidey with six arms! Classic Spidey cover and Gil Kane pencils.

Spider-Man #58 (1995) – First appearance of Black Scarlet Spider.

Funeral For An Octopus #2 (1995) – Spider-Man as Octo-Spider-Man!

Spectacular Spider-Man #214 (1994) – The awesomeness of Ninja Spider-Man debuts here.

Spider-Man #25 (1992) – The first appearance of Spider-Phoenix.

Amazing Spider-Man #410 (1996)Spider-Carnage debuts here.

Amazing Spider-Man #367 (1992) Blood Spider first appearance.

Amazing Spider-Man #258 (1984) – Not only an early symbiote appearance, but the first appearance of……..bag head Spidey!! No really, no kidding.

Spider-Man #58 (1995)Leather Jacket Spider-Man!

Spider-Man 2099 #29 (1995) – First appearance of Flipside.

Spider-Girl #5 (1999)Spider-Venom‘s first appearance.

Amazing Spider-Man #682 (2012)Spider-Amour III debuts.

Amazing Spider-Man #656 (2011)Spider-Amour II!

Spectacular Spider-Man #256 (1998) – Another version of the Grocery bag head Spidey!

Spider-Man Noir #1 (2009) – First appearance of Spider-Man Noir.

Amazing Spider-Man #650 (2011) Spider-Man Stealth!

Amazing Spider-Man #569 (2008) – First appearance of Anti-Venom.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1988) – First FULL Venom appearance.

Ultimate Fallout #4 (2011) First Miles Morales as Spidey.

Marvel Tails Starring Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #1 (1983) – The first appearance of the very awesome Spider-Ham!


Now how about the girls? Yes, over the years there have been variations of Spidey on the female side. The same rules apply here as above, some spider-like villains included. Let’s have a look at them.

Marvel Spotlight #32 (1977) – First appearance of Spider-Woman.

What If? Starring Spider-Man Vol2 #105 (1989) – First appearance of Spider-Girl (May Parker).

Ultimate Spider-Man #98 (2006) – First Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman.

Spider_WomanDeath’s Head II #4 (1992)Death’s Head Spidey.

Amazing Spider-Man #210 (1980) – First Madame Web.

Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #1 (2004)Ana Sofia Corazon as Spider-Girl.

Carnage #1 (2010) – First appearance of Scorn.

The Spectacular Spider-Man #263 (1998)Martha Franklin as Spider-Woman.

Venom: Lethal Protector #4 (1993) – First appearance of Scream.

Amazing Spider-Man #375 (1993) – First appearance of She-Venom.

Venom #38 (2013) – The debut of Mania.

Spider-Girl #45 (2002)Felicity Hardy as Scarlet Spider.

Amazing Spider-Girl #14 (2008) – First appearance of Arana.

Amazing Spider-Girl #20 (2008) – Debut of Mayhem (April Parker).


Remember, with great knowledge comes InvestComics.

Invest wisely. Read Spidey.

Jay Katz



Here we analyze growth of the most valuable key issue Silver Age comics and prove the point with statistics.



The most valuable comic book of the last 70 years !

Not only the #1 most valuable comic book of the silver age but in fact the #9 most valuable comic book of all time !

Strong steady growth the past few years – will it keep going !

With issue #15 (Aug. 1962) Amazing Adult Fantasy was retitled Amazing Fantasy. In numerous interviews Lee recalls how the title had been slated for cancellation, and that therefore, with nothing to lose, publisher Martin Goodman reluctantly agreed to allow him to introduce Spider-Man, a new kind ofsuperhero — one who would be a teenager, but not a sidekick, and one who would have everymandoubts, neuroses and money problems. Sales for Amazing Fantasy #15, however, actually proved to be one of Marvel’s highest at the time so the company installed Spider-Man into a series of his own.

This version of the history is problematic: it was seven months before the first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man arrived on newsstands to capitalize on the new character’s apparent popularity. Furthermore, Amazing Fantasy #15’s message from the editor about “the new Amazing”, (advertised in a blurb on the front cover), in fact pertains to that issue’s deletion of the word “Adult” from the title of the series. The editor’s message explains the reasons for the new format and a new theme or direction promised for the series, which was evidently supposed to continue as Amazing Fantasy. Likewise, Lee’s parting text on the final page of the published origin story actually urges readers, “Be sure to see the next issue of Amazing Fantasy — for the further amazing exploits of America’s most different new teen-age idol — Spiderman!” (one of several instances in the early days that even Lee forgot or omitted the hyphen in the character’s name).


There is no denying that in NM shape this books is the leader of books to invest in.

However these are not the copies that turn up for sale and these are NOT the copies that the average collector can afford.

So how good of an investment are the lower grade copies.

This book has not always been jumping in value.  Believe it or not it was only as far back as 2004 that there was a market correction on this overpriced book and the book fell in value in all conditions low to high grade.  It would basically stall for another year in high grade but surprisingly moved up in low grade.

In more recent years the NM copies have been unstoppable in the Overstreet guide.


16.6% profit in NM or 5.71% profit in GD


250% profit in NM or 100% profit in GD


264.58% profit in NM or 192.95% profit in GD

Calculation for Percentage profit= 125000/50000 *100=250.00%



The #2 most valuable comic book of the last 60 years!

The Hulk is a fictional character, a comic book superhero appearing in publications by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Leeand Jack Kirby, and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962). Throughout his comic book appearances, the Hulk is portrayed as a large green humanoid that possesses near limitless superhuman strength and great invulnerability, attributes that grow more potent the angrier he becomes. Hulk is the alter ego of Bruce Banner, a socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved physicist who physically transforms into the Hulk under emotional stress and other specific circumstances at will or against it; these involuntary transformations lead to many complications in Banner’s life. When transformed, the Hulk often acts as a disassociated separate personality that hates Banner.


All Marvel key early silver age books have had super strong years the past 4 years in a row ever since the USA stock market crashed.  Before that the book was making small steady increases every year.  The book is from 1962 just like Amazing Fantasy #15 and is debatedly a rarer book.


16.6% profit in NM or 11.1% profit in GD


228.12% profit in NM or 100% profit in GD


452.63% profit in NM or 215.95% profit in GD



The first Marvel superhero comic of the silver age.

Apocryphal legend has it that in 1961, longtime magazine and comic book publisher Martin Goodman was playing golf with either Jack Liebowitzor Irwin Donenfeld of rival company DC Comics, then known as National Periodical Publications, and that the top executive bragged about DC’s success with the new superhero team the Justice League of America While film producer and comics historian Michael Uslan has debunked the particulars of that story, Goodman, a publishing trend-follower, aware of the JLA’s strong sales, did direct his comics editor,Stan Lee, to create a comic-book series about a team of superheroes. According to Lee, writing in 1974, “Martin mentioned that he had noticed one of the titles published by National Comics seemed to be selling better than most. It was a book called The Justice League of America and it was composed of a team of superheroes. … ‘If the Justice League is selling’, spoke he, ‘why don’t we put out a comic book that features a team of superheroes?’

Lee, who had served as editor-in-chief and art director of Marvel Comics and its predecessor companies, Timely Comics and Atlas Comics, for two decades, found that the medium had become creatively restrictive. Determined “to carve a real career for myself in the nowhere world of comic books, Lee concluded that, “For just this once, I would do the type of story I myself would enjoy reading…. And the characters would be the kind of characters I could personally relate to: they’d be flesh and blood, they’d have their faults and foibles, they’d be fallible and feisty, and — most important of all — inside their colorful, costumed booties they’d still have feet of clay.  Lee said he created a synopsis for the first Fantastic Four story that he gave to penciller Jack Kirby, who then drew the entire story. Kirby turned in his penciled art pages to Lee, who added dialogue and captions. This approach to creating comics, which became known as the “Marvel Method“, worked so well for Lee and Kirby that they used it from then on; the Marvel Method became standard for the company within a year.


This book used to be the most valuable at one point but has been surpaced by stronger interest in Spider-man and The Hulk.

It has shown the most consistent steady smaller growth year to year.

It has had a few small market corrections such as falling prices in VF in 2004.  In 2012 low grade prices fell and have stalled in the past couple years.


16.6% profit in NM or 0% profit in GD


156.09% profit in NM or 60% profit in GD


228.12% profit in NM or 137.52% profit in GD



4 The Flash (Barry Allen) DC editor Julius Schwartz assigned writer Robert Kanigher and artists Carmine Infantino and Joe Kubert to the company’s first attempt at reviving superheroes: an updated version of the Flash that would appear in Showcase #4 (October 1956). The eventual success of the new, science-fiction oriented Flash heralded the wholesale return of superheroes, and the beginning of what fans and historians call the Silver Age of Comic Books

For many years this ranked as the most valuable comic book of the silver age and is considered by most to be the 1st comic that started the actual silver age of comics led by DC Comics.  Unfortunately there is no major motion picture starring The Flash to catapult the price and interest up on this book like the comparable key Marvel silver age issues.




8.3% profit in NM or 8.57% profit in GD


44.44% profit in NM or 42.53% profit in GD


71.05% profit in NM or 59.93% profit in GD


So here are the most expensive books and the growth they have shown over the past decade.  Some books are showing bigger percent gains than others but that is no guarantee of what will happen in the future.  It would actually not be surprising if the roles and percentages change in the future.   Eventually the books that get “left behind” are the ones that do the best catching up !

Most Valuable MARVEL COMICS published each year Golden Atomic Silver Bronze Copper Ages

Most Valuable MARVEL COMICS published each year

Key investment comics and historically important issues

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Compiled and edited by comic book historian Terry Hoknes


These are the 3 most valuable Marvel comic books published in every year (Overstreet 2013 guide NM prices)

These books have proven to be consistently the most in demand key issues ever and are the best investments long term.

This list only include regular cover mass printed editions.  No variants or limited edition versions included.

This is the first time a yearly comparison has ever been made and the purpose is to show a few things.

First of all the following list truly highlights the major key issues/books of every year.  It also shows quickly which titles seems to pop up the most often and are the most expensive series to collect.  Whether its Captain America in the 1940’s, Amazing-Spiderman in the 1960’s or X-Men in the late 1970’s, some titles are just more collected than others and bring higher $ amounts even to non-key issues in a run.

It is easy to see when a new hero age begins when a bunch of key books stand out with very high price runs during the gold and silver ages.

Note that some years have lesser keys standing at the front of the line and are”for their age” a better investment. This can always be seen with most books from the 1950’s which are much more affordable and scarcer than any more recent books.

All comics from 1977 to the present are much more common as comic book shops became more dominant and offered back issues.  For many more current years its scarcer issues of long running titles that rank highest even though they are not key issues.




MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #9 $88,000.00 / HUMAN TORCH #2 $67,000.00 / MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #5 $62,000.00


CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 $300,000.00 / SUB-MARINER COMICS #1 $70,000.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #2 $45,000.00


TOUGH KID SQUAD #1 $17,500.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #10 $13,500.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #16 $13,000.00


ALL SELECT COMICS #1 $31,500.00 / USA COMICS #7 $10,500.00 / ALL SELECT COMICS #2 $10,000.00

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CAPTAIN AMERICA #36 $9,000.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #37 $7,500.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #40 $6,000.00


CAPTAIN AMERICA #46 $11,000.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #47 $4,800.00 / MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #63 $4,600.00


ALL WINNERS COMICS #19 $16,000.00 / ALL WINNERS COMICS #21 $12,500.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #59 $6,000.00


CAPTAIN AMERICA #61 $6,500.00 / MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #82 $4,800.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #63 $3,700.00


CAPTAIN AMERICA #66 $5,100.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #69 $5,000.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #68 $5,000.00



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STRANGE TALES #1 $6,000.00 / STRANGE TALES #2 $1,900.00 / ASTONISHING #3 $1,550.00


JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #1 $6,700.00 / JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #2 $2,000.00 / UNCANNY TALES #1 $1,600.00


YOUNG MEN #24 $5,500.00 / JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #4 $1,500.00 / JOURNEY INTO UNKNOWN WORLDS #15 $1,085.00


CAPTAIN AMERICA #78 $3,000.00 / CAPTAN AMERICA #77 $3,000.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #76 $3,000.00


RAWHIDE KID #1 $1,800.00 / SUB-MARINER #42 $1,625.00 / SUB-MARINER #38 $1,550.00


YELLOW CLAW #1 $1,800.00 / YELLOW CLAW #2 $1,400.00 / WORLD OF FANTASY #1 $850.00

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YELLOW CLAW #4 $1,350.00 / YELLOW CLAW #3 $1,350.00 / JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #44 $510.00


STRANGE WORLDS #1 $1,500.00 / STRANGE TALES #61 $585.00 / STRANGE TALES #64 $560.00


TALES OF SUSPENSE #1 $5,200.00 / TALES TO ASTONISH #1 $5,200.00 / TALES TO ASTONISH #2 $1,850.00


TALES OF SUSPENSE #9 $1075.00 / TALES OF SUSPENSE #7 $1050.00 / TALES TO ASTONISH #7 $1025.00


FANTASTIC FOUR #1 $105,000.00 / AMAZING ADVENTURES #1 $3,100.00 / STRANGE TALES #89 $1,700.00


AMAZING FANTASY #15 $175,000.00 / INCREDIBLE HULK #1 $105,000.00 / JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #83 $50,000.00

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 $58,000.00 / X-MEN #1 $40,000.00 / TALES OF SUSPENSE #39 $36,000.00


DAREDEVIL #1 $9,200.00 / THE AVENGERS #4 $6,200.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 $5,000.00


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #28 $2,300.00 / DAREDEVIL #7 $1,900.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #20 $1,775.00


FANTASTIC FOUR #48 $1,600.00 / FANTASTIC FOUR #50 $1,250.00 / FANTASTIC FOUR #49 $1,000.00

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50 $1,750.00 / X-MEN #35 $525.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #51 $475.00


SILVER SURFER #1 $1,350.00 / IRON MAN #1 $1,000.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA #100 $700.00


SILVER SURFER #4 $1,075.00 / X-MEN #58 $285.00 / SILVER SURFER #5 $285.00


CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 $500.00 / SILVER SURFER #14 $325.00 / X-MEN #66 $245.00


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101 $400.00 / FANTASTIC FOUR #112 $400.00 / SAVAGE TALES #1 $350.00

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.




IRON MAN #55 $750.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #122 $475.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #121 $475.00


INCREDIBLE HULK #181 $1,800.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 $975.00 / INCREDIBLE HULK #180 $400.00


GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1 $1,325.00 /  X-MEN #94 $1,300.00 / X-MEN #95 $350.00

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.


X-MEN #100 $230.00 / X-MEN #99 $195.00 / X-MEN #98 $195.00


IRON FIST #14 $340.00 / MARVEL COMICS SUPER SPECIAL #1 $250.00 / X-MEN #108 $135.00


MARVEL COMICS SUPER SPECIAL #5 $250.00 / X-MEN #109 $125.00 / X-MEN #116 $100.00


X-MEN #120 $120.00 / X-MEN #121 $115.00 / X-MEN #128 $75.00


DAREDEVIL #168 $200.00 / X-MEN #137 $95.00 / X-MEN #129 $95.00

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.


UNCANNY X-MEN #142 $95.00 / POWER MAN #66 $90.00 / X-MEN #141 $85.00


WOLVERINE #1 $75.00 / POWER MAN #78 $55.00 / WOLVERINE #4 $55.00


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #238 $130.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #239 $60.00 / POWER MAN #84 $55.00


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #252 $75.00 / G.I. JOE #21 $60.00 / MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS #8 $40.00


STAR WARS #102 $26.00 / STAR WARS #101 $26.00 / STAR WARS #100 $26.00

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.


STAR WARS #107 $85.00 /  X-FACTOR #6 $45.00 / CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #8 $40.00


INCREDIBLE HULK #331 $32.00 / INCREDIBLE HULK #330 $32.00 / UNCANNY X-MEN #213 $28.00


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN $300 $165.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #298 $75.00 / INCREDIBLE HULK #340 $60.00

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.


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UNCANNY X-MEN #244 $35.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #317 $28.00 / AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #316 $28.00


Click To Buy/Bid

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UNCANNY X-MEN #266 $65.00 / NEW MUTANTS #87 $35.00 / TRANSFORMERS #77 $35.00


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Terry Hoknes

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 7-11-12

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Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 7/11/12.

Okay so for the first time in InvestComics’ young history; we simply could not make it to the Miami SuperCon. Simply put, automobile died! Heard it was a fantastic show as usual, but we’ll have to turn that page and focus on the New York Comic Con! Love this show for 2 reasons. One, it’s a great show and 2 it’s my hometown! Click on the above to be linked to this incredible show.

There was a recent secret project announcement from Marvel Studios regarding a movie that will be appearing in a few years. That announcement was the Introduction into the Marvel’s Cosmic Galaxy. Guardians of The Galaxy will be the team to kick of Marvel’s neglected Universe. Here’s the thing. If you’ve been a weekly reader of the InvestComics Hot Picks, you would have read that this was going to happen! True, no lie! Check out the Hot Picks article from April 21 2010 right HERE and then check out the calling of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie in the August 8 2010 Hot Picks HERE. Yes of course we have picked lemons too, but when we call something right, it’s fun to point it out!

Hope you enjoyed the 2 part Amazing Spider-Man special. It was a lot of fun to put that together. More like that coming your way soon with the release of the Batman and Superman movies. But for now we go to our regular scheduled program.

All the talk this week is about one comic book. A comic book that flew under the radar for a little bit, but cultivated into a huge success to say the least. It spawned a television show and now it has reached its own milestone status within the comic book collecting industry. That book; The Walking Dead #100. Now with all of the hoopla surrounding this series, let it be known that any collector spending thousands of dollars for a high grade number one issue is probably not making a wise decision. Yes the series is “hot”, yes the television series is “hot”, but where will the series in both realms here go once the boredom sets in? Or once the series reaches its pinnacle, many will probably walk away. Newsflash here, this comic will not be Amazing Fantasy #15 or Iron Man #55 for that matter. Yes it’s a well written book, it’s a fantastically well rounded book actually, but is it well enough to sustain that monetary value over the long run? This collector doesn’t think so. If you’re in the market looking for a book to invest in as far as your collection goes, save your money and get a high grade aforementioned comic like Iron Man #55 (First Thanos).

So with the release of the milestone issue here comes the massive hyperbole of variant covers. Ten covers at last count. That’s absurd, but it is what it is. The absurdity could work in you favor though! If you want to make a quick buck get your hands on a high grade Retailer Incentive Charlie Adlard Cover, slab it and throw it on EBay. It’s a no brainer that you will most likely double your cash from the $250 you originally spent getting this book in the first place. Triple or more if your grade pulls a 9.9. Easy cash here. Not money wisely spent by the buyer of this comic on EBay, but shhhh we won’t tell them.

Chew fans have something to celebrate this week. IDW releases their first spin off of their wildly popular series this week. Chew Secret Agent Polo #1 will sell out quick, expect inflated aftermarket pricing by Saturday after this comic comes out on Wednesday. If you buy into it, flip the comic sooner rather than later. If you want to make a nice pairing to sell, put together Chew #8 (first appearance of Agent Polo) and this number one issue. Watch as the bidding goes up and up.

IDW also greets us this week with another number one issue to check out. The Crow (Vol 4) #1. The Crow’s first appearance of course comes from Caliber Presents #1 from 1989.

Scarlet Spider #7 brings in a new creative team that includes the artistry of Khoi Pham. One of the more enjoyable things about collecting comics is that we as fans can watch creators hone their craft. It’s like watching that childhood sitcom star grow up to become…..well not such a big star, but it’s quite the opposite 99% of the time with comics. Check out one of Khoi Pham’s earliest (if not first) Spider-Man work in What If? Spider-Man The Other #1 (2007).

This week, Batman #11 wraps up one of the most outstanding storylines in recent memory, “The Court of Owls”.

A few number one issues coming your way this week that should be checked out,  Punk Rock Jesus #1, Hoax Hunters #1 and Enormous #1.

….And what’s with DC’s cover of Resurrection Man #11? Boy that character looks familiar. Did he show up to the wrong company?

Before we go, InvestComics would like to point out 2 very cool sponsors to the website. Bags Unlimited Inc. You can find ANYTHING you need on their website for your storage and preservation needs! They are affordability priced and there isn’t anything they can’t get for you! Also check out FanPan. This site allows you to take surveys and win stuff!! Your opinion on the pop culture front counts and for that you could be a winner of some very cool stuff! Check out both of these sites by clicking on the names.

That’s it for this week. Remember that every Sunday InvestComics Hot Picks hits the website!

Scroll through some of the covers of the week below.

See you soon, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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Amazing Spider-Man Checklist #1

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Welcome to InvestComics Amazing Spider-Man Checklist (Part 1). All of his main titles will be covered and then some other books, including some obscure silly books. Keep in mind here that while this is one of the most comprehensive Spider-Man lists you will find, there are some comics and creators that were missed and some that were missed on purpose. So if you’re seeking out the first appearance of Mountain Marko or Red 9, you won’t find it here. But you’ll find the first appearance of Man-Wolf! Or if you’re looking for that special 1 in 15 variant cover, or the 30 cent variant … won’t find those here either. Just some key issues (and “not” so key issues), but if you think you have one that we missed, do not hesitate to give us your pick(s) below in the comments section or on Facebook or Tweet us!

So first a quick video Intro! This video covers all of the comics that will be covered in this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks. Enjoy the images and music first, then come back…….go ahead you can, we’ll be right here waiting for ya!


Amazing Fantasy #15This would be the first and foremost obvious pick out of the gate here. For those that are not comic collectors and just happened to stumble upon this article, Amazing Fantasy #15 is the first appearance of Spider-Man. Owning this comic is the equivalent of owning Action Comics #1 from DC Comics. Now while Spidey’s first appearance is not worth as much monetarily, it carries the same stature as owning the flagship character within the Marvel Comics line as does Superman (Action Comics #1) does for DC Comics. If you ever have the chance to somehow be in a position to own this comic book, don’t think twice about it.

The first 50 comics in the original Amazing Spider-Man (1963) rivals as good of a run in any collection of books you will find within the comic hobby anywhere.

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man #1Gives us the first appearance of the biggest thorn in Peter Parker’s side for the last 48 years or so……his boss, J. Jonah Jameson. This comic also features the first Chameleon.

Amazing Spider-Man #2The second issue has the first Tinkerer! Well that’s not the character we’re looking for now is it? No of course not, The Vulture makes his debut in the second issue. Now that’s the one we were looking for!

Amazing Spider-Man #3Features the debut of the second Spider-Man film star Dr. Octopus. And from the third Spidey Film…

Amazing Spider-Man #4We have our first look at the Sandman in this issue. So there you have the first four issues of Amazing Spider-Man with first appearances of some of the most enigmatic characters in the history of the franchise; characters that have withstood the test of time and continue to be a basic part of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery in the modern day.

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Amazing Spider-Man #5The first true test of Spider-Man and his “amazing powers” came in these pages where he faced off and first met Dr. Doom for the first time. The Spider-Man rogue gallery continues to grow in the very next issue……

Amazing Spider-Man #6The latest Spider-Man movie has Dr. Conner becoming the Lizard and this is where we first see the reptile. Although the Lizard inside of the Spider-Man comics truly represents the villain, the movie changes things up a bit and this is the first disappointment off the bat from the trailers. Same as they did in the second movie with Goblin’s metal faceplate. Very disappointing…..

Amazing Spider-Man #9Jumping to the next issue, the introduction of this character (which would be awesome to see on the big screen one day!) makes for an electrifying issue to own. If you can buy this issue within the $2400 range, buy it. It has upside all over this one. Electro makes his debut here.

Amazing Spider-Man #10The first of the “weaker” debuts falls on the 10th. The Enforcers.

Amazing Spider-Man #13Lucky 13 debuts a villain that was rumored a while back to appear in the latest Spidey film, unfortunately we didn’t get him. Mysterio would have been quite a challenge to sell to the audience with that big ole’ globe on his head, but hey we all were sold on cars turning into giant robots right?

Amazing Spider-Man #15 Kraven the Hunter makes his first appearance right here. 279 issues later though….well we’ll get to that.

Amazing Spider-Man #20Another cool villain that we all await to see on the big screen one day makes his way into Peter’s tormented life. Scorpion’s first appearance right here.

Amazing Spider-Man #25Sticking with the torment in Peter’s life (just kidding ladies!), Peter meets two women that will change his life forever. Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. One of these women does not get another date after 96 issues. More on that in a bit. This issue also debuts the robot Spider-Slayer. More on that as well later.

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Amazing Spider-Man #28The Molten Man makes his debut here. Very interesting value comparison here with the previous issue. The Molten Man doesn’t command that much attention in the collectors market does he? No he doesn’t. Take a look at that cover. That black cover is near impossible to find in a high grade. That’s the explanation to that.

Amazing Spider-Man #33This comic has absolutely no first appearances, has no death, no life changing moments. The first “classic cover” by Steve Ditko in this Amazing Spider-Man run besides the first issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #37First appearance of Norman! Norman Osborn that is.

Amazing Spider-Man #39 The iconic John Romita Sr. debuts his beautiful Spider-Man artistry right here. This Near Mint Gem comes in at only $1600. And just look at that cover! What a wonderful piece of history to own here.

Amazing Spider-Man #40The following issue features the Green Goblin’s origin. While it may cost you a few dollars more to get THIS issue, the real winner is the previous issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #41The first appearances continue onward here in this ridiculous run. Most fans were hoping to see the Rhino make it to the big screen this go around, but not this time.

Amazing Spider-Man #46Shocker’s first appearance.

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Amazing Spider-Man #50As said earlier in this article. The first 50 comics in the Amazing Spider-Man run…..unreal and rivaled to any of the biggest character names out there. This comic not only has the first appearance of Kingpin, but it’s a classic cover from John Romita Sr. The classic of all classic Spidey comics.

Amazing Spider-Man #78First appearance of the Prowler.

Amazing Spider-Man #80 The first Bronze Age Spider-Man comic. A fantastic buy at only $125.

Amazing Spider-Man #90Death finds its way into Spider-Man’s life, with more to come…..The death of Captain Stacy right here.

Amazing Spider-Man #96The famous “drug issue”. This would be the first time in comic book history that drugs were the focal point of a storyline. It’s also the first time that the “comic approved stamp” was not on the cover. It would return only to disappear for good years later.

Amazing Spider-Man #101 Before Twilight, before Anne Rice, before Blade, there was Morbius! This comic paved the way for cooler vampires.

Amazing Spider-Man #102The origin of Morbius.

Amazing Spider-Man #121Death comes knocking at Peter’s door once again. The death of Gwen Stacy. Boy did this rip Peter apart. Oh well, still has Mary Jane hanging around!

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Amazing Spider-Man #122The death of Green Goblin. No worries here though, something happens 4 issues later that fulfills that void left in your gut. Amazing Spider-Man #126 =  Harry Osborn as Green Goblin 2.

Amazing Spider-Man #124The first appearance of Man-Wolf! Awesome…..right? $120 for this comic. 

Amazing Spider-Man #125The origin of Man-Wolf. $100.

Amazing Spider-Man #129First appearance of the Punisher. At one time this comic garnered a lot of attention. A LOT! With all of the changes over the years to this great vigilante character, the demand has waned a bit. Still a comic book that should be in your collection though. If Marvel ever decides to take this character seriously to the point of epic proportions (a la’ Batman), this comic will be untouchable once again. Give Frank Castle A.K.A. the Punisher the right direction and all hell will break loose with this collector’s item once again. At $500 (NM), it’s still a nice investment, but you may have to wait a little while to see some growth.

Amazing Spider-Man #134 – And way behind the Punisher debut 5 issues earlier we come to the first appearance of Tarantula.

Amazing Spider-Man #136  – First appearance of Green Goblin 2.

Amazing Spider-Man #181An early retelling of Spider-Man’s origin. Only $30!

Amazing Spider-Man #182So with Gwen Stacy out of the picture some 61 issues ago, what better time to ask for Mary Jane’s hand in marriage? Peter’s “first” proposal.

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

Amazing Spider-Man #194First appearance of the Black Cat. So Peter asks Mary Jane to marry him a few issues back and now this very hot girl in black spandex comes into the picture to make Peter have second thoughts. This stuff never happens in real life! Silly comic book stuff. What’s not so silly is the $90 price tag on here. Not too shabby! Guess that’s what Peter was saying too.

Amazing Spider-Man #195The origin of the Black Cat. Big drop off to only $25 for this issue.

Click To Buy/Bid

Amazing Spider-Man #238The first appearance of a major villain in sometime within the Spidey run. Hobgoblin debuts.

Amazing Spider-Man #252The entire Spider-Man history can be summed up into 4 parts. Speaking only in terms of the Spider-Man title books here, each part transcended Spidey onto a “New Level” if you will. Of course every story needs a beginning, Amazing Fantasy #15. A middle, which is this comic right here. The Debut of the Alien costume within the pages of Amazing Spider-Man would change the way Spider-Man as a character and franchise would be viewed forever. The cover says it all folks. Amazing Fantasy #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #252 will be forever linked. Yes issue #252 is THAT important. The third is issue #298, more on that in just a bit. And as for the fourth part of Spidey history, that would be Ultimate Spider Man #1, which comes much later on and we’ll get to it.

Amazing Spider-Man #259The “origin” of Mary Jane? That’s funny, don’t us “regular people/humans” all have the same origin? Okay, well here is the origin of Mary Jane.

Amazing Spider-Man #265First appearance of Silver Sable.

Amazing Spider-Man #272The first Modern Age Issue! Only $4. 

Amazing Spider-Man #294279 issues later…….Kraven’s demise right here.

Amazing Spider-Man #298 – The “third” part to the Spider-Man history, right here. Todd McFarlane made his debut on Spider-Man and changed the style of this character so much so that artist today still imitate the “look”. He brought a new look to Spidey that was never seen before as did Frank Miller with Batman, Neal Adams with Green Lantern, Walt Simonson with Thor and so on. Todd McFarlane’s first Spider-Man is well worth the money you put down on it. Oh yes and this comic features a cameo from a villain named Venom.

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

Amazing Spider-Man #299First time we see Venom in costume. A “cameo” once again. Boy that cameo stuff is strange. This truly is the first time we ever see Venom and it’s not the issue that draws the big bucks, its issue 300 that does. Why? Weird.

Amazing Spider-Man #300So this is the first “FULL” Venom story. While Hobgoblin some 62 issues ago was an important vital part of Spidey’s rogue gallery, this villain named Venom is probably the most recognized villains to come out of the Spidey Universe ever. Fans get instantly excited at the mention or sight of Venom in the pages of a Spidey book. Now granted over the years Venom was in every comic book known to man, as much as Wolverine was (still is) which caused his value to drop a bit. That said, Venom’s first appearance is still a must for any Spider-Man or comic book collector.

Amazing Spider-Man #302First appearance of Wes Cassady.

Amazing Spider-Man #304First Jonathan Caesar and Black Fox.

Amazing Spider-Man #344First appearance of Cletus Kasady (Carnage)

Amazing Spider-Man #583The first time President Obama shows up in a comic. The start of absolute money grab from every comic company on the planet.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1The first appearance of the Sinister Six.

Amazing Spider-Man #30 Vol.2 First appearances by Morlun and Ezekiel. This issue is also the first from creator Michael Straczynski. Great characters, great creator and great cover!

Amazing Spider-Man #36  Vol. 2A special World Trade Center 9/11 tribute issue. A fantastic read and a very hard comic to get in Gem Mint condition due to the fact of the all black cover.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #1The first “new” Spidey series other than Amazing. That cover sure does look familiar though! (*AHEM amazing spider-man #134 AHEM*) A $50 comic with Spidey’s origin retold.

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #28Just as much as Frank Miller transcending Batman, he did the same for the Daredevil character. This comic provides the first time Frank Miller penciled Daredevil.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #64Cloak & Dagger make their first appearance right here. Buy it.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #103Sometimes looking around the comic book collecting landscape, one shakes their head saying to themselves “how can that be worth only $3?” But yes, $3 will get you the first work from Peter David. Sweet.

Marvel Team-Up

Marvel Team-Up #1 – The first of a 150 issue run. These comics were awesome and fun!

Marvel Team-Up #53John Byrne’s first X-Men art.

Marvel Team-Up #65Welcome to America Captain Britain! First time we see the Captain here in the States.

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

Marvel Team-Up #100First appearance of Karma, origin of Storm and Frank Miller art! All this for $6?!

Marvel Team-Up #141The “co-first appearance” of the alien costume.

Spidey Comics

Spider-Man #1 – Todd McFarlane’s Spidey #1 was mass produced to epic proportions. The entire run of 98 issues could be bought at less than $3 a piece. All but 2 that is. Spider-Man #1 – WalMart edition at about $20 and the golden prize of the run, well actually it’s the “Platinum” prize of the run is Spider-Man #1 Platinum Edition coming in at the $100 range.

Spider-Man Unlimited #8 – This little $3 comic was written by Joe Hill! Yes THE Joe Hill!! What you don’t know Joe Hill? How about Stephen King? You know that guy right? Okay well, Joe Hill is actually Joseph Hillstrom King. Oh okay, now you’re following. Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son and he writes too. This would be his first comic book work.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1There are essentially 4 tiers within the Spider-Man history universe. We discussed the previous three already. Ultimate Spider-Man brought the newest way to view Spidey. It’s another game changer. The new Spider-Man movie is basically going back to the Spidey roots with a younger Peter with a twist to his origin. Ultimate Spidey went back to Spidey’s roots too. Love it or hate it, the Ultimate Spider-Man book became the “next chapter” in the Spider-Man genre. With a ridiculous 16 different number one variant issues available, the best of the bunch goes to the White variant.


Invest wisely. Read Spidey.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Hot Picks – June 13 2012

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Welcome to InvestComics Hot Picks for 6-13-12.

As comic book fans we all knew this was going to happen, although it happened in a quicker manner than initially thought. Its Amazing Fantasy #15 meets Ultimate Fallout #4. Peter Parker will meet Miles Morales this week in Spider-Men #1. What will this bring exactly? Probably some cool reading, but nothing as far as long term collecting goes. You’d have to pick up the variants if you’re looking for a collectors value at all to this meeting of the minds between Parker and Morales. There are only 2 variants (only 2? Thank goodness!) to this “historic event”. One featuring the talented Humberto Ramos while the other is a comic shop dealer variant done by another great talent Mark Bagley. Where will Miles fit into the Marvel Universe is the question that we all ask…..

As for the Spidey story, we all know it right? Way back when Stan Lee introduced us all to Spider-Man back in 1962, Stan said he was inspired by the idea of Spider-Man from the Pulp magazine The Spider. The Spider #1 from 1933 in G/VG condition on EBay has a Buy it Now price of $699. There are some comics worth having in your collection, and then there is the “inspiration” comic that began the wheels turning for one of the most iconic Superheroes of all time. Yes a nice addition indeed.

Switching gears dramatically here, there are two first appearances you can hunt for this week along with your new stack. DC’s Before Watchmen have started their arrivals upon your local shop. This week we get Silk Spectre #1. If you are one of the few that do not own the original Watchmen series, simply put you should. Forget the trade here, get the original set. Within the series, issue #2 features the first appearance of Silk Spectre.

The second of our two searches comes off of the new IDW comic this week Kiss #1 Dressed to Kill. Anyone rememberwhen that Dressed to Kill album came out? Yes showing the age here, time goes quickly! Anyway, as many of you know or may not know Kiss’ first appearance came within the pages of Howard the Duck #12. The 9.8 CGC copy on EBay right now has a Buy it Now price of $89.95. Or you can buy a “Near Mint” copy in the $40 to $50 range from some Top Rated sellers. Although the first appearance of Kiss is a decent comic to own, it’s the Marvel Comics Super Special Kiss #1 that draws blood here…..literally. For those of you who don’t already know about this comic here’s the short story. Before the comic went to print, each member in the band Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace drew blood and proceeded to mix it in within the ink. Either really gross to some or very cool. The coolness here has to be the price the CGC 9.8 is fetching on EBay. $1250.00! That’s some rich….*ahem* blood.

Batgirl #10 brings us an introduction of a new villain, while Uncanny X-Force #26 greets us to the Omegas and Image Comics Planetoid #1 looks like an interesting book to not pass up.

This was one of the lighter weeks we have had here on InvestComics Hot Picks in a while, but never fret there are always busy ones lurking ahead!

In the meantime, scroll through some beautiful artistry in the best of the best below – Covers of the Week.

See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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Spider-Man Meets Spider-Man In Landmark SPIDER-MEN

Spider-Man Meets Spider-Man In Landmark SPIDER-MEN
Peter Parker and Miles Morales Meet For The First Time in June
New York, NY-April 11, 2012-This June, it’s time for Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-Man, to cross worlds and meet Miles Morales…the all-new Spider-Man? Marvel is proud to announce Spider-Men, an all-new five issue landmark story from award-winning author Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers VS. X-Men, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man), red-hot artist Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man) and acclaimed cover artist Jim Cheung (Avengers VS. X-Men), which brings Peter Parker and Miles Morales together for the first time. That’s right, the Spider-Man from two different realities-the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Comics Universe-bring their worlds together for a battle no one web-head could win!
When Spider-Man tracks down one of his deadliest villains, he suddenly finds himself thrust into another world where Peter Parker is dead…and there’s a new Spider-Man in town. As these two heroes learn the truth about their identities and their universes, they’ll embark on a journey that’ll leave them forever changed-and reveal a startling truth about a key player in the Spider-Man mythos!

“This year is the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man and we’re so happy that the stars aligned for us to tell a Spider-Man story that nobody has ever seen before,” said Bendis. “It’s an honor and a privilege to present both this story and these characters to fans on such an auspicious occasion. The work Sara has done on Spider-Men is a step above the
already high standard that she has set for herself on our Ultimate Comics Spider-Man series. For me, this is a celebration of the best character in mainstream comics and some of the best art mainstream comics has to offer.”

Each issue of Spider-Men features variants covers by some of the biggest names in comics including Humberto Ramos  (Amazing Spider-Man), Mike Deodato (New Avengers), Marcos Martin (Amazing Spider-Man), Terry Dodson (Avenging Spider-Man), Travis Charest (Captain America) and Sara Pichelli. “Knowing how much Brian loves and respects Spider-Man, there’s no way I wouldn’t want to work on Spider-Men with him,” said Sara Pichelli. “It’s going to be an explosive celebration of Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary-are you ready?”

In 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15, the world first met Peter Parker and saw him become the hero Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe. Soon after, Spider-Man became a pop culture sensation, launching multiple television series, blockbuster films and some of the most popular comics of all time. Then in 2011, Marvel introduced Miles Morales, a new character of African American and Hispanic descent, who became Spider-Man in the Ultimate Comics Universe after that world’s Peter Parker perished.

“This is one of the biggest stories in Marvel history,” said Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief, Marvel Entertainment. “Peter Parker and Miles Morales are two of our most popular characters and fans have been clamoring for them to meet-we’ve got quite a few surprises in store for both characters. This is only the beginning of how we’re celebrating Spider-Man’s spectacular 50th Anniversary.”

This June, swing into action with world’s most amazing super heroes in Spider-Men #1.
To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook.

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and
publishing. For more information visit